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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOSTERING

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Astrology, 95:nature of God which has in it the qualities of fostering and nourishing heat and also of the fireAstrology, 627:you know, the Mother of the Christ Child and the fostering process of interchange which bringsAutobiography, 263:organization, exclusive in its membership, fostering an unwholesome sense of mystery and presentingBethlehem, 277:humanity as a whole must apply itself to the fostering of the divine life within the racial form.Discipleship1, 14:accuracy preserved. Thus we shall have the fostering of the spirit of Truth, which is the governingDiscipleship1, 33:integrating the inner and the outer groups and fostering the growth of the Kingdom of God on earth.Discipleship1, 280:warrants consideration, and its life seems worth fostering. This you have recognized. You askDiscipleship1, 335:upon the side of essential facts or am I fostering the non-essential and, therefore, theDiscipleship2, 659:(when they have learnt this lesson) is ever the fostering, the interpreting and the strengtheningDiscipleship2, 713:the coming years to the concept of nurturing and fostering the seed or germ of the new life whichEducation, 90:getting the best of each other and successfully fostering prejudices and hatred. This has, as weExternalisation, 65:patience which can wait - thinking no evil and fostering only good. I made clear to you this yearExternalisation, 75:to express hatred of persons and ideologies, fostering the hidden seeds of hatred found in manyExternalisation, 376:economic and political orders remained corrupt, fostering party, social and national strife. Externalisation, 651:of an intelligently cultivated goodwill and the fostering of those conditions, attitudes and pointsExternalisation, 693:destroying its effects purity is achieved; the fostering of good then becomes possible and is theFire, 502:which from high cosmic levels play upon groups, fostering certain attributes for which we have, asFire, 619:to maturity the atoms and cells of His Body, fostering the germ of self-consciousness, fanning theFire, 949:proportions of this evil entity. Second, by the fostering care of the brothers of the shadow, andFire, 1147:within themselves (apart from any extraneous fostering) the ability to arrive, and to achieve fullFire, 1179:school concerns itself with the development and fostering of the desire element and its graduatesGlamour, 153:national, racial and planetary glamor, fostering and feeding individual glamors and making theHealing, 668:poverty, breeding hatred and class distinctions, fostering racial differences for their own ends,Initiation, 22:will or purpose of the Logos becomes his. The fostering of the various attributes of divinity, theInitiation, 43:about which will produce those needed for the fostering of any particular type. Such a work can nowInitiation, 45:possible. His work concerns itself with the fostering and strengthening of that relation betweenInitiation, 57:has stayed and worked with the Christian Church, fostering the germ of true spiritual life which isMagic, 631:To them will be committed the work of fostering the life of the New Age. [632] To those who haveProblems, 63:getting the best of each other and successfully fostering prejudices and hatred. This has, as wePsychology1, 351:form, the destruction of all that hinders, and fostering that dynamic will in the initiate whichPsychology2, 11:will only come to an end through the intelligent fostering of individual recognition of selfhoodPsychology2, 142:in that new and better age which will permit the fostering of the souls of men." So runs the OldPsychology2, 578:for these latter are responsible for the fostering of love in the world and for the binding of menPsychology2, 645:power and bring it forth into expression by fostering it, by educational methods, and by indicatingPsychology2, 662:ground be laid and the arguments given for the fostering of good will and the growth and spread ofPsychology2, 674:They are at work balancing world forces, and fostering the growth of that group of men who standPsychology2, 704:to that Plan in every human heart, and by fostering and fanning that response, to evoke not only aRays, 109:on Earth and the absolute importance of fostering goodwill among the masses. If this is not doneRays, 581:present today in the human consciousness, and fostering - if I may so express it - the latentRays, 657:project going on in two other planets, thus fostering two other aspects - the nucleus of the thirdRays, 660:and its growth promoted. This nurturing and fostering will be the task of a group of Masters (to beRays, 755:loosed he can aid to imprison; this he can do by fostering right human relations, by spreading theReappearance, 77:Within the masses of men everywhere, fostering the urge to a general betterment. His activity is
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