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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORWARD

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Healing, 364:at present is simply to carry the dying person forward on an ever-deepening stream of love. ThroughHealing, 365:labors in the field of service but looks forward steadily to the dawn of the "clear cold light"Healing, 365:who are ambitious and pushing consciously forward, yet who meet with frustration. This frustrationHealing, 376:to A.A.B. and will attempt to throw some forward light upon the questions which you have posited. IHealing, 382:closer relationship. The blending (slowly going forward) of the energies of those two planetaryHealing, 384:which man must meet before he can move forward along the path of future enlightenment. ThisHealing, 396:of glamor and error. It will, however, be a step forward from the present mediumistic performancesHealing, 410:soul which effects this; it is not carried forward by the soul in the personality. The human soul,Healing, 417:by the inbreathing of all that has been carried forward through evolution, embodies in the systemHealing, 427:matter to matter, and soul to soul, are carried forward under the great universal Law ofHealing, 434:The many cyclic integrations which are carried forward in the great life cycle of an incarnatingHealing, 446:a great at-one-ing process is carried [446] forward; in the "fall of a leaf" and its consequentHealing, 446:process in his consciousness and a carrying forward of the interests and tendencies of the life.Healing, 471:of Attraction that the Art of Dying is carried forward, and that it is the love aspect, the secondHealing, 472:the fear of death is combated. Death is carried forward under this Law of Attraction, and consistsHealing, 474:of time. This is allowed in order to carry forward the loosening process as smoothly and asHealing, 500:the substance of which all forms are made goes forward under natural process and the "karma ofHealing, 507:the work consciously begins) and its carrying forward to completion upon the Path of Discipleship.Healing, 510:of these varying phases of integration, carried forward - as they are - under evolutionary law. AllHealing, 512:and whilst it is proceeding the soul goes forward with its own life interest upon its own level ofHealing, 528:the numbers responding to it, that the moving forward of a large group out of the ranks of averageHealing, 528:Path of Discipleship is inevitable. This moving forward will provide - during the next five hundredHealing, 536:incident to our planetary Logos having moved forward upon the cosmic Path, and therefore havingHealing, 537:and the need for this is today recognized by forward thinking physicians everywhere. Thus, and alsoHealing, 620:goal of directed relationships, carried forward in consciousness by the spiritual man and broughtHealing, 657:- consciously or unconsciously - the work can go forward and produce either healing or thatHealing, 683:stages, broadly speaking; these are carried forward within the consciousness of the man andHealing, 686:service; he is then at the point of moving forward upon the Path of Discipleship, in which the PathHealing, 701:unable - from lack of this knowledge - to carry forward the healing work, let him confine himselfHercules, 4:development and destiny that he will go forward with fresh courage. We shall trace the story ofHercules, 5:of slow and steady evolutionary growth, carried forward under nature's laws, cycle after cycle,Hercules, 6:and of transmutation, carried steadily forward until at length the Mount of Transfiguration and ofHercules, 7:the scroll of life unrolls, and we are carried forward on the impetus of a returning force towardsHercules, 25:aspirant to undertake the twelve labors and go forward unafraid. From Neptune, the god of theHercules, 28:then he turned his back and pridefully marched forward. But Abderis was weak and feared the task.Hercules, 57:meet it and in due time he profited. Let him go forward on the Way and learn the secret of success.Hercules, 58:sought to aid the giant and that without delay; forward he rushed and eagerly removed the load,Hercules, 60:become a man of action: desire has to be carried forward into the world of completion, and hereinHercules, Known:glamor and illusion; for in the carrying forward of spiritual aspiration, the disciple is very aptHercules, 63:no failure! There is only a steady going forward. [64] Hercules, 66:of his search his education is steadily carried forward. The exoteric ruler of Gemini and of theHercules, 75:free. Prometheus, the God within, could go forward to the service of the world and to lifting theHercules, 91:is the significant influence of the work carried forward in the sign Cancer, and in the symbolismHercules, 130:his own troops, thus forcing them to press forward with such desperate vigor that no enemy couldHercules, 133:to make a living, and to push his way [133] forward belligerently to a place of power and prestigeHercules, 142:with gasping mouths and glazing eyes fell limply forward. But only when they lifeless lay didHercules, 152:and in Scorpio the magical work is carried forward". In terms of the aspirant this means that inHercules, 155:awaits. Through Gate the ninth you now must go." Forward, then, went Hercules, the son of man whoHercules, 159:Sagittarius unity, the one-pointed going forward, the unified personality, conscious of the soul,Hercules, 194:will learn the next great truth and step forward and up. [195] Alice Bailey Hercules, 196:Orthrus. When Hercules approached, the dog sped forward like an arrow to its target. Upon theHercules, 199:needed in order to take the immediate next step forward. In their acts they have given aHercules, 200:tired of talking of himself and pushing himself forward, loses sight of himself in the goal andHercules, 204:feeling better. Meditation when rightly carried forward is hard mental work for it means orientingHercules, 208:mind of the bewildered aspirant, and he will go forward with fresh courage as he gains a sequentialHercules, 216:space, makes the constellations appear to move forward against the order of the signs at the rateHercules, 229:Pisces. It is a work arduous, slow and carried forward under great difficulties, and often in blindInitiation, 62:now do the necessary work to take a great step forward, and to pass through the portal ofInitiation, 68:Hence nothing can prevent a man's progress forward if he but attends to the purification of hisInitiation, 77:and embodies the environment of the next step forward. Herein lies much of clarification, andInitiation, 80:this fashion is the work of the disciple carried forward, and his testing and training carried out.Initiation, 80:Planetary Logos, and thus be enabled to carry forward the plans of that Logos for evolution. ItInitiation, 90:done. The domination of the sixth subplane goes forward with rapidity, and the matter of the higherIntellect, 4:The next developments which will carry the race forward along the path of its unfoldingIntellect, 11:cannot look. He cannot stand still. He must go forward, and the vast educational, scientific,Intellect, 11:man should not fail to learn his lesson and go forward. Read the words of Carlyle and note howIntellect, 12:words, we know that mankind did not fail to go forward. The electrical age was inaugurated and theIntellect, 12:therefore, in a time of fresh crisis, we can go forward with true courage, for the portals into theIntellect, 35:has its roots in a success, which, if carried forward along the same lines, will become a detrimentIntellect, 37:and about the great laws of nature, if carried forward with persistence and steadfastness, leadsIntellect, 41:Through the evolutionary process (carried forward through many lives in a physical body) the selfIntellect, 42:of men of the God-Idea, and so led humanity forward along the path of spiritual perception. TheIntellect, 67:in Meditation Meditation carries the work forward into the mental realm; desire gives place to theIntellect, 70:knowledge takes up the task and carries the work forward. Dr. Bennett of Yale says, at the close ofIntellect, 74:human beings. A divine urge has driven us forward from the stage of the cave-dweller to our modernIntellect, 78:natural process which thus far has carried man forward along the path of evolution from a stage butIntellect, 80:which causes the lower self to thrust itself forward, and force its way upward, will eventually beIntellect, 107:added definite concentration exercises, carried forward each day, with perseverance. This involvesIntellect, 119:the Tibetan) We have carried our meditation work forward along what might be termed secular lines,Intellect, 123:the objective of the meditation (carried forward into its later stages) is that the mind shouldIntellect, 125:possible. Before carrying the instructions forward, it might be of value if we defined theIntellect, 126:on the environment, for what is needed to carry forward the process of living in an exigent world.Intellect, 127:[127] emerges inevitably and keeps man pushing forward, and seeking for that which neither the mindIntellect, 127:inevitability of death; they are anxious to go forward into a wider consciousness and into aIntellect, 135:positive, alert and well-controlled, is carried forward on the wings of thought and then heldIntellect, 153:see what has happened to the man who has carried forward his education from the stage of memoryIntellect, 156:of devotion, discipline, an emotional striving forward, the "lifting up of the heart unto theIntellect, 164:the soul has transmitted. When this is carried forward automatically and accurately, we have theIntellect, 165:the thoughts and destiny of men and brought them forward along the path of realization from theIntellect, 167:as to felt realities. It carries its possessor forward on the wings of bliss, so that temporarily,Intellect, 207:the occupation be such that it can be carried forward instinctively and call for no active use ofIntellect, 207:to make the needed effort and who can carry it forward with perseverance. This is the first andIntellect, 209:time as the masses of men were ready for a move forward in their numbers, and not in their ones andIntellect, 210:head the great work of at-one-ment is carried forward. It involves a more dynamic attention and aIntellect, 215:elsewhere. However, we are determined to go forward with our investigation and give the ancientIntellect, 234:about himself. Our work is to go steadily forward, doing the demanded task "without attachment" asIntellect, 237:work have no place. They can be wisely carried forward only when the earlier stages have beenIntellect, 239:impressions), so that the work may be carried forward rightly. Perhaps it might be said that theIntellect, 241:minds of men, and to it can be traced all the forward movements of the present time, allIntellect, 241:and the work of "thinking through" goes forward. Then the quality of desire begins to enter in, and
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