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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORWARD

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Discipleship1, 175:been a renewing of your determination to press forward at all costs and yet some sense of failure,Discipleship1, 189:done in our service and I ask you [189] to go forward along the lines you have already so firmlyDiscipleship1, 193:and to the line of thought which you carry forward during these interludes. This is, for you, aDiscipleship1, 197:with a quite satisfactory simplicity are going forward. This ray also enables you to make a fairlyDiscipleship1, 202:exercise which I would ask you to carry forward regularly before doing the group meditation. ThisDiscipleship1, 207:explicit. As you steadily study time from the forward looking angle and time in reference to theDiscipleship1, 207:unconquered faults are firmly established. Go forward with your equipment as it is in fullDiscipleship1, 214:psychology and mass movements. Together we go forward to a wider realization and my work with youDiscipleship1, 216:- to the head and heart. This will be carried forward as you seek to live more consciously in theDiscipleship1, 233:But in this particular incarnation, every step forward in soul control must be taken through theDiscipleship1, 235:and that aspiration which have carried you forward into definite training for initiation. In aDiscipleship1, 236:have two main difficulties and before you can go forward into a greater liberty these must be, inDiscipleship1, 240:say it? - with a sense of humor!) disappear. Go forward with fresh courage. Learn from the past butDiscipleship1, 241:"Forgetting the things which are behind, press forward." The glamor which enveloped you has gone.Discipleship1, 247:Adhere closely to my instructions and carry forward the work; it should now be automatic. Note how,Discipleship1, 247:Note how, in doing so, you are carrying forward three lines of activity simultaneously: A physicalDiscipleship1, 248:effects. This entire meditation is to be carried forward in the heart - not in the physical heartDiscipleship1, 248:Alignment with the soul, to be carried forward as rapidly as possible until it becomes eventuallyDiscipleship1, 249:its dominant need, and the work to be carried forward during the next few years. How shall thisDiscipleship1, 251:Here is indicated to you what your next step forward into the light should be. The question nowDiscipleship1, 252:[252] If you will with faithfulness carry forward this work, you will free yourself from the gripDiscipleship1, 252:life and give much to your fellow disciples. Go forward, therefore, with joy into a richer serviceDiscipleship1, 262:you this for your comforting and help. To carry forward this new service to which you haveDiscipleship1, 263:will find it profitable to use for a while. Go forward in peace, and with assurance, my brother.Discipleship1, 263:the message of speed. Not hurry nor the rushing forward into experience with undue haste, but theDiscipleship1, 264:body is the word for you, brother of mine... Go forward in strength (which you have) and in peaceDiscipleship1, 268:them. That you may with steadiness and joy go forward to the work of the coming year and that youDiscipleship1, 270:of the world opportunity for service. Go forward, therefore, with the same work as outlined in theDiscipleship1, 271:can gauge. A steady readjustment has gone forward in your life and in your grasp of the workDiscipleship1, 272:wrongly motivated and this process - carried forward over so long a time - has led to the presentDiscipleship1, 281:but the effort can be carried still further forward when your interest in the significance of timeDiscipleship1, 284:personality has been your task of late, carried forward both consciously and unconsciously. TheDiscipleship1, 286:meditation just now, brother of mine. Carry it forward for another six months. There has not beenDiscipleship1, 287:great psychic center. This all indicates a step forward, provided you continue to hold with careDiscipleship1, 288:I would like to see your meditation carried forward more dynamically and with a more instantaneousDiscipleship1, 292:constant use it also grows. You are thereby led forward, and the group contribution to other groupsDiscipleship1, 293:are your life keynote, and with humility go forward, and thus aid in the breaking of the worldDiscipleship1, 298:with that soul. The alignment usually carried forward is that of the personality with the soul.Discipleship1, 303:door. I turn and radiate." You can then carry forward your own meditation, though refraining fromDiscipleship1, 306:endeavoring to do. With this in mind, carry forward your spiritual life during the next six monthsDiscipleship1, 310:The eventual great work, successfully carried forward, which falls to the lot of all who achieveDiscipleship1, 313:the exercise is faithfully and rightly carried forward. Enter into a closer relationship with me,Discipleship1, 321:that center so that the creative work is carried forward by you and you continue to cause things toDiscipleship1, 321:of selfless acting upon the physical plane. Go forward with the ordinary routine work as I haveDiscipleship1, 323:if the work of the Hierarchy is to go forward as desired... Your work in my group is known to you.Discipleship1, 325:if the plans work out as desired and you go forward on the Way, the door of opportunity will standDiscipleship1, 337:You will also be able to decide if you have gone forward as indicated. You have had a year ofDiscipleship1, 338:and your pledged obedience to your soul may move forward "from strength to strength." You willDiscipleship1, 341:soul - then you will have made a very great step forward. And, my brother, you are making it. YourDiscipleship1, 363:to give to you. But be of good cheer and go forward with joy upon the Way. There is no time theseDiscipleship1, 364:you a meditation which I will ask you to carry forward until further notice. I will give you alsoDiscipleship1, 364:right and more focused attitude, you could leap forward into clearer light and more efficientDiscipleship1, 366:back upon such failure and go with steadfastness forward. D. A. 0., a member of my group ofDiscipleship1, 368:in you growth and an increasing ability to move forward. Let me tell you now that three years ago,Discipleship1, 368:the work done in your last life on earth. Go forward now to greater heights of achievement inDiscipleship1, 368:with your theory if this group is to go forward as desired into real world work. Let rapidDiscipleship1, 375:on these points, or is it reassurance? Go forward, my brother, looking not behind but with yourDiscipleship1, 380:to work silently and through love, and carry all forward from the background. You will thenDiscipleship1, 380:others into activity and pushing them forward in their work, offering them their needed opportunityDiscipleship1, 381:of a great life thread can only thus be carried forward effectively. See, therefore, that thisDiscipleship1, 381:those interior determinations which carry a man forward along the path towards the portal ofDiscipleship1, 383:to your room at the stated intervals to carry forward your ten minutes' relaxation and thoughts onDiscipleship1, 384:your mental application. Let us, my brother, go forward on the Way. Let us together serve. Discipleship1, 385:two halves of the gate slowly opening as you go forward in confidence, looking at the gate and notDiscipleship1, 388:and it lies entirely in your [388] hands. Go forward along the Way in the full vigor of your soulDiscipleship1, 402:it ever does, a spirit of conflict, urging you forward to fresh victories in the cause of harmony.Discipleship1, 407:piercing, and this focused work you have carried forward long enough. Your sixth ray has also givenDiscipleship1, 418:meditation, and evidence a one-pointed driving forward to a quick alignment and entering into theDiscipleship1, 423:of the united life of these two must now go forward, with your predominant focus in the astralDiscipleship1, 424:by difficulty. You are not alone. Carry the work forward as indicated by me in the groupDiscipleship1, 425:you well know, in preparation for certain steps forward upon the Path. A clear vision of yourselfDiscipleship1, 428:and difficulties, the group persists and moves forward in strength. There is no need forDiscipleship1, 444:by touching but that those with sight move forward by seeing, and by keeping free and unattached,Discipleship1, 447:in aspiration and the dynamic will to push forward which has sufficed hitherto to carry you overDiscipleship1, 450:which hold you back from a very important step forward. It is not easy for disciples or initiatesDiscipleship1, 453:world problem; you can only achieve a steady, forward-looking attitude and really work at futureDiscipleship1, 454:MY BROTHER: The possibility of a definite step forward is yours - a step which will enable you toDiscipleship1, 471:has always triumphed and passed onward and forward in spite of apparent failures and theDiscipleship1, 472:hurt anyone, right the wrong immediately and go forward with humility. Demonstrate will in actionDiscipleship1, 473:Still for you I have no changed word. Go forward as you arc now doing and continue to focus yourDiscipleship1, 477:have demanded to be purified. The work is going forward. My brother, when I say that you need toDiscipleship1, 485:With that thought in mind I urge you to go forward. Only one other suggestion would I give. KeepDiscipleship1, 486:tendencies for, as the Bull rushes straight forward seeing only that which lies directly ahead, soDiscipleship1, 487:that there is nothing in you with which to go forward, with which to face the future - no joy, noDiscipleship1, 490:situation, to leave behind the past, and to go forward into the new life with a sense of freedomDiscipleship1, 503:- your responsibilities can increase and you go forward in the service of humanity. You are nowDiscipleship1, 508:chains in order to serve with freedom and to go forward in my group of disciples to greaterDiscipleship1, 538:are aflame. Perhaps, however, you prefer to go forward steadily, with no group effort, making yourDiscipleship1, 538:life presentation is neatly balanced and carried forward without much real strain. When this is theDiscipleship1, 545:aspects of the disciple's career. You have moved forward upon the Path of Discipleship and must beDiscipleship1, 546:a simple meditation exercise to be duly carried forward. Proceed with it carefully, and use not tooDiscipleship1, 554:strength of your love and thus aid its progress forward... Particularly, however, do I ask you toDiscipleship1, 554:a service that you can render to the group. Go forward with strength, love and understanding andDiscipleship1, 563:I know, to take it. As to your meditation, carry forward as before. I make no change in any way. Discipleship1, 567:injunction to a brother. I told him to go forward with his group work in forgetfulness of me. IDiscipleship1, 573:here and in other states of being. . . Carry forward your meditation in the heart and not in theDiscipleship1, 574:very definite process of reorganization has gone forward in your life, under the direction of yourDiscipleship1, 578:the [578] workers who are endeavoring to carry forward the tasks assigned to them. You pledgedDiscipleship1, 578:lower energies has been going on in you, carried forward, as always, via the solar plexus center -Discipleship1, 584:other, no shakiness upon the Road. The Road goes forward into day. Upon that Road one wanders not
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