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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORWARD

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Magic, 527:and creative work which he is seeking to carry forward. Humanity is intended to be the mediumMagic, 530:will be that the magical work will be carried forward intelligently and perfectly and human beingsMagic, 551:he must possess before he is permitted to carry forward the magical work, leads to the followingMagic, 553:and the entire creative work is carried forward on the etheric level. This constitutes practicallyMagic, 556:and to see that each life carries that purpose forward into fuller manifestation and completion.Magic, 571:of nature and so leading the whole creative body forward along the line of divine intent. TheMagic, 580:endure, to hold out, to stand steady, and to go forward undeterred. Study, therefore, mostMagic, 582:to spiritual truth, a realized pleasure in forward-looking ideals, and a pleased acquiescence inMagic, 588:and the wide spread of sanitation, the work goes forward [589] on the physical plane; throughMagic, 589:the work of this stage is going steadily forward. So successful has it been that now the filth andMagic, 596:are found by the pupil when he has carried forward his life work under the direction of his soul,Magic, 611:Great Magician is only in process of carrying forward His work; He has not yet finally chantedMagic, 615:this illusion, the magical work has been carried forward along wrong lines and has been based onMagic, 626:nourishment. A dual process is therefore carried forward, producing a genuine manifestation of theMagic, 626:aloneness; and it has resulted in the carrying forward of the race and [627] the persistence andMagic, 627:of his entire nature, and have carried him forward to his present point [628] of wide comprehensionMagic, 628:divinity. Out of these instincts carried forward into infinity, and out of the process of theirMagic, 628:(for man) in the sublime marriage carried forward with conscious intent between the positive soulMagic, 629:realm of enquiry, we shall have humanity carried forward into the Hall of Wisdom and thus man willMagic, 629:and urge to progress which have carried man forward from the caveman stage and the prehistoricMagic, 629:history, and can be trusted today to carry him forward with increasing rapidity, as he now arrivesMagic, 631:tell you that the true work will be carried forward (the work of spiritually welding the world intoMagic, 633:of world Masters serve to guide them unerringly forward. I have sought to explain the above modesMagic, 634:of thought is needed if the work is to go forward as desired. Even such triple distinctions asMagic, 635:whereas the work goes truly [635] forward and a lesson learnt by failure acts as a safeguard forMagic, 635:from other sources, for the Plan goes unerringly forward. May I in all earnest offer to you theMagic, 638:the student that, having with steadfastness gone forward he will discover that the exoteric andMagic, 638:and study so that the work may go intelligently forward. Let all students make up their minds inMeditation, 15:a gradual inclusion. It is not so much a driving forward as it is a gradual expanding from an innerMeditation, 16:- achievement via the Power Ray - the driving forward and the forcing upward had a like result; theMeditation, 16:is somewhat different. Not so much the driving forward, not so much the gradual expansion as theMeditation, 42:must be impressed by that force and be carried forward in its sweep towards the universal goal.Meditation, 42:order. The coming period of reconstruction goes forward in line with the ray, and its ultimateMeditation, 91:desirable of God's creatures, can the work go forward as desired. Only when the development isMeditation, 154:of good health before the disciple can go forward on the Path. We cannot permit those we teach toMeditation, 228:in the life of the personality and are brought forward objectively through the practice ofMeditation, 262:Themselves for the sake of men who are pressing forward on the wave of evolution. ThroughMeditation, 265:weariness. The reward that comes with each step forward, the delight that lies in increasedMeditation, 270:stable, then the probationer takes the next step forward and becomes an accepted disciple. Meditation, 270:able to hold himself stable and to move steadily forward when subjected to the intensification ofMeditation, 297:have high ideals, and ever the human mind leaps forward to some appointed goal. If I here outlineMeditation, 301:mental science also has its place. It will go forward as desired if each one who is now underMeditation, 311:through each expression on the lower plane goes forward as desired, and that success mustMeditation, 349:in backward contemplation, but steadily presses forward to the accomplishment of the next duty.Patanjali, 18:world affairs. When these same rules are carried forward into the world of psychic endeavor (bothPatanjali, 28:is true enough and his ability to go forward with the work of subjugation and control is withoutPatanjali, 45:pertinacity and who go steadily, undeviatingly forward, eventually arriving at their goal. They arePatanjali, 50:utilization, and from the point achieved working forward towards further realization, ThePatanjali, 70:to prepare intelligently for the next step forward. Obstacle VIII - Inability to achievePatanjali, 80:as the organ of speech. As the study is carried forward it will be seen that two other physicalPatanjali, 143:the would be chela has made a tremendous step forward in the liberating process. When he can carryPatanjali, 174:than the average man. This serves to drive him forward with increasing activity in his search. HisPatanjali, 211:of expression. The idea is also carried forward into the daily life, in the attitude of the man toPatanjali, 212:or asleep. He actively undertakes and carries forward this abstracting or withdrawing process.Patanjali, 255:value to the aspirant than the violent rushing forward and the enthusiastic endeavor of thePatanjali, 266:in all forms but which can and will be carried forward to the full flood-tide of awareness. ThePatanjali, 267:in its three above mentioned stages is carried forward correctly, all knowledge becomes possible toPatanjali, 273:heard. Once heard and the work carried steadily forward, the realm of consciousness is revealed andPatanjali, 307:are contacted and work with them is carried forward. In the disciple, the heart supersedes thePatanjali, 307:life. 3. It is the center wherein is carried forward the great work of transmuting all the lowerPatanjali, 321:thus the great process of liberation is carried forward. One becomes what one is, and onePatanjali, 353:of [353] the meditation process when carried forward to perfection and we are now reaching aPatanjali, 360:God, the Christ in manifestation, again presses forward towards a higher goal. At every stage ofPatanjali, 360:"Forgetting the things which are behind, press forward" (Phil: IV.), and every new initiation butPatanjali, 369:gained by the practice of Raja Yoga are carried forward into group realization and it is seen thatPatanjali, 400:evolutionary urge inevitably has carried him forward towards [401] a sattvic or rhythmic,Patanjali, 409:this process of soul unfoldment to be carried forward and potential faculties to be developed ifPatanjali, 411:needed before the complete machine [411] can go forward successfully in its work, and in the realmPatanjali, 414:each other and leading (as the idea is carried forward to a logical conclusion) to a chaoticPatanjali, 424:one of the first things he has to learn is to go forward along the path, adhering to the rules,Patanjali, 425:of opposites). That alone counts which impels us forward on that path which "shineth more and moreProblems, 8:group would show themselves as willing to carry forward the needed educational processes and (whichProblems, 9:nation are similarly motivated; the urge to move forward into greater beauty of expression, ofProblems, 14:housecleaning to do and this they must carry forward along with their outer efforts to bring aboutProblems, 19:people must not be forgotten. We must look forward towards that which they can be trained toProblems, 22:world is witnessing the uprising and the surging forward of a nation which has accomplished in aProblems, 24:radio are the outcome of this war, a great step forward will have been made by the entire humanProblems, 25:determining evolutionary tendencies, can move forward with greater ease into the future than canProblems, 42:Nations, are hopeful indications of the moving forward of humanity into a [43] world where rightProblems, 53:and who will also possess the capacity to move forward (as life unfolds) into that world of meaningProblems, 62:the mass of men. Those capable of being carried forward into the world of culture. This includes aProblems, 78:the hands of the masses. These masses are moving forward and by the sheer weight of their numbers,Problems, 82:of energy. Until mankind, however, has moved forward in its understanding of right human relations,Problems, 93:selfish motives. This is, however, a great step forward. The ideal is universally recognized evenProblems, 95:If they can be solved a tremendous step forward will have been made towards world understanding.Problems, 110:and territory. This process is now going forward and Africa will thus take its place (through itsProblems, 116:shall we have a world at peace and ready to move forward into a new and better era. Though aProblems, 117:work for them. Not by such methods do men move forward; not by shifting responsibility do theyProblems, 118:The major need is an immediate campaign, carried forward by all men of goodwill everywhereProblems, 136:will the spiritual Guides of the race lead men forward into greater light and the opportunity ofProblems, 141:should, in the future, be directed; the carrying forward of this task would truly restore theProblems, 146:His office and activities, ceaselessly carried forward on earth. He does not return to rule, for HeProblems, 151:presented to humanity, to take a great step forward and undergo the new birth. The method whereby aProblems, 154:and sure and nothing can arrest the moving forward into the Kingdom of God. Humanity must progress;Problems, 157:techniques. The whole of humanity is moving forward into the area of mental understanding. TheProblems, 159:to each other. This work, when rightly carried forward, will evoke response from the waitingProblems, 168:result of religious faiths which have not moved forward in their thinking for hundreds of years; ofPsychology1, xvii:aspirants: What line of instruction will carry forward their training with the most speed? - forPsychology1, xviii:the teaching or not, and spiritual work must go forward because of the free choice andPsychology1, xx:world cries out for help, cast away fear and go forward with joy and courage into the future? There
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