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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORWARD

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Psychology2, 381:When this has been to a great extent carried forward satisfactorily, then the Technique of DualityPsychology2, 385:matter or the form aspect. Thus the work carried forward upon the paths of evolution, of probation,Psychology2, 385:fusion and of duality are carried successfully forward. Certain questions therefore arise: What arePsychology2, 408:between the two, then great strides forward will be made. When the child receives training in mindPsychology2, 408:we shall see these three integrations carried forward with precision and with rapidity. AttentionPsychology2, 414:the processes of development have been carried forward to a relatively high point and the awarenessPsychology2, 426:analysis, a series of at-one-ments; each step forward meant the bringing together of certain typesPsychology2, 430:applied bridging process, gradually carried forward, once the point of cleavage is determined. ThePsychology2, 463:form of meditation, but it is meditation carried forward entirely within the periphery of the smallPsychology2, 466:him consistently, and he feels he cannot march forward into this new and wonderful world. He feelsPsychology2, 494:more intelligent minds became of an increasingly forward-looking, idealistic nature; these, as theyPsychology2, 503:the day's activities, as they have been carried forward on the astral plane. They will be simplyPsychology2, 507:aspirants are selfish) or unselfishly carried forward, constitutes much of the material of many ofPsychology2, 516:aware of these two great movements being carried forward in the three worlds of human endeavor, asPsychology2, 534:of all the centers, major and minor, carried forward according to ray tendencies and influences.Psychology2, 545:by a mass transference which is steadily going forward in the race. Through this transference, thePsychology2, 555:of evolution itself, plus the inherent or innate forward-pressing urge towards greaterPsychology2, 565:as their power to become inclusive goes forward; they begin to expand their consciousness so thatPsychology2, 565:of ten, this message is one of distress and goes forward and produces its effect without anyPsychology2, 576:adepts, present in incarnation in order to carry forward the externalized work of the Hierarchy,Psychology2, 582:state of awareness. They are offered a step forward and need to remember that every step forward inPsychology2, 582:forward and need to remember that every step forward in evolution and, therefore, towards thePsychology2, 591:and in the head is in order but must be carried forward under careful supervision. I cannot herePsychology2, 596:for the more advanced work which must be carried forward under careful personal supervision. ForPsychology2, 619:in so far that it is a group activity, carried forward as a whole and is not the act of onePsychology2, 632:of the soul, whose nature is love, and to carry forward the work which Christ inaugurated, - thePsychology2, 638:to guide the destinies of men. This They carry forward, not through an enforced control whichPsychology2, 646:the churches, Educational activity, carried forward along lines of non-separativeness and broadPsychology2, 648:a desire to forget the past, and to push [648] forward into the New Age and participate in the newPsychology2, 649:"Forgetting the things which are behind, press forward," becomes the rule among the men of goodPsychology2, 649:task of the New Group of World Servers will go forward along constructive and fruitful lines, andPsychology2, 649:on the inner side will also have reason to go forward with increased confidence, and the ChristPsychology2, 660:given opportunity, and the necessary means to go forward with its work, it can make real changes inPsychology2, 660:the mass of public opinion behind it. It can go forward to a large usefulness and can constitutePsychology2, 662:better understood and the work must be carried forward with as much rapidity as possible, yetPsychology2, 662:themselves too separative and sectarian to carry forward the work constructively. Theirs is not nowPsychology2, 667:practical and the work be carried intelligently forward. The various plans under consideration forPsychology2, 667:of World Servers, should and will go steadily forward. The ideas briefly outlined above should bePsychology2, 675:In a few years' time, if the work is carried forward along these lines, public opinion will bePsychology2, 678:and intelligent application must be carried forward. Through this form of mass education the newPsychology2, 679:to an intensive training. This should be carried forward through printed pamphlets, personalPsychology2, 683:the finding of the men of good will is carried forward, much can be accomplished. Thousands can bePsychology2, 683:being. The initial concepts must be carried forward in their essential purity; the process of thusPsychology2, 683:the process of thus educating the public must go forward with diligence and tact, and wisdom mustPsychology2, 684:How, therefore, is that work at this time going forward? This planet of ours, the Earth, is at thisPsychology2, 687:and spoken interest), a day of service carried forward entirely on esoteric levels, and of completePsychology2, 698:Servers What we are seeking to do is to carry forward a group endeavor which is of such momentPsychology2, 699:out of, the New Group of World Servers. Carried forward successfully and intelligently, it shouldPsychology2, 699:of a new type of mediator work, - a work carried forward this time by a salvaging group of Servers,Psychology2, 700:May full moon, the salvaging of humanity can go forward with much greater speed than heretofore,Psychology2, 702:the world aspirant. In May, 1936, a great forward moving effort of the world soul took place andPsychology2, 702:the year 1936 saw the Hierarchy make a step forward that was unprecedented (I had almost said,Psychology2, 703:in the world of human living and there to carry forward the plan. Such is the task of the HierarchyPsychology2, 703:Hierarchy was enabled to make a definite step forward in 1936 as the result of the work done in thePsychology2, 710:which they experienced, has been carried forward. Little, however, has been done in connection withPsychology2, 717:their sensitivity to the Plan will be carried forward. They will then be not only consciously inPsychology2, 718:effects for two reasons. The work carried forward during the previous five years along spiritualPsychology2, 724:creative work must be inaugurated and carried forward by disciples, working in the outer world andPsychology2, 727:who can vision an ideal of group unity, carried forward without any attempt to disturb the normalPsychology2, 727:experiment, and thus endeavor to carry forward over a limited and stated time a united endeavor toPsychology2, 733:a united spiritual effort, prayerfully carried forward, wisely adjusted to environing need, widelyPsychology2, 734:in this service: Meditation groups could carry forward their meditations in such a manner that anPsychology2, 747:about the Plan than they do, to do the moving forward. It is for us to evidence intelligentPsychology2, 749:use of the press and the radio is concerned, go forward as actively and earnestly as possible inPsychology2, 750:are followed, and if the work is carried forward diligently, there is every indication that theRaysfour ways, each of which provides the next step forward, and in their totality (and when definitelyRays, 6:subjective reality should eventually be brought forward into recognition. This can be expressed inRays, 18:will enable several disciples unitedly to move forward, unitedly to stand before the Initiator, andRays, 20:would; but add to it three great demands and forward move. Let there be no recollection and yet letRays, 20:For Disciples and Initiates: Dual the moving forward. The Door is left behind. That is a happeningRays, 26:great crises of initiation, disciples have moved forward in groups, even though they have not beenRays, 28:difficulty is hard enough to prevent his moving forward. Then we have eventual destruction of whatRays, 28:its members into a band of brothers - moving forward into the light? Is the spiritual will of theRays, 29:can place himself. All of them desire to move forward and possess a strong inner spiritual life -Rays, 39:group, when considering group initiation - move forward and outward into the wider reaches of theRays, 39:tend to bring this about: the slow moving forward of the innate conscience into greater control,Rays, 39:depths of evil, and at the same time is enticed forward by the heights of a growing sense ofRays, 41:of Initiation has been presented as ever moving forward ahead of the initiate. He passes throughRays, 43:(if I might so call it) is being built or pushed forward from the other side of the gulf separatingRays, 48:you would; but add to it three great demands and forward move. Let there be no recollection and yetRays, 49:of the needed "understanding will-to-move forward" along the line of human will-to-good - the firstRays, 51:tension after another, and the work thus carried forward into the realm of the dynamic steadfastRays, 59:you would; but add to it three great demands and forward move are a living command conditioning himRays, 60:into fixity of intention, ability to move forward into the clear cold light of the undimmed reason,Rays, 60:does the further injunction come that he move forward. What are these three demands, and by whatRays, 61:sphere wherein he can serve with purpose and forward the Plan, once he has succeeded in identifyingRays, 64:and all that he now does is carried forward from the levels attained at any particular initiation.Rays, 64:so that the Plan (let me repeat myself) may go forward according to divine purpose through theRays, 67:to all contacts. Rule III Dual the moving forward. The Door is left behind. That is a happening ofRays, 68:waiting center" may be stimulated to move forward upon the ladder of evolution. Even the HierarchyRays, 71:Rules For Group Initiation Dual the moving forward. The Door is left behind. That is a happening ofRays, 72:two-fold nature (soul and personality), moves forward. No longer is his point of tension that ofRays, 72:produces its own point of tension. He has moved forward through the door. A point of tension againRays, 72:of which he is now a recognized part, moves forward. For the initiate (as I have earlier pointedRays, 72:point of tension; the future indicates a moving forward from that point of tension as a result ofRays, 72:also the loneliness of the initiate as he moves forward. He does not yet understand all that hisRays, 73:"Forgetting the things which are behind, press forward towards the prize of your high calling inRays, 78:result of a crisis) must precede a great moving forward upon the Path of Evolution. Secondly, aRays, 79:of that driving force which makes mankind move forward upon the path and in response to the visionRays, 90:work of the Christ as God-Savior can be carried forward by Him alone and unaided. The work of the
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