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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORWARD

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Astrology, 54:of human unfoldment the reconciliation goes forward. Upon the physical plane we find the merging ofAstrology, 55:and adjusted. The analogy can also be carried forward onto the mental plane and when the energiesAstrology, 121:consciousness is [121] carried intelligently forward and the selfish aspirations and experiments ofAstrology, 139:heart and mind is the result of the work carried forward in the fourth Creative Hierarchy under theAstrology, 161:is in a state of turmoil, prior to a great step forward in self-conscious unfoldment, and in theAstrology, 162:tested and tried, prior to taking a major step forward - in some cases this will be the taking ofAstrology, 170:with higher spiritual tendencies goes steadily forward, and this most material of all the signs isAstrology, 183:the particular life in which a man carries forward the process of reversal may not perhaps be oneAstrology, 183:to deal with hundreds of cases and be carried forward over a long period of time in order to proveAstrology, 210:Scorpio, the result of all the struggles carried forward during the seemingly endless pilgrimageAstrology, 224:with humanity and with world processes. Carried forward to its logical conclusion, the influence ofAstrology, 230:the processes of physical incarnation go forward in Cancer, followed by the dual development of theAstrology, 230:upon the Path of Outgoing and which is carried forward upon the Path of Ingoing, or the Path ofAstrology, 239:and reinforced their determination to move forward and thus have returned into Scorpio upon theAstrology, 240:The unfoldment of the plan is thus carried forward through a progressed series of beginnings, ofAstrology, 240:in the world that which he intends to carry forward and Cancer then reveals to him its secret. HeAstrology, 264:of Mercury in connection with humanity has gone forward most satisfactorily and has broughtAstrology, 278:the personality will be scientifically carried forward; full use will be made of the planetaryAstrology, 278:relation. Pisces consummates the work carried forward in this major world cycle. Some idea of theAstrology, 282:the wheel as a personality or is he moving forward as a soul? The conflict to which all disciplesAstrology, 283:this sequence that they affect him and carry him forward on his desired way, thus givingAstrology, 287:Sagittarius, warrant study. Fire always carries forward esoterically that which water has begun. InAstrology, 302:cause of progress or evolutionary movement forward; it is the keynote of the man who has achievedAstrology, 307:Uranus and Neptune, have been carried adequately forward in the life of the advanced disciple. ThisAstrology, 327:under the influence of "divine duality" to carry forward the development of the lives whichAstrology, 353:process of the higher relationship is carried forward with rapidity upon the Path of Discipleship.Astrology, 362:In the Earth a great balancing process is going forward between two great streams of cosmic energy,Astrology, 370:wheel does not turn like a wheel in a car either forward or the reverse. It turns every way andAstrology, 372:attitude there is worldwide preparation going forward in a simple and unobtrusive manner throughAstrology, 372:be found at the heart of all forms. It is going forward also through the constant attempt toAstrology, 378:life, thought and desire, [378] dashing blindly forward in the force of their own momentum andAstrology, 378:far vision of possibility and a steady movement forward in spite of the immediate dangers andAstrology, 392:his Master whether he has the strength to move forward along the line of service. There is revealedAstrology, 397:is ever a constructive, planning, creative, forward-moving force; such men are greatly needed inAstrology, 398:that the Taurian subject will blunder blindly forward again in his own self-interest but will, inAstrology, 404:of energy which must and will without fail carry forward the good undertaken under the inspirationAstrology, 411:to have it definitely in your minds as we go forward [412] with our new studies. You have here aAstrology, 431:a call, relayed from voice to voice and rolling forward on the OM. The disciple, hearing thatAstrology, 449:through which humanity is being led at this time forward along the path of return. In thisAstrology, 466:frequency to the higher Self. The man "presses forward on that Path wherein he learns to see."Astrology, 473:of possible effort, thus enabling him to move forward into a more enlightened state ofAstrology, 495:These processes, when successfully carried forward, evoke the intuition and this brings intoAstrology, 506:impulsed by will, motivated by love and carried forward with intelligence. Astrologers should hereAstrology, 510:willing to experiment with them, a great stride forward into the unveiling of the astrology of theAstrology, 516:laid. What I here give can provide another step forward and further light. It might here be statedAstrology, 555:energies govern and direct the soul as it moves forward upon the Path of Initiation. Necessarily,Astrology, 562:(the reversed wheel of the zodiac, A.A.B.) he forward moves. A new light enters in. The SevenAstrology, 574:and Humanity. He knows that he must carry forward the dual task of invocation and evocationAstrology, 584:whose lives are conditioned by the will to carry forward the purposes of God in love, who seekAstrology, 587:relation of the Hierarchy to Shamballa, carried forward as the Masters attempt to work out divineAstrology, 597:out through its medium are the forceful carrying forward of the recognized plan with a goalAstrology, 598:which carries the process intelligently forward on the strength of its own momentum. Again I wouldAstrology, 599:is the reason why human perfection is carried forward consciously upon the mental plane, the fifthAstrology, 600:but with that impersonal force which drives forward through all the seven planes of our solarAstrology, 614:third stage of the evolutionary process, carried forward upon the Path of Initiation and enteredAstrology, 617:plan. This, the Life of our, planet, carried forward in three major stages, particularly from theAstrology, 617:and space of the Many into the One are carried forward from a point of [618] focused, dynamic will,Astrology, 618:see developed the needed transformation carried forward in their lives; then - equally expectant -Astrology, 624:to achieve its goal, relentlessly pushing forward, permitting itself no let-up or leeway until theAstrology, 624:the first ray which is dynamic and which crashes forward in spite of all obstacles; the latter doesAstrology, 629:Itself in that which it is not." This is carried forward in three stages - all of them the resultAstrology, 630:external synthesis in successive stages, carried forward from temporary syntheses until there isAstrology, 633:spirit which will enable Them to carry forward to completion the Will of God on Earth. It was theAstrology, 634:that synthesis and will; through Ray VI, we move forward to complete identification with thatAtom, 15:three main lines of thought which have been put forward as explanatory of the cosmic process; allAtom, 62:self-knowledge and self-control. All is carried forward under this basic law. In every form youAtom, 114:of consciousness is an initiation. Every step forward along the path of awareness is an initiation.Atom, 128:we shall become radioactive. We shall then carry forward a definite purpose which will be theAtom, 133:along any particular line, who shall say how far forward it will be possible for us to go as timeAtom, 147:His purposes by means of it. Finally we carried forward the same idea in connection with the solarAutobiography, 2:lived many incarnations in one. I have moved forward steadily but with exceeding difficultyAutobiography, 2:and that when I did, it always meant a step forward in understanding and a greater ability,Autobiography, 2:help. The result of this apparently blind moving forward (as when I married and came to the U.S.A.)Autobiography, 3:have lived and worked together and we both look forward to many more. I have no more to say on thisAutobiography, 6:life encourages another ordinary person to push forward, this book will be worth while; if it leadsAutobiography, 48:that this period saw me take a definite step forward along the Path. Slowly, and without knowing itAutobiography, 57:they made me a presentation. The senior man came forward at the end of my peroration and handed meAutobiography, 72:rightful place and the world of men will move forward in peace and security towards the new cultureAutobiography, 139:civilization and culture had seen humanity step forward a little further upon the path of return toAutobiography, 207:by someone. One of the things that I am looking forward to when I pass over to the other side is toAutobiography, 210:sources of happiness and the same urge to go forward spiritually. The Grand Duke was a convincedAutobiography, 223:be cleaned up and real spiritual work will go forward. One of the things we had to contend with wasAutobiography, 230:their own Masters. All these projects if carried forward under Hierarchical inspiration and in aAutobiography, 252:for liberty, for opportunity for all to move forward along the way of light, for human welfareAutobiography, 257:done nor has her work been started or carried forward on the basis of "The Master ordered this."Autobiography, 260:material so sequential, and the reason is led forward with such logical precision, that anyAutobiography, 266:can register the vision of the future will move forward to increased usefulness, to vitalAutobiography, 270:is to be made. Step by step the disciple is led forward along the Path until the time comes when heAutobiography, 270:the methods whereby he has been taught and led forward along the Path. He is, therefore, aAutobiography, 271:of proportion. These teach him that each step forward in the spiritual life reveals still moreAutobiography, 283:- through whom that work can be carried forward. Intentionally, therefore, we make the workAutobiography, 287:work of the previous degrees has been carried forward and those who remain fall into twoAutobiography, 288:in all the world religions. The Christian looks forward to the advent of Christ, the Jew is stillAutobiography, 294:no charge for its services; the work is carried forward on a voluntary basis. A yearly statement isAutobiography, 297:today a well-organized group of servers carrying forward certain spiritual projects for which weAutobiography, 300:been given to us by A.A.B. and has been carried forward by those of us who have been so fortunateAutobiography, 300:in the world who would be available to carry forward the Hierarchical Plans. An esoteric schoolAutobiography, 302:one. The founding and perfecting and carrying forward of the Arcane School was in fact a part ofAutobiography, 303:have joined our ranks, was stopped. The pushing forward of the program of solving the problem ofBethlehemin process of rapid formation, as all those with forward-seeing vision and a realization of the
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