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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORTH

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Rays, 58:wholes takes place, and each time the Word goes forth: Accepted as a group. Have I succeeded inRays, 60:grasp unless at the point where the Word goes forth to you): that the initiate stands alone inRays, 60:The initiate has heard the Word which came forth to him when he was irrevocably committed toRays, 61:and it is these notes which produce the sounding forth of the three demands which evoke responseRays, 63:given to aspirants and disciples) must sound forth "across the desert, over all the seas andRays, 63:(I am talking in symbols), that this flowering forth should take place according to the Plan. ThisRays, 64:we are told, that the first great demand "sounds forth within the world of God's ideas and towardsRays, 64:earlier cry of the disciple, which was sounded forth "over the seas." It refers to the world ofRays, 65:has in it a different implication, and sounds forth, we are told, "through the fires." In thisRays, 65:or the demand of the initiate, the sound goes forth "through the fire, to the fire, and from theRays, 65:called "the atmic: plane," the demand goes forth and the result of that demand will work out onRays, 68:the past. Let the cry of invocation [68] issue forth from the deep center of the group's clear coldRays, 71:The second ("Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth...") can, in reality, only be used with anyRays, 72:of tension again ensues in which a Word goes forth in response to the invocative cry of the newRays, 73:Group Initiation Let the cry of invocation issue forth from the deep center of the group's clearRays, 74:are the higher correspondence of the blazing forth of the light in the head, when the light of theRays, 76:evoked from humanity by the invocation sounded forth by Shamballa? Can this evocation of a newRays, 77:you if I were to suggest that the words, "issue forth from the deep center of the group's clearRays, 77:the produced tension, the invocative cry can go forth with power and effectiveness. The same isRays, 81:the Lord of the World, and "sees His star shine forth" and hears the sound which - to quote the OldRays, 81:which - to quote the Old Commentary. "...pours forth from that central point of power whereRays, 81:to meet the highest need; where energy comes forth and blends with force and (in the blending)Rays, 82:yours, and yet the note which none have sounded forth." Rays, 89:and "for the salvation of His people, He comes forth." He thus meets the need, and at the same timeRays, 94:of men respond. Then will a newer light shine forth into the dismal weary vale of [95] earth. ThenRays, 95:known before. Then will the will-to-good flower forth as understanding, and understanding blossomRays, 95:enable certain aspects of the will to flower forth correctly and with safety. The tendency toRays, 112:unison let the group perceive the Triad shining forth, dimming the light of the soul and blottingRays, 115:unison let the group perceive the Triad shining forth, dimming the light of the soul and blottingRays, 116:for what is called in Rule V "the Triad shining forth"; he must now prepare for the unfoldment ofRays, 117:place of God Himself, [117] a Son of God comes forth. He stands before the needle's eye and seeksRays, 137:addressed as an individual and is told to give forth "those sounds" which will be heard by theRays, 148:Portal, the greater seven must awaken and bring forth response from the lesser seven upon theRays, 172:let the One Initiator appear Whose star shone forth when first the Door was passed. The greatestRays, 175:Initiator is invoked, when we see His star shine forth." Two ideas then stand forth: the idea ofRays, 175:see His star shine forth." Two ideas then stand forth: the idea of invocation and of the result ofRays, 175:which is the sudden and unexpected shining forth of the Star. This star is simply a point of vividRays, 175:is required before the star can shine forth - the focused light of the One Initiator. For the firstRays, 176:or separation. The star that has shone forth, veiling and standing between him and the Lord of theRays, 176:fourth initiation, it is not a star which shines forth before him, but a triangle; and within thatRays, 182:OM and let them hear that OM as it is sounded forth by Him Who stands and waits at the very centerRays, 189:disciples out into the world of men; they issued forth in large numbers, and whilst preservingRays, 201:of the Council Chamber of Shamballa sounds forth all words, the Word, and He also utters the Sound.Rays, 201:dawns. Then it will again be exhaled and sent forth to provide a new field of experience for theRays, 202:be when he can. Hear the OM as it is sounded forth by Him Who stands and waits at the very centerRays, 203:to you that the words "the OM, as it is sounded forth by Him Who stands within the confines ofRays, 204:Sound, rounded and full, [204] of O is sounded forth, but that the concluding sound of the M isRays, 204:the will of God is focused and dynamically sent forth to carry out the purpose is Shamballa. TheRays, 219:the life principle in the group heart can shine forth with both brilliance and radiance. It is thisRays, 220:stabilizes, is invocatory in effect and draws forth response eventually from the inner Ashram,Rays, 222:use the word "inspiration" advisedly), has gone forth; it has passed beyond the sphere of theRays, 222:quite normally; the irretrievable Word has gone forth and all is well and safely accomplished. ButRays, 226:at this time. The stage of a group sounding-forth of the Word and establishing direct relation withRays, 233:To receive inspiration from the Hierarchy and go forth, consequently, to inspire. To hold theRays, 246:living, then the underlying Purpose will shine forth and he will no longer be working in the dark.Rays, 266:law unto the Law of Synthesis; which breathes forth the many Breaths and yet is Life Itself." InRays, 299:sight has been attained and the light streams forth, revelation of the oneness of all life is aRays, 302:towards the dark and, when the light shines forth grasp opportunity. What now appears? A horridRays, 304:to move forward, will inevitably [304] call forth the needed response and the needed revealers ofRays, 308:cultures, races, kingdoms in nature and so forth - their destruction is brought about from stillRays, 315:It was also a tremendous affirmation, sent forth on the energy of the will, and making all thingsRays, 329:and let him see to it that his light shines forth in a dark place, for "in that light shall he seeRays, 332:humanity's critical mind and the word has gone forth from that mass mind that both of them failedRays, 364:(physical, emotional, intuitional, and so forth) is essentially spiritual in nature and isRays, 397:vision is adequate to the task of drawing Him forth from the hierarchical Ashram, except in oneRays, 397:of esoteric attraction which draws the Master forth from His Ashram, conditions His decision andRays, 411:as was the Hierarchy then; the word has gone forth to our three Great Lords - the Manu, the ChristRays, 446:himself into the higher worlds. His energy goes forth, through the medium of the controlled andRays, 447:constructed through the constant effort to draw forth the intuition, through subservience andRays, 447:upon the Probationary Path. The effort to draw forth the intuition requires directed occult (butRays, 457:the spiritual angle, its note or sound will go forth and will evoke response from the soul on itsRays, 462:His aeonial seclusion in Shamballa, and coming forth into outer expression at the end of this worldRays, 470:by what name you call them. The appeal goes forth. The invocation of humanity can and will and mustRays, 491:of the process of the Monad when It sent forth the thread of life which finally anchored itself inRays, 491:later process, when the soul in its turn sent forth a dual thread which finally found anchorage inRays, 494:from the Spiritual Triad. There is then a going forth towards the aspect of the antahkarana,Rays, 494:(Monad), working through the thread, now goes forth to meet the Son (the soul, enriched by theRays, 494:line of responsive projection of energy is sent forth which will eventually make contact with theRays, 502:of the creative imagination [502] is now called forth and this forms the second stage. ThisRays, 513:or the note upon which they should be sounded forth. This used to be regarded of supremeRays, 515:it be," uttered with the right hand stretched forth and signifying the embodied will of the Lodge,Rays, 521:[521] awareness of that relation; it draws forth the recognition of the Whole that the demand hasRays, 527:to the Whole. [527] Eventually Hercules came forth and opened the door on to the Path ofRays, 528:a group "standing with massed intent" can bring forth, and has done so many times in our planetaryRays, 548:which we call Humanity. Thus "the Word came forth." He had a dual mission to fulfil in order toRays, 552:to the "music of the spheres" will bring forth the new music. All this will be in response to theRays, 568:and are cyclically withdrawn. As they radiate forth into the three worlds, the impacting energiesRays, 583:and firmly anchored in the love which streams forth from the soul." Let me sum up what I have saidRays, 616:of the return of the Christ: "Let Light stream forth into the minds of men." The influencing of theRays, 616:The mental plane. Stanza I. "Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men." The influencing of theRays, 618:of goodwill as they implement the "streaming forth of the love of God into the hearts of men." WeRays, 618:an alignment, so that the love - streaming forth from the Heart of God - enters the hearts of men;Rays, 619:embodying as it does the love of God, is drawn forth from the heart of the planet (the Hierarchy)Rays, 630:to harmonize with the rest of the world and draw forth the loving response of other nations. It isRays, 644:seeks new light upon the Plan. That light shines forth and with the force of its revealing power,Rays, 648:reach new heights. Thus will the "light stream forth into the minds of men," and the first stanzaRays, 650:of the second aspect of this ray - a blazing forth of the light which will focus clearly for him,Rays, 659:the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara will issue forth the Sower of the seed; He will sow it withinRays, 660:spiritual energy and which are already pouring forth in response to human invocation. InRays, 671:each other, and the light in the head shines forth; a line of light, permitting free interplay, is
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