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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Psychology2, 247:realities and to produce, therefore, those forms on the outer plane which will run true to thePsychology2, 249:rewards of contemplation and the creator of all forms upon the physical plane. This use of thePsychology2, 249:producing the outer organization of his life forms. True creative art is a soul function; thePsychology2, 249:the attempt to express divine ideas in adequate forms, according to the innate capacity and the rayPsychology2, 251:and from these seeds the needed differentiated forms appear, producing still further distinctions.Psychology2, 252:They must see to it that the seeds of the new forms are adequate to the desired intent. They mustPsychology2, 252:phenomenal types and differentiated groups of forms. The phenomena of the vegetable kingdom, forPsychology2, 253:cyclic appearance of new and unpredictable forms to continue indefinitely. Humanity will go onPsychology2, 253:unfoldment of consciousness has precipitated new forms. This will no longer occur. ThePsychology2, 253:the mineral kingdom produced totally different forms to those which the same consciousness, workingPsychology2, 253:aspect of Deity will continue to perfect the forms in the fourth kingdom in nature through thePsychology2, 254:through human beings, functioning in the forms of the fourth kingdom. These points of interest havePsychology2, 254:inherent capacity in man, and are found in all forms in all kingdoms in varying degree. Whether itPsychology2, 255:to be understood. The potency of ideation, the forms which ideas must take, and the promotion ofPsychology2, 287:These petals of love, which are only symbolic forms of expressing energy, have a dual activity -Psychology2, 292:or it may lead to construction of thought-forms or creative forms of some kind, even if it is onlyPsychology2, 292:to construction of thought-forms or creative forms of some kind, even if it is only the hut of aPsychology2, 292:"marriage in the Heavens." The power to create forms, or the artistic impulse. It will be noted inPsychology2, 318:(for that is what it basically is) takes many forms and sometimes produces more than simply aPsychology2, 322:or the One Life. The energy thus sent forth forms centers of experience in the three worlds throughPsychology2, 325:accept the fact of the initial creation of the forms, based upon the wish or desire to manifest,Psychology2, 325:The analytical, intelligent mind uses forms of speech in order to limit the concept intuited withinPsychology2, 329:But all phases of desire are essentially forms of aspiration and, on the involutionary arc,Psychology2, 342:the fact that the ego appropriates to itself forms, through which expression can be made possiblePsychology2, 342:of divine manifestation. We observed that these forms, in due process of time, become embodimentsPsychology2, 342:its course, three developments take place: The forms for expression are developed, little by littlePsychology2, 343:in unison with that Self. A period wherein the forms, aligned at increasingly frequent intervals,Psychology2, 346:coherent power of the life principle to hold the forms together in incarnation. In the later andPsychology2, 351:There must also be repudiation of those forms which wield no power. The word goes forth from soulPsychology2, 355:things; the old life of desire for well known forms of existence and expression ceases to attractPsychology2, 360:love of my own thoughts, or love of my ideas or forms; love of the ordered process must control,Psychology2, 360:from point to point, nor be deluded by the outer forms and that which disappears. Behind the forms,Psychology2, 360:forms and that which disappears. Behind the forms, the Weaver stands and silently he weaves.' " ItPsychology2, 360:waste much energy in perpetuating the glamorous forms with which he persistently surrounds himself.Psychology2, 362:continuity of consciousness, within the aligned forms. Therefore we begin with alignment in thesePsychology2, 363:is essentially a healing force which brings all forms to an ultimate perfection through the powerPsychology2, 364:one functioning, related unity the soul in all forms. This is achieved individually at first, thenPsychology2, 369:as well the One Who lives. Know Me. Let not the forms of nature, their processes and powers preventPsychology2, 369:many-sided shapes, the glamors and the thought-forms which hide my real Self. Be not deceived. FindPsychology2, 369:Be not deceived. Find Me. Know Me. Then use the forms which then will neither veil nor hide thePsychology2, 372:center. Look on every side. Die not for outer forms. Forget not God, Who dwells behind the vision.Psychology2, 373:and there align himself with all visions, all forms of truth, all dreams of reality, and findPsychology2, 374:out. Therefore the idealistic, fanatical thought-forms, built up by [375] the devotees upon thisPsychology2, 375:yet I love power. I love to see the forms emerge, created by my mind, and do their work, fulfil thePsychology2, 376:that it is the magical work of producing those forms on earth which will embody the spirit of GodPsychology2, 376:time, this necessitates the building of new forms), each seventh ray disciple will see himself as aPsychology2, 377:work of the lower kind - sex magic and many forms of black magic. He is glamored by the beauty ofPsychology2, 377:of manifestation, with the construction of those forms through which the divine will can expressPsychology2, 377:field of government he labors, building those forms which will enable the first ray activity to bePsychology2, 384:or of sentient response to the world soul in all forms. Bring Inspiration, through the evocation ofPsychology2, 388:the major building factor, the constructor of forms, and, through the Technique of Fusion, thePsychology2, 388:Arjuna suddenly sees the form of God wherein all forms constitute the One Form. The battle is thenPsychology2, 389:and the recognition of the use of symbolic forms in order to express quality and meaning. As aPsychology2, 394:organisms which produce an aggregate of living forms, corelated and functioning as a unity, but ofPsychology2, 396:is the inner point of life in all manifested forms. Illumination of the mind will be seen to bePsychology2, 404:is the correct appreciation of the form or forms through which the subjective life of divinity isPsychology2, 418:in the head and heart. In the case of certain forms of idiocy however, the consciousness stream isPsychology2, 418:to aspects of the instinctual nature. Certain forms of epilepsy are due to what we might call "aPsychology2, 419:work is being done today and the less serious forms of etheric cleavage are rapidly yielding toPsychology2, 430:and futility, leading sometimes to disaster, to forms of nervous or mental breakdown, and toPsychology2, 437:fear of life, or expressing, in many [437] other forms, his inability to tune in on hisPsychology2, 437:correctly to blend the inner and the outer forms of the life structure, will be evidenced. ThePsychology2, 455:the construction of the needed embodying thought forms. As a controlling factor in the life of thePsychology2, 456:of the Covenanters are samples of the worst forms of this line of thought and development. PeoplePsychology2, 459:from himself and his own actions. These three forms of insanity, being incurable, will not-permitPsychology2, 460:preoccupied with their self-created thought forms and with their created world of thought, centeredPsychology2, 462:entrenched in a [462] rampart of his own thought forms concerning himself and his activities. WhenPsychology2, 462:a long period of time constructed his thought forms and brooded over them until he is so identifiedPsychology2, 462:of such a thought form or of a group of thought forms which are holding any [463] man in bondagePsychology2, 467:of, the causes which are producing the outer forms which surround us (including our own) and whichPsychology2, 469:is in a position to tap the stream of thought forms created by Them and by Their [470] disciples.Psychology2, 470:a level of mental phenomena and of thought forms with which the man is unaccustomed to deal. ItsPsychology2, 473:the misunderstanding [473] of ideas and thought forms of which they are guilty, and ofPsychology2, 474:in reaching the astral plane; the ancient forms embodying the "wish life" and the imaginaryPsychology2, 474:in the desire life of many; the symbolic forms employed down the ages in the attempt to materializePsychology2, 474:realities; the tentative and experimental forms of great and good endeavors which have been or arePsychology2, 476:himself continuously with new layers of thought forms - the result of his thought about what he isPsychology2, 479:well developed. It will indicate through which forms the life expression in this particularPsychology2, 484:in their inner schools) have also their own forms of this illusion of guidance. It is of aPsychology2, 486:solitary individuals who are practicing various forms of meditation and of yoga. This is true bothPsychology2, 490:as well as the astral world is full of thought forms and these can be contacted by man and bePsychology2, 490:by him as conveying guidance. These thought forms can be used by the Guides of the race at times inPsychology2, 491:or record telepathically the powerful thought forms, created by world thinkers or Members of thePsychology2, 492:fostered, developed and understood, other forms of spiritual guidance then become possible. ThePsychology2, 500:the dream life, the brain cells get no rest and forms of sleeplessness are apt to supervene. NaturePsychology2, 500:are apt to supervene. Nature wills that all forms of life should "sleep" at times. We now come toPsychology2, 500:life should "sleep" at times. We now come to two forms of dreams which are related to the astral orPsychology2, 501:the Master, the Christ or the Buddha. Thought forms, created by the similar wishes of thePsychology2, 501:difficulty can, however, be found. These thought forms (to which the man has responded and in whichPsychology2, 502:really done no more than register these thought forms in the same manner as one can register thePsychology2, 505:are based on contact with the world of thought forms. This comprises a vast realm of ancientPsychology2, 505:This comprises a vast realm of ancient thought forms, of modern thought forms, and those thoughtPsychology2, 505:of ancient thought forms, of modern thought forms, and those thought forms also which are nebulousPsychology2, 505:of modern thought forms, and those thought forms also which are nebulous and emerging. They are ofPsychology2, 505:It will be obvious to you that these thought forms comprise all possible themes. They do not embodyPsychology2, 505:subject becomes aware of those basic patterns, forms and symbols which are the blue prints of thePsychology2, 506:[506] evolutionary process. There are seven such forms, evolved and recognized in every race and,Psychology2, 506:constant use of the cross in its many diverse forms. Two symbols are at this time taking form asPsychology2, 508:and artistic activity and the many other forms of human expression. They are as varied and asPsychology2, 510:mind, in its turn, formulates them into thought forms which are then thrown down into the quiescent
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