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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOSTER

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Astrology, 373:ends of evolution by creating situations which foster mental development under spiritual guidance,Astrology, 447:and Uranus has been much needed at this time to foster and bring about those conditions which willAstrology, 477:and produce greatly expanded vision. They foster compassion and understanding, for the pain andAutobiography, XI:that we truly serve. Sincerely yours, (Signed) Foster Bailey New York, December 16, 1949 [1] Autobiography, 3:any planned intention - and the organizer, with Foster Bailey, of an International GoodwillAutobiography, 3:understand why they disliked me. My husband, Foster Bailey, has for over twenty-five years made allAutobiography, 16:her physical resources. My father was Frederic Foster La Trobe-Bateman and my mother was AliceAutobiography, 17:it has meant a real loss to me and my husband, Foster Bailey. We were three close friends and hisAutobiography, 131:into a restaurant and sat down with my husband, Foster Bailey, in a booth. In the next booth I sawAutobiography, 155:have no difficulty. In January, 1919, I met Foster Bailey and later, after [156] I had been grantedAutobiography, 156:Walter Evans did not contest it. During 1919 Foster Bailey and I grew more and more active inAutobiography, 156:on Beechwood Drive with the three children and Foster Bailey was living in a tent at Krotona. HeAutobiography, 156:introducing me to occult truth and to Krotona. Foster's recollection of that introduction is summedAutobiography, 158:I did not speak of it at that time except to Foster Bailey. I knew I was a disciple of the MasterAutobiography, 159:for dedication to the service of humanity that Foster cabled Mrs. Besant to the effect that if theAutobiography, 159:meetings were held with Wadia arbitrating. Foster, Dr. Shepherd and myself, along with many others,Autobiography, 160:money had ceased coming in since the divorce. Foster had nothing at this time. He had relinquishedAutobiography, 160:in cold sheets trying to bring the fever down. Foster walked in and started in to help us. MildredAutobiography, 161:dirty child, making mud-pies in the back yard. Foster's life and mine was, therefore, running alongAutobiography, 161:have meaning to me and I was not alone because Foster and I were already planning to get married. IAutobiography, 163:gave it another thought and did not even tell Foster about it. During the interval I neverAutobiography, 165:friend and a man who had stood very closely with Foster and me since the inception of our work -Autobiography, 170:various national sections but, at the time that Foster Bailey and I came into the work, this wholeAutobiography, 173:and the other group, at that time, was led by Foster Bailey and B.P.Wadia. This was the situationAutobiography, 174:was a strong affection between Mr. Warrington, Foster and myself. Mr. Rogers was of a much smallerAutobiography, 176:into which I entered during these years. Neither Foster Bailey nor I had planned any such life andAutobiography, 176:annual convention of the T.S. in Chicago, Foster and I returned to Krotona utterly disillusioned,Autobiography, 177:to have us ousted off the Krotona grounds but Foster cabled Mrs. Besant and she immediatelyAutobiography, 177:a most difficult time. We were not married and Foster was living in a tent on the grounds ofAutobiography, 177:been interested in any man except my husband, Foster Bailey, and, for another, no really decent andAutobiography, 178:just beginning to give out and the work to which Foster and I dedicated ourselves would assume suchAutobiography, 178:bill. As we were not married none of these were Foster's responsibility but, even in those days, heAutobiography, 179:there the needed cash and, within a day or two Foster Bailey got a letter from Mr. Ernest SuffernAutobiography, 179:us in a small commuting-town across the Hudson. Foster accepted the offer and left for New YorkAutobiography, 180:for me. The time came at the end of 1920 when Foster wrote to me to join him in New York and I leftAutobiography, 180:for and loved. I travelled to New York where Foster met me and took me to an apartment house inAutobiography, 181:for us in Ridgefield Park, N. J., and then for Foster to go West and fetch the children. I stayedAutobiography, 181:Never did I see a more weary, worn out man than Foster Bailey. The four of them appeared up theAutobiography, 181:Bailey. The four of them appeared up the ramp, Foster with Ellie in his arms and Dorothy andAutobiography, 188:interesting conversations and in touch, through Foster and myself with people all over the world,Autobiography, 188:was really a very broad one. All this time Foster was acting as secretary to the TheosophicalAutobiography, 188:and writing books at home. Every Monday morning Foster and I would get up at 5 o'clock and do theAutobiography, 188:that I have been free of some of my housework. Foster at this time organized the Committee of 1400Autobiography, 188:of doctrines; it was a fight of principles and Foster spent much time organizing the fight. [189]Autobiography, 189:of the T.S. in this country with the help of Foster and the Committee of 1400. Foster, however, hadAutobiography, 189:the help of Foster and the Committee of 1400. Foster, however, had not organized in order to putAutobiography, 203:older and were much more helpful in the house. Foster and I used to commute to New York most daysAutobiography, 205:the house if I were not downstairs so at last Foster built it a ladder from the garden to myAutobiography, 206:anything else in the world except my marriage to Foster Bailey. This friend was simplicity andAutobiography, 208:in this case and, above all, in the case of Foster Bailey, my husband. He and I have talked thisAutobiography, 210:died and after. He constantly went down with Foster and me to stop at Valmy for a few days. All ofAutobiography, 211:Grand Duke, "you understand the triangle, you, Foster and me." This was, I think, the last time IAutobiography, 211:waved his hand and disappeared. I went to Foster and told him that the Grand Duke was dead. And soAutobiography, 211:upon the spiritual level between the Grand Duke, Foster Bailey and myself. In a later life we shallAutobiography, 212:through the growing membership of the School, Foster and I were coming increasingly in contact withAutobiography, 214:the work of the school, discussing problems with Foster and going out to lunch. Often in the lateAutobiography, 217:grounds which would be her contribution, and Foster and I should go there and start the project andAutobiography, 218:the girls." I talked it over most carefully with Foster and we decided that foreign travel was muchAutobiography, 221:as to how to enjoy a foreign land to that which Foster and I had. Down she would come in theAutobiography, 225:friendship between her husband and herself and Foster and me. Later we stayed with them frequentlyAutobiography, 235:and spread the idea of goodwill amongst men. Foster and I have always been dissatisfied with theAutobiography, 248:as Volume V of the Treatise on the Seven Rays. - Foster Bailey.) Again, I would call your attentionAutobiography, 254:II of this book will be published shortly. - Foster Bailey.) Necessarily these people have, fromAutobiography, 297:School - Its Esoteric Origins and Purposes By Foster Bailey This is an appropriate time for us toBethlehem, 20:upon the race and will establish the new types, foster the new expansions of consciousness, andBethlehem, 242:an added coloring and beauty to life; we can foster the awareness of our future transition, andDiscipleship1, 86:reflection. This spiritual reflection will foster the dual life - objective and subjective - of theDiscipleship1, 88:problem and that of all disciples: it tends to foster a most potent glamor. [89] So I beg of you toDiscipleship1, 185:and potent usefulness. As an exercise to foster this desirable process of effective radiation, IDiscipleship1, 218:Relax a little during the coming months and foster those lighter moments of relaxation which giveDiscipleship1, 265:for the meditation which I am giving you is to foster a close intuitive recognition of the realityDiscipleship1, 266:is the task for you, my brother. You must also foster impersonality in those who work around you;Discipleship1, 280:Therefore, my brother, seek increasingly to foster this germ of the intuition from the purelyDiscipleship1, 317:their intensification in your own life you can foster their growth in others. In a letter writtenDiscipleship1, 334:tendency to drive apart when handled personally. Foster the love but tune not in when that sensedDiscipleship1, 351:of their work together. They serve only to foster personality reactions. How and in what way canDiscipleship1, 365:the Way of Liberation. 2nd month - My soul must foster love among the sons of men. This is itsDiscipleship1, 427:that have come to you from me might tend to foster that pride if exceeding watchfulness were notDiscipleship1, 596:age, a man may hold to the point achieved and foster his aspiration but [597] the dynamicDiscipleship1, 620:which the Masters have been forced to watch and foster, the failures they have had to note and theDiscipleship1, 782:in 1923 by Alice A. Bailey with the aid of Foster Bailey and certain students of vision andDiscipleship1, 785:have sought to aid the goodwill work (for which Foster Bailey is responsible) by suggestion and byDiscipleship2, XIII:been stated both by the Tibetan and by A.A.B. FOSTER BAILEY, March 1955. Discipleship2, 451:incarnation upon the path of life; it is easy to foster the consciousness of the personality inDiscipleship2, 689:am. I might, however, be indicating the need to foster some divine quality, to move some latentEducation, 77:careful guidance. It is the older generation who foster in a child an early and most unnecessaryEducation, 84:the youth of the world to their surroundings and foster, from the earliest days, the recognition ofEducation, 88:an attitude of goodwill and a constant effort to foster right human relations. World Unity will beExternalisation, 10:to the best minds in all the movements which foster Mediumship. A Mediumship which is entered intoExternalisation, 12:those thoughts which feed ambition and which foster love of power, and those germs of desire andExternalisation, 28:it form; the few would recognize it and thus foster its growth; the many would eventually desire itExternalisation, 110:and suggested hypotheses. I seek, however, to foster in you the spirit of understanding. Such trueExternalisation, 192:world of diversified religions. It is surely to foster the best elements in any national governmentExternalisation, 195:racial or national barriers, arouse hatreds or foster differences and separation. Such a time willExternalisation, 217:values, who would love all men, who would foster the spirit of goodwill, and who would stand toExternalisation, 265:increased acquisitive aggression, and thus foster the lower nature and distort the true expressionExternalisation, 265:the pure and the disinterested, it will foster reality and true love. These are points which shouldExternalisation, 314:with your cooperation and understanding, is to foster the growth of the will to love and work. ThisExternalisation, 322:structure of living interrelation which will foster latent love, intuitional understanding and theExternalisation, 323:into a more spiritual way of living. They aim to foster the growth of right human relations through
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