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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Meditation, 101:fire will be at-one (the bodies of all material forms adapting themselves to the changingMeditation, 102:teaching but a plain statement of fact. Fire forms the basis of all - the Self is fire, theMeditation, 105:and that he does not blindly proceed with forms and methods but insists on knowing the raisonMeditation, 105:men and openly teach in specific schools, many forms of brain trouble and of nervous complaintsMeditation, 112:of climatic inertia and of a rigid adherence to forms and to the strictest rules of living haveMeditation, 113:and by the careful following of specific forms for many hours each day for many days. TheMeditation, 113:centers. He works more by the use of collective forms and not individual mantrams; he does not workMeditation, 113:throngs of great cities. He employs collective forms for the attainment of his ends, and theMeditation, 113:the case. But always the goal will be the same. Forms may be individual or collective, mantrams mayMeditation, 114:Different methods for different races, diverse forms for those of various nationalities, but theMeditation, 118:himself to be overcome by the group thought-forms and becomes himself a devotee, following aMeditation, 120:in motion, currents are contacted and thought-forms circulated that attract the attention of thoseMeditation, 121:foolhardiness that, in attempting to use certain forms and mantrams without the permission of theMeditation, 128:the devas can be brought about through specific forms and mantrams and that in this contact liesMeditation, 128:and in the use of ceremonial and of set forms, coupled to regulated rhythmic movement, will beMeditation, 129:letters the part that ritual and set mantric forms play in the evolution of devas and of men. IMeditation, 129:for human beings lies in the unwise use of forms for the calling of the devas, in experimentingMeditation, 130:to cooperate with the devas, and to learn the forms and ceremonies, the mantrams and the keywords,Meditation, 139:Form by the mystic and the occultist. Specific Forms. The Use of Form collectively. [140] Your veryMeditation, 140:give you in this sixth letter certain specific forms to achieve certain results cannot be fullyMeditation, 140:in. I do not propose to outline for you any forms for careful following. The risks, as before IMeditation, 140:of a teacher at hand to watch reactions. These forms may later be given. The work is duly plannedMeditation, 141:and the occultist. [141] The use of specific forms for specific ends. The use of Form collectively.Meditation, 141:produce is a just apprehension of the value of forms in meditation and not the imparting of anyMeditation, 142:from the vehicle which encloses it or the forms which environ it. At this particular stage inMeditation, 144:true scientific meditation provides [144] graded forms whereby the consciousness is raised and theMeditation, 144:The Grand Heavenly Man. To effect this certain forms will be laid down later, that (working alongMeditation, 144:giving thirty minutes a day to certain set forms of meditation. It involves an hour by hourMeditation, 145:that acts as his intermediate channel. These forms are usually, though not invariably, of twoMeditation, 146:as did the other and the man passes from these forms into the higher consciousness. As youMeditation, 146:As you therefore see, in building these forms certain steps will have to be taken and each typeMeditation, 148:uses, and he has to master and control all lower forms of manifestation, and learn the rulesMeditation, 150:nature under rule, and to learn to build the forms, and hence to learn their value. Secondly, toMeditation, 151:through his intelligent interest in the forms which veil the Self and by the employment of theMeditation, 152:seek the inner burning fire that irradiates all forms that shelter the divine life. Through theMeditation, 152:the clairvoyant in noting the difference in the forms built by the mystic and the occultist inMeditation, 152:The Use of Form in Meditation Occult and Mystic Forms Clairvoyantly seen The mystic who isMeditation, 152:and cloudy, and in such a way that he himself forms the center of the form. Frequently, accordingMeditation, 153:around which the clouds of color circulate. The forms built by the man of an occult trend ofMeditation, 153:and is both an occultist and a mystic, the forms built will combine both qualifications, and beMeditation, 153:brought out later. We will deal with the use of forms in achieving specific results, and though itMeditation, 153:it is not my intention to give or outline such forms, I wish to group them for you so that laterMeditation, 153:ready apprehension among students everywhere. Forms used in work on the three bodies. Forms onMeditation, 153:Forms used in work on the three bodies. Forms on certain rays. [154] Forms used in healing.Meditation, 154:the three bodies. Forms on certain rays. [154] Forms used in healing. Mantrams. Forms used in oneMeditation, 154:rays. [154] Forms used in healing. Mantrams. Forms used in one of the three Departments: The Manu'sMeditation, 154:The Department of the Lord of Civilization. Forms for calling elementals. Forms for contacting theMeditation, 154:of Civilization. Forms for calling elementals. Forms for contacting the devas. Special formsMeditation, 154:Forms for contacting the devas. Special forms connected with Fire. Meditation, 154:and can seldom be offset. 3. The Use of specific Forms for specific Ends Until now we have dealtMeditation, 155:build in mental matter and under definite rules, forms that will lead to specific actions andMeditation, 155:lead to specific actions and reactions. These forms will be imparted gradually, and at times theMeditation, 155:karma with them. ...Let us take up each of the forms in order, but first I would give a warning. IMeditation, 155:would give a warning. I do not intend to outline forms, or to give specific instructions as to howMeditation, 156:- Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation Forms used in Work on the Three Bodies These forms willMeditation, 156:Forms used in Work on the Three Bodies These forms will be some of the first revealed, and alreadyMeditation, 156:designed for working on the lower mind. These forms will be based on the special need of any oneMeditation, 156:on the etheric matter of the physical body, by forms of breathing (respiration and inspiration),Meditation, 156:body likewise will be dealt with through special forms, and when the pupil has strenuouslyMeditation, 156:made it a working factor in his life, then these forms will be gradually imparted. But until he canMeditation, 156:Let me illustrate the type of work that these forms which work on emotional matter will accomplish.Meditation, 157:- Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation Ray Forms This is a profoundly interesting and vastMeditation, 157:may only be indicated in general terms. Certain forms, built up on the numerical aspect of theMeditation, 157:their place in the system. Some of these forms being on the concrete rays or building rays are theMeditation, 157:least resistance for the occultist, while other forms on the abstract or attributive rays are moreMeditation, 157:are more easily followed by the mystic. These forms are for three objects: They put the pupil inMeditation, 158:he be on the mystic path he will work at the forms upon the Rays of Aspect, and so developMeditation, 158:till the time comes when the paths merge and all forms are alike to the Initiate. You have toMeditation, 158:of his own ray, and works through his own ray-forms with their six representative subray formsMeditation, 158:ray-forms with their six representative subray forms until he is adept, and knows the secret ofMeditation, 158:adept, and knows the secret of synthesis. These forms are taught by the Teacher to the pupil. YouMeditation, 158:- Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation Forms used in Healing We must touch now on these forms,Meditation, 158:Forms used in Healing We must touch now on these forms, remembering first of all that they will beMeditation, 158:groups, each with many subsidiary heads. a. Forms for use in physical healing. You would beMeditation, 158:healing. You would be surprised how seldom these forms will be required, and how few in numberMeditation, 159:to unexpected physical disaster and for which forms for healing may be given, yet the wise studentMeditation, 159:given, yet the wise student will find that the forms that affect the etheric body may be the firstMeditation, 159:body may be the first point of departure. These forms, built up in meditation, will act directly onMeditation, 159:emotional plane and reacting on the etheric. b. Forms for healing the emotional body.As said above,Meditation, 159:septic poisoning, in skin diseases, and in some forms of anemia. Fear and forebodings, worry andMeditation, 159:to sluggish action of the organs, and to many forms of obscure diseases of the nervous system, ofMeditation, 160:so I must not further enlarge. In the forms used in these three cases attention will be paid to theMeditation, 160:on the lower bodies or body. In apportioning forms different aims will be in view. Where, forMeditation, 160:were suffering from the inner congestion. c. Forms for mental healing. These will be, for theMeditation, 161:and cancer in the head. For all these troubles forms of meditation may be found which - if followedMeditation, 161:is unselfish, will he be trusted with these forms. When his object is to equip himself for service,Meditation, 161:school - based on thought - can be looked for. Forms in meditation are but forms in thought matter,Meditation, 161:- can be looked for. Forms in meditation are but forms in thought matter, so that it will beMeditation, 162:effects will be demonstrable, and in specific forms that work on and through the centers will comeMeditation, 162:VI - The Use of Form in Meditation Mantric Forms August 20, 1920 We must today continue theMeditation, 162:We must today continue the discussion on the forms that will some day be in common use among theMeditation, 162:meditation. We have touched upon three of the forms, and five more remain to be dealt with. MantricMeditation, 162:and five more remain to be dealt with. Mantric forms are collections of phrases, words, and soundsMeditation, 162:not be possible apart from them. These mantric forms are too numerous to study here; suffice it toMeditation, 162:those privileged to use them. There are mantric forms based entirely on the Sacred Word. These,Meditation, 162:effects, either objective or subjective. These forms or mantrams are much more in use amongMeditation, 164:You will see therefore why it is that these forms are so carefully guarded and the words and keysMeditation, 166:- Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation Forms used in one of the Three Departments August 13th,Meditation, 166:great, for we have to take up the matter of the forms used in the Departments of the Manu, theMeditation, 167:lines works through formulas, or through set forms, which by graded steps put the man who employs
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