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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORTH

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Healing, 535:Son to the Mother, and then obey. The Word goes forth that form has served its purpose. TheHealing, 536:the Lord [536] of Life Himself. The Sound goes forth. Both soul and form together must renounce theHealing, 574:The stage of esoteric "lifting up" or "driving forth." This itself falls into two phases: The phaseHealing, 574:In this stage, the energy which has been "driven forth" is returned to the center and the localityHealing, 577:field is established the radiation then goes forth. The East has ever emphasized magnetic purityHealing, 604:of the patient; it acts like a magnet, drawing forth a definite radiation from the patient. ThisHealing, 621:power and aliveness. And the promise has gone forth that as He is, so may we be in this world.Healing, 643:and - from the required center - to send it forth again into the appropriate center in theHealing, 644:his individualized soul, and thereby radiates it forth into the soul of the patient, via both ofHealing, 650:energy flow is between the two hands, back and forth within the diseased area; the spinal center isHealing, 678:Son to the Mother, and then obey. The Word goes forth that form has served its purpose. TheHealing, 678:waits the Lord of Life Himself. The Sound goes forth. Both soul and form together must renounce theHealing, 681:and Rules Enumerated and Applied The Word goes forth that form has served its purpose. This word,Healing, 688:and Rules Enumerated and Applied The Sound goes forth. It is not my intention here to deal with theHealing, 709:trains the listening ear of him who must go forth. He knows the manner of the sound which bringsHealing, 712:thus with life the failing life, driving it forth or anchoring it yet more deeply in the place ofHercules- The Zodiac The Zodiac The Presiding One looked forth upon the sons of men, who are the Sons ofHerculessave. From out the mass of men, one man stood forth in ancient days and caught the great presidingHercules, 2:of high endeavor whose radiance dimly shineth forth?" Came the reply: "A soul who seeks the lightHercules, 2:Council Chamber of the Lord and heard a word go forth: "Obey the Teacher on the Way. Prepare forHercules, 5:spoken, and down the ages the word has sounded forth: Man, know thyself. This knowledge is theHercules, 10:out in the creative process, and which flowers forth more beautifully each time that the life ofHercules, 12:the method. Down the ages the words have sounded forth: "I am he . . . who awakens the silentHercules, 16:And then, and only then, the Teacher said: "Go forth to labor." The Tibetan (Djwhal Khul) Hercules, 17:a strange experience, and before he started forth upon his labors. The name Hercules was originallyHercules, 17:name embodied his mission, which was to manifest forth in active work on the physical plane theHercules, 21:out of the contortions of its writings it brings forth a perverted image of itself ... But inHercules, 21:the arcana and hidden sense are drawn forth which dwell in its shade and which cling to it from theHercules, 21:whereon all the hidden things can be brought forth into the light; he has reached the point whereHercules, 22:these words were spoken to him: "From this day forth thy [23] name shall no more be Alkeides, butHercules, 27:came through that portal: "Hercules, my son, go forth. Pass through the Gate and enter on the Way.Hercules, 27:deed." With shouts of triumph Hercules rushed forth, running between the pillars of the Gate withHercules, 27:live upon it." "Abderis," cried Hercules, "come forth and aid me with this task," calling theHercules, 27:as he went from place to place. And Abderis came forth and took his stand beside his friend andHercules, 28:pass on to further service to your fellowmen. Go forth into the country guarded by the second GateHercules, 31:is the sign of outgoing power, of the streaming forth of divine energy from the central deity, God,Hercules, 31:human being, a son of God. This energy streams forth in two directions (thus the point becomes theHercules, 31:the line, the One becomes the first): it streams forth into the world of forms, and also into theHercules, 35:in the Book of Revelations that Christ comes forth riding upon a white horse. Black horsesHercules, 38:Let form again be sought." (The Man). "I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule." (TheHercules, 38:to the Teacher of the man whose light shone forth among the sons of men, who are the sons of God.Hercules, 41:is done." The Teacher saw him coming and went forth to meet him oil the Way. Across the waters cameHercules, 45:from the God within the form, from shining forth in its full power, is the matter or form aspect.Hercules, 47:The name Orion literally means "the breaking forth of light." Again and again, as we circle aroundHercules, 47:sign is an immense river of stars, which streams forth from under the feet of Orion. It is calledHercules, 48:Auriga, is the charioteer, leading forth to new lands and so symbolizing the soul. Nature of theHercules, 54:He has done well so far." And thus the word went forth. Far in a distant country grew the sacredHercules, 54:knew of these fruits, and when the word went forth to seek for them he sought the Teacher, askingHercules, 55:nor failure held for him a claim, Hercules went forth upon the Way, sure of himself, his wisdom andHercules, 57:caught his attention; then again the cry broke forth. Should he proceed upon his way, or should heHercules, 57:he felt the need for haste. Again a cry broke forth and Hercules, with rapid steps, sped to [58]Hercules, 58:star, and said to him with clarity and love, "Go forth and serve, and tread the way, fromHercules, 68:told, there comes a moment when a star blazes forth before the initiate, signifying his realizationHercules, 70:ruler, the hidden divinity, the redeemer. We go forth conquering and to conquer, but we have to doHercules, 78:of God, you thus can seek and hold the doe. Go forth." Hercules, 86:and the bird is the symbol of that flashing forth into incarnation and of appearance in time andHercules, 96:of war? What do I here?" "A call has sounded forth, O Hercules, a call of deep distress. Your outerHercules, 96:telling you of need and urging you to venture forth. The people of Nemea seek your aid. They are inHercules, 96:in deep distress. Word of your prowess has gone forth. They seek that you should kill the lion thatHercules, 96:ravaged land live silently behind locked doors. Forth to their tasks they venture not, nor tillHercules, 97:behind locked doors, save but a few who ventured forth because of need or desperation. They trodHercules, 97:the son of man, who was the son of God, went forth upon the Way, seeking the footstep of the lionHercules, 99:returned in triumph to the One Who sent him forth to test his strength, to serve and meet the needHercules, 105:the spiritual law and so hinders the flowering forth of the soul. The constellation Leo has in itHercules, From n:a son of God ? Is he prepared again to venture forth and try his mettle with a foe of a differentHercules, From n:assured within himself that when the word went forth the disciple would arise to labors new, andHercules, From n:Chamber of the Lord. And then the word went forth. "Arise, O Hercules, and pass the sixth greatHercules, From n:sixth great Gate." Another word likewise went forth, though not to Hercules, but unto those whoHercules, 113:all human life is truly turned. "Word has gone forth," said she, "that on his way there comes aHercules, 113:pondered o'er the problem, again a word went forth, saying that he was there, ahead of time,Hercules, 113:seize the sacred girdle of the fighting queen. Forth to the son of God who was likewise a son ofHercules, 115:of mental gestation and the struggle of bringing forth new ideas into manifestation. Another uniqueHercules, 119:to the Virgin as follows: "Behold, I will bring forth my servant, the branch". (Zechariah 3:8). OneHercules, 119:is based: "And a virgin shall conceive and bring forth a son", and link up with that verse inHercules, 124:the sign: On the ordinary wheel the command goes forth in the following words, which constitute theHercules, 125:his tablets the purpose of the coming test, went forth and spoke to Hercules. "Go forth, my son,Hercules, 125:test, went forth and spoke to Hercules. "Go forth, my son, and capture the wild boar; salvage aHercules, 125:yet take the time to eat." And Hercules went forth. And Hercules, who is a son of man and yet a sonHercules, 139:developed spiritual consciousness, the word goes forth again and again throughout the aeons: "AndHercules, 140:by surrendering; we gain by giving up. Go forth, O son of God and son of man, and conquer." ThroughHercules, 141:a propitious time when the beast would sally forth. In vain he watched. The monster stayed withinHercules, 143:the subconscious, now quiescent and now bursting forth in tumultuous frenzy, the beast establishesHercules, 153:sees the eagle, and is reminded that he has come forth into incarnation and will fly back fromHercules, 156:Two cymbals had he, large and brazen, that gave forth an unearthly screeching sound; a sound soHercules, 159:is always the symbol of divinity. Christ came forth riding on a white horse. There you haveHercules, 169:20th) The Myth "The light of life must now shine forth within a world of dark," the great PresidingHercules, 169:"Within this very hour Hercules shall venture forth." When Hercules stood face to face with him whoHercules, 180:Place of Peace the Great Presiding One poured forth the radiance of his exalted thought. TheHercules, 180:be cleansed of ancient evil. I have spoken." Forth went Hercules through Gate the eleventh inHercules, 197:and hurled it back to kill the one who sent it forth. At times he lost his way, but always HerculesHercules, 209:spoken and down the centuries the cry has gone forth: "Know thyself". This knowledge is theHercules, 211:be sought"; from the angle of soul, "I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule". Taurus, theHercules, 214:the angle of soul, "Water of Life am I, poured forth for thirsty men". Pisces, the Fishes Element:Hercules, 214:Keywords: Keywords: From the angle of form, "Go forth into matter"; from the angle of soul, I leaveInitiation, 3:and then as a Septenary. The One God shines forth as God the Father, God the Son, and God the HolyInitiation, 4:stars sang together." Dissonance yet sounds forth, and discord arises from many systems, but in theInitiation, 13:into a higher class, marks the clearer shining forth of the inner fire and the transition from oneInitiation, 16:and atmic planes; the five-pointed star "blazes forth from within Itself," as the esoteric phraseInitiation, 22:kingdoms, for in the human kingdom he shows forth the third aspect of active intelligence. In theInitiation, 22:initiations the first, or will, aspect shines forth, and from being a Master of Compassion and a
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