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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Psychology1, 196:unawakened man or woman sees the form, notes its forms of activity, and "judges by appearances."Psychology1, 196:of the beauties that lie unrevealed behind all forms; the awakened disciple lays the focus of hisPsychology1, 197:expression. The goal for all mineral atomic forms is this radioactive condition, the power to passPsychology1, 197:mineral appearances, and the organizing of all forms in this kingdom under the influence of thePsychology1, 197:is demonstrated by the perfume of its highest forms of life. This perfume is connected with its sexPsychology1, 197:vegetable kingdom, and the most evolved of its forms, have beauty and perfume, and are [198]Psychology1, 198:to Whom is confided the initiating of the life-forms and their bringing to a desired perfection.Psychology1, 198:and a consequent gravitation towards the forms of life which evidence that which they desire. HencePsychology1, 210:ideal beauty, of the designer of beautiful forms and patterns of any sort; but such a man would notPsychology1, 217:the vegetable kingdom. Other planets contribute forms and appearances which are their specificPsychology1, 219:life, organized into the varying mineral forms. These mineral forms, in their turn, hold latentPsychology1, 219:into the varying mineral forms. These mineral forms, in their turn, hold latent those sustainingPsychology1, 219:and vitalizing elements from which other forms draw their sustenance. It must be remembered thatPsychology1, 219:of prime importance. The true structure of all forms is produced by the fabric of mineral productsPsychology1, 220:as a [220] laboratory wherein are prepared those forms of nutriment which are needed for thePsychology1, 221:of the "ritual of rhythm," as are all the basic forms upon which the myriad of structures inPsychology1, 221:inner eye of true vision is developed and the forms underlying the creative work in the otherPsychology1, 224:are the substance out of which all the mineral forms are made. But we are dealing with the mineralPsychology1, 224:are made. But we are dealing with the mineral forms as they manifest in the concrete world. We arePsychology1, 224:of the mineral world. The transmutation of forms by fire in that kingdom, leading to an ultimatePsychology1, 226:and - speaking symbolically - when perfected forms and organized vehicles and dynamic power arePsychology1, 228:chemicals and minerals which are needed by the forms in the other material kingdoms. The mineralPsychology1, 231:from him [231] in the custody of the other forms of divine life, found in the three subhumanPsychology1, 231:and in an undue attachment to externals and forms. These factors prevent that clear-seeing whichPsychology1, 232:sensory nerve. But so it is. As we approach the forms of life which approximate the living tissuePsychology1, 233:if we realized that there are higher forms of life and consciousness in the cosmos who find it asPsychology1, 233:throw their consciousness down into the animal forms of humanity as we would find it hard toPsychology1, 234:attractive power which lures to it the higher forms of life, leading the animal forms to consume itPsychology1, 234:it the higher forms of life, leading the animal forms to consume it for food, and the thinkingPsychology1, 235:life of God, through the medium of manifested forms. If, at the close of this writing, the studentPsychology1, 236:[236] "One-pointed meditation upon the five forms which every element takes produces mastery overPsychology1, 236:produces mastery over every element. These five forms are the gross nature, the elemental form, thePsychology1, 237:and (from its form side) the sum total of all forms constitutes that entity's body ofPsychology1, 239:secret of the golden rose of light. The symbolic forms in which these five secrets are hidden, andPsychology1, 239:itself through the grasses and the smaller forms of vegetable life, - those which provide thePsychology1, 240:under the influence of fire, those vegetable forms of life which were ready for the initiation. ThePsychology1, 241:of the vital pranic fluid to the other forms of life on our planet. That is its divine and uniquePsychology1, 242:influence, plus the normal tendency of all life-forms to evolve. It has brought the latent seeds ofPsychology1, 245:the interrelation of lives and the creation of forms. With this aspect of this deeply esotericPsychology1, 245:together powerfully influence this world of forms. It might be of interest to note that all thePsychology1, 247:sense) through ray four, which influences the forms in both kingdoms. The relation between thePsychology1, 247:work with, and facility in using materially, the forms in this kingdom. Perhaps I should say,Psychology1, 248:of energies, and thus producing new effects, new forms of life, and new wonders in the world ofPsychology1, 249:state is such that during the period wherein he forms part of the human kingdom, his kingdom, [250]Psychology1, 250:He can identify himself with the subhuman forms, and this he invariably does in the early stages.Psychology1, 256:development when animal-man and the existent forms of animal life lived in a much closer relationPsychology1, 257:devotion were pouring upon, into and through all forms, a good deal of the fear present was offset.Psychology1, See pa:center and along a particular ray vibration, forms of life and centers of consciousness can bePsychology1, 261:contacted and known. This [261] applies to all forms in all kingdoms, subhuman or superhuman. OnePsychology1, 261:the Path. He discovers likewise the group of forms and of lives with which he is linked, to whichPsychology1, 261:which controls the sex life and the building of forms of expression. Therefore it swings now intoPsychology1, 261:organize and produce the appearance of those new forms through which all life in the new cyclePsychology1, 263:awaken the consciousness hidden in all material forms, both in man and in the three subhumanPsychology1, 266:under another. These influences pour through all forms in all kingdoms, producing specific effects,Psychology1, 266:specific effects, definite and different forms of life, peculiar types of realization, andPsychology1, 266:rays as well as the kingdoms in nature and the forms contained therein. It determines the activityPsychology1, 267:to transmit divine energy to a waiting world of forms. As the rays play their part with humanityPsychology1, 271:animal and psychological reactions, the many forms of marriage, and the many perversions of aPsychology1, 273:or wrong, illegal and unsuitable. Each of these forms of interpreting the sex relation has been thePsychology1, 279:humanity the line of progress. As the world of forms responds cyclically to the inflow of thePsychology1, 280:pairs of opposites, and thus produce the new forms of spiritual manifestation. But it will alsoPsychology1, 280:manifestation. But it will also produce the new forms of what, from the standpoint of spirit, mayPsychology1, 283:hidden divinity will be revealed. Steadily all forms will be brought under the influence of thePsychology1, 287:in which souls can be provided with the needed forms in which to incarnate. Sons of God can findPsychology1, 287:in which to incarnate. Sons of God can find forms in which to manifest on earth. According to thePsychology1, 315:to be seen and known save energy, and that all forms are composed of energy units and are inPsychology1, 316:place, and with forty-nine corresponding racial forms through which the seven groups of soulsPsychology1, 316:but certain types predominate in certain racial forms. Where, then, is to be found any reason forPsychology1, 316:some time, experience incarnation in all racial forms will come the knowledge that there is onlyPsychology1, 318:by us. The nature of the consciousness of the forms found in those races, and the pressure exertedPsychology1, 321:and differentiate the life of the personality forms, and therefore bring in other factors whichPsychology1, 322:have the outer creative side in the creation of forms. Psychology1, 322:conscious control is that of adaptation. All forms in the three lower subhuman kingdoms are alsoPsychology1, 331:identify the human consciousness with all other forms of consciousness and of awareness, with allPsychology1, 331:of consciousness and of awareness, with all forms of unconscious and instinctual response, and withPsychology1, 331:and instinctual response, and with all forms of the superconscious or divine sense of being. ThisPsychology1, 334:and determines the objective of all evolving forms. Each human being, as a whole, therefore, livesPsychology1, 338:cause of our evolutionary growth. The life in forms passes through discriminative and selectivePsychology1, 341:which govern and express themselves through the forms which compose man's environment, a growingPsychology1, 345:for there is a distinction between these two forms which students would do well to note), when thePsychology1, 349:crystallizing nature and is apt to produce "set forms which warrant prompt destruction." ThisPsychology1, 360:phenomena which produce the coordination of all forms. The sixth ray influence produced thePsychology1, 363:uselessness, and of weariness of interest over forms and ceremonies. But where it is demonstratedPsychology1, 364:the energies which are present in all the forms in the various subhuman kingdoms. Heal through aPsychology1, 371:its power to refine the matter out of which the forms are built. The animal body of man hasPsychology1, 374:as it produces the cohesion within all forms and sustains all form life during the cycle ofPsychology1, 374:together of atoms and of the organisms within forms, so constructing that which is needed toPsychology1, 377:set their signature upon the rapidly assembling forms. It must be borne in mind that these laws arePsychology1, 378:through humanity, light may eventually reach all forms of divine expression. Through man'sPsychology1, 378:by light, the light of consciousness in all forms must be brought to a condition of a "shiningPsychology1, 380:the planetary schemes, with their kingdoms of forms, and with all that can be included (throughoutPsychology1, 385:of breaking down, and of destruction of old forms, prior to an adequate responsiveness to thePsychology1, 391:the world patterns which mould the planetary forms, and thus produce the inner potency of thePsychology1, 407:group consciousness and detachment from external forms, causing attachment to the life side ofPsychology1, 412:[412] Ray VII - Higher expression: All forms of white magic. Lower expression: Spiritualism in itsPsychology1, 415:cause a great destruction of the present animal forms. Psychology1, 415:The Ray of Will or Power. Destruction of forms through group interplay - 1. [466] Stimulation ofPsychology1, 466:3. The Ray of Love-Wisdom. Construction of forms through group intercourse. 4. Stimulation ofPsychology1, 466:Ray of Activity or Adaptability. Vitalizing of forms through group work. 7. Stimulation of forms,Psychology1, 466:of forms through group work. 7. Stimulation of forms, the etheric or pranic principle. 8. Material
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