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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORWARD

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Psychology1, xxiv:soul demonstrated. This is an attempt, carried forward in the difficulties [xxv] of a transitionPsychology1, xxv:unity. In closing, may I beg all of you to go forward. Let nothing in the past - physical inertia,Psychology1, 10:possess the persistence which will drive them forward to the goal, need to remember that theirs isPsychology1, 31:or as sensitive response to the interplay going forward, during the evolutionary process, betweenPsychology1, 46:the evolutionary work the process is going forward of satisfying the desire of spirit. Thus in thePsychology1, 52:between appearance and quality is carried forward, and this work has its field of activity upon thePsychology1, 54:the body nature into activity, and forces it forward along the path of development, and thusPsychology1, 57:He has created and pervaded with His life, goes forward towards the goal for which He has [58]Psychology1, 58:His appearing form, greater activities are going forward; varying states of consciousness andPsychology1, 59:through which the divine idea can be carried forward to completion. Symbolically, They may bePsychology1, 79:foot. March towards the light. The work goes forward. The workers veil their eyes from pity as fromPsychology1, 97:we are provided with a firm basis for all our forward looking. Had the unfoldments of thePsychology1, 100:of the subconscious. Through this study, carried forward with an open mind, modern psychology willPsychology1, 120:and man, the conditioning soul - will go rapidly forward. 3. A knowledge of the rays and theirPsychology1, 154:feet, take his stand with assurance, and then go forward in certain confidence of an assured goal. Psychology1, 178:forget that, though the work is being carried forward in three fields of human thought andPsychology1, 185:are needed to carry the nations the next step forward to mutual help. Psychology1, 186:to occupy myself. Everyone is needed and must go forward with hope and certainty. The Hierarchy is,Psychology1, 188:with the New Group of World Servers may go forward with rapidity. Much time you waste onPsychology1, 190:conforming to the initial Plan, and yet carrying forward Their individual efforts withPsychology1, 231:then the groups (that form the One Group) can go forward [232] into real usefulness. To this end itPsychology1, 234:where the process of condensation goes blindly forward. Secret: Transformation. Those hiddenPsychology1, 249:these kingdoms carries the consciousness aspect forward to a greater stage of perfection, andPsychology1, 257:is concerned, but the process is rapidly going forward. [258] Not much progress will be made duringPsychology1, 258:and men is to produce in the former that step forward which is called individualization. This eventPsychology1, 278:lie to the idea that this attitude marks a step forward on the path of progress. It marks indeed aPsychology1, 278:under these new energies, a definite progress forward into new and untried spiritual realms, but atPsychology1, 289:In the coming Aquarian age this will go rapidly forward. [290] The majority of people today livePsychology1, 298:public consciousness must therefore go steadily forward, and thus we shall lay the foundation forPsychology1, 298:his problem will be strong enough to carry him forward into the New Age and into the world of [299]Psychology1, 301:recognition and proving, is fast going forward, and during the next ten years it will be thePsychology1, 324:Hence the many experiments. A process is going forward whereby these groups, large or small, arePsychology1, 341:through the various experiments which are going forward, [342] the glamor is breaking down and thePsychology1, 343:sweep through humanity as a whole, and drive it forward towards its divine destiny. They are thePsychology1, 354:the aid of the seventh ray the needed work went forward. At the time of the individualization ofPsychology1, 355:influence which is leading the Aryan race forward is that of the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge orPsychology1, 364:glory. The seventh ray influence will carry forward that infant science to maturity. Belief in thePsychology1, 365:out. Today a process of housecleaning is going forward in practically every great nation,Psychology1, 367:housecleanings and rearrangements must go forward before the Federation of Nations can be anPsychology1, 424:where the process of condensation goes blindly forward. Secret: Transformation, those hiddenPsychology2, 29:with the Absolute One, let us carry our thoughts forward to that point in time and space whereinPsychology2, 51:it and building it into forms) has been carried forward to a desired point. It is not primarily duePsychology2, 52:at the end of the age. These stages are carried forward over so long a period of time, and are soPsychology2, 67:happening is dependent upon the carrying forward of the inner subjective and spiritual workPsychology2, 67:the middle of our Aryan race, and is today going forward very rapidly. For the individual aspirant,Psychology2, 70:After the third initiation the "Way" is carried forward with great rapidity, and the "bridge" isPsychology2, 73:root races and speculation as to the life going forward on other planets may be of interest, but itPsychology2, 74:and persistently this work is carried forward, the sooner will the Hierarchy of the planet resumePsychology2, 75:holds back some disciples from this great step forward. In the performance of the next duty, in thePsychology2, 75:and understanding, - thus is this work carried forward. Is this [76] effort beyond the reach of anyPsychology2, 80:longer whilst the over-shadowing (carried forward prior to entering into [81] the three worlds forPsychology2, 96:of God. It is that also which drives humanity forward into its wild struggle for materialPsychology2, 102:of sacrifice or of any feeling which is carried forward to the point of sublimation. When thisPsychology2, 103:under tremendous pressure and excitation, shoots forward like a quivering band of light, andPsychology2, 106:subjective linking can a united work be carried forward. Psychology2, 109:the non-essential in order that the work may go forward. Little as one may realize it, the manyPsychology2, 113:Group Life What we are seeking to do is to carry forward a group endeavor which is of such momentPsychology2, 115:New Group of World Servers. This work, carried forward successfully and intelligently, should makePsychology2, 115:of a new type of mediatory work - a work carried forward by a salvaging group of servers, who arePsychology2, 115:other servers, the salvaging of humanity will go forward with much greater speed than heretofore,Psychology2, 133:creative work in accordance with the Plan can go forward on all three planes. Thus has God, in HisPsychology2, 136:of those who are responsible for the carrying forward of that Plan. He then becomes willing to be aPsychology2, 139:and nation. But the work is the better carried forward as the units in the Group meet the [140]Psychology2, 141:Disciples, for these two types of work carry forward their task as a unit. The idea to be dominantPsychology2, 143:their work most definitely can help in bringing forward a true presentation of the divine picture. Psychology2, 145:and focalizing it into definite form, carrying forward the emergence of the idea without thePsychology2, 160:the egoic lotus, is the task to be carried forward during the contemplative stage of meditation."Psychology2, 160:line of escape - that is the task to be carried forward upon the Path of Discipleship. Such is thePsychology2, 171:shone on every hand. He worked and struggled forward. His hand held others, and for their sake, hePsychology2, 171:summit issued forth a voice which said: 'Come forward to the mountain top and on its summit learnPsychology2, 172:its powers and life, forced the Magician to move forward into light, and leave the arch of peril." Psychology2, 173:death, a great at-one-ing process is carried forward. In the "fall of a leaf" and its consequentPsychology2, 182:and the work done will be motivated and carried forward from the higher mental levels in thePsychology2, 190:of force. Healing must eventually be carried forward by groups which act as the intermediariesPsychology2, 192:the means whereby divine purpose can be carried forward. They will handle money as the agencyPsychology2, 192:the building forces of the universe can carry forward the work needed; and (herein lies the clue)Psychology2, 194:which the Hierarchy are attempting to carry forward and in which all true disciples and aspirantsPsychology2, 200:decisions have been made, and the race is moving forward along a path which will lead it eventuallyPsychology2, 246:of the coming revelation, of the imminent leap forward into an intuitive recognition of that whichPsychology2, 253:a point of interest - it is an awareness carried forward into a new kingdom in nature whilstPsychology2, 255:of the power to recognize ideas and to push forward towards their fulfilment. This is the newPsychology2, 255:and tendencies which have led the race steadily forward from the densest point of concrete,Psychology2, 260:This conditioning process is carried [260] forward through the souls who are returning toPsychology2, 260:process. This process is not carried forward by them through any emphasized or intelligentlyPsychology2, 263:also the assurance [263] that they have carried forward the task to which they have been assignedPsychology2, 265:soul contact of any kind. Those people are urged forward to their destiny by a sense of power, byPsychology2, 271:about, and is today in process of being carried forward. c. The Approach of Enlightenment carriesPsychology2, 273:and bringing about of relationship begins to go forward as desired. It is the work of the Ray ofPsychology2, 275:of Appropriation can be consciously carried forward. Next there comes a period in the life of thePsychology2, 282:the sons of God, and we have carried the thought forward to the fact of the Hierarchy, workingPsychology2, 319:writer (perhaps [319] unknowingly) was looking forward to that period in the evolution of mankindPsychology2, 333:appropriation of divinity is the work carried forward and the plan of Deity worked out. Laying thePsychology2, 348:process of conscious assimilation is carried forward progressively by the gradual integration ofPsychology2, 352:but a line. Prepare the form. Let the eyes look forward, not on either side. Let the ears be closedPsychology2, 352:same time, unalterable and undeviating, moving forward to their purposes. They destroy and tearPsychology2, 352:instrument for their will and move relentlessly forward upon their own occasions. This type of manPsychology2, 353:takes place, for, instead of moving straight forward, he waits in patience and seeks to feel. APsychology2, 355:love all, drawing them to the center and moving forward with the travelling points towards thatPsychology2, 366:of the One Who is at the center. All three move forward to perfection. This is typical of a fourthPsychology2, 372:outer circle of the life of God; the line goes forward to the outer rim. Stand at the center. Look
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