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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Rays, 165:of the process in all forms and in all groups of forms. Christ referred to this work ofRays, 168:themselves with the mind aspect within all forms, and therefore their Ashrams are conditioned byRays, 169:the manas or mind as it is developing in all forms. They do foundational work of great importance,Rays, 169:consciousness of the atoms which constitute the forms in all the subhuman kingdoms of nature. TheyRays, 170:and of loving understanding, in order that the forms prepared and conditioned under the supervisionRays, 170:Who fosters the will aspect within the developed forms and Who (as the Old Commentary expresses it)Rays, 170:substance, through all the intermediate living forms, on and up to the planetary Logos Himself. TheRays, 171:can be felt, entirely unrelated to form or forms, to a group or groups. Only a group sense of "wellRays, 171:for it is comprehended as the will-to-good. No forms can then hold; no group or Ashram can thenRays, 179:of lives and beings who constitute the forms through which God expresses divinity. In a peculiarRays, 183:and space) of the Great Illusion, in its three forms of illusion, glamor and maya. There are sevenRays, 183:maya; this must provide, in time and space, the forms through which the plans of the Hierarchy canRays, 183:the Hierarchy can materialize, the souls of all forms can be subjected to the needed experience,Rays, 183:inspiration, is to change the present forms into the more adequate forms demanded by the descendingRays, 183:change the present forms into the more adequate forms demanded by the descending life and itsRays, 184:work of the [184] soul to be found within all forms - built by the Army of the Voice and by theRays, 193:(feeling or emotion, one of the lowest forms of Love) could be expressed in a more comprehensiveRays, 205:holding, through His radiatory influence, all forms and all substances in the planetary form soRays, 205:For Group Initiation Coherency, affecting lives, forms and substances, is an expression of will andRays, 226:to work with the consciousness aspect in all forms. The stage where the potencies of the deathRays, 232:of Antichrist. It is the same energy, but the forms upon which it plays differ so vastly that inRays, 235:that they cyclically make their appearance, the forms and substance in the three worlds upon whichRays, 243:responsible. No other kingdom in nature creates forms, produces color and sounds in harmoniousRays, 247:[247] of fact. As beauty in any of its greater forms breaks upon the human consciousness, a dimRays, 260:run its course through all the multiplicity of forms, of cycles, chains and spheres, of rounds andRays, 262:a dynamic transmutative effect in the world of forms wherein he now chooses to work and serve,Rays, 277:expresses itself through the planet with all its forms of life, upon the cosmic physical plane;Rays, 277:spiritual planning which results in the growing "forms of relationship" which today seem to beRays, 278:completely transcended; they have become simply forms through which spiritual love may flow outRays, 281:and though the initiate (working with forms in the three worlds) has his instrument upon the outerRays, 293:contribution to the totality of the creative forms whereby the Hierarchy is attempting to create "aRays, 300:this time, of the basic oneness underlying all forms, and which the workers of today mustRays, 306:the resultant effect may be the destroying of forms in the three worlds, but that is an effect andRays, 306:is related to the destruction of certain forms of consciousness which express themselves in greatRays, 306:themselves in great areas or extensive thought-forms; these may have, in turn, conditioned humanRays, 307:concern climatic conditions that predispose the forms in the four kingdoms to certainRays, 307:in world politics and all other "conditioning forms of thinking." Does this convey much or littleRays, 307:which is destroyed, therefore, are certain group forms and these upon a large scale, this requiresRays, 307:the Hierarchy is to formulate the Plan for all forms of life in the three worlds and the fourRays, 308:that from the point of view of esotericism, all forms in the three worlds are tangible, inRays, 308:worlds are tangible, in contradistinction to forms in the two higher worlds of the Spiritual Triad.Rays, 308:the three worlds of human living, and of other forms of life such as the three subhuman kingdoms.Rays, 308:plane, as well you know. In connection with the forms of expression to which I have referred aboveRays, 309:Dying civilizations are present in their final forms whilst new civilizations are emerging; cyclesRays, 309:with the destruction of quality than with forms, though the disappearance of these qualitiesRays, 309:anew through the medium of more adequate forms of expression. The soul, however, kills the forms inRays, 309:of expression. The soul, however, kills the forms in the three worlds; it is the life aspect (inRays, 311:of salvaging or saving the life aspect in all forms in the three worlds, but it will have noRays, 318:of the spirit in man, and eventually in all forms of life, from the lowest point in evolution toRays, 336:our planet, producing effects upon the lowest forms of existence and on and up to the very highest;Rays, 343:the critical lower mind, and a wall of thought-forms, created by the personality, anent the groupRays, 352:and the relationship between the two higher forms of electricity becomes established. It is solarRays, 352:becomes established. It is solar fire which forms and likewise guards the door of initiation forRays, 352:initiations. It is the electrical fire which forms the door of initiation for those initiationsRays, 352:This type of energy takes form, and the massed forms of these glamors constitute the opposing doorRays, 353:These particular energies are not thought-forms; they are drifting, undefined and exceedinglyRays, 359:these constitute the etheric bodies of all forms created out of this "unprincipled substance," asRays, 359:from unprincipled substance and substantial forms to "principled" substance and etheric forms. TheRays, 359:forms to "principled" substance and etheric forms. The tendency of the occult student to think everRays, 360:removed, all wrong identification with physical forms is now impossible, and the initiate's onlyRays, 365:where essential unity under diversity of forms, of methods and of techniques will be acknowledged,Rays, 368:of the life, warmth, moisture and growth of all forms upon our planet. It may seem curious andRays, 393:conclave They make decisions which concern all forms of life in all the kingdoms in the threeRays, 402:with humble joy. And as the Master works, there forms before His eyes a triangle of force in shadesRays, 406:they are, in all cases, vast groups of living forms which are manifestations or expressions of theRays, 407:of that Will (which is now Theirs) to all the forms through which They function in any particularRays, 407:builders and Creators eventually of all forms of planetary life - forms embodying qualities andRays, 407:eventually of all forms of planetary life - forms embodying qualities and intentions as yetRays, 414:From there it is dispersed throughout all forms upon the planet and we call it Life. It must beRays, 416:that which lies behind the Spirit of Death and forms the motivating power of that great releasingRays, 417:at the same time to bring release to the myriad forms of His creation. The Law of Economy affectsRays, 419:of the spirit by the mode of steadily developing forms which - in orderly unfoldment and at theRays, 425:This entering stream of balanced energies forms the second Path. I have given you much informationRays, 440:a world of spiritual endeavor which is free from forms and symbols or the veils which hide theRays, 445:as the life-principle within the world of forms), of the energy of the intuition or spiritualRays, 447:between intuitive realization and the forms of the higher psychism may be clearly seen. It requiresRays, 447:may then clothe itself in the right thought-forms. It might also be stated here that theRays, 449:One thread (the sutratma) links and vivifies all forms into one functioning whole, and embodies inRays, 449:process and the evolutionary unfoldment of all forms. It is, therefore, the path of life, whichRays, 449:heart and at some central focal point in all forms of divine expression. Naught is and naughtRays, 453:and specifically of the individual disciple, and forms a strong closely woven thread upon theRays, 502:imagination [502] is now called forth and this forms the second stage. This presents a realRays, 514:nor consonants. Correctly sounded, the above forms three words. But I can give, as far as possible,Rays, 517:and the meaning of which these archaic word-forms (which I have attempted to portray in Anglo-SaxonRays, 517:and more into the world of meaning, these word-forms assume less and less importance, and only theRays, 519:urge towards the light - which is innate in all forms, which produces interplay and relationship,Rays, 519:death to immortality, is an inherent urge in all forms. It constitutes one of the most subtle andRays, 533:will rearrange the rituals and adapt the present forms and formulas in such a manner that theRays, 534:line to do the same; and the ancient usages and forms, consistent and right in the JewishRays, 535:as it expresses itself through created forms; the seventh, eighth and ninth initiations areRays, 535:of the inherent livingness which is found in all forms of life from the tiny atom up to Those greatRays, 538:It pierces to the heart and in that light all forms are seen pervaded by a glowing light. The worldRays, 538:by a glowing light. The world of lighted forms is now perceived, linked each to each by light. ThisRays, 539:It renders dark all else beside Itself; all forms fade out and yet the whole of life is there. ItRays, 539:(if I may so express it) the "worlds of living forms and formless lives become his own." AgainRays, 542:of a growing divine realization within these forms of intelligent activity, of love-wisdom and ofRays, 554:materialistic world, with its emphasis upon forms and money. The Masters had confidence that theRays, 556:energy they make progression; through energy the forms unfold and die; through energy the kingdomsRays, 562:of the three worlds through clearly defined ray forms and relationships. He is a personalityRays, 568:- according to type and quality - plays upon all forms of manifested life within our planetary
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