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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMULATES

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Astrology, 447:at the stage of intelligent discipleship; he formulates a conscious inner program or purpose underAtom, 21:again, is the intelligent Will which controls, formulates, binds, constructs, develops, and bringsBethlehem, 91:some great and dynamic idea based on truth. He formulates it into such terms that his fellowmen canDiscipleship1, 698:takes place is the Mind. The mind creates or formulates those thought-forms (or embodied energies)Discipleship1, 759:his life and service and his mind constantly formulates the telepathic impressions into organizedDiscipleship2, 392:welfare of their fellowmen. The highest group formulates the Plan; the second group "modifies,Externalisation, 680:of the thought currents of the Christ, as He formulates His ideas, creates the thought-forms neededFire, 151:available to prove that science itself likewise formulates the hypothesis that the solarFire, 397:on cosmic levels whereby the Entity concerned formulates His plans and purposes. These plans andMagic, 227:two ways, sets its own streams of thoughts, and formulates its own thought forms, as well asMagic, 333:he takes the knowledge there discovered and formulates it in such way by theory, principle,Magic, 516:taps the resources of the Universal Mind, and formulates its purposes in line with the universalMeditation, 91:environment as well as to himself. Only as he formulates no thoughts save such as he purposes toPatanjali, 318:the so-called rational mind; the rational mind formulates a question and lays it before thePatanjali, 327:stated as follows: The thinker on his own plane formulates a thought embodying some purpose or somePatanjali, 389:and free from desire. Therefore, though he formulates ideas and though he can carry on powerfulPatanjali, 403:only in so far as the mind of the thinker formulates them. In other words, that through thePsychology2, 488:in terms of definite extraneous guidance, and formulates them to himself in such a way that theyPsychology2, 510:in the light, and then the mind, in its turn, formulates them into thought forms which are thenPsychology2, 545:of all registers these astral impressions, then formulates them into thought forms and - as energyRays, 566:directed from within upwards. It is this which formulates the underlying significance of the energy
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