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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Psychology1, 466:9. The Ray of Harmony or Union. Perfecting of forms through group interplay. 10. Stimulation of thePsychology1, 466:12. Ray of Concrete Knowledge. Correspondence of forms to type, through group influence. 13.Psychology1, 466:group activity. 19. Stimulation of etheric forms. 20. Vital energy. 21. (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,Psychology1, 417:revealed. I Am!' " FIFTH RAY "Let the three forms of energy electric pass upward to the Place ofPsychology1, 424:attractive power which lures to it the higher forms to consume it for food, and the thinkingPsychology1, 425:Kingdoms "One-pointed meditation upon the five forms which every element takes produces masteryPsychology1, 425:produces mastery over every element. These five forms are the gross nature, the elemental form, thePsychology2with other energies and potencies, produce those forms in matter and substance, which constitutePsychology2, 4:works in matter and substance in order to create forms through which the quality may express itselfPsychology2, 10:It can be simply defined as the process whereby forms of life in the fourth kingdom in naturePsychology2, 22:the soul) which obliterates the quality of the forms. During the stage wherein it is the quality ofPsychology2, 23:awareness in the life animating the various forms. The exact state of awareness is contingent uponPsychology2, 27:consciousness can be traced with clarity in all. Forms are built, used and discarded. Cycles ofPsychology2, 27:used and discarded. Cycles of lives bring the forms into certain phases of unfoldment needed by thePsychology2, 28:and tendencies, the appearance of forms with their unique coloring, qualities and activities, thePsychology2, 29:to itself (for purposes of experience) those forms which can be expressive of, and responsive to,Psychology2, 33:Ones manifest not through form; yet are all forms and all intents." Psychology2, 38:leading to the center of the web eternal. The forms that weave that web hide the divine reality. HePsychology2, 39:Establish the right rhythm; bring order to the forms of life which must express the Plan of Deity!Psychology2, 39:those words which will evoke the Builders of the forms and thus create the new." Psychology2, 45:his intelligence in symbolic form, but if these forms were described, they would be completelyPsychology2, 47:He plunges deep the other into the sea of forms. Thus he connects the world of form and formlessPsychology2, 51:(through utilizing it and building it into forms) has been carried forward to a desired point. ItPsychology2, 54:or medium whereby the soul can contact larger forms of divine life and expression. The morePsychology2, 55:rhythm. Thus they produce the changed types, new forms and different notes, tones and appearances.Psychology2, 55:group consciousness and take those mental forms that can be appreciated and appropriated by thePsychology2, 57:we are dealing with matter-substance and with forms which are already conditioned, and which werePsychology2, 58:with that material, building it into tentative forms, discarding it at will, gathering togetherPsychology2, 61:But there is more to manifestation than forms which possess a life principle. There is a diversityPsychology2, 65:aspect or principles of all atoms and forms within the fourth kingdom of nature. This we cannot bePsychology2, 69:as it is uniform in its usage in all [69] forms of life in all kingdoms, and therefore man isPsychology2, 70:as the life-principle within the world of forms), of the energy of the intuition, or spiritualPsychology2, 72:between intuitive realization and the forms of the higher psychism may be clearly seen. It requiresPsychology2, 72:may then clothe itself in the right thought forms. Subservience or obedience to the Plan involvesPsychology2, 77:or sheaths. A vehicle or vehicles. A form or forms. Immersion in darkness. This was the result ofPsychology2, 78:the known, and the familiar, external, objective forms. The stage wherein thought forms are built,Psychology2, 78:objective forms. The stage wherein thought forms are built, at first ignorantly, and then withPsychology2, 78:or sheaths. A vehicle or vehicles. A form or forms. Emergence into light, a symbolic way ofPsychology2, 79:and these determine the nature of the forms constructed, the quality of the life which is expressedPsychology2, 81:work along the line which is, for all lives and forms, the line of least resistance within ourPsychology2, 82:quota of substance from which to build the forms for manifestation. As regards the methods,Psychology2, 83:Grasping Dynamic Purpose Dynamically electrified forms. 2. Love-Wisdom Attracting Love MagneticallyPsychology2, 83:Attracting Love Magnetically electrified forms. 3. Intelligent activity Selecting IntellectPsychology2, 83:Selecting Intellect Diffusively electrified forms. 4. Beauty or Art At-one-ing UnificationPsychology2, 83:At-one-ing Unification Harmonizing electrified forms. 5. Science Differentiating DiscriminationPsychology2, 83:Discrimination Crystallizing electrified forms. 6. Idealism Responding Sensitivity FluidicPsychology2, 83:Responding Sensitivity Fluidic electrified forms. 7. Organization Coordinating Appearance PhysicalPsychology2, 83:Coordinating Appearance Physical electrified forms. That there is such a thing as electricity, thatPsychology2, 84:revealed. I am.'" Ray Five - "Let the three forms of energy electric pass upward to the Place ofPsychology2, 90:A growing and paralleling refinement of the forms of life in the various kingdoms of nature. AnPsychology2, 90:life of sense consciousness in material forms, we have progressed to the intellectual life ofPsychology2, 91:A development of consciousness A refining of forms An intensification of realized life will conveyPsychology2, 92:took human bodies in order to raise those lower forms of life nearer to the goal. These were andPsychology2, 93:self-sacrificing purpose; Our service to other forms of life in other kingdoms. All this involvesPsychology2, 95:of some kind along many lines and in many forms. They may be great rulers, or dictators,Psychology2, 95:an instance in point. They are needed by other forms of life and are donated to man through thePsychology2, 110:are not here concerned with the relation between forms, even though due (as is essentially thePsychology2, 110:to form, either that of the One Soul to the many forms, or of an individualized soul to itsPsychology2, 110:and with the synthesis underlying the forms. They govern the conscious contact existing between thePsychology2, 110:states or groupings of consciousness, and all forms, in or out of physical [111] manifestation, arePsychology2, 115:are in themselves the symbol of the Soul in all forms) and the souls in prison. Much of the successPsychology2, 141:as God's destroying angels, destroying the old forms, but nevertheless, behind it all lies thePsychology2, 141:takes it up, and proceed to break up the old forms of truth so as to make room and way for the newPsychology2, 149:Fathers." This law works through the soul in all forms. It does not literally affect matter, exceptPsychology2, 151:which governs the soul aspect in man and in all forms of life, from an atom to a solar system. ThePsychology2, 161:which will free the soul from the world of forms and identify it, first of all, with itself (thusPsychology2, 171:no indication Leader, no formulas of truth, no forms or ceremonies. He found himself a leader, andPsychology2, 172:force repulsive. It reduced the chaos until its forms no longer could be seen. Some aspects of aPsychology2, 186:there is a subjective coherence, all outer forms must eventually disintegrate or never cohere atPsychology2, 187:group of disciples, on the inner side of life, forms an integrated organism, characterized byPsychology2, 189:or illusion and dissipate the ancient thought-forms. They will release the light and peace whichPsychology2, 191:which constitute the forces which construct the forms, the fabricators of the outer garment of God,Psychology2, 192:one whose soul is sensitive to the soul in other forms of life, - human and non-human. They evokePsychology2, 197:in the light" must be somewhat developed. Some forms of creative activity must likewise be foundPsychology2, 202:and space, and as having reference to different forms of divine life and to differing aspects ofPsychology2, 202:of divine life and to differing aspects of those forms. It is with the occult teaching, right orPsychology2, 203:in bud. 5. These souls, cycling through various forms of life in the long evolutionary processPsychology2, 203:is so dim and nebulous, that only the lowest forms of human existence come into this category.Psychology2, 212:stimulation then undergone by the sensitive forms of life (and of these the animal was at that timePsychology2, 213:devout occult students may think. Such specific forms of life did not exist in those far off times,Psychology2, 213:types and thus called forth response from those forms of life which were energized through thePsychology2, 222:leads to warfare, struggle and the building of forms which must later be destroyed. On the lifePsychology2, 224:World Saviors. These are the Founders of those forms through which the divine ideas become thePsychology2, 225:cause of the appearance and the disappearance of forms, human and humanly constructed. It is the.Psychology2, 228:seen to be functioning through all parts of all forms. At present, man alone is really creditedPsychology2, 228:which determine the Psychical life of all forms - from a universe to an atom - in the body of anyPsychology2, 231:immanent is preserved, - God in us and in all forms. In the synthesis of the Eastern and thePsychology2, 235:endeavoring to be at one with the life in all forms; rejecting every tendency to separativePsychology2, 235:over and reassembled and rebuilt into the forms found in the present manifestation of God. TheyPsychology2, 236:also a part of the emerging beauty, and though forms must disappear (because they are a source ofPsychology2, 238:to reduce God's hidden goal and intent to forms and rituals and to say, with emphasis: "We know."Psychology2, 238:the vision of the mystic is forgotten in the forms built up in time; and the symbols of thePsychology2, 243:imagination, the soul creates; it builds thought-forms on the mental plane and objectifies desirePsychology2, 243:between the world of ideation and the world of forms. This is its difficulty and its opportunity. Psychology2, 244:in time will produce the urge to create those forms, conveying meaning, which will transmute evilPsychology2, 246:finally the life, purpose and activity of all forms in and upon our planet. Psychology2, 247:based on a subjective impulse, to create those forms which will express some sensed truth; forPsychology2, 247:a closer approximation in the world of created forms to the inner emerging truth. It might be saidPsychology2, 247:is veiled and hidden in the multiplicity of forms with their infinite detail, and that in thePsychology2, 247:infinite detail, and that in the simplicity of forms which eventually will be seen, we shall arrive
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