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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMULA

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Discipleship2, 359:only a general idea and synopsis of the ancient formula. These formulas, which reach the candidateDiscipleship2, 363:the theme. I gave you certain definitions of a formula which it is necessary to repeat. They areDiscipleship2, 364:II. The Formulas from the angle of Discipleship Formula 1. Concerns integration into the Ashram; itDiscipleship2, 364:and conditions the life of the Ashram. Formula 2. Concerns alignment in the three worlds with theDiscipleship2, 364:It conditions the whole spiritual man. Formula 3. Concerns the soul and the egoic lotus. It isDiscipleship2, 364:of the Eternal Now. Right interpretation of this formula gives insight into the past and into theDiscipleship2, 365:possibilities which confront the Hierarchy. Formula 4. Concerns dynamic energy and is the basis ofDiscipleship2, 365:points which condition the evolutionary process. Formula 5. Concerns the Will and is related toDiscipleship2, 365:the establishing of all correct relationships. Formula 6. Concerns the processes of death whichDiscipleship2, 365:The Formulas from the universal creative Aspect Formula 1. The transition from darkness to Light.Discipleship2, 365:from darkness to Light. Creation in the Light. Formula 2. Transition from the unreal to the Real.Discipleship2, 365:and space as understood in the three worlds. Formula 3. Transition from death to Immortality. TheDiscipleship2, 365:of Life. The creative process and life energy. Formula 4. Transition from chaos to ordered Beauty.Discipleship2, 365:of karma. Progressive evolutionary creation. Formula 5. Transition from the individualDiscipleship2, 365:nature of individual renunciation. The one Life. Formula 6. Transition from cyclic living into lifeDiscipleship2, 410:to initiation. Administration of the initiatory formula will have to be in group formation, andDiscipleship2, 419:is reverberating to the orchestral effect of the formula which embodies this hint from the cosmicExternalisation, 125:than is thought) they were expressed by the formula, "Thou shalt not," thus turning human attentionExternalisation, 141:in your minds. 3. Endeavor to use the following formula or mantram every day. It is a modernizedExternalisation, 142:in the world, as you spread the knowledge of the formula, will be great and effective. It willExternalisation, 145:of the intent, meaning and purpose of the formula being used and, at the same time, carrying on theExternalisation, 173:a united act of the will, expressed through some formula of words and expressed in sound. It willExternalisation, 174:the man or the group who is using the suggested formula, prayer or invocation is essential. I wouldFire, 320:It will eventually be brought under scientific formula, and some of its properties, knowledgeFire, 410:at a time, and so forth = 2n - 1. Applying this formula to the present case, the number of entitiesFire, 452:which is beginning to work out in the formula of scientists, and students of radioactivity andFire, 456:three truths concerning electrical phenomena. A formula of truth concerning this aspect ofFire, 456:years. Certain parts (two fifths) of that formula have worked out through the achievements of suchFire, 456:and radioactivity. Three more parts of the same formula have still to come, and will embody allFire, 475:to the mystery, or the secret of the systemic formula is advisedly guarded from all searchers, andFire, 494:electricity, and above all, ignorance of the set formula which covers the range of the electricalFire, 712:four in connection with the other. A scientific formula for the process of individualizationFire, 772:at first) and gather out of those sounds the formula under which their work must proceed. So theFire, 772:the mantram, and the mantram is the basis of the formula. At each incarnation, finer forms areFire, 928:There are various mantric forms, based upon this formula and upon the Sacred Word, which, soundedFire, 984:to impart the necessary teaching under the formula of "Rules of Magic," with certain elucidatingFire, 1003:factor is his lack of knowledge [1003] of the formula which releases the elemental builders fromFire, 1016:of the tiny thought form already formed. The formula is chanted on a basis of these three notes,Fire, 1016:notes, variation of tone and note, though not of formula, producing the types of forms. Second,Fire, 1016:as well as between him and his creation. This formula is based on the sounds connected with air asFire, 1018:This is literally apprehension of the note and formula of the Brahma or substance aspect, and theFire, 1018:the Brahma or substance aspect, and the note and formula of the Vishnu, or building aspect. One heFire, 1019:he has achieved group consciousness. [1019] The formula for the particular type of energy substanceFire, 1019:lotus from which the desired force emanates. The formula for the particular type of energy which isFire, 1019:circles of petals in his own egoic lotus. The formula for the particular petal in a circle ofFire, 1019:which he is in process of producing. The formula which sweeps into activity (and thus produces aFire, 1020:law must now accomplish. First, ascertain the formula which will confine the lives within theFire, 1068:with Transmutation the following ancient formula is of interest. It was the basis of the alchemicalFire, 1141:of the divine life, are described by a triple formula which conveys to the mind of the initiate theFire, 1142:of files in the records give - under a different formula - information as to what is esotericallyFire, 1142:human, and it is through a consideration of that formula which is the basic formula for a solarFire, 1142:consideration of that formula which is the basic formula for a solar system that the physical planeFire, 1219:For each of these Laws, there is a definite formula and symbol. At this stage of teaching orGlamour, 24:is not for you. Ponder on this most ancient formula of truth and interpret it entirely in terms ofGlamour, 24:of truth and interpret it entirely in terms of a formula for the dissipation of illusion. Write anGlamour, 24:to the secret of the elimination of glamor. The formula (which is not essentially a prayer) can beGlamour, 180:numbering as given, for what I here suggest is a formula for a more advanced meditation attitude. IGlamour, 207:with particular glamors but to give you a formula which - with slight changes and additions - canGlamour, 214:activity along this line of service, I present a formula or group ritual which - if employed byGlamour, 214:offer for the use of the individual aspirant a formula whereby he may aid in freeing himself fromGlamour, 215: Glamor - A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor Formula for the Dissipation of Glamor (For theGlamour, 217:prove an easy task. [217] II. The Technique or Formula By an act of the creative imagination theGlamour, 219:ancient an origin. But a persistent use of this formula will weaken the glamor and slowly andGlamour, 219:hindrance. This may seem like a very long formula but I have purposely detailed it in as full aGlamour, 219:and all that he will then need will be the formula reduced to the following brief outline: BriefGlamour, 219:following brief outline: Brief Outline of the Formula The four Preparatory Stages: Recognition ofGlamour, 220:searchlight of the mind to the astral plane. The Formula Soul activity and the retention of theGlamour, 221:in their own lives and have learnt to use the formula just given. The majority of those so workingGlamour, 222:these groups must, therefore, learn to use this formula and they would greatly hasten the processGlamour, 223:profit enormously from a constant use of the formula until the time comes when they are aware ofGlamour, 224:Glamor We come now to the consideration of the formula to be used by those who seek to serveGlamour, 224:"without attachment" to results and to use the formula for a given length of time (for instance,Glamour, 225:glamor. They must also adhere faithfully to the formula given. This is one of the initial formulasGlamour, 226:the group can meet together for the use of the formula. If, however, this proves not possible, thenGlamour, 227:has freed himself with the aid of the individual formula. Those who can face themselves with anGlamour, 227:them open to danger, and for this a protective formula will be necessary. The formula will,Glamour, 227:this a protective formula will be necessary. The formula will, therefore, be divided into threeGlamour, 227:Preparatory Stages. The Use of the Protective Formula. Group Formula for the Dissipation of Glamor.Glamour, 227:Stages. The Use of the Protective Formula. Group Formula for the Dissipation of Glamor. The workGlamour, 229:is similar to the preparatory stages in the formula for the dissipation of glamor for theGlamour, 229:Stages 1. The Act of Naming. 2. The Protective Formula. The Protective Formula is very simple. TheGlamour, 229:2. The Protective Formula. The Protective Formula is very simple. The members of the group will sayGlamour, 232:Problem - The Ending of Glamor The Technique or Formula 5. Then together and in vocal unison theGlamour, 233:very nearly the same as those in the individual formula and gain strength from the experience ofGlamour, 235: Glamor - A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor Formula for the Dissipation of Glamor (For theGlamour, 236:of the mind on to the astral plane. [236] The Formula The soul breathes out the 0M into the waitingGlamour, 236:of light fades out. Brief Form of the Individual Formula The four preparatory stages: RecognitionGlamour, 237:searchlight of the mind to the astral plane. The Formula Soul activity and the retention of theGlamour, 237: Glamor - A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor Formula for the Dissipation of World GlamorGlamour, 237:followed by ten minutes' silence. The Protective Formula: The group members say in unison: [238]Glamour, 238:turns the darkness into day." OM - OM - OM The Formula Then together the group says: "Radiance areGlamour, 239:aloud by each member. Brief Form of the Group Formula The Act of Naming. The Act of Protection. TheGlamour, 244:understanding of the nature of divinity, the formula of negation has been evolved. God is not this;Healing, 378:(U.S.A.) and one in India - will work out a formula along scientific lines which will fill in someHealing, 644:subjective thinking are taught, but no true formula for an intelligent and expected cure, only theHealing, 697:and experienced can (in default of the esoteric formula producing connection between the twoInitiation, 165:or symbols. One symbol contains the formula of the law concerned, another gives the planetary keyInitiation, 174:and pralaya are induced. The mathematical formula which sums up all the cycles of manifestation.Intellect, 255:Instead of adhering to the fifteen minute formula which is given him, he endeavors to force theMagic, 83:for instance, is rapidly changing from the formula "Is there a life after death?" to the enquiry
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