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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Magic, 187:Magic - Rule Five - The Soul and its Thought-Forms Another factor that an adept has to consider isMagic, 195:God, with all humanity, with all souls in all forms of nature, and so with the Oversoul. This forceMagic, 196:animates the form aspect, and which creates forms in line with the subjective purposes of theMagic, 213:permitted until more of the etheric nature of forms was known. The third eye manifests as a resultMagic, 213:aware of the light. I refer to the light in all forms, veiled by all sheaths and expressions of theMagic, 213:By its means, the spiritual man sees behind the forms of all aspects of divine expression. HeMagic, 213:of the world, and contacts the soul within all forms. Just as the physical eye registers forms, soMagic, 213:all forms. Just as the physical eye registers forms, so does the spiritual eye register theMagic, 213:eye register the illumination within those forms which "illumination" indicates a specific state ofMagic, 214:the destructive work of getting rid of the old forms, of shaking out of the bodies matter of anMagic, 214:of the Eye The seeing of the light within all forms through the agency of the third eye (broughtMagic, 215:correspondence to the physical eye, revealing forms in the light of the physical sun. ThisMagic, 215:brings about the final abstraction, destroys all forms, withdraws itself from manifestation andMagic, 216:process goes forward in the mental body. Old forms disappear before the clear light in which theMagic, 216:puts it: "One glance the soul doth cast upon the forms of mind. A ray of light streams out andMagic, 216:and darkness disappears; distortions and evil forms fade out, and all the little fires die out; theMagic, 216:substratum of energy which works through the forms of the etheric body, which is dealt with throughMagic, 220:destinies, and swings the lower energies into forms and activities through the power of his mindMagic, 221:is one of dense fog, confusion, changing forms, interpenetrating and intermingling colors, and isMagic, 222:the plane; there is a building of the temporary forms, some of rare beauty, some of no beauty, andMagic, 222:the astral energy of its creator. Add to these forms that persistent and steadily growing scenarioMagic, 226:sensory apparatus, consciousness in the world of forms, and develops ability to react to thoseMagic, 226:of forms, and develops ability to react to those forms with wisdom and intelligence. ThisMagic, 227:of thoughts, and formulates its own thought forms, as well as registering those of others. TheMagic, 229:in the light of the soul with the soul in all forms, and laying no emphasis upon the ambitions ofMagic, 236:animated by wisdom and intelligently applied to forms. We will, therefore, divide this rule intoMagic, 238:of the glory which can radiate from the forms "indwelt by God", he learns to choose the way ofMagic, 238:the way of light and to see his form and all forms as custodians of the light. So he buckles downMagic, 240:to work in the forces of matter, and with the forms which hold all souls in prison. This is theMagic, 243:into darkness, characterize the growth of all forms, distinguish the development of races andMagic, 246:which carries the love of God to all forms on the physical plane. Again he seeks to aid in theMagic, 246:plan on the physical plane. He knows that all forms are the product of energy rightly used andMagic, 250:substance in order to create the needed thought forms, and so express the ideas and purposes of theMagic, 251:by the magician in meditation, and the thought-forms imprinted on this miniature reflection of theMagic, 251:impressions exactly, and to see with clarity the forms of the process in magic which he is seekingMagic, 252:to visualize, an ability to build thought-forms, and an accurate grasp of egoic intent. Hence alsoMagic, 257:note that as progress is made upon the path, the forms in which truth can be given become more andMagic, 257:grasped through the presentation of geometrical forms to the inner eye of the aspirant. TheMagic, 258:the aspirant become more potent, and the thought-forms - created with definite purpose and in theMagic, 261:on White Magic - Rule Nine - Fundamental Forms Fundamental Forms The simplicity of this Rule nineMagic, 261:- Rule Nine - Fundamental Forms Fundamental Forms The simplicity of this Rule nine is such that inMagic, 262:the secret of form-shattering and form-building. Forms are of four kinds in this era of the fourthMagic, 264:Path becomes strewn with many shattered forms, and from lesser cycle to lesser cycle he changes theMagic, 264:the ephemeral nature of the form and of all forms, standing alone in the vortex of initiatoryMagic, 265:on White Magic - Rule Nine - Fundamental Forms In these days you will need to ponder on this matterMagic, 265:comes ever a period of much disruption until the forms that be have adapted themselves to the newerMagic, 265:Great Lord. This summation of process and of the forms is equally true of God and His cosmicMagic, 266:in generating and producing those thought-forms which mould the minds of men, and embody inMagic, 266:study, to work on mental levels. We are creating forms continuously, pervading them with energy andMagic, 266:on White Magic - Rule Nine - Fundamental Forms Up to the present time the majority of aspirants inMagic, 267:We are dealing here primarily with those thought-forms which man creates: The left hand pathMagic, 267:and their Unity within the One Life. All forms created at every stage are either confined to theMagic, 267:to gather. It should be borne in mind that all forms, whether they follow the right or left handMagic, 268:of the attention of the creator of these thought-forms to the mental plane. This is of so potent aMagic, 268:This is of so potent a nature that the thought-forms created have a life cycle of their own andMagic, 269:and hides. All work and all created thought-forms (whether they materialize as an organization, aMagic, 273:about the form are stated, which are true of all forms, and three strong injunctions are given inMagic, 278:therefore safely, to the birthing. [278] All new forms, if they are ultimately to carry weight andMagic, 279:system, of a human being, and of the thought-forms of a creative thinker. The secret of all beautyMagic, 279:goal of his endeavor is the correct building of forms in mental matter remembering that "as a manMagic, 280:which will result in ability to build organized forms and groups on the physical plane and to holdMagic, 280:begin to work intelligently and to build thought-forms under law and with understanding. There isMagic, 282:in his surroundings. We live in a world of forms. These forms are made up of lives and these livesMagic, 282:surroundings. We live in a world of forms. These forms are made up of lives and these lives haveMagic, 285:by man with the animals and with all created forms, and his capacity to move freely in a threeMagic, 289:revealed. I am." Fifth Ray: - Let the three forms of energy electric pass upward to the Place ofMagic, 290:that the response of the etheric vehicle of all forms and its capacity to appropriate, to utilize,Magic, 290:vibrations, and can be passed on and through to forms in other or the same kingdoms in nature. HereMagic, 290:to others. The third concept to be noted is that forms are, as yet [291] primarily responsive toMagic, 291:to the forces which reach them from other forms on the planet, to the seven basic types of energiesMagic, 291:and also to the life-giving solar ray. All forms in all the four kingdoms respond to these manyMagic, 308:Divinity. Realize that the One Life pervades all forms so that there is no death, no distress, noMagic, 312:astral energies, emanating from some planetary forms which as yet exist not in the form of physicalMagic, 312:outer form has taken place. Second, the astral forms of those lesser solar lives on theMagic, 312:their shells. There are two of these astral forms in close proximity to our Earth, which areMagic, 321:to the Great Whole. We have noted the various forms which astral evolution assumes. We have alsoMagic, 325:the formless forces that are at work through all forms and seasons, will see order brought out ofMagic, 326:religions though diverse in their theologies and forms of worship, though characterized byMagic, 330:with the old tradition, who, emphasizing the forms and the past produce the destruction of thoseMagic, 330:and the past produce the destruction of those forms. 2. That emanating from the inner group ofMagic, 332:which (playing on the atom and on atomic forms) produce the tangible concrete shapes to which weMagic, 332:into aggregates which we call organisms and forms has not been isolated. This the mystics in theMagic, 332:which mark and distinguish the myriad forms through which life itself manifests. It is the qualityMagic, 332:of the energy which produces the quantity of forms; it is the light which causes the emergence intoMagic, 332:type of energy which produces the shapes and forms and coherent organisms in all the kingdoms ofMagic, 333:soul or qualifying principle, the builder of the forms is studied, recognized and in its turnMagic, 333:work consciously en rapport with the soul in all forms. This will be possible only as the raceMagic, 334:body, lying as the inner structure of the outer forms, will be seen and noted and studied in allMagic, 334:be established. We shall see each other and all forms of divine manifestation as light units ofMagic, 335:must inevitably demonstrate the relation between forms, which is another term for brotherhood, andMagic, 335:of the soul, the inner light and radiance of all forms. The third development, which will be theMagic, 335:known and changes will be brought about and new forms developed through its medium. One hint onlyMagic, 335:effects upon the bodies of men and upon all forms of life everywhere which will become apparentMagic, 335:will become apparent only as time elapses. Some forms of life in the animal kingdom, but primarilyMagic, 341:not on to the form no matter what it be. All forms are but experiments, and reach the point whereMagic, 356:of lives are sacrificed and much birthing of forms comes to naught. Hence the achieving of soulMagic, 359:of nature's growth. The fires burn the hindering forms which seek to hold the pilgrim back and soMagic, 360:to bring it into control, to subordinate other forms to the mind and through the mind to reveal toMagic, 360:through pain, They are bringing those types of forms into line with the heart center in Nature.Magic, 360:Through color in the vegetable Kingdom those forms of divine manifestation are also brought into
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