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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORWARD

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Discipleship2, 246:relation to me - the Master chosen to lead you forward. Yet (though you remember it not) all of youDiscipleship2, 253:one of difficulty and adjustment. [253] In all forward stages upon the Path of Initiation, thereDiscipleship2, 253:He is not now totally blind nor does he move forward entirely in the dark. There is enough light inDiscipleship2, 258:the current teaching upon initiation a step forward and am seeking to show that it is notDiscipleship2, 258:but of monad-personality integration, carried forward because of an attained alignment with theDiscipleship2, 271:side who thus serve their fellowmen and carry forward, consciously and with intent, the Law ofDiscipleship2, 272:the energy of will and related to the carrying forward of divine purpose. You can appreciate,Discipleship2, 273:Not yet, equally of course, is the "point moving forward into the circle of the people's life"; asDiscipleship2, 281:to him. The work of the initiate is carried forward within the ring-pass-not of the Universal Mind;Discipleship2, 282:is entered into in graded sequences and carried forward under the influence of the initiate'sDiscipleship2, 282:attainment are myriad in number and progressing forward all the time, but the general picture willDiscipleship2, 306:which will enable you to understand and move forward into the new impulsive causal area. DifficultDiscipleship2, 308:struggles and works and serves; blindly he goes forward, and oft in much bewilderment he seeksDiscipleship2, 308:that the modern disciple no longer goes forward blindly but that he cooperates intelligently in theDiscipleship2, 310:stages of activity which, when properly carried forward, will make that which is revealed ofDiscipleship2, 311:needed if the race of men is to move forward into greater spiritual culture and out of the relativeDiscipleship2, 313:by you as a process of penetration, carried forward as an act of service, with the intent to bringDiscipleship2, 324:on before he has proved his capacity to move forward upon the path. Such is not in any single pointDiscipleship2, 327:affects humanity or which stimulates it to a forward-moving activity is without its inevitableDiscipleship2, 328:each initiation carries the subject another step forward. At present, the physical effects of theDiscipleship2, 330:it is not the task of the Master, but is carried forward under his interested and wise instruction.Discipleship2, 332:react in some way or another; no one moves forward upon the Path without creating a newDiscipleship2, 342:you needs in order to take the next needed step forward during the year following your receipt ofDiscipleship2, 347:"initiated thinking." This means thought carried forward on purely abstract levels, and embodying,Discipleship2, 352:become a thing of the past. It is the moving forward of an entire group of spiritually-mindedDiscipleship2, 353:entire process) an absolutely free agent, moving forward and becoming mentally inclusive, asDiscipleship2, 360:steps to be taken in order to carry the Plan forward, logically, practically and with the leastDiscipleship2, 362:the program as the process of precipitation goes forward. It is a law that human freedom may not beDiscipleship2, 367:the constantly recurring effects of pressure forward and of vision. Throughout the entireDiscipleship2, 374:accorded to the initiate relates to the carrying forward of the divine Plan upon the physical planeDiscipleship2, 381:not thereby hold back the group. The group moves forward through the door when all the necessaryDiscipleship2, 384:- that "the work of the initiate is carried forward within the ring-pass-not of the UniversalDiscipleship2, 386:[386] a great redemptive experiment is going forward; its prime implementing factors and itsDiscipleship2, 386:kingdom in nature came into being, to carry forward the science of redemption. There is a trueDiscipleship2, 393:"modifying, qualifying and adapting" is carried forward. Mistakes are often made, because thisDiscipleship2, 394:and under the influences of the Master, he moves forward from darkness to light; he discovers thatDiscipleship2, 394:comes at first through the struggle to move forward into greater and clearer light; then it comesDiscipleship2, 395:to give you direction and the power to move forward. A hint is not a static point of information.Discipleship2, 395:it becomes the dynamic, underlying next step forward upon the Path of Return. It is there that theDiscipleship2, 398:or planned processes: The procedure carried forward under the impulse of the Law of Sacrifice whichDiscipleship2, 399:the fourth initiations. The procedure carried forward at the remaining five initiations; in theseDiscipleship2, 402:Builder. The building here to be carried forward, I would remind you, is not the building which isDiscipleship2, 402:to a mysterious undertaking which is carried forward under the "Law of Assembly." The energy whichDiscipleship2, 404:of the worlds of being and of form is carried forward by the second divine aspect. Of thisDiscipleship2, 419:Concentration. Temporarily, and in order to move forward and at the same time to leave behind, theDiscipleship2, 420:with the world of significances. He only moves forward again, dropping then the static attitude,Discipleship2, 424:As this phase of their great work is carried forward, it frequently coincides with the initiatoryDiscipleship2, 431:being undergone. From this point he carries forward the task of precipitating the contactedDiscipleship2, 432:there are two processes of activity going forward simultaneously; i.e., that which is implementedDiscipleship2, 437:stages of the Path of Initiation, he has moved forward into a light which has been revealed to himDiscipleship2, 437:blended) represent two great lights; as he moves forward again, he now blends with these lights theDiscipleship2, 460:service and deal with man's next definite step forward. Watch this process with care in your life.Discipleship2, 469:take place. The process will then be carried forward and at the fourth initiation the energies willDiscipleship2, 478:week. On the other days you will simply carry forward the group reflective assignment with yourDiscipleship2, 482:nature. This induces the disciple to rush wildly forward in an effort to accomplish the indicatedDiscipleship2, 492:occult paradox! - and at the same time to carry forward the life of active service upon theDiscipleship2, 499:all of you who are my pledged workers to move forward in this spiritual undertaking. Your link withDiscipleship2, 500:then, my brother, with my aid and blessing go forward, recognized by us as one of our spiritualDiscipleship2, 500:by mature, profound daily reflection, carried forward on all levels of thought and in everyDiscipleship2, 501:determination, my brother and my friend, move forward upon the Lighted Way. Discipleship2, 502:a Biblical phrase - "gird his loins" anew and go forward with a fresh impetus and to a still higherDiscipleship2, 502:power of the seventh wave which will carry him forward much further upon the beach of lifeDiscipleship2, 506:and intended by me, can be successfully carried forward. Such is your immediate task. Only yourDiscipleship2, 510:and we withhold from no one their just due. Go forward, my brother. These are troubled times, andDiscipleship2, 513:which will bring release and a consequent moving forward, and the incarnation wherein they do thisDiscipleship2, 515:out and constitutes an activity carried forward on one breath with an interlude of consciousDiscipleship2, 540:to take what is for you your next spiritual step forward, karmically considered. These three wordsDiscipleship2, 541:to the duties of the day: A am preparing to move forward upon the Path of Initiation." Let thisDiscipleship2, 542:garnered for you sound results. You have moved forward from the periphery of the Ashram to aDiscipleship2, 545:to mental levels. Think this out and then carry forward right action in two directions: on theDiscipleship2, 550:that need remain. This marks a definite step forward, and it is this attitude of selflessness andDiscipleship2, 552:enable you to hear a voice which says, "Move forward into the circle of those who know the Law ofDiscipleship2, 562:to him. Frequently, prior to a definite step forward of a pronounced kind which is not due simplyDiscipleship2, 564:I am not urging upon you a too intensive pushing forward, for I have due regard for your physicalDiscipleship2, 564:of the goals of our training is to move steadily forward into a closer relationship with theDiscipleship2, 566:at comprehension of Will activity as they move forward. Perhaps some idea of what I am trying toDiscipleship2, 569:Count heavily on this, my brother, and go forward with my love and blessing. [570] Discipleship2, 579:and this deepening must be consciously carried forward. One of the things which I desire to see inDiscipleship2, 579:in my Ashram is a process of deepening, carried forward through realization, silence, lovingDiscipleship2, 584:last should have done much to carry you steadily forward, for an inner surety ever enables aDiscipleship2, 585:dignified by a reorientation, a decisive moving forward, the initiation of some service, the takingDiscipleship2, 592:and of millions of well-intentioned people, forward-looking and kind, of all races andDiscipleship2, 597:nineteenth century but left it to [597] carry forward on its own momentum when Russia entered theDiscipleship2, 601:your case) by a constant sense of failure? Go forward therefore, my beloved brother, and rest notDiscipleship2, 606:Seize upon opportunity when it may come. Move forward in my Ashram; the middle Place within thatDiscipleship2, 609:given to you last year, you were told to move forward in my Ashram. The meaning is that in theDiscipleship2, 611:the imperative command of your soul to "move forward." Look for indications of this moving, forwardDiscipleship2, 611:forward." Look for indications of this moving, forward in the growth of increased understanding, inDiscipleship2, 611:from other claims, I would urge you to look forward with joyful anticipation to a fuller and aDiscipleship2, 618:you. Put it from you, brother of old, and move forward with confidence into fuller service both inDiscipleship2, 628:fail as far as a steady and undeviating moving forward is concerned. You may and will fail onDiscipleship2, 629:is coming to him with steadfastness. As you move forward you must, for the next twelve months, comeDiscipleship2, 629:that you must grasp and know if you are to move forward as desired - by your soul and by yourDiscipleship2, 630:or requirement which will enable you to move forward with increased potency, clearer vision andDiscipleship2, 633:I refer to the process of his moving forward (technically understood) along the pillared corridor,Discipleship2, 633:find what you seek by leaving it behind; move forward through the art of moving back." In theDiscipleship2, 648:indestructibility of the tie. This work carried forward as a definite exercise will produce in youDiscipleship2, 650:next incarnation. So be of good cheer, and look forward and out towards a future of service and ofDiscipleship2, 654:the garden take your stand. There rest. Move forward to the gate at need, returning ever to theDiscipleship2, 657:activities, but I urge you to carry them forward in a spiritual silence. Pursue your physical plane
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