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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Hercules, 160:is always to be found that cloud of thought forms that prevents us from seeing it. We talk aboutHercules, 160:with these thoughts we build clouds of thought forms because we are thinking, and as we think weHercules, 160:built around ourselves such a cloud of thought forms about our aspirations, that we do not see theHercules, 160:after you have given up using the ordinary forms of speech, such as gossip, then you have to learnHercules, 164:you have seen where your little bit of truth forms part of the group mosaic. That is all. [165] TheHercules, 189:are on our way. Remember, the more rarefied the forms through which the life is acting, the moreHercules, 189:of nature of those human beings and other forms of life, all merging under the new AquarianHercules, 191:me as a symbol of a life that is immanent in all forms and transcendent also. I am one of the herdHercules, 212:Keywords: From the angle of form, "Let other forms exist, I am because I am"; from the angle ofHercules, 218:what is called "the science of astrology" and forms its basic premise, is that each of these signs,Hercules, 218:of energies which have a potent effect upon all forms of life on our planet, and upon the world ofHercules, 219:it, thus reverting in this act to ancient forms and sacrifices. Their sin consisted in aHercules, 220:of aircraft. Even, therefore, in its exoteric forms, the influence of the signs is surelyInitiation, 5:all His actions. We see but the ever changing forms, and catch glimpses of the steadily evolvingInitiation, 5:of the steadily evolving life within those forms, but as yet have no clue to the principle whichInitiation, 5:To human vision this interweaving of the system forms an unimaginable complexity, the key to whichInitiation, 18:destruction of the lower, and of all that forms a barrier. Take, in illustration, the web thatInitiation, 21:activity is directed towards the building of forms, even of the most elemental kind, the faculty ofInitiation, 38:as agents of destruction, breaking up the old forms of religion and of government in order that theInitiation, 42:direction, and dissolution of racial types and forms. To him is committed the will and purpose ofInitiation, 44:is occupied with the providing of the type and forms through which consciousness can evolve andInitiation, 53:from stimulating that which had better die. Forms may come and go, and the interest of the MasterInitiation, 55:with the lesser devas who vitalize thought-forms, and thus keep alive the thought-forms of theInitiation, 55:thought-forms, and thus keep alive the thought-forms of the Guides of the race for the benefit ofInitiation, 85:life, or the succeeding. The second initiation forms the crisis in the control of the astral body.Initiation, 87:but he is able now to create and vivify thought-forms that are clear and well-defined, pulsatingInitiation, 87:by lower mind or desire. These thought-forms will not be (as is the case with those created by theInitiation, 91:contact and - under guidance - to employ certain forms of group energy, until the time comes whenInitiation, 99:in the body of the Logos. He, in his turn, forms the Heart center (for God is Love) of a stillInitiation, 106:to kindle a blaze whereby rapidly crystallizing forms are destroyed and the imprisoned lifeInitiation, 141:takes place in the dense substance which forms the petals or wheels of the centers on the astralInitiation, 151:the deva kingdom and produce the creation of forms. This effect is dual in character: The devas onInitiation, 151:of the initiated vibrations build the required forms out of their own substance. Third. They act asInitiation, 151:as long as the force of the sound persists, the forms cohere. When the Logos, for instance,Initiation, 151:the vibration ceases, then disintegration of the forms will ensue. So with the Planetary Logos, andInitiation, 152:or those which are produced from within the forms themselves during the evolutionary process, andInitiation, 152:It is one of the factors which produces animal forms, both for human and animal occupation, for itInitiation, 155:of the consequence on all planes; and to create forms and direct energy through sacred sounds, andInitiation, 159:multitudes of tiny lives to take specific forms. These forms persist and carry out their functionsInitiation, 159:of tiny lives to take specific forms. These forms persist and carry out their functions just asInitiation, 165:are now recognized: - The cross in its varying forms. The lotus. The triangle. The cube. [166] TheInitiation, 166:[166] The sphere and the point. Eight animal forms, the goat, the bull, the elephant, the man, theInitiation, 166:To teach the student to visualize his thought-forms accurately, so that when he begins to createInitiation, 173:of nature. The clue as to which Scheme forms with ours a duality. The true name of our PlanetaryInitiation, 175:pre-eminently the fifth principle of mind forms the basis of unfoldment. This fifth revelation isInitiation, 191:behests. This group, associated with the Logos, forms a special group linked to a still higherInitiation, 204:of mind, wherein there is a recognition that all forms of manifestation are divine, and that theInitiation, 210:the crystallizing sphere with all its myriad forms; it [211] pierces through the watery plane,Initiation, 212:of tears, of sin, of strife, the shattering of forms; the finish of the ladder, the blending in theInitiation, 218:and formative power; the synthesis of the many forms of electrical phenomena. Guru SpiritualInitiation, 225:during the course of evolution. This Triad forms the individualized or separated self, or Ego.Intellect, 54:life aspect which gives to man - as to [54] all forms in manifestation - life, or being andIntellect, 54:life. This soul expresses itself through two forms of energy, that which we call the vitalIntellect, 57:to universal energy, and the vehicle for the two forms of soul energy to which I referred above.Intellect, 60:of a new world lying within the familiar outer forms. He begins to regard himself as a consciousIntellect, 75:by identifying ourselves with a succession of forms - forms of pleasure, forms of those [76]weIntellect, 75:ourselves with a succession of forms - forms of pleasure, forms of those [76]we love, forms ofIntellect, 75:with a succession of forms - forms of pleasure, forms of those [76]we love, forms of desire, formsIntellect, 76:- forms of pleasure, forms of those [76]we love, forms of desire, forms of knowledge - the list isIntellect, 76:forms of those [76]we love, forms of desire, forms of knowledge - the list is endless! For what areIntellect, 76:of knowledge - the list is endless! For what are forms but those substitutes which we create andIntellect, 76:- which gave being to them all. He who sees all forms as symbols of reality is well on the way toIntellect, 80:animal instinct powerfully governing all animal forms, will give place to a higher attraction, andIntellect, 96:that which is sought. It is realized that all forms are only symbols of an inner or spiritualIntellect, 96:a human form as to any other form in nature; all forms veil a divine thought, idea, or truth andIntellect, 103:calls it, is swept into activity, and thought-forms are created and mental images built inIntellect, 104:mind, or stunning it into negativity, or other forms of self-hypnotism. It is caused by theIntellect, 113:upon the life animating a particular form. All forms are symbols of an indwelling life, and it isIntellect, 113:words occur: "The wise student regards all forms of expression as in the nature of symbols. AIntellect, 114:Matter is a symbol of a central energy. Forms of all kinds in all the kingdoms of nature, and theIntellect, 115:get at the thought lying behind all symbols and forms increases. He is no longer taken in by theIntellect, 115:idea and led to its emanation into the world of forms. It is the central [116] dynamic energy whichIntellect, 120:of the complex of the Whole, using the specific forms of sensual perception which are at ourIntellect, 128:hardly yet be said to exist to the most exalted forms of spiritual experience." - Otto, Rudolf,Intellect, 138:The soul identifies Itself for aeons with the forms through which contact has to be made if thoseIntellect, 143:and sentences, building them into thought forms and constructing clear mental images. It is forIntellect, 153:the essential holy and beautiful behind all forms. - Otto, Rudolf, The Idea of the Holy. HisIntellect, 163:unified in the complete self, which ultimately forms one single personality." - Dibblee, GeorgeIntellect, 166:process on the emotional nature takes two forms - and, paradoxical as it may seem - two exactlyIntellect, 166:as it may seem - two exactly opposite forms. It will produce in some types the quieting of theIntellect, 171:little. This light in the head takes various forms, and is often sequential in its development. AIntellect, 179:the personal self and the spirit. The objective forms exist for the use and experience of theIntellect, 181:which can be recognized as the sumtotal of all forms which express the Life, of all states ofIntellect, 192:the habitual pleasures of the lower soul and the forms of this world, and for the adept, departureIntellect, 224:in a position to be able to conceive of higher forms or types of substance with which to envelopIntellect, 227:emotional quiescent state. I have used such forms as the following in working with approximatelyIntellect, 240:working in us, and in it we are immersed. All forms are built of atoms, we are told, and atoms areIntellect, 244:The world of illusion is full of these thought-forms, constructed by the loving thoughts of menIntellect, 253:of knowledge. It is possible to mention other forms of illusion, for the first world the aspirantMagic, 8:which is the responsible cause of the diverse forms and the vast hierarchy of sentient beings whoMagic, 8:is the utterance of truth. One life pervades all forms and those forms are the expressions, in timeMagic, 8:of truth. One life pervades all forms and those forms are the expressions, in time and space, ofMagic, 8:substance or objective energy; it underlies all forms, whether it be the form of that unit ofMagic, 9:so to speak, grounded in matter and assume forms whereby their peculiar specific state ofMagic, 9:of all states of consciousness, and of all forms in existence. The homogeneous becomes theMagic, 9:lives which express themselves through the forms of the kingdoms of nature and the activities ofMagic, 10:total of the states of consciousness and of the forms of any kingdom in nature. 2. Laws. A lawMagic, 12:with the energy of matter and self, produces all forms. The effect of this junction is to add toMagic, 13:spiritual man, a son of God in incarnation. The forms of all the kingdoms of nature - human,Magic, 21:of himself to the similar aspects in other forms of divine manifestation. Correct relation between
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