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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORTH

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Psychology1, 127:one color predominates, and some one tone sounds forth; infinite are the gradations and many thePsychology1, 129:an understanding of the forces which stream forth from the divine creative center, and which wePsychology1, 130:true magnetic radiation and the pure shining forth of light become possible. Symbolically, in thePsychology1, 132:there is a growing intensity of light radiating forth from our planet. This does not necessarilyPsychology1, 133:purpose. By means of the Eye of God light shines forth upon the way of the sun, the path of thePsychology1, 134:searching. When the Knowledge of God shall shine forth universally (and this is not the knowledgePsychology1, 142:the life of God, and every human being has come forth along one line or other of the seven rayPsychology1, 142:or determined by the ray Life which breathed him forth, and his form nature is colored by the rayPsychology1, 159:beauty, sequence and unfoldment, [159] stands forth to our awakening consciousness, and we are leftPsychology1, 168:each of the divine centers of consciousness put forth a thread of being into an atom of the highestPsychology1, 203:sake of others, spend themselves in giving it forth. The student on this ray is ever unsatisfiedPsychology1, 226:The power of the incoming cosmic rays has called forth the more easily recognized radioactivityPsychology1, 227:universal concept is seen when the jewel rays forth its beauty, and when radium sends forth itsPsychology1, 227:rays forth its beauty, and when radium sends forth its rays, both destructive and constructive. IfPsychology1, 242:three rays, working in unison, has been to bring forth the fourth result, the perfume of thePsychology1, 253:which is needed, from the activity of ranging forth for food and the use of [254] the power toPsychology1, 259:They wait in that condition until the word goes forth that that door may be passed which will admitPsychology1, 261:produces a reaction in himself, and which calls forth a response. Thus he is enabled to find outPsychology1, 264:temple can be glorified and the Word be uttered forth within a chamber of life-giving force and notPsychology1, 264:divine, upon a fivefold sign, and - springing forth - we live." Then in relation to humanity, thePsychology1, 265:So the work proceeds. The rays stream forth in: A solar cycle, such as the present one, in whichPsychology1, 267:rays play their part with humanity and bring man forth into manifestation as he is in essence andPsychology1, 268:and a note may be struck which will sound forth clearly in the present welter of discordant sounds,Psychology1, 271:It would serve no useful purpose if I put forth, in this brief discussion of an immense subject,Psychology1, 281:Lord of Life. This over-shadowing will call forth a response from all those who are in any wayPsychology1, 289:externalize a spiritual happening and picture forth to man his spiritual goal and God's greatPsychology1, 293:earlier [293] pointed out, the light will shine forth and Christ will be born within them. DuringPsychology1, 336:of the incarnating sons of God. Man comes forth, as do all lives within the radius of influence ofPsychology1, 344:descend from out the heavenly places and venture forth towards the sphere of Earth. From the fourthPsychology1, 345:the form, within the fourth sphere whence came forth the higher governing four. Thus will thePsychology1, 350:into activity and is only in process of "coming forth to power." It is steadily increasing inPsychology1, 351:resemble the Mother. The three elder sons go forth into the universe of stars, and there theyPsychology1, 351:they represent the Father. The younger four go forth into the universe of stars and show the naturePsychology1, 360:reactions. The seventh ray will train and send forth groups of initiates, working in close unisonPsychology1, 362:historical Christ to permit his light to shine forth. The sixth ray produced the great idealisticPsychology1, 364:of the planet to the service of the race. Send forth those energies which will produce in some onePsychology1, 365:Treatise on the Seven Rays has also been sent forth in an effort to clarify the incoming spiritualPsychology1, 365:whom the genius of each nation has brought forth to deal with the unique problems with which it isPsychology1, 378:glory which will irradiate the planet, and shine forth into the world of planets as a testimony toPsychology1, 383:cease living in the wonder of their past and go forth into the [384] future to demonstrate the factPsychology1, 396:of the present Jewish race: "The law went forth from the inner group which guided the destinies ofPsychology1, 396:those gates, ready to enter when the Word went forth to roll the gates aside, were laden with thePsychology1, 396:and thus shew their love. "Again the Word went forth: Leave all behind and pass beyond the portal,Psychology1, 396:They loved not discipline. "Again the Word went forth: Drop on the ground all that you hold, andPsychology1, 397:the service of the light. Again the Word went forth to the revolting three, who waited stillPsychology1, 397:The ancient legend tells us that the three went forth in sorrow and revolt, laden with theirPsychology1, 466:upon a world destroyed. Then let the word go forth: 'I will persist.' " [417] SECOND RAY "Let allPsychology1, 417:the consciousness of God. Let the word go forth, reverberating through the silence: 'Naught is butPsychology1, 417:realize the One in Many, and let the word go forth in perfect understanding: 'I am the Worker andPsychology1, 417:Light let the soul speak, let the word roll forth: 'Beauty and Glory veil Me not. I stand revealed.Psychology1, 417:of light divine. Let the word triumphant go forth: 'I mastered energy for I am energy itself. ThePsychology1, 417:Then in the silence subsequent let him chant forth the word: 'The creative work is over. I, thePsychology1, 428:which is needed, from the activity of ranging forth for food, and the use of the power to scentPsychology2, 10:the stage of life. The self-aware entity comes forth into physical incarnation. The actor appearsPsychology2, 10:day of full personality emphasis. The soul comes forth into dense form and on the lowest plane. ThePsychology2, 11:individual who has, under the process, flowered forth into knowledge and power, and is an examplePsychology2, 14:the man at the third initiation to manifest forth as "a full-grown man in Christ", and present atPsychology2, 19:or of the solar angel, as that energy pours forth upon the vehicles and produces reciprocal energyPsychology2, 20:into the light. But from the light which streams forth from that larger synthesis, and from thePsychology2, 23:emanating from those soul rays which stream forth from the outer tier of petals in the egoic lotus.Psychology2, 32:of life in form fails to appear. It flashes forth a little while, then disappears. The BlessedPsychology2, 33:not. But the Blessed Ones at any time can sweep forth into manifested light. They carry then thePsychology2, 33:each full moon of May, when the Buddha flashes forth into manifestation, for the fulfilment of thePsychology2, 35:dwell the Blessed Lords, and from that place go forth to "illumine the world of men and of thePsychology2, 36:building. My light is hidden. Only my word goes forth. Around me lie the waters. Can I return fromPsychology2, 37:the veil was latent thought. The thought reached forth: 'Behind this veil of maya I stand, aPsychology2, 37:shall I do? I wander in illusion.' The word went forth: 'All is illusion, 0 Dweller in the shadows.Psychology2, 37:'All is illusion, 0 Dweller in the shadows. Come forth into the light of day. Display the hiddenPsychology2, 37:existence.' " Ray Four "The Blessed One rushed forth to combat. He saw existence as two warringPsychology2, 37:the angels to my aid! The trumpet sound went forth: 'Rise up and fight, and reconcile the armies ofPsychology2, 37:energies.' " Ray Five "The Blessed One came forth in ignorance. He wandered in a darkness deep ofPsychology2, 38:me another way to weave.' The Word for him came forth in triple form. His mind responded to thePsychology2, 38:them, fleeting glimpses of the goal shone forth. He swung in mid-heaven. He sought to swing intoPsychology2, 38:What shall I do to find The Way?' A cry went forth. It seemed to come from deep within his heart:Psychology2, 39:and attune yourself unto the whole. Then venture forth. Establish the right rhythm; bring order toPsychology2, 45:spot of unity, the One who is released stands forth and says: 'I return from whence I came; fromPsychology2, 45:is achieved. Mouth to mouth, the breath is drawn forth, and the breath is drawn in. Heart to heart,Psychology2, 45:All then is lost and gained. The Word goes forth: 'I tread the Way of Love. I love the Plan. UntoPsychology2, 46:as one. With twelve clear notes, the hour sounds forth, and then the two are one. The Angel standsPsychology2, 46:produce the merging of their lives. Glory shines forth. Truth is revealed. he work is done. ThenPsychology2, 46:work is done. Then man, who is the soul, cries forth with power: 'I understand the Way - the innerPsychology2, 46:sphere of light. The two are one. The Voice goes forth: 'Harmony is restored and the beauty of thePsychology2, 46:and the beauty of the Lord of Love shines forth. Such is the Plan. Thus is the Whole revealed. ThePsychology2, 47:stretches from the heart, the life that issues forth from God, have served the Plan. The mind thatPsychology2, 47:thus they merge and blend. The trumpet call goes forth: 'The warfare is no more. The battle ends.Psychology2, 56:in its own inherent nature, as it comes forth from the mind of either the macrocosmic Deity or thePsychology2, 59:had to supply and in search of which he went forth. A radiance or light, which will augment thePsychology2, 61:to preserve identity of some kind, to flower forth into certain instinctual reactions, and toPsychology2, 72:himself into the higher worlds. His energy goes forth, through the medium of the controlled andPsychology2, 72:constructed through the constant effort to draw forth the intuition, through subservience andPsychology2, 72:upon the Probationary Path. The effort to draw forth the intuition requires directed occult (butPsychology2, 76:held. The various types of human beings who come forth along one or other of the seven rays, havePsychology2, 84:out upon a world destroyed. Then let the word go forth: 'I still persist!'" Ray Two - "Let all thePsychology2, 84:the consciousness of God. Let the word go forth, reverberating through the silence: 'Naught is butPsychology2, 84:realize the One in Many, and let the word go forth in perfect understanding: 'I am the Worker andPsychology2, 84:Light, let the soul speak: Let the word roll forth: 'Beauty and glory veil Me not. I standPsychology2, 84:of light divine. Let the word triumphant go forth: 'I mastered energy for I am energy Itself. ThePsychology2, 84:Then in the silence subsequent, let him chant forth the Word: 'The creative [85] work is over. I,Psychology2, 95:the World Saviors must be recognized as coming forth to serve the race, with sacrifice of some kindPsychology2, 96:the Father's home when he chose to wander forth into the far country. He wasted and sacrificed his
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