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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORWARD

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Bethlehem, 6:people speak of a failing Christianity, and look forward to that spiritual revelation which seemsBethlehem, 15:to the race as a whole to take a tremendous step forward, to undergo the "new birth" or take theBethlehem, 18:of the task which each man could carry forward within himself, bridging that essential dualityBethlehem, 36:We are trembling on the verge of another step forward; we are ready for another initiation; we areBethlehem, 40:incarnation, is on the verge of taking that step forward which will bring about that first of theBethlehem, 40:increase, and the momentum set up will carry him forward along that Way which leads from one highBethlehem, 40:others. The illuminati have ever led the race forward; the knowers, mystics and saints have everBethlehem, 74:everything which is past and stretching forward to what lies in front of me, with my eyes fixed onBethlehem, 78:in order to enable us to take the next step forward upon the path of discipleship, the next step toBethlehem, 103:life's happenings are related to the carrying forward of the life task. Life takes on trueBethlehem, 105:the initiate the confidence and the power to go forward. It is affective in our experience and isBethlehem, 131:work with Him, and whom He had to train to carry forward the mission of the kingdom, and then HeBethlehem, 146:of the hidden Christ, and we shall look forward to that momentous day when we, too, shall standBethlehem, 147:then the speed with which the work is carried forward is greatly accentuated. This produces aBethlehem, 151:I believe, as the evolutionary process goes forward, we shall come to a deeper understanding of theBethlehem, 161:the nature of that mission which Christ came to forward, and what constituted the Will of God whichBethlehem, 162:then consciously and definitely carry the man forward into a new manifestation of divinity? TheBethlehem, 166:and He knew how He would die, and yet He went forward undeviatingly upon the course assigned Him,Bethlehem, 170:duty and of service, and which enabled Him to go forward with staunch determination to the CrossBethlehem, 175:and from that time on we have moved steadily forward towards a new age wherein men inevitably willBethlehem, 176:and the ears to hear. Inevitably we are moving forward towards greatness, and Christ emphasizedBethlehem, 203:be actuated by unselfish purpose, and be carried forward in the strength of the inner spiritualBethlehem, 233:because He has risen the kingdom of God can go forward upon earth, and His message of love can beBethlehem, 251:to evolution, the impulse to progress, to push forward, to live, and to know that one lives. ThisBethlehem, 259:great Brother laid down. He carried the teaching forward the next step, and made it available toBethlehem, 259:emotional and mental - had been carried forward to a definite point of integration andBethlehem, 265:those who can impress the masses and lead people forward. They seek to guide by mental processesBethlehem, 270:wonder of the process is that it can be carried forward here and now, in the situation in which weBethlehem, 275:of life in the other kingdoms because he can go forward upon the wave of God's life in fullBethlehem, 276:Perhaps these two are simply carried forward in an idealistic sense as man faces finality. Bethlehem, 277:been a wrong attitude. We may arise and carry forward the inner Plan by equipping ourselves towardsDestiny, 11:a manner that the peoples of the earth can go forward into an era of peace and true development -Destiny, 59:it is interesting to note that Italy carries forward her plans with very little hate and with theDestiny, 81:desires, his arrogant will and his blind moving forward towards the possession of that which hasDestiny, 86:Taurian influence which leads to a blind rushing forward towards a goal, irrespective ofDestiny, 112:basic orientation has not been going steadily forward, it is of value to bear in mind that duringDestiny, 115:world disciples, this process has been carried forward into the next stage of unfoldment to whichDestiny, 127:work upon the physical plane, carried forward by those influenced by the sixth ray force, has ledDiscipleship1, X:into the Kingdom of God; that this moving forward upon the Path of Evolution out of the fourthDiscipleship1, XII:hand to the plow," turns not back but presses forward "towards the prize of his high calling inDiscipleship1, 4:and group good. [4] Group endeavor, carried forward as a group, to love all beings and to apprehendDiscipleship1, 4:but which will also - above everything else - forward the work of the New Age. It is, therefore, myDiscipleship1, 6:of the body and the emotions. The work has to go forward in clamor. The point of peace must beDiscipleship1, 7:without pressure stated your willingness to go forward into a more intensive spiritual life. ThisDiscipleship1, 14:which - corroborated by the reason - carries one forward into knowledge and evokes the wisdom ofDiscipleship1, 16:this life cycle, then the group can carry forward into the future and work together on otherDiscipleship1, 17:measure up to the opportunity and carry the work forward in the three worlds and in the kingdomDiscipleship1, 19:of the Great White Lodge and will be carried forward through the medium of those energies which areDiscipleship1, 20:It should result also in a united push forward of all spiritual and occult agencies and theDiscipleship1, 22:are one, whose personalities are merged into one forward swing, whose rhythm is one and whose unityDiscipleship1, 31:work together, it became possible for me to go forward with my chosen work and carry forward theDiscipleship1, 31:me to go forward with my chosen work and carry forward the plans which I set myself when I took aDiscipleship1, 33:These in the New Age will multiply and so carry forward the work of integrating the inner and theDiscipleship1, 35:and other members of the Hierarchy are carrying forward under the Plan. The individual discipleDiscipleship1, 37:fact that healing must eventually be carried forward by groups which will act as the intermediariesDiscipleship1, 53:of energies has (for centuries) been carried forward by us but its effects have only beenDiscipleship1, 58:have you seize. The training, hitherto carried forward upon the inner planes, and unrealized oft inDiscipleship1, 61:by group integration and group fusion, carried forward consciously: By bringing each group memberDiscipleship1, 64:or motives? Unless this work is carried forward selflessly and with complete freedom from personalDiscipleship1, 68:formation. In true telepathic work (carried forward without error and correctly and from a poisedDiscipleship1, 69:the task before the modern disciple is to carry forward into the New Age the idea of the bringingDiscipleship1, 70:they are occupied with the bridging work carried forward between the personality and the Monad (theDiscipleship1, 71:which I and several other initiates are carrying forward as members of a great spiritualDiscipleship1, 71:to failure. Many experiments are being carried forward today in the world by the various Members ofDiscipleship1, 74:When the war is over, our work must go forward at any and every cost and in the face of everyDiscipleship1, 78:self-depreciation or self-defence. Go forward with discrimination where your unfoldment isDiscipleship1, 79:dealt with and finally subdued. Let us go forward together, my brothers and chelas, along the pathDiscipleship1, 79:- such is the material with which I must carry forward my work. What can I do in such a situation,Discipleship1, 81:understanding and true impersonality can go forward upon the physical plane whilst in incarnation,Discipleship1, 92:he does so, the die is cast. He either moves forward towards the door of light where the MasterDiscipleship1, 92:was offered to him. Should he, however, go forward through that door, then (according to theDiscipleship1, 94:and they are sincerely and definitely moving forward upon the Way. I would remind you here thatDiscipleship1, 98:teacher and pupil - a withdrawing and a coming forward where the probationary disciple is concernedDiscipleship1, 104:and cyclic rest, and, before I can carry you forward to the next unfoldment, I seek to have youDiscipleship1, 113:upon the embodied idea and carry your thoughts forward and onward and upward (choose whichever wordDiscipleship1, 114:the real teaching is given. So, my brother, go forward along the same lines, earlier indicated,Discipleship1, 115:have you keep this steadfastly in mind and go forward to freer service, greater understanding andDiscipleship1, 116:detachment. That process of detachment will go forward in connection with all in the group and mustDiscipleship1, 120:by the second ray. Your ability to go forward in the face of obstacles in order to attain yourDiscipleship1, 128:your determination to tread the Path and to go forward towards your goal. That is for you anDiscipleship1, 139:- the true sannyasin. Carry your meditations forward exclusively in the head, therefore, except forDiscipleship1, 141:Z, the extroverting process must continue and go forward and I make the suggestion that he waitDiscipleship1, 147:find ample compensation as the work proceeds. Go forward to a fuller release and, therefore, toDiscipleship1, 148:and so much of your inability to carry forward your cherished plans over long periods of time haveDiscipleship1, 150:Your work must be specific and carried forward in connection with certain souls who warrant yourDiscipleship1, 153:in the following terms: Decisive action, carried forward and persisted in for the needed period ofDiscipleship1, 155:Having pointed this out, brother of old, go forward towards the goal and the vision withDiscipleship1, 156:of your illumined mind. I would ask you to carry forward this insulation along the line of love,Discipleship1, 157:and the throat centers. This should be carried forward in a rapid and definite manner and the restDiscipleship1, 158:taken to fit you for what you have to do. Go forward as at present. Let the Plan absorb you butDiscipleship1, 160:on people. In quietness and in confidence go forward along the Lighted Way and with expectancy asDiscipleship1, 161:go forth to the East and to the West. Go forward into this work with sure courage and with no senseDiscipleship1, 163:at this time is adequate to carry the plans forward. Therefore, hold steady, brood deeply but driveDiscipleship1, 164:of the New Group of World Servers... As you go forward with this task, the right method of approachDiscipleship1, 164:The steady, unbroken, inner push, carried forward through right organization of the outer factorsDiscipleship1, 166:This united and definite effort must be carried forward without discouragement or questioning -Discipleship1, 169:or the non-wisdom of past undertakings. Go forward with confidence and intensity. Months of focusedDiscipleship1, 169:action lie ahead of you and, rightly carried forward, success awaits you in the gathering of theDiscipleship1, 170:care nor due time for relaxation. The work goes forward in the world along the correct, indicatedDiscipleship1, 173:Build your picture stage by stage. [173] Go forward with courage, hope and joy, plus understanding,
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