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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Magic, 526:inherent in matter itself and in which all forms are immersed, as they constitute functioning partsMagic, 526:parts of the greater form. To this all forms respond. This type of energy comes from the physicalMagic, 528:work out, and that energy be transmitted to all forms in nature which will enable the innerMagic, 530:Desire is instinctual or rather inherent in all forms, for all forms and organisms constitute partMagic, 530:or rather inherent in all forms, for all forms and organisms constitute part of some primaryMagic, 532:It is not self-related. Subhuman forms of life suffer and undergo discomfort and are subject to theMagic, 532:self-conscious, the deva lives which build the forms indwelt by all the Sons of God, they know notMagic, 532:or loss or poverty. The form decays, the other forms retire, and that which is required to nourishMagic, 533:through appreciation [533] of and joy in the forms built and the work accomplished. The devas buildMagic, 533:breaks and through the shattering of the forms man learns through discontent. Thus is acquiescenceMagic, 534:or aspects; they produce the environing forms, and they lead the imprisoned lives on into ever moreMagic, 534:in two ways: As the liberator of the kingdom of forms which has not reached its particular stage ofMagic, 536:being done in this field. Prisoners within the forms of the vegetable world. A beginning has beenMagic, 537:the many aspects of the Form of God, and of the forms that constitute the Form. Magic, 537:under the destroyer aspect, for it destroys the forms in order to release. Service is aMagic, 538:the world of spirit and the world of material forms. All grades of matter meet in man, and all theMagic, 541:to the world, we should be flooded with thought-forms and these thought-forms would be created inMagic, 541:be flooded with thought-forms and these thought-forms would be created in order to express purelyMagic, 542:which constitute the etheric envelope of all forms in nature, from a mountain to an ant, and from aMagic, 542:more obvious and more easily discerned etheric forms and forces! Given a slight change in theMagic, 543:objects and that illusive world of ever changing forms in which we live and move and have ourMagic, 549:master of the air am I. Through all the world of forms my feet have passed. All now exists for meMagic, 549:constitute the vital or etheric body of all forms in the natural world. Here again we have a higherMagic, 550:plane as regards the physical body of all forms. These four etheric levels, or these four grades ofMagic, 550:and the etheric reflection is found in all forms according to the type of energy whichMagic, 552:Education, books, travel, in its many and varied forms, enunciations of science and of philosophy,Magic, 552:to "precipitate" or cause to emerge objective forms. These forms will either be in line with DivineMagic, 552:or cause to emerge objective forms. These forms will either be in line with Divine purpose and planMagic, 552:- Rule Thirteen - The Precipitation of Thought-Forms The Precipitation of Thought-Forms What is aMagic, 552:of Thought-Forms The Precipitation of Thought-Forms What is a precipitation? Many definitions couldMagic, 553:might be described as follows: A blazing sun forms the background and at the very center of thatMagic, 553:this symbol is found are four geometrical forms. Some of these are referred to by H. P. B. and wereMagic, 553:and the manifested universe. Later these other forms will also be applied to God and to man, in theMagic, 555:- Rule Thirteen - The Precipitation of Thought-Forms The word "recognition" is one of the mostMagic, 557:same basic truth underlies the creation of all forms on the physical plane, whether it is aMagic, 557:- Rule Thirteen - The Precipitation of Thought-Forms It might be of use here if I expressed quiteMagic, 559:- Rule Thirteen - The Precipitation of Thought-Forms The second requirement is detachment. TheMagic, 567:flame which must ever burn at the center of all forms. The danger, therefore, is twofold: That ofMagic, 568:meaning behind the outer blinds and exoteric forms. We are now going to consider the pranas, and IMagic, 571:for its creative task and capable of those forms of activity, emanating [572] from the mind, whichMagic, 575:which are distinctive of disciples. In all forms of esoteric teaching the hands play a great partMagic, 579:that according to a man's desires so will be the forms of life which he will, like a magnet,Magic, 580:Destroyers, bring about the destruction of forms. With these, however, aspirants have naught to do.Magic, 582:strength and speed. Build those subsidiary forms of expression in the outer world through which theMagic, 582:be a server of the race, and to construct those forms of expression which will embody the newMagic, 592:center in the forehead, and at the same time forms a protective shield between the ajna and throatMagic, 604:The detachment between a man and his usable forms will be so complete, that he will live ever inMagic, 605:trends, and it shows how undeviatingly the forms of races, of countries, and of the fauna and floraMagic, 612:moisture are present in the production of all forms of life, but the great mystery (and almost theMagic, 613:we have that weird and distorted condition when forms are not seen as they truly are but lose theirMagic, 614:plane or realize the state of awareness of those forms of life which have not yet developed astralMagic, 616:feet stand firm on land and rock, but all the forms he sees are lost in the grey immensity of mist.Magic, 616:forth. Around him are the many sounds of many forms, which swallow up his sound. "Let the magicianMagic, 616:voice; its note is clearer and more true. The forms of other pilgrims can be seen. Behind him isMagic, 617:clean the form and clears the atmosphere. "Thus forms are seen and sounds are heard, though dim asMagic, 617:him sound forth the words that will create the forms, build worlds and universes and give his lifeMagic, 617:to that which he has made. Let him project the forms created on the mountain top in such a way thatMagic, 617:light and power. These shall dispel the veil of forms which hide the true abode of earth from theMagic, 619:it is breaking down the crystallized old forms of the Piscean age, and is stimulating the creativeMagic, 623:advanced, he walks bemused in a cloud of thought-forms, and knows it not. Thus he loses his way andMagic, 626:situations. The second negatives the old thought forms and brings about eventually theirMagic, 627:and [627] the persistence and propagation of the forms through which the race can come intoMeditation, 4:its chord, the chord of the Spirit; each chord forms part of a phrase, the phrase or group to whichMeditation, 5:uncertain in outline and crude in design are the forms of the earlier lives; definite and clear inMeditation, 5:lives; definite and clear in outline are the forms built by the average advanced man of thisMeditation, 16:have the same result, and are fundamentally all forms of the one great method employed in theMeditation, 39:how much has to be considered, when meditation forms are duly set by a Master. He has to take intoMeditation, 41:working of the system under certain fundamental forms; all will be dominated by ceremonial with theMeditation, 41:apotheosis of law and order and their resultant forms and limitations lies, towards the close (IMeditation, 42:of the life escaping from the old and worn-out forms. The new forms are needed now and will beMeditation, 42:from the old and worn-out forms. The new forms are needed now and will be adequate. It is onlyMeditation, 42:developed. You can look to see very definite forms built up and assigned, both to individuals andMeditation, 46:on truly occult lines by graduated Teachers, forms of meditation will be planned, suited toMeditation, 49:is a disciple, - the group of pupils of which he forms a part. Their particular type of group workMeditation, 52:note majestic, of the note FA, - the note which forms the basic note of this system, the note ofMeditation, 54:arrangement of that matter into the necessary forms. Sound formed the allying factor, theMeditation, 56:rays, - a ray which adjusts matter, under set forms, to the desired shapes. You may ask here: WhyMeditation, 57:in liberation comes the abolition of the old forms, in the domination of matter is seen theMeditation, 58:comes the escaping from the shattered [58] forms; first in the outbreathing, the attraction ofMeditation, 58:the gradual shattering of the material forms and the leaving of them behind. Meditation, 58:outpouring, and the consequent shattering of the forms and subsequent liberation. This might beMeditation, 58:that which is coarser. He will formulate thought-forms that attract to themselves finer matter andMeditation, 64:angles in this connection the emotional vehicle forms a third vehicle for consciousness - countingMeditation, 67:also be tabulated and checked. The geometrical forms created by the individual, and by the group,Meditation, 68:record and tabulate the consequent geometrical forms, to note its effect on individuals in theMeditation, 70:On all sides, the tearing down of the old forms is progressing, nor is the work as yet fullyMeditation, 72:this time through this center are the thought-forms vitalized by means of the energizing will. IMeditation, 79:The order of its progression. The geometrical forms it makes as it mounts. The order of theMeditation, 85:of the force through the vortex (which whirling forms the petals of the lotus) it will be observedMeditation, 89:and suspense, it will not be possible to impart forms, invocations and mantrams of a specificMeditation, 95:that ovoid are constantly circulating thought-forms of various kinds (the content of the man's mindMeditation, 95:attractions and diversified by many geometrical forms, all in a state of flux or circulation, youMeditation, 95:all movement, he will arrest these thought-forms within the mental ovoid, he will stop circulationMeditation, 96:in its progress onward sweeps away the thought-forms circulating within the mental ovoid. Let himMeditation, 96:the mental body is free and clear of thought-forms. Let him then raise his vibration as high as mayMeditation, 96:hold no lower vibration analogous to the thought-forms circulating in its environment. The force ofMeditation, 98:kingdoms. Before the spirit can function through forms of the fifth or spiritual kingdom, thisMeditation, 98:into spiritual aspiration. The emotional body forms practically a unit with the physical body, forMeditation, 98:been transferred into the mental body through forms of meditation and intensity of purpose and ofMeditation, 100:Fire, the Ruler of the mental plane. Cosmic fire forms the background of our evolution; the fire of
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