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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMULATED

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Astrology, 62:you to study with certain definite ideas clearly formulated in your minds. I have hinted at them inAstrology, 250:and the meaning of Libra will become definitely formulated in your mind. The characteristics ofAtom, 77:our subject tonight with certain ideas clearly formulated. We have seen that our interpretation ofAutobiography, 143:1916 and 1917. They did not emerge as clear-cut, formulated ideas but as truths which I was slowlyAutobiography, 167:down the thoughts of the Tibetan (His carefully formulated and expressed ideas) as He dropped themAutobiography, 260:Treatise that Mrs. Bailey could not herself have formulated this teaching, for it deals with cosmicBethlehem, 7:between the past gained knowledge, the present formulated truth, and the infinite and divineBethlehem, 193:in their turn, inherited the teaching, and thus formulated their doctrine, which ChristianityDestiny, 22:embodying that ideology which humanity has formulated in its own right. Thus the three aspects ofDestiny, 39:by the organized and orthodox churches. All formulated theologies are the lower expression of theDestiny, 40:not determined by his acceptance of some dogma, formulated by men who have lost their sense ofDestiny, 108:you have two groups, two objectives, two great formulated ideals, two streams of active energy andDestiny, 112:of idealism and can and do appreciate ideas, formulated into ideals. Thus again the success of theDestiny, 113:excesses in the interest of his peculiar and formulated idea. Under the immediate expression of theDiscipleship1, 29:Tibetan Teacher. This you must attempt with no formulated ideas as to what the results will be - ifDiscipleship1, 48:nurtured righteousness and many powerfully formulated beliefs militate against impersonality. It isDiscipleship1, 48:of self-analysis are seldom definitely faced or formulated by any of you and, therefore (because IDiscipleship1, 68:by the will and the carefully expressed and formulated idea in the mind of the thinker. A certainDiscipleship1, 85:to appear, the newer truths to emerge into formulated clarity and the new potencies to becomeDiscipleship1, 86:The disciples of the world (with their nicely formulated ideals and their neatly expressedDiscipleship1, 123:[123] realities requires both training and formulated definite expression. The past year has notDiscipleship1, 387:thought-form (this being the sumtotal of all the formulated ideas which have governed progress) andDiscipleship1, 683:project into the world those thoughts and those formulated divine ideas, those concepts andDiscipleship2, 103:- an activity which is all part of a carefully formulated hierarchical activity. This you need mostDiscipleship2, 146:work of the Ashram) breathe out the idea as a formulated, living thought-form into the great streamDiscipleship2, 197:made; this again is progressive in nature. The formulated idea of the unspiritual man to make aDiscipleship2, 197:intention, and this meditative process is better formulated and has (if you think correctly)Discipleship2, 202:World," and implement his purposes as they are formulated by him on the cosmic mental plane. TheDiscipleship2, 233:and the outlined purpose to a most carefully formulated Plan, presenting - as far as humanity isDiscipleship2, 346:technique. It is, however, a technique which is formulated by the initiate himself and is not oneDiscipleship2, 366:to the necessity of a vital and active program, formulated by you and self-initiated by you, andDiscipleship2, 369:longer true revelations, because they have been formulated by the initiates of today and madeDiscipleship2, 370:statements anent revelation can be. As I have formulated them above, they indicate the revelationDiscipleship2, 416:normal ray development. A hint, for instance, formulated by a first ray aspirant may have noDiscipleship2, 416:interpreted by symbols than by words or by formulated sentences. The hint upon which he is workingDiscipleship2, 416:arrive at it in any quicker time? Still other formulated hints deal with the particular initiatoryDiscipleship2, 424:that only the first point of revelation has been formulated into a law capable of ordinary humanDiscipleship2, 446:and initiates only those activities which are formulated by him as a soul and (bear this in mind)Discipleship2, 530:questionable: Ideals must go as they are now formulated because we are entering into a new ageDiscipleship2, 590:ajna center express to yourself in definitely formulated thought, the duty of the day in the lightEducation, ix:for Cultural Activities of UNESCO which formulated the theme for discussion in these terms: "TheEducation, 47:of liberty, equality and fraternity; they formulated the American Bill of Rights and on the highExternalisation, 215:such should be the practical expression and the formulated intention of those who are conditionedExternalisation, 261:They cannot be reached by prayer or even by well formulated desire - the expression of the wishExternalisation, 266:familiarize the thinkers of their time with the formulated concept. In this way great motivating,Externalisation, 273:a focused mental demand, based on correctly formulated [274] mass intent, then will come theExternalisation, 279:blended. It thus becomes apparent that Those Who formulated this new and vital Invocation believedExternalisation, 307:way - become responsive to the ideas that are formulated in the mind of their particular Master inExternalisation, 316:world affairs. The Eight Points (see Page 318) formulated by them constitute the basis of theExternalisation, 330:together all the many proposals that have been formulated by individuals, groups of world thinkersExternalisation, 330:of group effort and suggestion, after being formulated by the smaller group assigned to itsExternalisation, 411:flood of light upon life and world problems. He formulated this revelation into the Four Truths.Externalisation, 632:aspect of the work which I have done. These formulated ideas are: The announcement of the existenceExternalisation, 634:and of the men of goodwill has been more slowly formulated than had been originally expected, butExternalisation, 673:or etheric body upon matter; they are the lowest formulated expression of the creativeExternalisation, 677:subjective ideas and concepts and of phases of formulated thinking; and the appearance of theExternalisation, 685:to disciples in the Ashrams, and by them was formulated clearly and presented to humanity. H.P.B.Fire, xiii:of the processes of nature which has been formulated for us by the Master Minds of all time. ItFire, xviii:given in this Treatise on Cosmic Fire might be formulated in the following terms. These postulatesFire, 734:relation of the Son to the Mother. If the ideas formulated in this treatise have been carefullyGlamour, 23:body of disciples and His nine hundred arhats formulated those four great truths into a structureGlamour, 38:on glamor, so that our ideas may be clearly formulated and you will have a textbook for futureGlamour, 112:time and of the immediately preceding age have formulated, and which at the time of their creationGlamour, 131:with the human interpretation of the idea, as formulated by some disciple or intuitive - a veryGlamour, 133:ages - a vast number of ideas, which have been formulated as ideals, clothed in mental matter,Glamour, 133:implies the energizing of the limited formulated ideal because - as you know - energy followsGlamour, 135:to grasp. When ideals and mental concepts and formulated thought-forms dominate the mind of anGlamour, 145:concrete and knowable truth - truth which can be formulated and expressed in concrete form andGlamour, 183:men, veiled by illusion and clouded by glamor, formulated it into an inelastic doctrine,Glamour, 192:substituting for that illusion divine ideas, formulated into concepts which we call ideals. TheGlamour, 256:and fundamentally concerned with ideas as formulated into clear thought-forms [257] and thusHealing, 65:causes or upon some clearly defined desire. A formulated desire is one that finds expression inHealing, 68:been enough investigation, leading to definitely formulated conclusions, which will make the ideasHealing, 244:of the soul, under the pressure of its own formulated intent. This is true to some degree of allHealing, 260:of this basic idea, mental concept and formulated perception falls into four phases or chapters:Healing, 273:The new medicine cannot be scientifically formulated or intelligently presented until such time asHealing, 400:in any presentation of truth which they have not formulated in their own terms. This lays an undueHealing, 402:ever since the time of H. P. Blavatsky, who formulated this ancient truth for the modern world inHealing, 482:nature), of the newer aspects of treatment as formulated by [483] the many emerging schools ofHealing, 522:within its living processes. It embodies that formulated purpose or organized will of an enfoldingHealing, 576:been taken, but is relatively very modern, being formulated early in the Christian [577] era. It isHealing, 674:lesser initiate understands the Plan as it is formulated by the Hierarchy. All three of theseIntellect, 66:about realizations and recognitions which become formulated knowledge. Much confusion exists in theIntellect, 74:and a scientific process which has been formulated and followed by thinkers of all periods, and byIntellect, 215:persistence, and investigation. Having formulated our hypothesis and accepted it temporarily weIntellect, 240:frequently set in motion by some basic ideas, formulated by thinkers, good, bad and indifferent) isIntellect, 240:governing all meditation work is the ancient one formulated by the seers in India centuries ago,Magic, 14:The truths accepted as such have not been formulated or verified by the one who accepts them,Magic, 20:of the people whatever that will may be, the formulated laws, and the exoteric administration; inMagic, 458:"presented-idea", the "perceived-idea" and the "formulated-idea", and the idea working out intoMagic, 485:the guarding of thoughts and the protection of formulated ideas. Some thoughts are ideas, clothedMagic, 513:and controlled by the purposes of the soul, formulated and recorded on the mind during theMagic, 516:that medium it can now work out the plans formulated in the interlude of contemplation. TheMagic, 530:its lower reflection, desire. Will is desire, formulated so clearly and carried so powerfully to anMagic, 530:is the outcome of the purposeful will and formulated desire of some thinking Being, and governsMagic, 623:I refer to that service which is self sought and formulated on a background of personal ambitionMagic, 630:false objectives of numbers, of power or of a formulated doctrine control them. Unless what they doMeditation, 278:so much that no universal rule in detail can be formulated. As you know, the Master makes a smallMeditation, 337:race. A combination of these vitamins will be formulated and made into tabloid form, with directPatanjali, 192:process: The new thought concept, definitely formulated and found to be contrary to the old thought
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