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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORTH

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Meditation, 233:the same force which at a later period will show forth as a virtue. The second point I seek to makeMeditation, 233:to make is that these influences (which show forth as colors when they contact matter) move inMeditation, 293:sounded by the man on a certain key may call forth a musical response from the Ego, but it willMeditation, 294:the Ego. The doorkeeper will respond and chant forth the reply in the same full sonorous tone,Meditation, 295:in conclusion point out that always the calling forth of the response must be the work of theMeditation, 320:not ready. Only when the inner light shines forth, only when the causal body is of a certainMeditation, 321:the quality of the tone of his life as it sounds forth in the inner world, upon the brilliance ofMeditation, 344:- such as holiness of character - that calls forth the soul's best endeavor; or a realization ofMeditation, 348:more apparent value when the Master's word goes forth, and when circumstances - and not theMeditation, 355:is the Lord of Civilization, and the flowering forth of the principle of intelligence. He is thePatanjaliof the second aspect of divinity. This blazing forth of the sons of righteousness before the worldPatanjaliGod, the cosmic Son of God will likewise shine forth with increased intensity of glory. The greatPatanjali, 9:in liberating this light so that it may "shine forth in a dark place;" i. e., on the physicalPatanjali, 12:hinder the light of the inner God from shining forth, and which are occultly spoken of as "castingPatanjali, 37:results in meditation and meditation flowers forth as contemplation. Patanjali, 52:culture and thus developed, until it flowered forth into the full glory of the liberated soul. ThisPatanjali, 54:sound of conscious Life itself as It is breathed forth into all forms. It is the Word of the secondPatanjali, 55:second, or Christ aspect of divinity to shine forth resplendently. It is the sound which bringsPatanjali, 58:literally interpreted; the esoteric "sounding forth" is based upon a study of the Law of Vibration,Patanjali, 59:the shadow or reflection. This "sounding forth" has to be constantly repeated. The Sutratma is thatPatanjali, 59:processes outlined. In the case of the sounding forth of the Word we have the following factors:Patanjali, 59:factors: The soul who sends, or breathes it forth, The sutratma or thread along which the soundPatanjali, 83:in the vibrant center eventually. When it shines forth perfectly within the wheel then that centerPatanjali, 128:of the divine Monad, and which send [128] him forth into the far country to eat of the husks ofPatanjali, 136:of all desire, and there is nothing to lure him forth into the byways of pleasure or of pain. Patanjali, 145:are found on the mental plane. The flowering forth into objectivity and fruition is to be seen onPatanjali, 146:to provide the needed soil for the flowering forth. New Karma. Those seeds or causes which arePatanjali, 159:incarnation or form, as we know it, manifests forth as the specific and the unspecific. It is asPatanjali, 159:it is there. The work of Raja Yoga is to bring forth into full knowledge this vague surmise so thatPatanjali, 165:a seemingly three dimensional life, yet he goes forth into the world of higher dimensions at hisPatanjali, 172:thread again within himself whereby he ventured forth into unknown realms, so the chela withdrawethPatanjali, 173:Desire for knowledge. It is this which drives forth the Prodigal Son, the soul into the threePatanjali, 173:further back still) it is this which sends forth the Monad or Spirit into incarnation. This basicPatanjali, 177:the three worlds no longer attract me; they call forth no response from me." Fear therefore isPatanjali, 189:to point out here that this quality of "going forth" towards the ideal or of straining towards thePatanjali, 209:aspirant [209] is most concerned. It is called forth when he can, from his heart, send forth thePatanjali, 209:called forth when he can, from his heart, send forth the call for fire, embodied in the words: 'IPatanjali, 226:new rate of vibration on the lower, the sounding forth of a new note, emanating from the innerPatanjali, 228:God" which they have hitherto hidden, can shine forth in all its beauty in the three worlds. ThisPatanjali, 234:5. As a result of sanyama comes the shining forth of the light. 6. This illumination is gradual; itPatanjali, 252:5. As a result of sanyama comes the shining forth of the light. There are several terms used herePatanjali, 253:of perception. The light of the soul pours forth and the man on the physical plane, in his brainPatanjali, 254:is the corollary of illumination. 3. The shining forth of insight. This gives a new angle on thePatanjali, 266:of full consciousness, or the streaming forth of that response to contact which is potential orPatanjali, 266:leads to a knowledge of the Father. The shining forth of the higher self, through the medium of thePatanjali, 267:or streams of divine energy, every life borne forth upon them differs and is distinctive. The stagePatanjali, 307:will be carried on, and the creative word sent forth. This general view is given so as to presentPatanjali, 317:simply vivid flashes of illumination, breaking forth into the mind consciousness and disappearingPatanjali, 317:the mind is achieved. Gradually the light shines forth in a continuous stream until the aspirantPatanjali, 333:into the body and the result will be a shining forth of light through the entire man. Not only willPatanjali, 342:nature. Sound and the other senses as they show forth on the physical plane. We must bear in mindPatanjali, 357:overcome, then the spiritual man stands forth in his own wide world, strong, mighty, wise. He usesPatanjali, 360:every stage of the path, the injunction sounds forth: "Forgetting the things which are behind,Patanjali, 364:world is the expression of a life as breathed forth on one or other of these streams. ThePatanjali, 368:rendered pure, and thus the light of God streams forth. That which proved a hindrance and anPatanjali, 381:be outgrown before the higher powers can blossom forth. It is needless to point out that the use ofPatanjali, 391:is characterized by a swinging back and forth between that which is kindly, harmless, and thePatanjali, 396:activity beats upon him at all times and draws forth from him that response which bears witness toPatanjali, 398:cause them to germinate, unfold, grow and flower forth into the clear light of day. There [399] isPatanjali, 423:been experienced, and the liberated man stands forth in the full light of day, these methods andPatanjali, x:first Ray impulse, such as that which brought forth H. P. Blavatsky. First Ray impulses rise in theProblems, 45:in human history wherein man's divinity flamed forth and indicated new ways of thinking, new modesProblems, 47:and upon the conviction that love always draws forth what is best in anyone. 2. An atmosphere ofProblems, 128:with each other and with Christ) should flower forth in all its glory; He taught that service wasProblems, 166:of Light within the Mind of God Let love stream forth into the minds of men. Let Light descend onProblems, 166:of Love within the Heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return toPsychology1, 9:in your own life experience, and they will call forth from you a recognition coming from yourPsychology1, 21:particular life upon whose emanation he issued forth, but it will include also in a secondaryPsychology1, 22:and the seven aeons or emanations came forth from the central vortex and actively repeated thePsychology1, 44:Life, the seven basic energies; they streamed forth from the center formed by the impact of thePsychology1, 50:"houses" the Light. Thus the Shekinah will shine forth within the secret place of the Temple in itsPsychology1, 63:incarnate. From the One who is the seven goes forth a word. That word reverberates along the linePsychology1, 65:thyself. Thou art the One, the Isolated. Come forth unto thine own. Quality - solitariness. LeadPsychology1, 65:own. Quality - solitariness. Lead thine own forth but learn to know thine own. Hate not attachmentPsychology1, 66:His qualities in the following aphorisms: Send forth the Word and speak the radiant love of God.Psychology1, 66:- love divine. Let the glory of the Lord shine forth. Let there be radiant light as well as radiantPsychology1, 66:Draw to thyself the object of thy search. Pull forth into the light of day from out the night ofPsychology1, 66:- attraction. When light and love are shewn forth then let the power within produce the perfectPsychology1, 66:flower. Let the word that heals the form go forth. That secret word that then must be revealed.Psychology1, 66:power of God, produce the word of wisdom. Send forth that word, and lead the sons of men from offPsychology1, 69:plane. Produce the garment of the Lord; set forth the robe of many colors. Then separate that robePsychology1, 70:point of high attainment, a higher vision blazes forth before the opened inner eye. The three arePsychology1, 72:harmony of the spheres. Color the sound. Sound forth the color. Produce the notes and see them passPsychology1, 75:place. The form is there. Its note is sounding forth. A beam of light illuminates the form; thePsychology1, 78:their summits and let them stand in light. Shine forth. Quality - emergence into form and out ofPsychology1, 78:God and His Angels now arise and touch. Bring forth the rod of power. Extend it outward toward thePsychology1, 78:them with fire, then bring them near. Bring forth. Quality - initiating activity. God and HisPsychology1, 82:thought-forms which must embody the ideas sent forth from the universal divine Mind. Men must beginPsychology1, 84:The time had not arrived for the breaking [84] forth of light. The Word could not be uttered. OnlyPsychology1, 84:seven Forms the work went on. A silent call went forth from each to each. Yet still the temple doorPsychology1, 84:into light. Out from the east, the Word went forth: Open the door to all the sons of men who comePsychology1, 84:walls and thus irradiate the world. Sound forth the Word creative and raise the dead to life. ThusPsychology1, 84:pilgrims to the east where the true light shines forth. "Why this opening of the temple?" demandPsychology1, 99:human kingdom down the ages, and who will flame forth during the coming century with greater gloryPsychology1, 110:to remember that they themselves evoke and call forth the teaching they receive. The positionPsychology1, 111:their united aspiration is strong enough - draw forth the teaching, and so form a center throughPsychology1, 111:form a center through which that teaching may go forth and begin its work of molding human thought,Psychology1, 121:and upon the human aura. Yellow-orange shines forth in both. I mention this as an illustration ofPsychology1, 123:among the devas likewise. The call has gone forth for them to approach humanity, and with theirPsychology1, 126:Each human being can therefore be made to give forth some specific sound; in making that sound he
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