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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORWARD

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Rays, 91:of the Hierarchy are not static. All are moving forward. The Christ Who came two thousand years agoRays, 98:"pulling" power which had hitherto led him forward is now superseded by a radiating stimulatingRays, 112:such ready minds and hearts for a united moving forward through the Door of Light onto the LightedRays, 115:himself for a great negation and for a step forward. The true significance of this has never [116]Rays, 127:of proportion as to form becomes adjusted. He is forward-looking towards the soul, and notRays, 145:of a great [145] observing Group which "moves forward in time and space"; its members watch theRays, 146:will enable the reconstruction work to move forward along right lines, but They wait for theRays, 182:of maya. His activity must therefore be carried forward from the very heart of the mystery of theseRays, 184:directive work of the Hierarchy, carried forward by the Masters and Their groups and by theRays, 193:Lord and was changed into Paul the Apostle. His forward moving and potent directness and sincerity,Rays, 194:Mankind was thereby aided to move forward more easily along the "lighted Way," to pass through theRays, 198:service of the moment are the rewards of moving forward into the apparently impenetrable darkness.Rays, 199:Triad - He faces the Monad and is impelled forward by the "devastating Will" of the first aspect.Rays, 200:no longer block Their vision and Their moving forward. A relative freedom has been gained and theRays, 205:love and implemented intelligently in carrying forward the plans through which the Purpose seeksRays, 207:and solar, are made available for the carrying forward of the Plans which implement the Purpose;Rays, 211:process is attained, the group cannot go forward together as a unit on the Way of Initiation. TheRays, 211:definitely planned and united activity, carried forward in the outer world but enriching the lifeRays, 213:belittlement thereby; the work is then carried forward on the basis of inspiration, coordinationRays, 217:when - as a closely knit unit - it can move forward. This transference of the life or of the fireRays, 226:ashramic recognition and the establishing of a forward-moving group rhythm; these reciprocalRays, 228:the illumination of Taurus, in order to carry forward hierarchical work upon a planet and in aRays, 229:and the work of restoration can be carried forward. At this time and in a peculiar manner, theRays, 232:is, figuratively speaking, the "bull, rushing forward upon a straight line with its one eye fixedRays, 236:consciousness and a gradual steady progress forward into light. It has now become possible toRays, 239:individual, here or there, who endeavors to go forward on the Path, who evidences capacity and whoRays, 242:Trinity into play. The usual reasons brought forward by the finite mind of man to account for whatRays, 242:as a soul seeks incarnation in order to carry forward some fixed design and to take one of theRays, 242:the medium of this planet in order to carry forward His fixed designs (known to Him as a cosmicRays, 245:beings. People are apt to forget that with each forward advance of humanity, the demands upon theRays, 246:into aspiration; he passes on to a vague groping forward in an effort to understand and acquiesceRays, 274:middle position between the difficulties brought forward and the simplicities which distort.Rays, 275:Servers; these are responsible for carrying forward the work as planned. The two groups ofRays, 279:in the head. This transmuting process goes forward under the pressure of daily life experience,Rays, 281:are the spheres whereon transformation goes forward. This transformation has naught to do with theRays, 282:They are doing. In the processes of carrying forward Their work, the consciousness of the Master isRays, 297:in order to enable him to take his next step forward upon the Path. It is only whilst thisRays, 303:demand by those prepared intelligently to move forward, will inevitably [304] call forth the neededRays, 312:the keynote to the work which he must carry forward between the various initiatory processes. TheRays, 327:for those who have thus succeeded, the next step forward and the new spiritual enticement must beRays, 328:is only progress from glory to glory, a moving forward from point to point on the divine Way, andRays, 331:detailed rites, the history of man's moving forward upon the Path of Return. The Mysteries will beRays, 334:of the Hierarchy waits to make a united move forward, paralleling - on its own level - the moveRays, 334:paralleling - on its own level - the move forward which humanity is also destined to make. But, myRays, 334:the first divine aspect) the Hierarchy must move forward in such a manner that the effort mustRays, 336:naught anywhere but progress and a steady moving forward into clearer light and greater livingness.Rays, 342:initiation to another, that each time he moves forward on the path or penetrates into the heart ofRays, 343:will be thrown up and prevent a united moving forward through the Door of Initiation. GroupRays, 344:in backward glances at the road just trodden. Go forward into light. The door is far too narrow, ORays, 345:on every side. I cannot see the door. Move forward on the Path, O pilgrim in the light, and standRays, 364:to attitudes, to relationships, to the moving forward from one level of consciousness (no matterRays, 364:of the evolutionary process as it drives man forward from one range of sensitivity and ofRays, 364:that all activity which drives the human being forward towards some form of development (physical,Rays, 365:section of the Treatise that the Master - moving forward into higher areas of impressionability -Rays, 376:will, which enables the Hierarchy to move forward upon the eternal Path. Its functions might beRays, 381:among men" and led them slowly, very slowly, forward into increasing light. The early history ofRays, 383:from a major test, prior to a great step forward towards a conscious approach to more spiritualRays, 388:of Initiation In considering the work carried forward in the Ashram as it affects the MastersRays, 391:liberation from all ray limitations. As He moves forward on the Higher Way, He will find Himself,Rays, 392:problem facing the Masters Who are thus to move forward; it is particularly crucial for Those WhoRays, 394:the periphery of an Ashram are enabled to move forward into full ashramic participation. All thisRays, 397:most understandable mistake and will now move forward - in His own good time - on to the Path whichRays, 398:[398] not for some time, the Christ will move forward "to the place which calls Him," and theRays, 400:Hierarchy in those kingdoms is largely carried forward via humanity and modern scientificRays, 412:already determined Paths, but They can move forward under Their Own inspiration and with greaterRays, 424:Hierarchy itself. The Masters Who are now moving forward on to the Path of the Higher Evolution areRays, 437:by the sin idea), and by the intensely forward-looking anticipatory consciousness of the averageRays, 445:After the third initiation the "Way" is carried forward with great rapidity, and the "bridge" isRays, 448:in symbolical terms, are carrying that bridge forward and linking the mind with the two aspectsRays, 451:petals of the egoic Lotus, being carried forward by an act of the will. Advanced humanity is inRays, 458:soul and personality has been steadily carried forward, primarily by the soul, as it stimulated theRays, 462:to dwell upon them. As this process is carried forward, three great aspects of divine manifestationRays, 469:is motivated by love and intelligently carried forward. Direction-Will (which are words describingRays, 469:quality and desire. This marks a definite step forward. There is too little use of the spiritualRays, 473:the mode of evolution, for it is ever a pressing forward towards the sensed. Today, through humanRays, 484:antahkarana is essential if humanity is to move forward as planned, and in this moving forward theRays, 484:to move forward as planned, and in this moving forward the disciples and aspirants must and do formRays, 490:of this threefold work, then it goes forward successfully and almost automatically. This he doesRays, 490:proceeds now to move the organized substance forward, so that from the center of force which he hasRays, 490:of light-substance or projection. This is sent forward upon a [491] Word of Power, as in the logoicRays, 496:are aflame. Perhaps, however, you prefer to go forward steadily, with no group effort, making yourRays, 496:life presentation is neatly balanced and carried forward without much real strain. When this is theRays, 498:in aiding advanced aspirants to move forward on to the Path of Discipleship, with a parallelingRays, 498:Path of Discipleship, with a paralleling moving forward of accepted disciples. Once firmlyRays, 498:to the Path of Discipleship. The racial gaze is forward to the vision, whether it is the vision ofRays, 499:the slow processes of evolution - the next step forward is the aligning of the soul and the form,Rays, 500:individualistic powers. A process of moving forward into the light and of conscious soul contact.Rays, 500:power must be betterment; it must be carried forward by extreme effort; but - given right motiveRays, 501:by circumstances, and then unflinchingly move forward. I have given you the six methods of buildingRays, 501:is possible and permissible), the work goes forward uniformly. The use of the creative imaginationRays, 503:speaking, is that the whole process is carried forward upon subjective levels and in the realm ofRays, 504:for the preliminary work to be rapidly carried forward. When, however, the distinctive methods ofRays, 505:is the result of aeonian work, carried forward by the soul. Paradoxically, we say that the soulRays, 511:which will carry your created thread of light forward towards the Spiritual Triad. Rays, 515:is performed, [515] and it is then carried forward on the impetus of a Word of Power. The symbolismRays, 517:or to great mental activity, frequently carried forward under the impulse of glamor. This lessensRays, 519:which is the cause of all progress or pushing forward along the path of an expanding consciousnessRays, 519:physical living, of the aspirant driving forward out of the Hall of Learning into the Hall ofRays, 519:Being upon our planet. This evolutionary pushing forward along the Lighted Way, out of darknessRays, 524:Father" (as He told His disciples), thus moving forward on to the first stage of the Way of the
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