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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORTH

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Fire, 1049:its part. Later again the fire electric flashes forth, and turns the steam to that which willFire, 1093:wheel concerns also the appearance, or flashing forth, of the sparks in the planetary or systemicFire, 1093:of the streams of fiery sparks; their flashing forth into points of intensified fire as they meetFire, 1105:unfold. [1105] As the "interior jewel" rays forth more powerfully. The reflex action from theFire, 1118:whilst at the center glows the Jewel, raying forth streams of energy from the center to theFire, 1118:as does the heart of man, and from it ray forth eight streams of living fire which extend to theFire, 1119:energy is atma-buddhi. It is this final raying forth which produces the eventual disintegration ofFire, 1119:the final Initiation. The Jewel of fire blazes forth as seven jewels within the one, or as theFire, 1119:of solar evolution when the seven Suns blaze forth before the great Pralaya. All these modes ofFire, 1120:revolution is unified, and through the raying forth of the fires of the Jewel, a specific rhythm isFire, 1123:inner God is seen, when his radiance shines forth then will it be said of him as of those who haveFire, 1130:becomes a burning and a shining light, radiating forth a light which burns from within. When theFire, 1132:then the setting likewise [1132] gleams and rays forth light. As the diamond shines with increasingFire, 1151:at the disposal of the Hierarchy, and is sent forth to balance that group, and frequently to do soFire, 1153:of manifestation which results in the blazing forth of the seven suns. 23 Though the seven haveFire, 1154:with the dense physical planets. The blazing forth spoken of in the occult books and in the SecretFire, 1155:die it abideth alone, but if it die it bringeth forth much fruit." The Sun is governed by the sameFire, 1166:as embodied in the Veda-text, is: May I be born forth (as multitudinous progeny). From such centralFire, 1167:the Son's life is governed by, and manifests forth divine attraction. Yet these three are the threeFire, 1173:the "seven Suns who run together, and thus blaze forth, producing one flaming ball of fire." On aFire, 1183:merge. [1183] The streams of energy which pour forth through the medium of the Sun from the egoicFire, 1192:aspects. They form but one principle showing forth in three ways. So it is with the unmanifestedFire, 1192:its triple simultaneous manifestation, and show forth as a Master in the three worlds, as aFire, 1194:and space and during evolution) demonstrating forth as the Triad, the Ego and the Personality. ThisFire, 1199:eightfold points awaiting opportunity to flame forth. They are the devas who are ready for service,Fire, 1201:warm and vitalize groups of forms; they flower forth and express themselves through the medium of aFire, 1207:the old Commentary: "The devas hear the word go forth. They sacrifice themselves and out of theirFire, 1218:consummated, and the divine life and glory shine forth in perfect radiance. This might be expressedFire, 1221:the Angel guards the treasure, and drives man forth in search of another way of entrance, thusFire, 1237:Then when the man stands adept, the cry goes forth "Know the One" and the words ring in the adepts'Fire, 1244:is apprehended by him to enable him to set forth with ardor on the search for its secret. 35Fire, 1245:their pupils in the words "let your light shine forth." [1246] When the adept enters through theFire, 1249:forms, the merging of the fires, and the blazing forth into objectivity of the vital body of theFire, 1256:sing together," as the "chant of the Gods" peals forth in the great choir of the Heavens, itFire, 1259:latent within him, which will some day flower forth into that cosmic rapture for which we have asFire, 1268:the victor lifts His head and seeks to utter forth the second Word. But, as He sounds it forth, HeFire, 1268:forth the second Word. But, as He sounds it forth, He arrests its wide vibration, drawing again itsFire, 1269:path, yet knows it not. The note that sounds forth from that first great WAY is yet unheard by Him.Fire, 1270:This smoke formeth a Path which reacheth forth unto those spheres within the radiant form of thatFire, 1271:of God, He treads the burning-ground, and blazes forth to those who watch as a radiant flaming sun.Fire, 1274:where fire lies hidden. The serpent stretches forth inert. Its coils smother the lower fire andFire, 1276:of the synthetic indigo. It reverberates forth. The scales descend. He who hath ears to hear it,Fire, 1279:cosmic plane. Then life and love and power shew forth as one. The cosmic Lord, Whose sacred Name asFire, 1281:heard by every deva lord who hears the Word go forth as the aeons pass away; That which soundsFire, 1281:forth as the aeons pass away; That which sounds forth the triple cyclic AUM, reserving yet anotherFire, 1281:a cosmic chord. That which in every aeon cometh forth and passeth through His cycle upon a cosmicGlamour, 2:of the Intuition The intuition is not a welling forth of love to people and, therefore, anGlamour, 5:inflow of the light of the intuition will draw forth, [6] esoterically speaking, into the light ofGlamour, 29:activity, the light that is in you will shine forth with greater clarity. Incidentally the DwellerGlamour, 53:can shine. This pouring through and shining forth has to be a spontaneous happening, and contain noGlamour, 77:the ones they desire to serve in order to draw forth a responsive affection. Study the wordGlamour, 79:and depression as the disciple swings back and forth between the dualities. This condition persistsGlamour, 81:the light," and as the rays of pure light stream forth from the soul, can the glamor be discovered,Glamour, 82:developments, knowing that the light will shine forth, and illumination eventually take place. AGlamour, 82:when such reactions awaken and call forth criticism, separateness or pride, is of value. TheGlamour, 132:picturing of reality and such visionary showing forth of the idea has been both the pride and theGlamour, 142:between the shoulder blades the light streams forth." The disciple must relinquish all sense ofGlamour, 177:are true of all revelation as it comes forth from the emanating center of light, whether theyGlamour, 188:appropriate to the need of the time. He comes forth as a Messenger of the Most High, leads aGlamour, 191:result of long experience, and this streams forth, blending with the light of knowledge. The stageGlamour, 196:soul light and material light. Then he shines forth as a Light bearer, the purified light of matterGlamour, 198:of the focused radiant light, reality will issue forth triumphant." It is interesting to note thatGlamour, 218:and sees a vivid beam of light stream forth and pierce the glamor. He must visualize a broadGlamour, 218:must visualize a broad brilliant beam, pouring forth from the illumined mind on to the astralGlamour, 231:of action because OM is first of all sounded forth by the group soul (the realized unity of theGlamour, 250:eye. It is that through which the soul looks forth into the world of men and through whichGlamour, 256:or implement it is generated, assembled, sent forth and thus becomes the carrier of power. This hasHealing, 30:field is established, the radiation too goes forth. [31] The significance of this will be somewhatHealing, 36:suddenly intensify their brightness and blaze forth with brilliance; or again they can be seenHealing, 50:points through which energy can enter, raying forth then into the vital centers in the ethericHealing, 62:female and male. Specious arguments are brought forth in order to prove that this abnormalHealing, 81:small doors are open wide. Radiant and reaching forth with vibrant note to all related centers.Healing, 98:has been established, the radiance then goes forth. 3. Let the healer train himself to know theHealing, 100:which are producing the disease, drawing it forth from the patient. This latter processHealing, 125:approach - to stand firm at the center, sending forth the note, giving his message, distributingHealing, 131:and spirals to the whole. "He who breathes forth the OM knows not himself alone. He knows theHealing, 131:shell is not. "He who is the Sound and sounding forth knows not disease, knows not the hand ofHealing, 131:are lack of love, lack of life, failure to sound forth correctly the note of the soul and of theHealing, 131:establishing of right relation by right sounding forth of the attractive note of the soul, isHealing, 132:progressively revealed as people learn to sound forth the Word in its three aspects. Students wouldHealing, 134:field is established, the radiation too goes forth. Rule three Let the healer train himself to knowHealing, 185:then raised by the use of a Word of Power (sent forth by the will of the Monad) and by the unitedHealing, 226:connection would sound fanciful and would call forth the scoffing amusement of the hard-boiledHealing, 249:and thus we shall have a steady radiance shining forth in the mounting glory of the Life of God. Healing, 294:Part Fourteen: "The seven imperfections issued forth and tainted substance from the highest sphereHealing, 367:of areas of light (as we understand it) shining forth upon the physical plane. Such areas indicateHealing, 410:something of major importance to aid in bringing forth the light upon the processes of death whichHealing, 413:form in order that the indwelling life may shine forth in fullness...This law breaks up the formsHealing, 425:words occur: Said the Father to the son: Go forth and take unto thyself that which is not thyself,Healing, 426:by those who love to thieve. The order will go forth again and yet again: "Make restitution of theHealing, 468:Upon the plane of manifested life, the word goes forth: Behold! A man is born. As life proceeds,Healing, 469:into the greater Plan. And then a Word sounds forth. The descended, radiating point of lightHealing, 470:by the soul is now complete; a new light shines forth in a dark place. The second moment ofHealing, 471:of death, speech fades out as the Word sounds forth and restitution is enforced; later, the Word isHealing, 473:These stages, therefore, are: 1. The soul sounds forth a "word of withdrawal" from its own plane,Healing, 476:whilst the soul returns to the God Who sent it forth. It will therefore be apparent that a dualHealing, 501:Son to the Mother, and then obey. The Word goes forth that form has served its purpose. TheHealing, 502:waits the Lord of Life Himself. The Sound goes forth. Both soul and form together must renounce theHealing, 520:of the Ashram; there will be nothing to call forth the "calming intervention" of the Master, as isHealing, 533:field is established, the radiation then goes forth. Law V There is naught but energy, for God is
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