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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Healing, 79:to supervene. This difficulty will take three forms: The physical form in its dense aspect is tooHealing, 80:incident to this condition. Others are certain forms of fainting or loss of consciousness andHealing, 82:Logos and is, therefore, related to all forms found within that body in any and all the kingdoms inHealing, 83:same general idea. All of these words refer to forms of activity of the etheric body, but only asHealing, 88:is astrally focused, just as the bulk of the forms in the animal kingdom are etherically focused.Healing, 90:those germs and bacteria which produce the outer forms of malignant disease. When humanity regainsHealing, 91:B. Mental Fanaticism - The Dominance of Thought-forms I would point out here that the diseases andHealing, 93:of inhibited soul life. This is true of all forms in all kingdoms." "Disease is the product of andHealing, 93:origin. Thirdly, he shares with all the natural forms that which the Lord of Life imposes on thoseHealing, 93:that which the Lord of Life imposes on those forms. Those three influences are called the AncientHealing, 94:be controlled by the release of the soul in all forms, and that this will be done by the active useHealing, 106:From the present standpoint of healing, man forms again a lesser trinity of importance: The denseHealing, 115:the mystic when he succumbs to his own thought-forms, created constantly in response to hisHealing, 133:of inhibited soul life and this is true of all forms in all kingdoms. The art of the healerHealing, 133:origin; third, he shares with all the natural forms that which the Lord of Life imposes on HisHealing, 149:imagination and desire in their two highest forms, and these are the dynamic factors lying behindHealing, 156:had become necessary to do away with all the old forms of government, of religion and of theHealing, 156:interplay of a deeply spiritual kind, and new forms were required through which this new spiritHealing, 191:I would remind you that we are concerned with forms of life, and that all these forms are creativeHealing, 191:concerned with forms of life, and that all these forms are creative within themselves, and canHealing, 191:themselves, and can create potentially more forms or can provide environments in which these formsHealing, 191:forms or can provide environments in which these forms can live. Please note this mode ofHealing, 192:and material limitations which today control all forms; they ignore the time factor, and overlookHealing, 193:to institute those conditions, to create those forms and build those vehicles which, in anotherHealing, 195:the surrounding tissue, substance and organic forms within the radius of influence of the center.Healing, 196:will be that much nearer. This network of nadis forms a definite life pattern which variesHealing, 199:in scope, present in the substance of which all forms are made, and are responsible for producing aHealing, 231:magic with its control of elemental and of forms of life which have now been driven back intoHealing, 233:of mine, is a great and universal heritage; all forms die, for such is the law of life, to speak inHealing, 235:control of the animal and desire natures, these forms of human suffering will disappear, and (noHealing, 238:over-concentrated energy by developing various forms of acute heart trouble. Disciples andHealing, 243:purely animal form nature is concerned, or the forms of life present in the animal and vegetableHealing, 244:I can give you is that the soul of all non-human forms of life is an inherent aspect of theHealing, 244:it leads also in time to the death of the forms of the vegetable kingdom and is also one of theHealing, 245:our planet from the very night of time itself; forms have come and gone; death has overtaken plantsHealing, 245:has overtaken plants and trees, animals and the forms of human beings for untold aeons, and yet ourHealing, 245:dying and of dissolution and the dissipation of forms goes on every moment without producingHealing, 245:soul differs from the soul in the non-human forms in that it is itself a full and - on its ownHealing, 246:has informed takes place; this is true of all forms in the [247] subhuman kingdoms as they respondHealing, 247:major stages in the life cycle of all subhuman forms, and in the human form likewise when the soulHealing, 247:in nature, and to the species and types and forms within those [248] aggregates of livingHealing, 248:Return to me. Thus, under cyclic law, do all forms act. The reference here is to the normalHealing, 249:through the growing custom to cremate those forms which the indwelling life has vacated; when it isHealing, 251:throughout the world, the rule is to submit dead forms to the "ordeal by fire," and when this hasHealing, 252:out, and new diseases are appearing; certain forms of disease are forever with us; others seem toHealing, 252:epidemic. How can this vast array of disease and forms of bodily ills come to be? How is it thatHealing, 252:that term in its old sense to indicate certain forms of skin disease), arc rampant throughout theHealing, 255:the aggregated and crystallized thought-forms with which all such new ideas (and shall I call themHealing, 267:are exchanged for more selfless and honest forms of activity. The Jew, owing to his rays and pointHealing, 292:lunar pitris and the elemental essences of all forms. This primordial karma (if I may so call it)Healing, 296:pathology of disease or the symptoms of the many forms of ill health which ravage mankind. I seekHealing, 297:called - over the substance of Their phenomenal forms, those forms will fall short of divineHealing, 297:the substance of Their phenomenal forms, those forms will fall short of divine perfection. DiseaseHealing, 297:of disease, inherent in the substance of all forms in this world cycle, because all forms areHealing, 297:of all forms in this world cycle, because all forms are infused with the life energy of theHealing, 298:which these energies carry and convey to all forms which are vitalized by the life of our planetaryHealing, 299:carrying abundance of life, energizing all forms of Himself, producing excess of movement, endlessHealing, 299:accretion, to pile together, to build too many forms, to attract too many atoms and to bring aboutHealing, 299:the blood stream, producing building within the forms already built, and frequently creating anHealing, 301:silence will be found. He weakened all the forms which used His strength and power. Yet all theHealing, 301:to disease fades out and practically all forms of ill health and bodily ills become possible.Healing, 302:on the Seven Rays). Other results are certain forms of insanities, brain lesions and those gaps inHealing, 302:Great One loved Himself in others and in all forms. On every hand, He saw objects of His [303]Healing, 303:Surely and with certainty the outlines of the forms so loved were lost, grew dim and disappeared.Healing, 303:and to those conditions which lead to the many forms of sexual disease. A clue to this wholeHealing, 304:path of life. He comprehended not the need of forms. To some He gave an over-plus of life, to someHealing, 307:center and throughout the body. It exists in two forms: That congestion which produces its effectHealing, 308:body, and as it flows finds there certain forms of weakness, various diseased areas and regionsHealing, 315:by students and practitioners of healing. These forms of physical diseases which come under theHealing, 316:the over-stimulation of the brain cells by some forms of energy which over-balance other forms andHealing, 316:by some forms of energy which over-balance other forms and produce certain serious forms ofHealing, 316:other forms and produce certain serious forms of insanity. Those where there is no real physicalHealing, 316:by the orthodox psychiatrist and medical man as forms of insanity; yet they are not truly so. IfHealing, 316:improvement. Those wherein certain hereditary forms of mental imbalance occur. These forms ofHealing, 316:forms of mental imbalance occur. These forms of imbalance are caused by happenings in other livesHealing, 317:highly evolved. I am not listing these different forms of insanity or imbalance under the variousHealing, 318:karma. The recognition of the subtler forms of disease, and the aid of the psychologist inHealing, 320:field of energy, and producing certain forms of expression which are recognizable upon the physicalHealing, 320:last analysis, some form of active energy that forms part of the energy available upon and withinHealing, 323:These diseases are found in widely differing forms, in all the kingdoms in nature. These threeHealing, 327:except energy, taking form, using and actuating forms and dissipating forms. This energy is dividedHealing, 327:form, using and actuating forms and dissipating forms. This energy is divided into three types ofHealing, 337:name of disease. The psychological causes are forms of energy, working out through the appropriateHealing, 340:Hierarchy. The intent is to bring to an end old forms of living, to create new forms through theHealing, 340:to an end old forms of living, to create new forms through the process of adjustment, and thusHealing, 344:about in three ways or is subject to three forms of developing influences. Through the life ofHealing, 345:that there is but one Life permeating all forms, and therefore transferable under right conditions.Healing, 347:same for as long as a planet persists, with its forms and life expression. It is part of the greatHealing, 347:this energy, as it is appropriated by a form or forms of some kind, which we note as it isHealing, 347:of death) are latent in the planet and in the forms. [348] When powerful enough to be recognized,Healing, 350:purpose and cause much pain and suffering to forms which nature (left to herself) would not longHealing, 355:have to cultivate the power to ignore the outer forms and to concentrate on the inner lines ofHealing, 362:to manifest. Nature itself, the mother of all forms. The moon also, who is the symbol of theHealing, 362:generative, creative life which gives birth to forms and is therefore the symbol of the formHealing, 363:we inherited the matter of which all manifested forms are made. This symbolism has come down fromHealing, 370:of the soul, the major attractive energy in all forms. In the future the true healer must workHealing, 373:not dispense, Surgical healing in its modern forms, Electro-therapeutics, Water-therapy, Healing byHealing, 376:from a study of the photographing of thought-forms. A beginning was made in this connection by theHealing, 377:side, and their ability to project [377] thought-forms of themselves, plus the providing ofHealing, 377:in the physical and etheric matter of all forms. It must be remembered that the so-called "spirits"
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