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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMULATION

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Astrology, 115:different to our surmise which is based upon our formulation of a Deity who is the product of ourAstrology, 459:This is a basic statement of importance and the formulation of a law under which all theAstrology, 486:in the trend of all the new movements, in the formulation of the various world orders, in theAutobiography, 50:with my particular brand of knowledge or formulation of truth (for we all must have that forBethlehem, 20:of God is but a limited matter. What the new formulation of truth will be, who can say? But theBethlehem, 212:in life. Men are not saved by belief in the formulation of a theological dogma, but by the fact ofDestiny, 57:sequential order: The sensing of an ideal. The formulation of a theory. The growth of publicDestiny, 119:of the inner embodied life. An emblem is man's formulation of a concept, created by man andDestiny, 132:and the occult path. It will lead later to the formulation of the higher way; of this it is uselessDiscipleship1, 28:intuitive recognition of truth and its formulation into concepts by the mind, plus the laterDiscipleship1, 65:immediate aspects of the Plan. That of thought formulation and thought-form creation. Then a clearDiscipleship1, 265:meditation (where you are concerned) are the formulation of such seed thoughts and definiteDiscipleship1, 286:idea or ideal: From the sensed intuition to its formulation into mental concepts, thought-forms,Discipleship1, 569:of vision of the disciple. Sixth month...The formulation of those disciplines which will aid inDiscipleship1, 684:and interpretation of ideas and correct formulation of these ideas. By its purity. This growsDiscipleship2, 197:perception, and arrive also at a selfless formulation of the divine Plan which will implementDiscipleship2, 206:a state of positive universal quiet, so that the formulation of spiritual desire can be carriedDiscipleship2, 225:and is not just simply wishful thinking and the formulation of a hopeful theory anent the future ofDiscipleship2, 234:upon the Plan of which he is custodian, and his formulation of what he can do along the line ofDiscipleship2, 236:mystical type of meditation [236] is of ancient formulation and its use indicates the next step forDiscipleship2, 355:or devotional expression, and its mental formulation; the disciple must interpret and apply it inDiscipleship2, 356:bewildering in its implications. Its ancient formulation in the Archives consists of an injunctionDiscipleship2, 361:The stage of hierarchical Planning. This is the formulation of the Purpose in terms of possibility,Discipleship2, 362:by Shamballa; others are engrossed in the formulation of the program and in imparting some of itsDiscipleship2, 415:content. These factors should manifest if his formulation of the "hint of truth" is in line withDiscipleship2, 424:and two factors have made this possible: The formulation of this law related to energy coincidedEducation, xi:with the stimuli and data necessary to the formulation [xii] of their own answers, the instructorsEducation, 8:self may emerge into active government. In this formulation of the function of the apparatus withEducation, 34:therefore beg of you not to resent the technical formulation of truth, for if education meansExternalisation, 126:has been relatively good as it has led to the formulation and expression of the great worldExternalisation, 167:calls and the objectives expressed may differ in formulation but the theme is the same and theExternalisation, 330:group assigned to its production. 8. A clear formulation of the objectives for which this group hasExternalisation, 547:the mass of imaginative thinking and consequent formulation of thought-forms which esotericistsExternalisation, 653:guarded and controlled; wishful thinking and the formulation of plans in line with ordinary humanExternalisation, 660:Ashrams, leading to externalization. The formulation of the techniques and disciplines which willFire, xiv:of environal conditions, and through a formulation of some cosmological scheme or plan which willFire, 354:mind of the interested student, but beyond the formulation of them he may not as yet go, though theFire, 546:What has been said here has been but the formulation of the general plan of egoic unfoldment asFire, 548:in manifestation; it will necessitate the sound formulation of the laws of egoic unfoldment, of theFire, 549:the trend of the future study, as in the formulation of possibility lies its eventual realization.Fire, 559:be laid upon the laws of mental creation, on the formulation of thought-forms in a scientificFire, 566:not profit him to meditate thereon, yet in the formulation of ideas, and their apprehension byFire, 1037:can be traced down the centuries, such as the formulation of the Law of Gravitation, theGlamour, 34:I seek no copying out of paragraphs but a formulation of your knowledge so that you [35] can answerGlamour, 60:an idea as his own, to credit himself with its formulation, and to give therefore undue importanceGlamour, 124:intuitive perception The ideal - based on mental formulation and distribution. The idol - based onGlamour, 182:of the Angel. The turning of the mind to the formulation of those forms of thought which mustHealingof such complaints; there has been also much formulation of methods, of techniques, of formulae, ofHealing, 10:as to ultimate divine perfection, and the formulation of their beliefs in the real freedom ofHealing, 57:of Disease This statement brings me to the formulation of the third Rule for Healers. Rule threeHealing, 68:inner structure of ideas and this somewhat new formulation of truth to make its impact upon theHealing, 168:the sake of the future and in order to aid the formulation of the coming healing art - based on theHealing, 503:of human thinking will be dependent upon the formulation of the new "lanes or channels ofHealing, 539:his astral body is usually concentrated in the formulation of a great desire to live and to get ridHercules, 164:thought rightly. I will say, this is for me, my formulation of the truth, because it helps me toInitiation, vii:book is offered for what it may be worth as a formulation of an interesting hypothesis. To thoseIntellect, 71:to be demonstrated. He will need a keen formulation of the assets with which he approaches hisIntellect, 103:the registering of information, and no clear formulation of thoughts occurs. The clothing of ideasMagic, 16:it into the racial consciousness we call it the formulation of a law, a discovery of one or otherMagic, 207:give the clue to each of these three through the formulation of a simple rule for daily living.Magic, 274:because of secrecy or mystery, but because all formulation of ideas about His life and purpose areMagic, 298:woof of matter itself, and is par excellence, a formulation or effect of the mind principle, and aMagic, 328:gives birth to that (for us) [328] ultimate formulation of truth which will suffice for the nextMagic, 328:and fundamental ideas so contrasted with the formulation of dogmas that that which is basic will beMagic, 339:nearly served their purpose. This has been the formulation of ideas concerning God and His relationMagic, 351:to be attained. This produces in his mind a formulation of what lies ahead to be grasped and is theMagic, 488:The absorbing of the thought-form, and the formulation of a counter-thought of loving wisdom. Magic, 603:of the plan as it works out in the wise formulation of the next step ahead for the human race; uponMagic, 618:time to their registered aspirations, and to the formulation of their plans for service. The worldMeditation, 201:practice the working out of His plans and the formulation of His intentions. Having aligned theirMeditation, 325:upon which to build the later work, and with the formulation, the study, and the memorizing of theMeditation, 340:all matters affecting the race. It involves the formulation of thought matter, and the capacity toPatanjali, 94:one, Patanjali is enlarging upon an earlier formulation of the truth. (See Sutra 7.) He teachesPatanjali, 160:science of yoga. Certain thoughts lie hid in its formulation which cover the whole ground of thisPatanjali, 185:This is a large subject, and deals with the formulation of a man's belief regarding God, people,Patanjali, 197:requirements: Strict attention to every formulation of words used, The wise use of silence as aProblems, 32:hopes and dreams, wishful thinking and the formulation of highly organized plans upon paper areProblems, 128:of truth which has led humanity to the formulation of a body of doctrines about which ChristPsychology1, 29:the process of being superseded, but by what new formulation of truth is not yet revealed. ThePsychology1, 52:sensed idea. It is responsible for much of the formulation of the ideas which have led man on, andPsychology1, 297:The question now arises which is capable of formulation in the [298] following terms: Given thePsychology1, 346:theme of the [346] above symbolical and ancient formulation of truth, which is in the nature of aPsychology1, 390:sequential order: The sensing of an ideal. The formulation of a theory. [391] The growth of publicPsychology2, 175:grasp this fact with clarity, that this simple formulation of requirements and their achievementPsychology2, 242:conclave, a part of God's vision, and His [242] formulation of that vision for the immediatePsychology2, 317:have lived, are founded on illusion. With the formulation of these various "wish-fulfilments" [318]Psychology2, 424:involves The cultivation of a wider vision. The formulation of an inner program, intelligentlyPsychology2, 425:automobile, and the radio have necessitated the formulation of an entirely new set of terms,Psychology2, 599:Apocalypse. These cover all the ground from the formulation of the high-grade "wish-life" of thePsychology2, 622:a nature that they can evoke understanding formulation. Psychology2, 637:organizations, and are occupied with the formulation of the new social order. From the purelyPsychology2, 727:distress. [727] It would require the individual formulation of the ideals - sensed dimly or clearlyRays, 50:and comprehension, as expressed through the formulation of ideas. Here you have an instance of theRays, 67:program is, in reality, an expression or a human formulation of the Science of Sound, just in soRays, 139:and can become capable of expression and of formulation into conditioning concepts - thus actuatingRays, 270:of all initiates when - each for himself - a formulation of this mental proposition will beRays, 300:that there is nothing but unity. That is a trite formulation of a very ancient truth, and one whichRays, 758:been selfish in its nature and temporary in its formulation. Men have prayed for themselves; theyReappearance, 141:they believed were the only true and correct formulation of the divine idea, but Christ wasSoul, 155:that, in its ultimate nature, is incapable of formulation. Herein the higher will is not peculiar.
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