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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Glamour, 54:more definitely and effectively between the forms of illusion in which the soul moves, and fromGlamour, 58:or area of conscious contact wherein thought-forms of all kinds are to be found. Some of them areGlamour, 58:man's finding; some of them are men's thought-forms, built around ideas; some of them are veryGlamour, 58:been discarded, but still persist as thought-forms; some of them are entirely new, and thereforeGlamour, 58:for embodiment. A large number of other thought-forms are in process of disintegration. Some ofGlamour, 58:are in process of disintegration. Some of these forms or embodied ideas are of a destructiveGlamour, 58:by some ray energy. A large number of these forms are necessarily built through the activity of theGlamour, 59:is destructive. Between the old and the new forms and ideas. Between the ray ideas and forms asGlamour, 59:new forms and ideas. Between the ray ideas and forms as they color the higher presentations.Glamour, 59:higher presentations. Between ideas and thought-forms, and between those which are purposelyGlamour, 59:are created by humanity. Between racial thought-forms and group ideas. I could list many moreGlamour, 62:strengthened. This is one of the most ordinary forms of illusion, and is one of the first ways inGlamour, 70:glimpses of a clearer world wherein more perfect forms and shapes can be seen and where the fogGlamour, 71:of some kind and definitely human-made forms which - fluidic, enveloping and pulsating with dynamicGlamour, 72:with substance, with the breaking up of the forms which it has assumed, and with the dissipation ofGlamour, 72:- material in the same sense as thought-forms are substantial things but (and here is a point ofGlamour, 72:of a less substantial nature than the forms of glamor found upon the astral plane. We are quiteGlamour, 72:clearly defined and more definite outlines. The forms of glamor on the astral plane are even moreGlamour, 72:but are less clearly defined. Thought-forms are dynamic, penetrating, clear cut and outlined.Glamour, 72:in the ocean or in a "sea of fog." With thought-forms, he is confronted or faced, but not immersed.Glamour, 75:astral desire will be lessened. Illusion in many forms may still hold sway but the glamor ofGlamour, 75:Students would do well to remember that all forms of possessions and all material objects, whetherGlamour, 76:though not in the mental world. These subtler forms and distinctive emanations swell the potency ofGlamour, 82:from the world of illusion and of illusory forms and from the attractive urges of a personalityGlamour, 82:- comes into touch with the reality in all forms, hidden hitherto by the veil of illusion. This isGlamour, 102:is away from identification with the lower forms of experience into that of identification, withGlamour, 105:in substance itself. The atoms of which all forms are made have been inherited from an earlierGlamour, 105:unfoldment, and the innate tendencies which all forms possess, such as the capacity to grow and toGlamour, 106:hindrances against which the soul in all created forms must struggle, gaining strength andGlamour, 112:is the succumbing to the powerful thought-forms which the thinkers of the time and of theGlamour, 112:which the race was intended to progress. These forms, when old and crystallized, become a menaceGlamour, 114:that the soul is identifying itself with those forms and therefore with the surrounding glamor, andGlamour, 118:vitality, physical weakness, obsession and many forms of difficulty. [119] In the sentient astralGlamour, 119:kinds, such as control by self-created thought-forms, sensitivity to existing world, national, orGlamour, 119:existing world, national, or environing thought-forms of any school of thought, idée fixe, theGlamour, 120:inherited ideas which are the embodied thought-forms of family, national and racial approaches toGlamour, 123:glamor of devotion. The glamor of adherence to forms and persons. The glamor of idealism. TheGlamour, 130:not only interpreted in terms of human thought-forms and human idealism, but they are also to beGlamour, 133:- as you know - energy follows thought. These forms of thought become objectives towards which theGlamour, 133:here to itemize any of these prevailing thought-forms and aspects of intellectual and mentalGlamour, 135:and mental concepts and formulated thought-forms dominate the mind of an individual, a race orGlamour, 135:and surrounds him entirely with man-made thought-forms, barring out escape into the higher realmsGlamour, 144:and will only concern those directed forms of work and those presentations of the problem whichGlamour, 150:come and stand. Within the midst of whirling forms - some of beauty rare and some of [151] horrorGlamour, 162:man, in groups and nations, in organized forms and in religion, in humanity as a whole and in theGlamour, 163:the Dweller and the Angel, and thus the three forms of glamor and the final form of the conflictGlamour, 180:the Presence throughout the Universe in all forms and in all presentations of truth. This could beGlamour, 180:germ or seed of divinity which has brought all forms into being." I would point out that this isGlamour, 182:or a Custodian of a divine principle. These forms constitute true revelation, imparted or embodied;Glamour, 182:turning of the mind to the formulation of those forms of thought which must embody the revelation.Glamour, 186:however, when put into words and word forms, loses something of its divine clarity. Much of theGlamour, 186:basic revelations are presented in the simplest forms. Accretion after accretion crept in; theGlamour, 189:same in both cases, and illusion overtakes both forms of revelation but - and here is a point uponGlamour, 190:illusion. Truth, as it is, is seen and known. Forms in the outer world of phenomena (outer from theGlamour, 191:wherein he becomes aware of the light within all forms and atoms. The inner world of reality standsGlamour, 193:to the disciple's mind. To create thought-forms on concrete levels which can embody these divineGlamour, 194:itself in the three worlds and reveals form and forms, their reaction and effects, their glamor andGlamour, 194:and bringing about revelation of the world of forms in which that life is immersed. The intuitionGlamour, 200:to the second aspect, and concerns the forms through which mankind becomes progressively aware.Glamour, 200:that which he has himself created." These forms fall into two major groups: Those forms which areGlamour, 200:These forms fall into two major groups: Those forms which are of very ancient origin and which areGlamour, 200:and of human error. They embrace all the forms which the desire nature of man has created down theGlamour, 200:as man attempts to satisfy desire. From these forms the individual aspirant has ever to ridGlamour, 200:initiation into a wider consciousness. Those forms which are being constantly created andGlamour, 206:before the eyes first of all the world of forms, then the world of ideals, then the nature of theGlamour, 206:soul reveals the nature of the relation of these forms of life to the world of the formless and ofGlamour, 208:body itself, for it is only an aggregate of forms, created by individual man, by nations and byGlamour, 208:plane and possess no inherent light as do other forms. They are not created as a form of expressionGlamour, 212:apparatus of thought, of the creation of thought-forms, and of the nature of the thinker. They mustGlamour, 220:the coming generation how to destroy those forms of thought which hold the race in bondage andGlamour, 220:bondage and which in the case of glamor are the forms which desire, emotion, sensitivity toGlamour, 220:divinity. They are also the descending thought-forms which the developing human being is alwaysGlamour, 221:the substance of desire. When the descending forms of thought (a reflection in the three worlds ofGlamour, 222:able to create exceedingly clear-cut thought-forms and the glamors, therefore, which control himGlamour, 240:whereby Reality can be known and all veiling forms disappear. Behind these words of illusion,Glamour, 240:veiling and hiding it behind a cloud of thought-forms. Those thought-forms become then more realGlamour, 240:behind a cloud of thought-forms. Those thought-forms become then more real than the truth theyGlamour, 244:the Pervader of life, or the Indweller in all forms. God is the ONE WHO can withdraw and, inGlamour, 248:to mental and intelligent observation. It forms the background of the work to be done, givingGlamour, 256:with ideas as formulated into clear thought-forms [257] and thus condition the life of the discipleGlamour, 260:heard. Forget not [260] that sound permeates all forms; the planet itself has its own note orHealing, 3:vast [3] network of energies which underlies all forms whether great or small (microcosmic orHealing, 3:of life-forces through the etheric bodies of all forms is the basis of all manifested life, and theHealing, 5:of inhibited soul life, and that is true of all forms in all kingdoms. The art of the healerHealing, 10:outer bodies of divinity, the planets, are the forms through which certain Deities expressHealing, 10:a true and logical deduction that all lives and forms within those bodies may be necessarilyHealing, 12:condition governing the conscious life of all forms, macrocosmic and microcosmic. They are notHealing, 13:later the method of eradication. Disease exists. Forms in all kingdoms are full of inharmony andHealing, 13:wrong human thought. It existed among the many forms of life long before the human family appearedHealing, 18:Heredity. There are, as you well know, certain forms of hereditary weaknesses, which eitherHealing, 24:is the esoteric consideration of disease and its forms; it seeks to elucidate the subject of andHealing, 24:into manifestation via the etheric bodies of all forms. But I have placed them second, even thoughHealing, 25:the planet. This substance, which underlies all forms, is simply a transferring and transmittingHealing, 30:origin. Thirdly, he shares with all the natural forms that which the Lord of Life imposes on HisHealing, 31:of force entering into the etheric bodies of all forms, just as the world illusion and the miasmasHealing, 48:work of the chiropractors and of the osteopaths forms two halves of one whole, little as theirHealing, 54:human family. Planetary evil, imposed upon all forms on earth by the basic condition, and by time.Healing, 70:It is interesting to note that certain forms of eye trouble are caused by this. [71] Because worryHealing, 78:attention (as some day will be the case in all forms of illness). Throughout this short treatise IHealing, 79:aspect of the entire nervous system which forms such an important part of the human mechanism. It
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