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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMULA

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Magic, 127:as one considers Rule IV. First, sound, the formula, or word of power which the soul communicatesMagic, 149:aspects of rhythmic living. It is the magical formula for the science of pranayama. It covers theMagic, 152:is a digest of the Creation. It is equally the formula under which the individual soul works as itMagic, 216:In the above sentence I have concentrated the formula for all magical work on the physical plane.Magic, 239:fears and needless foreboding the following formula or prayer: "Let reality govern my everyMagic, 430:the possession of a creed. No matter how good a formula of beliefs it may be, it inevitablyMagic, 447:law must now accomplish. First, ascertain the formula which will confine the lives within theMagic, 449:aspirant has three things to do: Ascertain the formula which will crystallize the form he hasMagic, 449:reducing the desired form to a mathematical formula. Pronounce certain words which will give theMagic, 449:upon his energies. It will be noted that the formula has relation to the thought-form, the words ofMagic, 453:will enable them to understand. I. Ascertain the formula which will confine the lives within theMagic, 455:out the purpose for which it was created. The "formula" therefore might be regarded as the ideaMagic, 457:and might be regarded as the reduction of the formula to the blue print. It is not the formulaMagic, 457:of the formula to the blue print. It is not the formula itself, but the secondary process.Magic, 457:and the clarity of the embodiment of the formula in a simple outlined structure, so will be theMagic, 458:in the early stages there is as yet only the "formula" - the conceived idea, the latent yet dynamicMagic, 458:In its turn the soul is the recipient of the formula as presented to it in the world of ideas. YouMagic, 458:as form. They are the custodians of the formula; they are the mathematicians who prepare the blueMagic, 459:presented is seized upon by many minds and the formula aspect of the great work has played itsMagic, 475:building becomes universally possible. The formula, as we have seen, will remain unknown to allMagic, 517:their mental poise, and who (to use the ancient formula of the schools of meditation) have kept theMagic, 551:to the following question: Is there some basic formula or proposition which must govern the magicalMagic, 553:level. This constitutes practically a second formula. The Creator of the solar system confines hisMeditation, 119:under the guidance of his Master, and any formula followed that is not adjusted to a man's needPatanjali, 386:of the many. Here Patanjali lays down a basic formula which serves to explain not only the purposeProblems, 30:spiritual guides of the race can present this formula of progress. They cannot guarantee itsProblems, 82:of men everywhere. No one nation should own the formula or secret for the release of energy. UntilPsychology1, 346:has to be understood and reduced to a mantric formula when the fourth initiation is taken: "WhenPsychology2, 101:described as a Three, IV.7. Within this simple formula there will be lesser differentiations and aPsychology2, 102:body, and a third ray [102] physical body. The formula which would describe him would be Three, IV.Psychology2, 158:form of meditation, the practicing of a definite formula of breathing, and regular concentrationPsychology2, 347:personalities, will be conveyed by means of a formula of integration. This will itself be dividedPsychology2, 347:heading of each ray we shall have therefore: The formula of integration. Its dual application ofPsychology2, 356:situation that he must reflect upon and use this formula. The question might here be interjected:Psychology2, 365:understanding and a right use of the fourth ray formula, produces the following sequential results:Psychology2, 366:in the closing words of the fourth ray formula. Man sees and grasps the final purpose for the racePsychology2, 369:Thou art the mind. Know this.' " This fifth ray formula is of exceeding potency at this time andPsychology2, 369:set in motion by the use of this fifth ray formula so that the three aspects of the spiritualPsychology2, 370:also of that one monad. The use of this formula, which produces eventually a definite relationPsychology2, 376:upon this seventh ray can ponder on this formula and seek their own interpretation of it,Rays, 191:Sound. In the above you have in reality a great formula for group activity and also a potent methodRays, 225:the future. This rule might also be called the formula controlling the work of the New Group ofRays, 228:this, for in realization you will here have the formula for the work of the Hierarchy as itRays, 503:scientist in search of some advanced chemical formula. The only difference, scientificallySoul, 102:is probably an imitation of the other. The same formula is found twelve times in Kath. 4. 3-6. 1,Soul, 150:and of electricity can be reduced to one formula, and that the power of electro-magnetism canSoul, 150:both of which are united into a single formula, and each of which influences the other. Dr. Sheldon
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