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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Magic, 365:which works with the blue prints upon which the forms are modeled. The intuition or pure reason isMagic, 371:of the aeon. In the infancy of the race the forms endured for a long time. Evolution moved moreMagic, 375:en rapport with all aspects of the soul in all forms until the day dawns when he realizes thatMagic, 382:being deemed necessary. The powerful thought-forms built up in the early Ibezhan mysteries andMagic, 384:All souls on the mental plane take the forms of the solar Angels, of the divine Sons of mind. HenceMagic, 385:of energizing unifying Life (which sweeps all forms and all dualities into one great synthesis) isMagic, 386:the Heavens and Earth! I vision God; I see the forms God took. I hate them both. Naught do theyMagic, 386:know, and so I want it not. Time and its myriad forms I know too well. Pendant I hang betwixt theMagic, 386:voice of all the hidden souls within the outer forms, for they are as myself; with them I amMagic, 386:and overtones the little voices of the little forms dim and fade out. I dwell within a world ofMagic, 386:I am the One; I, God. I am the form in which all forms are merged. I am the soul in which all soulsMagic, 389:entities. There are, for instance, the denser forms of gaseous life, termed often salamanders, theMagic, 391:to dominate and utilize form correctly. All forms, in themselves, are not expressions of aMagic, 392:development it is not realized in the subhuman forms; it is realized in the human kingdom, and isMagic, 392:but merged into and negated by the greater forms and consciousnesses which we call the superhuman.Magic, 392:and as the principle of mind is inherent in all forms, the sense of individuality and ofMagic, 399:were devoted to the Great Ones Whose names and forms stood behind the office holders in theMagic, 400:of God in all happenings, His imprint upon all forms and His note sounding forth through everyMagic, 410:his relationship, intrinsic and vital, with all forms of life. The names of the individuals in anyMagic, 431:or Logos and the planetary Entity are the two forms in active manifestation which respond mostMagic, 432:The planetary Entity is the sum total of the forms which constitute the form through which theMagic, 432:total of all physical, vital, astral and mental forms, which, blended and fused, constitute ourMagic, 433:produces definite results upon the objective forms, and these are termed physical or vital. TheseMagic, 439:life pattern. Amazing symbolic charts and lineal forms will be found to emerge when this is done,Magic, 440:of God shot forth like arrows from the bow. The forms received the impulse and lo! a God was born.Magic, 442:matter reign. Leo - And the Word said: Let other forms exist, I rule. Cancer - And the Word said:Magic, 447:and the magical task of motivating those thought-forms which are to be the expression of some typeMagic, 447:power a man can wield through building thought-forms. We have seen also how a man can manipulateMagic, 447:In the unconscious building of thought-forms such as is the case with the average human being, manyMagic, 447:them work with astral or desire matter and these forms are fluidic and changeable, and are powerfulMagic, 448:influenced by a concentrated mind, these desire forms fail to do the damage they otherwise might.Magic, 448:largely by the creator of these kama-manasic forms and not by his environing associates. The momentMagic, 448:plan of evolution. He can then create thought-forms, capable of producing outward manifestingMagic, 450:their mutual interactions as they compose all forms in all the kingdoms of nature are the subjectMagic, 450:- focalized or localized in the differing forms of the natural or material world - demand theMagic, 453:the lives within the ensphering wall. All forms in nature, as we well know, are made up of [454]Magic, 454:peculiar relations with allied and neighboring forms, and adjust themselves to varying relations ofMagic, 454:relations of an internal nature with those forms, which in the earlier stage was not possible.Magic, 455:occultly from its Creator. Many thought-forms remain futile as they are "too close" to theirMagic, 456:higher still. These formulas underlie a world of forms and must be contacted by those who are dulyMagic, 456:of Knowing Experience, and there is the Book of Forms which is compulsory reading for all in whomMagic, 456:to functioning activity. It is with the Book of Forms that we are now concerned. Patanjali speaksMagic, 457:lie hid the potencies of the finished thought-forms. The matter aspect, represented by the mind,Magic, 458:of the Universal Mind into the world of tangible forms. These are: The energies emanating from theMagic, 458:allow for the strains and stresses to which the forms must be subjected under the impact of theMagic, 461:the physical plane who are to produce the outer forms. If they fail to respond, there will be delayMagic, 463:of the magical work and so become a creator of forms in his own little sphere. All have to work outMagic, 463:hid in past universes - all, in their day, the "forms indwelt by God". For us there can be no suchMagic, 464:just as long as thought persists. All that is forms part of the current of ideas emanating from theMagic, 464:governed by the vibration of physical and astral forms) which produces the [465] characteristicsMagic, 465:souls incarnate through the pull of the material forms, towards which they are attracted. TheseMagic, 465:the worlds were made, Governed by the same law, forms were created and became material expressionsMagic, 465:the one immediately preceding ours. Groups of forms appeared and disappeared, and were governedMagic, 467:known desire, and through the red all longed-for forms approach, are grasped and held, used andMagic, 468:field is green and on its broad expanse the many forms of the one moving Life disport themselves;Magic, 468:they weave the dance of life, the many patterned forms God takes. The soul enters "the playgroundMagic, 468:soul, immersed in form, emerges from the many forms and hews its onward way. The way of theMagic, 468:comes, the builder and again the tearer down of forms. The broken forms hold not the power toMagic, 468:and again the tearer down of forms. The broken forms hold not the power to satisfy. The soul's ownMagic, 470:shells built in an earlier stage, stepping upon forms discarded and destroyed, and holding forthMagic, 471:to produce an effect. The raison d'ętre of all forms we have come to feel is to express someMagic, 471:human beings can grasp it. But with the thought-forms which he is beginning to create as he dailyMagic, 472:so doing, and fortunately, for the race, the forms constructed are so feeble that they are largelyMagic, 472:darken his world, and imprison him in a wall of forms which will embody for him his own peculiarMagic, 475:impulsive words which bring into being those new forms and organisms, those expressions of ideasMagic, 477:of speech and the utilization of simpler forms. Under the evolutionary urge, we have had theMagic, 477:be dispersed eventually the clouds of thought-forms which at this time shut out the clear light ofMagic, 478:mental plane vitalizes and expedites all thought-forms, and so produces successful enterprise. ItMagic, 478:explosively and so forcefully, that the thought-forms thus energized and expedited acted inevitablyMagic, 480:emergence of the new ideas, the new archetypal forms. These will eventually dominate the new ageMagic, 480:The aspirant has to be saved from the thought-forms built daily during his mental life, and a soulMagic, 481:Salvation from the power exerted by the thought-forms we have ourselves created. Salvation from theMagic, 481:must be said concerning the power of thought-forms, and concerning their danger, and the modeMagic, 481:Magic - Rule Eleven - Salvation from our Thought-Forms Salvation from our Thought-Forms I speak nowMagic, 481:our Thought-Forms Salvation from our Thought-Forms I speak now for aspirants, who, throughMagic, 483:Magic - Rule Eleven - Salvation from our Thought-Forms Let us remember first of all that noMagic, 484:will form part of a dense wall of such thought-forms which entirely surround him or constitute hisMagic, 484:its way into some group, analogous impulsive forms (found within the group aura) will coalesce withMagic, 484:have around it an inhibiting wall of thought-forms, or it will be obsessed by some idea. Here weMagic, 484:all sectarianism, to all fanaticism, and to some forms of insanity, both group and individual.Magic, 485:for instance, has still to deal with the thought-forms which we call the Christian Church, and hasMagic, 485:to carry through, though not so much with the forms which embody Their enunciated principles, asMagic, 485:Magic - Rule Eleven - Salvation from our Thought-Forms Then there are the communications involvedMagic, 485:them is widening somewhat and these thought-forms frequently [486] take to themselves astral matterMagic, 488:Magic - Rule Eleven - Salvation from our Thought-Forms Inhibition - Disintegration - AbsorptionMagic, 489:out of its creator's aura (very few thought-forms are), and find its goal in another aura there toMagic, 489:of his trouble. This is one of the commonest forms of difficulty, for it has its seat in theMagic, 489:Magic - Rule Eleven - Salvation from our Thought-Forms 3. The third danger against which theMagic, 491:on the new spiritual ideas that the old thought-forms will fail to arrest the attention; they willMagic, 492:the dangers incident to the creation of thought-forms by a human being who has learnt, or isMagic, 493:stuff. These constitute the sheaths or outer forms of the incarnated soul. The consciousness aspectMagic, 494:all define this mysterious process to which all forms are subject and which is frequently only theMagic, 512:heart and manifests as the vital energy of all forms. It flows, pulsating in its cycles, throughoutMagic, 518:purposes and for the work of constructing those forms and organisms which may be needed; in them,Magic, 521:subdivisions. Inclusively they constitute all forms of life that we usually call subhuman, butMagic, 522:to include all lives which are embodied in forms. The two divisions are as follows: First, theMagic, 522:are as follows: First, the substance of all forms, or the multiplicity of tiny atomic lives which,Magic, 524:Learn to be telepathic and intuitive. Then these forms of words and these ideas, clothed in form,Magic, 524:in the terrain of ideas and not in the world of forms. So we leave the vast expanse of lives,Magic, 525:and the purpose for which that aggregate of forms which we call the human family exists. We must
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