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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORTH

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Discipleship1, 265:within my form responds. My soul has sounded forth that call and clearer day by day it sounds. TheDiscipleship1, 265:Path of Light streams clear ahead. My plea goes forth to reach the hearts of men. I seek, I cry toDiscipleship1, 266:a greater effort on my part - an effort called forth by the group itself. My time is most preciousDiscipleship1, 267:that in the interplay of love (that which goes forth and that which is given back) will suddenlyDiscipleship1, 269:to evoke spiritual integration and to call forth the resources of a divine son of God. I amDiscipleship1, 277:cannot do the same for the disciple. Third: Go forth upon the future way with courage and no fear.Discipleship1, 281:this way, with the emphasis laid upon the giving-forth aspect, there will be no danger of theDiscipleship1, 295:is more clear and the "sound which issues forth" conveys now somewhat to your inner sense ofDiscipleship1, 299:brain. From that field of victory, he went forth to love, to teach and to heal. In these days ofDiscipleship1, 303:path a disk or wheel of rose, which you send forth and which eventually disappears through theDiscipleship1, 304:radiant sun of golden light. Instead of sending forth the disks of colored light, visualizeDiscipleship1, 308:visualize the emotional nature pouring itself forth in aspiration towards the service of humanity.Discipleship1, 308:but sound it this time as the soul, breathing forth light, understanding, and love into theDiscipleship1, 308:this, seek then to see the symbol which blazes forth from the brow of each of them. Each symbol isDiscipleship1, 311:in training. Let your influence, welling forth from a steady and radiant center, make itself feltDiscipleship1, 311:that fluidity of response which will carry you forth upon the tide of an ever richer service. YouDiscipleship1, 313:He thus, in action, waits." "A voice sounds forth: My brother, close the door, for each must turnDiscipleship1, 333:it enables you, if you so choose, to [333] send forth at will light and strength and power.Discipleship1, 335:Act then on the response which you call forth as you stand in the light of your own soul. AskDiscipleship1, 335:that. The doors stand open wide; a light shines forth; a Word can then be spoken and many prisonersDiscipleship1, 337:the Lord from which the Words of Power can issue forth and "many prisoners go free," or a prisonDiscipleship1, 338:point of peace and from that spiritual center go forth to the day's task, serene and unafraid, andDiscipleship1, 347:and the wisdom which you need in service. Go forth then to your life and service and expect andDiscipleship1, 350:free from criticism, undue questioning and goes forth to others in love. I will now indicate to youDiscipleship1, 359:see a stream of rosy light (not red) pouring forth, engulfing you and your co-disciples At yourDiscipleship1, 359:Initiator is invoked, till we see his star shine forth. Sound the O. M. I particularly ask you toDiscipleship1, 361:of so necessary a nature that it per force calls forth your best effort. The third cause of troubleDiscipleship1, 363:now you do. Your work as an executive has drawn forth your latent wisdom. Your work in my group andDiscipleship1, 363:in the New Group of World Servers must now draw forth the deep resources of your heart. Ponder onDiscipleship1, 392:face the lighted way of earth.' God said: 'Go forth and far away.' "Before the gate which opens onDiscipleship1, 397:ways can I demonstrate joy? b. How can I shew forth happiness? c. What are the differences in theseDiscipleship1, 417:Place of your own soul and from thence to go forth into the world of men, pouring forth love andDiscipleship1, 417:to go forth into the world of men, pouring forth love and understanding, should be your primeDiscipleship1, 421:and are aware of it, then From that point send forth blessing a.To your immediate circle of familyDiscipleship1, 424:This, in the early stages again, may call forth turmoil. I give you these hints, because when youDiscipleship1, 435:3rd month - Impulse - Like a child that calls forth the love of those around, I too evoke the loveDiscipleship1, 442:which will eventually release you and send you forth as one who can prepare to tread the Path ofDiscipleship1, 455:to golden-orange prana) say: "Let the Word sound forth through me." Then sound the O.M., veryDiscipleship1, 462:rays that issue from the heart of the sun pour forth and bathe my soul and the soul of all createdDiscipleship1, 462:of God awakens, and the power of God streams forth as Will, as dedication to the Plan, as strengthDiscipleship1, 462:speed on my way to service; and joy to shower forth on all I meet. Such is the Way for me." [463]Discipleship1, 495:with the soul, the real, inclusive self, go forth to your work. You will note that I here call onDiscipleship1, 513:arousing it to movement and life, and calling forth the song of the birds and the hum of the beesDiscipleship1, 522:garden but when there comes the urge to venture forth upon an errand of concern, of anxiety or toDiscipleship1, 522:your physical plane life is lived, let there go forth that which can heal and [523] bless. NothingDiscipleship1, 523:bless. Nothing can stop this blessing; it speeds forth upon the wings of detachment and from aDiscipleship1, 527:touch me here and from that center I shall go forth to love and serve." NOTE: Four months laterDiscipleship1, 527:NOTE: Four months later this disciple went forth "to love and serve" on the inner side of life.Discipleship1, 531:that I have realized and sought to draw forth. Your life setting had to be changed before it wasDiscipleship1, 531:this soul quality in service. As you draw it forth during the next few years, you will find itDiscipleship1, 535:are close to you on the inner planes and send forth the spirit of love and peace. Then do theDiscipleship1, 537:Initiator is invoked, till we see his Star shine forth. "May the peace and the blessing of the HolyDiscipleship1, 537:the peace and the blessing of the Holy Ones pour forth over the worlds." Discipleship1, 548:and slowly, using the will. [548] Then send forth the incoming light and love in strength andDiscipleship1, 551:individual was aided. Now a new note is sounding forth - the note of growth through the service ofDiscipleship1, 561:Real. 2nd month - The Light is dual. It shews forth that which is not seen. It sheds its rays uponDiscipleship1, 561:the daily way. 3rd month - All that is, shews forth some seed idea. 4th month - A thought of God,Discipleship1, 565:month... Let the song of the soul be sounded forth by me, and the clear high notes bring peace andDiscipleship1, 565:Third month... Let the word of my soul go forth in strength to others. That word for me, in thisDiscipleship1, 573:the Sacred Word, the O.M., audibly, breathing it forth from the head to the heart. Then visualize aDiscipleship1, 573:radiant Sun which is the light of Love" may pour forth upon all whom you contact. [574] MeditateDiscipleship1, 577:"Asking nothing for the separated self, I pour forth love." Hold in mind: Your immediate familyDiscipleship1, 580:of your personality for the quiet which streams forth from a second ray group. For you, there is noDiscipleship1, 598:you may learn to walk in the light that pours forth from your own soul is the earnest wish of yourDiscipleship1, 605:Sound the Word slowly, sending it forth in love to your group brothers. Discipleship1, 621:Rose of the soul should be nurtured and shine forth. Impersonality is easy for you. You must nowDiscipleship1, 623:you will say mentally: "In love I send them forth." Thus the rhythm of the life of service isDiscipleship1, 652:untouched." 4th month - "The burning fire blazes forth in all three worlds and all three bodiesDiscipleship1, 652:God underlies all life. The fires of God blaze forth. Men warm themselves before my fire. TheDiscipleship1, 652:before my fire. The radiance divine shines forth through me." 6th month - "May I be lost to sight,Discipleship1, 652:sight, and only the radiance and the rest reach forth to men." Hold the mind then steady in theDiscipleship1, 653:of living love to others, and to send people forth as agents of the light to their own countriesDiscipleship1, 674:and lower. Radiation, resulting in a sounding forth. Respiration, resulting in creative work.Discipleship1, 674:Another door stands open now. The words sound forth: "Enter upon the way of real desire." The life,Discipleship1, 674:rose and rose to palest pink, and pink to white. Forth flowers then the pure white rose of life.Discipleship1, 675:life proceeds. A different voice seems to sound forth. "Enter the cave and find your own; walk inDiscipleship1, 676:upon forms discarded and destroyed, and holding forth the hands of helpfulness. Upon his shoulderDiscipleship1, 708:the clear light of the soul from shining [708] forth. The goal of all work done in the Ashram ofDiscipleship1, 715:the following terms: "The point of light shines forth. It waxes and it wanes. The point becomes aDiscipleship1, 715:Then from the silent point of power, a Word goes forth: Be still. Be silent. Know that I am God.Discipleship2, 15:I blend my love with the love which pours forth from the soul towards each of you, and thus IDiscipleship2, 22:is an ambitious one, my brothers; it will call forth your utmost capacity and staying power but, ifDiscipleship2, 24:remind you, is a scientific process, calling forth all the soul powers into full expression on theDiscipleship2, 29:and upon the desperation of humanity's reaching forth towards what appears to be an unresponsiveDiscipleship2, 65:the Star in the East - that star which shines forth in fuller splendor each time another initiationDiscipleship2, 90:and its functions; much good may come of sending forth its teachings and a new era in the field ofDiscipleship2, 118:of the focused will - expressed and propelled forth consciously - to the quiescent point of dimDiscipleship2, 124:yourself to be the soul which is breathing it forth. Believe this sound, carried on the breath ofDiscipleship2, 135:and from that point two streams of power pour forth into the [136] realm of soul and into the heartDiscipleship2, 149:of Light within the Mind of God Let light stream forth into the minds of men. Let Light descend onDiscipleship2, 149:of Love within the Heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return toDiscipleship2, 151:receive it." I seek to have this Invocation go forth on the power generated by my Ashram and by allDiscipleship2, 157:of Light within the Mind of God Let light stream forth into the minds of men. Let Light descend onDiscipleship2, 157:of Love within the Heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return toDiscipleship2, 160:cycle, another great invocative cry is issuing forth. It is this time a threefold cry. It is theDiscipleship2, 161:is necessarily a subtle indirect appeal going forth continuously from the three subhuman kingdomsDiscipleship2, 165:as immanent in his creation; they will send it forth on the wings of hope - hope for light and loveDiscipleship2, 167:by that the Christ himself does not sound it forth. As you read the next few pages, you may findDiscipleship2, 168:and basically, the will-to-good, can also stream forth in fuller livingness into the hearts of men;Discipleship2, 169:has hitherto been lacking. As "light streams forth into the minds of men" the divine plan will be
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