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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Soul, 100:is Shakti of fire and so forth. These are all forms of activity which are ultimately reducible toSoul, 100:and producing therefrom all the objective forms. The process repeats itself in man, according toSoul, 101:gather at death; 'through the heart we recognize forms,' through the heart we recognize faith,Soul, 110:the central life, while the idea of resistance forms the outer wall." "We have seen that the Self,Soul, 118:of consciousness (Chaitanya) embodied in various forms of Maya Shakti which is here called Chakra.Soul, 136:soul in its own realm as it looks out over the forms and contacts the energies found in the fifthSoul, 137:of hallucination and psychopathic conditions. Forms of clairvoyance, of prevision and of telepathicSoul, 138:in the cerebro-spinal system. The lower forms of psychism are most frequent in animals and verySoul, 143:Professor Bazzoni says: "We have seen that all forms of matter on the earth are made up of 92Soul, 145:arrive at a better understanding of the forms and aspects which veil that unknowable EssentialSoul, 145:is the human family we are considering, or the forms visioned and contacted in the Kingdom of theSoul, 145:eventually proved true that, progressively, the forms (as they mount in the scale of being) mayTelepathy, 4:thinking and the power of his formulated thought-forms, can then influence other minds. TheseTelepathy, 4:is his, and works and fights for his thought-forms. An illustration of this is to be found in theTelepathy, 7:based on the fact that the etheric bodies of all forms constitute the world etheric body, makesTelepathy, 7:expresses His world Purpose. All the subhuman forms of life and the human forms up to the stage ofTelepathy, 7:All the subhuman forms of life and the human forms up to the stage of advanced man are governed byTelepathy, 8:has predominated and not the more subtle forms of psychism. Where [9] the more subtle forms ofTelepathy, 9:forms of psychism. Where [9] the more subtle forms of super- or extra-sensory perception have beenTelepathy, 10:problem and is encased in a wall of thought-forms and therefore impervious to impressions. You canTelepathy, 14:sensitivity to intuitional impressions are all forms of telepathic sensitivity. In anyTelepathy, 20:in practice. However, let me list the various forms of telepathic work for your generalTelepathy, 22:clothed in form and sent out as embodied thought-forms to the brain of the disciple. In time, andTelepathy, 24:to this form of telepathic work. Some of these forms of telepathic work have necessarily theirTelepathy, 29:will be found to be based on the emitted thought-forms, or in the rush of ill-regulated [30] mentalTelepathy, 32:first or form stage one may use what symbolic forms one likes to embody the word, for such a wordTelepathy, 35:absolute and who is at-one with the soul in all forms. Those disciples who are working along thisTelepathy, 35:responsive to impressions coming to him from all forms of life in the three worlds, but he is alsoTelepathy, Discip:It is not limited at any stage by thought-forms but it is limited by word forms; and it isTelepathy, Discip:stage by thought-forms but it is limited by word forms; and it is therefore a difficult problem forTelepathy, 47:It is this new Science of Impression which forms the subjective basis and the uniting element whichTelepathy, 49:in the mental creation of the needed thought-forms. The mind, rightly trained, will seize upon theTelepathy, 51:light and the creation of the desired thought-forms), and the process of precipitation whereby theTelepathy, 52:Love or attraction. Relation to the soul in all forms. Source of emanation (at this time) - TheTelepathy, 54:urge, present in every human being and in all forms of life, and to the "pull" and magnetic effectTelepathy, 54:the surrounding environment. Step by step, the forms of life upon the physical plane, down throughTelepathy, 63:awareness, and evolution is the process whereby forms respond to contact, react to impact, and passTelepathy, 63:(to mention only two) and its experiments with forms which have established the modes ofTelepathy, 65:Ponder on this. Consciousness is inherent in all forms of life. That is an occult platitude. It isTelepathy, 67:allied to many of the surprising activities of forms of life other than the human, i. e., theTelepathy, 68:the telepathic response to current [68] thought-forms and thought conditions in the world today.Telepathy, 79:with the embryonic minds within animal forms; this is true except in a few (a very few) cases whichTelepathy, 83:different aspects of the reaction of form or forms to contact, to impression, to impact, toTelepathy, 84:contact between the many subhuman and superhuman forms, groupings, and kingdoms are too intricateTelepathy, 86:what has been given, and then to give it word forms in the mind consciousness." On the basis of theTelepathy, 87:rules, with the deliberate creation of thought-forms designed to produce specific effects, and withTelepathy, 88:received via the solar plexus, and the thought-forms thus generated are dispatched from the throatTelepathy, 88:the second type of impression in its earliest forms, can be quite a long one, for it [89] covers aTelepathy, 91:of that Purpose through right impression on all forms of life at any particular point of evolution.Telepathy, 92:Ray of Love-Wisdom in one of its three major forms or Rays of Aspect, implemented by the four RaysTelepathy, 93:and available concepts, ideas and thought-forms, that which he has registered. This marks the firstTelepathy, 93:of thought-substance he learns to project those forms, those magnetic ideas, which will invoke theTelepathy, 95:into thoughts with their appropriated thought-forms, and upon these he learns to draw as he seeksTelepathy, 102:aura the many astrally motivated thought-forms of what they believe and hope "vertical impression"Telepathy, 103:cleared of the hindering and engrossing thought-forms, and from the aspirational desires andTelepathy, 106:translated and interpreted in symbols, in word forms or in pictorial representations; these theTelepathy, 106:the aspirant cannot avoid; and it is in the word forms (which are, needless to point out, in theTelepathy, 106:oft forgotten. A thick veil of concrete thought-forms can also distort the true interpretation, asTelepathy, 112:This becomes possible when the other two forms of telepathic rapport are present and are developingTelepathy, 113:whose task it is to oversee the evolution of the forms of life in the subhuman kingdoms. The higherTelepathy, 113:of life in the subhuman kingdoms. The higher forms of mental telepathy, involving the soul and theTelepathy, 113:an intermediate aspect of the three above forms of impression has been instituted; it is like anTelepathy, 115:do not create true, concise or powerful thought-forms or - if they do - these thought-forms are notTelepathy, 115:thought-forms or - if they do - these thought-forms are not correctly directed towards the intendedTelepathy, 116:from astral entities or from the animated astral forms to be found in the glamors created byTelepathy, 117:men. Curiously enough, the new and peculiar forms of art which delight some people and whichTelepathy, 124:The subject of the etheric body of all forms and of the etheric body of the planetary Logos isTelepathy, 124:in terms of the One Life, flowing through all forms and all kingdoms, or through all the diverseTelepathy, 130:the potency of His Will, and animates all forms with electric fire. Knowledge of this Will andTelepathy, 130:energy which is the soul of all things or of all forms, beginning with the anima mundi and reachingTelepathy, 131:It is the medium for activity in all forms through which the planetary Logos expresses Himself; itTelepathy, 131:upon and through all atoms and upon all atomic forms. The fission of the nucleus of the atom in theTelepathy, 140:teaching. The fact of all manifested forms being forms of energy, and that the true human form isTelepathy, 140:teaching. The fact of all manifested forms being forms of energy, and that the true human form isTelepathy, 142:underlying the solar system, the planets and all forms within their specific rings-pass-not - isTelepathy, 143:body, as a whole and in relation to all physical forms. This form is qualified then by the generalTelepathy, 148:- every form, every organism within all forms, all aspects of manifested life in every kingdom inTelepathy, 148:only the ONE LIFE, pouring through the mass of forms which, in their sumtotal, constitute ourTelepathy, 148:constitute our planet - as we know it. All forms are related, interrelated and interdependent; theTelepathy, 149:and Humanity. In the multiplicity of the forms of which His great composite vehicle is composed,Telepathy, 150:plane. Gradually the consciousness within these forms reacts to the nature of the outer vehicle asTelepathy, 152:tubes of energy eventually create in all forms that layer of corresponding nerves which are not yetTelepathy, 156:of the fourfold Life conditions all living forms. Telepathy, 177:body in relation to all tangible and exoteric forms is accepted today by many scientific schools;Telepathy, 177:line with the usual theories of energy and its forms of expression. Recognition is given today, byTelepathy, 177:a sea of energies, some of which are built into forms, others constitute the medium in which thoseTelepathy, 177:others constitute the medium in which those forms live and move and have their being, and stillTelepathy, 177:others are in process of animating both the forms and their environing substantial media. It mustTelepathy, 177:media. It must also be remembered that forms exist within forms; this is the basis of the symbolismTelepathy, 177:must also be remembered that forms exist within forms; this is the basis of the symbolism which isTelepathy, 177:a still larger form. Yet all these diverse forms are composed of tangible substance which - whenTelepathy, 178:living activity, full of active intelligent forms, each placed in the etheric body of this unknownTelepathy, 178:to each other; yet each of these differentiated forms possesses its own differentiated life, itsTelepathy, 179:the sumtotal of these separated living forms. The factor which relates them is consciousness andTelepathy, 179:through the interplay of all living intelligent forms within the area of the etheric body of thatTelepathy, 179:an atom of substance - is related to all other forms and expressing energies in the environingTelepathy, 179:transmits other energies, radiating from other forms, and it thus becomes in its turn an impressingTelepathy, 180:Entity; it is, therefore, the same life in all forms, limited in time and space by the intention,Telepathy, 180:concerned. The same is true also of all lesser forms, such as those found upon and within a plane.Telepathy, 181:indicated can be applied by the student to all forms of life: to a universe, to a solar system, to
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