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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Fire, 975:third eye for the stimulating of their thought-forms. The energy used by them in the majority ofFire, 975:cloud of half-formed disintegrating thought forms and clouds of partially energized matter inFire, 976:being of such a low order that the thought forms never reach the point of independent action,Fire, 976:This does not mean that the individual thought forms of every man take dense substance upon theFire, 977:activity of every kind is the result: Of thought forms built consciously or unconsciously. OfFire, 977:or unconsciously. Of self-initiated thought forms or of the effect of the thought forms of others.Fire, 977:thought forms or of the effect of the thought forms of others. Of responsiveness to one's own innerFire, 977:of others, and therefore to group thought forms. It will be apparent, therefore, how vital is thisFire, 977:how influenced men and women are by the thought forms they themselves create, or the mentalFire, 982:somewhat at length the building of thought forms, and have seen that the process pursued by man isFire, 986:coherency of the Son, and through wisdom the forms are built. He learns to work from the heart, andFire, 988:the permanent atoms, and with the substance and forms concerned. The white magician utilizes inFire, 995:formed an etheric web of such tenuosity that it forms no barrier to consciousness. This is all thatFire, 1002:it will fulfil its mission. Thus many thought forms die a natural death on the mental plane owingFire, 1003:to be trusted with this knowledge. Their thought forms would be constructed in order to be sent onFire, 1003:and do manage to send forth thought forms which reach their objective. In two ways this can beFire, 1006:streams of thought energy, vitalizing the forms created by men, and thus carrying on the work ofFire, 1007:Old Commentary says: "When the eye is blind, the forms created revolve in circles and fulfil notFire, 1010:interplay is set up. This triple interplay forms in time a vortex or center of force, which findsFire, 1011:and on the third planet which, with ours, forms a triangle; that He can, through the energyFire, 1012:visualization, the third eye is developed. The forms visualized, and the ideas and abstractionsFire, 1013:and vibratory sound), take to itself other forms. Fire, 1016:though not of formula, producing the types of forms. Second, those which are of a purely protectiveFire, 1020:are being employed simultaneously, the thought-forms are at all stages of construction, and theFire, 1021:who are oft unconscious magicians, many thought forms are malicious or destructive, and react backFire, 1021:of failure should he not be cognizant of the forms and mantrams by which the new group of buildersFire, 1022:can be felt originating from that planet which forms, with our earth and its opposite, the esotericFire, 1027:have now concluded our consideration of thought forms, having viewed the whole universe (includingFire, 1028:with the ability [1028] of man himself to create forms for the clothing of his ideas. We now returnFire, 1029:with the energy or activity which produces forms, and, [1030] therefore, with the forces which tendFire, 1030:to much that is connected with the production of forms, or of the Son, the second aspect, isFire, 1032:of divinity, that which builds and holds the forms in coherent form, and which is the basis of theFire, 1034:- "I am." Cyclic activity - The activity of all forms, viewing them from the aspect ofFire, 1034:activity - The influence which impresses all forms, which emanates from their greater center, andFire, 1034:rotating atoms of matter into definite types and forms, and holding them there as long as necessityFire, 1034:progress through matter it sweeps those forms systematically nearer and nearer to another andFire, 1038:a cyclic tide of energy to destroy the limiting forms to be found in the world of science andFire, 1039:those contacting coalescing atoms. Thus forms are built under the impulse of aggregated forces ofFire, 1039:of aggregated forces of some one kind, and these forms in turn produce effects on other coheringFire, 1039:in turn produce effects on other cohering atomic forms, until the rhythm is built up, and a [1040]Fire, 1040:we call spiral cyclic. It demonstrates in all forms as a tendency to repeat, owing to the backwardFire, 1040:activity, which is distinctive of all forms, can perhaps be comprehended more practically if weFire, 1041:Light, and which, in its aggregated phenomena, forms that composite sphere, a solar system. TheFire, 1044:This refers to the synthesizing planet which forms the apex of the solar triangle. In summing upFire, 1045:atomic groups, but there are many intermediate forms upon which it is not possible as yet to touch.Fire, 1046:to the rotary activity of certain atomic forms, and the greater cycles, which are so much moreFire, 1048:planetary groups, the sum total of all atoms and forms, to a conscious realization of the nature ofFire, 1048:acted upon by the Heavenly Man, intelligently forms his ring-pass-not. There his work ceases fromFire, 1052:the greater life (in which our solar system but forms a part) has to be reckoned with, and theFire, 1060:Radiation is the outer effect produced by all forms in all kingdoms when their internal activityFire, 1060:when working with the elements, as it is of the forms in the vegetable kingdom, the [1061] forms inFire, 1061:the forms in the vegetable kingdom, the [1061] forms in the animal kingdom, in the human, and,Fire, 1062:When this realization is applied to all the forms in all the kingdoms, it will be found possible toFire, 1062:bridge the gaps existing between the different forms of life, and the "elements" in every kingdom,Fire, 1062:found in every kingdom in nature, and there are forms of life in the vegetable kingdom which areFire, 1062:eucalyptus tree being one such form. There are forms of animal life equally at an analogous stageFire, 1063:three lower. There is a form which combines all forms. - S. D., I, 77, 118. Fire, 1067:to the man who casts off his physical and true forms through death. This involves knowledge onlyFire, 1068:today strains every effort to retain life in forms diseased and inadequate; these Nature, if leftFire, 1069:on the moon though there are a few of the lower forms of the vegetable life (of a kindFire, 1069:is radioactive and the essence of all mineral forms is fast escaping. In connection with theFire, 1070:along, bring the atomic substance of which all forms in all kingdoms are composed to the pointFire, 1084:as our solar system. This cosmic center in turn forms part of a great wheel till - to the eye ofFire, 1085:vibratory activity, and objective of those great forms through which an Existence is experiencing.Fire, 1087:pass down the scale through all the kingdoms and forms till we arrive at the tiny revolution of anFire, 1088:for the time in the present system when the forms in the three kingdoms had reached the point ofFire, 1089:were such that the occupation of adequate forms became possible. The correspondence is not exactFire, 1091:Every color in the cosmos exists in three forms The true color. The illusory appearance of theFire, 1093:by the same laws, actuated by the same three forms of activity, and all (in their totality) formingFire, 1094:wheel, yet (in dense physical manifestation) the forms are diverse, and many, and unless ethericFire, 1094:unless etheric vision is present, the spheroidal forms of all lives are not apparent. How can thisFire, 1095:We are told, further, that the grosser dense forms of substance, all that is objective and tangibleFire, 1095:this, that all that is dense and gross in all forms, concerns only those forms on the three lowerFire, 1095:and gross in all forms, concerns only those forms on the three lower subplanes of the lowestFire, 1095:subplanes of the lowest systemic planes; the forms are constructed of matter of all the planes, butFire, 1095:of the physical plane; it passes eventually into forms which are more closely allied to the "trueFire, 1096:which were doomed to immerse themselves in the forms of the mineral kingdom. Liberation for manFire, 1096:activities in System 1. The dense physical forms are an illusion because they are due to theFire, 1097:evolution, they pass on and on to ever better forms, and eventually find their place within theFire, 1102:of the Ego who produces the first of those forms which he intends to use during the cycle ofFire, 1108:This is the faculty which produces the forms of the mental ring-pass-not, and which (at the closeFire, 1108:is occupied with the aggregate of the thought forms he has built, [1109] which are essentially ofFire, 1110:of the Triad and are responsive to the lowest forms of egoic force. These petals are three inFire, 1113:the old and new. This bridge persists, and forms a path whereon escape is possible. Some escapedFire, 1127:coordination and adaptation to all conditions, forms and circumstances which eventuate in theFire, 1128:heart, ready to demonstrate when the other three forms are active, thus utilizing them as aFire, 1128:We have noted also that there are also three forms of energy which we call the sheaths of theFire, 1131:utilizing in its turn the energy of the material forms in the worlds, or what we might call bodilyFire, 1132:are therefore dealing with the activity of those forms of divine manifestation which are nearingFire, 1132:to the group of constellations of which He forms part, and His periodic manifestation. TheseFire, 1135:in the mineral kingdom are found in those forms of life which are neither mineral nor vegetable butFire, 1136:every manifested atom; His essence indwells all forms. This we call Spirit, yet He Himself is otherFire, 1136:call Spirit, yet He Himself is other than those forms, just as man knows himself to be other thanFire, 1137:[1137] Each group soul, therefore, subjectively forms a triangle of force with one point (theFire, 1137:which hold the germs and seeds of all manifested forms. We have in logoic manifestation theFire, 1139:Those who are the fathers of the vegetable forms correspond to his heart center, whilst the PitrisFire, 1139:to the periodical appearing of the subhuman forms of life. The subject is too obscure, and theFire, 1141:are demonstrated in the fact that some forms are negative-positive, others positive-negative,Fire, 1143:upon the periodical manifestation of such forms as: A round, seven in all. A kingdom in nature,Fire, 1144:monadic lives, [1144] and myriad's of other forms, objective and subjective, planetary and
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