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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMULATIONS

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Autobiography, 241:of the spiritual life and presents those new formulations of ancient truths which during theBethlehem, 6:is founded on it, as are all the orthodox formulations of the great religions. When, however, theBethlehem, 273:with its own peculiar doctrines, its particular formulations of truth, its specialized method ofDiscipleship1, 407:a hand. You are too occupied with the mental formulations of that which you know to be true andDiscipleship1, 708:and concepts, where they have evolved their own formulations of truth and where they are eagerlyDiscipleship2, 34:to creative living. Statements such as these are formulations of truth and are also voiced conceptsDiscipleship2, 202:them; there are educators, preoccupied with wise formulations of knowledge and with an encyclopedicDiscipleship2, 259:for you to grasp, but there are many other formulations and approaches to these truths and theDiscipleship2, 345:dealing in these instructions with the larger formulations. The lesser might be regarded as theDiscipleship2, 415:basis of the hint, gauging the accuracy of his formulations by the measure of light, of intuitiveDiscipleship2, 531:inclusive, [531] sane and practical. Ideals are formulations by the human mind. The Hierarchy hasDiscipleship2, 725:the thralldom of the vague vision, the grandiose formulations [726] of something and are negativelyExternalisation, 288:nature, expressive of human interpretations, and formulations of evolutionary recognitions. TheseExternalisation, 362:truths of which all past ideals and so-called formulations of truth have only been the signposts.Externalisation, 655:of ideological thought. The energy of religious formulations; these are [656] in process ofGlamour, 130:sevenfold need of humanity. Each of these seven formulations of God's Idea has its specificGlamour, 170:truths of which all past ideals and so-called formulations of truth have only been the signposts.Glamour, 222:He has guarded himself for many lives by devious formulations of thought and of ideas and canHealingof conclusions, and one is faced with the formulations of many minds, who, through the ages, haveHealing, 20:truth bears little resemblance to our modern formulations. I am, therefore, seriously handicappedIntellect, 15:I do not here speak of religious truths; the formulations of the theologians and the churchmen inMagic, 15:are engendered, non-essentials and incorrect formulations of truth are ultimately eliminated orMagic, 15:interpretations of nature's laws, and the formulations of correct conclusions whether in the fieldsMagic, 330:the tradition of the past; they reject the old formulations of truth; and because as yet they standMagic, 408:It requires simply the recognition that all formulations of truth and of belief are only partial inMagic, 414:of any kind; it has no creed nor any dogmatic formulations of truth. The motivating impulse of eachMagic, 457:discarding all vain imaginings and the formulations of the lower mind, so equipping oneself to leapPatanjali, 30:the outcome of traditional teaching, and of all formulations of doctrinal faiths has severalPsychology1, 43:and of plans, of blue prints and synthetic formulations of ideas, and in the tracing of historicalPsychology1, 159:of creation. Ray II is occupied with the first formulations of the plan upon which the form must bePsychology2, 175:of the esoteric knowledge. The quite ordinary formulations of loving living and of dailyPsychology2, 317:centered) are only the outer expression or formulations of a hidden "wish life." This wish life is,Telepathy, 55:as simple as I can, for much of the abstract formulations of the occult sciences and the academic
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