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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMULAS

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Astrology, 77:Atlantean times and couched in the old forms and formulas which are basically unsuited to ourAstrology, 219:as the Initiator. In certain ancient formulas, the great Teacher of the West and the present worldAutobiography, 275:to phenomena. Posture, the use of ancient formulas, words and mantrams, breathing exercises,Destiny, 131:upon the outer plane. After all, scientific formulas have reduced the most intricate and abstruseDiscipleship1, 177:and make the power behind these mantric formulas your own. One word more I would now give to you,Discipleship1, 245:and tenderness, suggest that the ideas, methods, formulas and ways of living which seem right toDiscipleship1, 679:remain." These words, chanted in the ancient formulas on peculiar and selected notes, were mostDiscipleship1, 708:give them a deep sense of insecurity as to the formulas and symbols of the lower concrete mind andDiscipleship1, 759:the telepathic impressions into organized formulas which are then available for directiveDiscipleship2, 18:I will convey to you in the ancient symbolic formulas which will require much deep reflection onDiscipleship2, 49:in time, supersede the present world religious formulas and ceremonials. Hence the importance ofDiscipleship2, 179:sound the OM seven times inaudibly. One of the formulas, brother of old, is related to thisDiscipleship2, 245:part and the use of the first of the ancient formulas which it is my intention to give for deepDiscipleship2, 246:Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part I The Formulas There are six ancient formulas or symbolicDiscipleship2, 246:- Part I The Formulas There are six ancient formulas or symbolic forms which are to be found in theDiscipleship2, 246:sometimes of words, and are amongst the oldest formulas in the world. They have been used down theDiscipleship2, 247:achieved inclusiveness? A study of the formulas and their correct use will reveal this to you. IDiscipleship2, 247:calling into play your understanding, if the formulas connected with initiation are to be given.Discipleship2, 247:with initiation are to be given. These six formulas are therefore formulas of integration, and oneDiscipleship2, 247:to be given. These six formulas are therefore formulas of integration, and one or two hints mayDiscipleship2, 248:in consciousness. I shall not consider these formulas at present. I will only point out their majorDiscipleship2, 249:prove meaningless to you until the previous four formulas have established an effect upon you andDiscipleship2, 249:you would be confronted (in relation to the six formulas referred to above) by six large sheets ofDiscipleship2, 249:These, when related to each other, contain the formulas which the disciple has to interpret andDiscipleship2, 250:processes. [250] As I cannot show you these formulas upon the physical plane, the best that I canDiscipleship2, 255:and experiential measure. Now the new formulas of life must control; they are life formulas, notDiscipleship2, 255:new formulas of life must control; they are life formulas, not [256] soul formulas. New knowledgeDiscipleship2, 256:control; they are life formulas, not [256] soul formulas. New knowledge must supersede the old andDiscipleship2, 257:divine indifference. In connection with the formulas, two reactions are automatically evoked in theDiscipleship2, 257:designates sensitive response to the ancient formulas which are given to those being prepared forDiscipleship2, 259:to themselves in the easier and well-known formulas of the preparatory stage of the at-one-ing ofDiscipleship2, 262:Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part II The Formulas Now that you have, presumably, brooded forDiscipleship2, 262:for some months on my instructions on the Formulas, I will seek to impart to you some of the deeperDiscipleship2, 262:air. The air is life. The air is God." These formulas and their implications have caused some ofDiscipleship2, 263:you some of the things I indicated anent these formulas in my previous instructions: They areDiscipleship2, 263:the major initiations. They are definitely formulas of integration: They concern integrationDiscipleship2, 263:throughout the solar system. They are also formulas of revelation. This is peculiarly so inDiscipleship2, 263:resulting from right comprehension of the formulas, might be regarded as reactions - automatic andDiscipleship2, 264:Primarily what I am doing in giving you these formulas is to aid you to work in the world of causesDiscipleship2, 264:work, to concentrate your minds upon these formulas of power - "working without attachment," as theDiscipleship2, 266:in consciousness. I shall not consider these formulas at present. I will only point out their majorDiscipleship2, 267:third initiation. 2. By the use of certain great Formulas (one of which has already been given toDiscipleship2, 267:definite revelations become possible. These formulas are six in number; they contain the sixDiscipleship2, 268:and with all processes of "abstraction." These Formulas have seven interpretations; only three ofDiscipleship2, 272:Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part III The Formulas We now come to the second of the greatDiscipleship2, 272:Formulas We now come to the second of the great Formulas which give the initiate the key to theDiscipleship2, 272:attention to the form of words just used. These formulas do not release the light of the soul intoDiscipleship2, 272:register the more obvious significances of these formulas and then await the time when your innerDiscipleship2, 274:"presentation of points of revelation." These formulas, when rightly studied and eventuallyDiscipleship2, 283:Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part IV The Formulas The idea of meaning, cause and beingDiscipleship2, 283:to inscription as have the two previous symbolic formulas which you have already received. All thatDiscipleship2, 285:world of being, producing inclusiveness. These formulas have naught to do with personalities orDiscipleship2, 304:non-existent. This is true also of the formulas which we have been considering. Discipleship2, 304:Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part V The Formulas As I told you in my last Instruction, theDiscipleship2, 304:the meaning and even the format of these formulas are so difficult to convey in words that I haveDiscipleship2, 304:least build in your minds the concept of these formulas. They are second ray presentations of soulDiscipleship2, 304:manner conditions the creative work, are certain formulas which - as I have pointed out - expressDiscipleship2, 304:intention, meaning. With three of the formulas we have spent a short time in consideration. BroadlyDiscipleship2, 304:which are the result of the correct use of these formulas in such a way that a directive is given.Discipleship2, 304:(because of the age of this appeal) these three formulas have given a direction that naught canDiscipleship2, 305:realized. I would here remind you that these formulas are not symbols of what already is, but areDiscipleship2, 306:in fact, in the ancient records from which these formulas are taken, Formula IV has the symbol ofDiscipleship2, 320:Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part VI The Formulas It might sometimes be remarked that theseDiscipleship2, 320:It might sometimes be remarked that these formulas are attempts by advanced aspirants to confineDiscipleship2, 321:hints given in connection with the other four formulas, the keynote of this one would be: Lead usDiscipleship2, 343:the guidance of the disciple in training; the formulas are of wider connotation and concern theDiscipleship2, 343:Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part VII The Formulas I do not intend to give you a formula inDiscipleship2, 344:in grasping some great divine idea. In the five formulas with which you were presented, five divineDiscipleship2, 344:you have no need to receive any more of these formulas. I will however, in later instructions, takeDiscipleship2, 344:significance. You will have noticed that the formulas, as given to you by me, have been arrangedDiscipleship2, 344:seen by you. In one group, you have five formulas indicated, each of them dealing with a majorDiscipleship2, 345:the first grouping of divine ideas. These five formulas hold within themselves a sixth, which I amDiscipleship2, 345:here referring to it. The second grouping of the formulas is as follows: Formula I... ConcernsDiscipleship2, 345:might be regarded as the subjecting of the formulas to the first and third methods ofDiscipleship2, 359:idea and synopsis of the ancient formula. These formulas, which reach the candidate for initiationDiscipleship2, 363:Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part VIII The Formulas All that I have done hitherto inDiscipleship2, 363:done hitherto in connection with the presented formulas has been to give you five of them and toDiscipleship2, 363:yet widely useful approach to these fundamental formulas. I am thus provided with the background ofDiscipleship2, 363:what I feel the need of saying to you on these formulas: I. The Formulas Defined They are secondDiscipleship2, 363:need of saying to you on these formulas: I. The Formulas Defined They are second ray presentationsDiscipleship2, 364:the initiate-consciousness. They are definitely formulas of integration, both universal andDiscipleship2, 364:process of death. Death - from the angle of the formulas - is the integration of the essentialDiscipleship2, 364:II - Teachings on Initiation - Part VIII II. The Formulas from the angle of Discipleship Formula 1.Discipleship2, 365:- Teachings on Initiation - Part VIII III. The Formulas from the universal creative Aspect FormulaDiscipleship2, 366:of the divine initial purpose. The section upon formulas is perhaps the most exacting in the seriesDiscipleship2, 366:to see life in the process of producing great formulas of living which, in their turn, will produceDiscipleship2, 366:This you will have to do through self-devised formulas, thus producing a life-pattern which will beDiscipleship2, 397:Hints will be concluded. The teaching upon the Formulas was concluded in the earlier instructionExternalisation, 144:greater success. There are several such mantric formulas and Words of Power in use by such studentsExternalisation, 145:of the man who is using these words and formulas. Frequently, however, an hiatus occurs even when aExternalisation, 149:experiment on the part of humanity and the formulas unknown. Of what use was it to impart theExternalisation, 149:unknown. Of what use was it to impart the formulas to humanity when it was as yet controlled by theExternalisation, 149:the soul is found. Only those can use the formulas effectively who live, work, think and feel asExternalisation, 349:recognition of the desirability of these formulas; and there is enough love already in the world,Externalisation, 349:Christ, to make possible the working out of the formulas. Rest back on that assurance and - in fullExternalisation, 418:right meditation, who know the uses of sound, of formulas and of invocation, and who can workExternalisation, 418:masses and at the same time using certain great formulas of words which will later be given to theExternalisation, 481:make certain statements and use certain word-formulas which will create the nucleus of theExternalisation, 493:obtained possession of the needed scientific formulas, it would have led to a major planetaryExternalisation, 692:certain mantric usages and certain hierarchical formulas, thus setting loose the energies needed to
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