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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOSTERS

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Astrology, 345:changes of the cosmic gestation period; it fosters and protects the embryonic Christ life,Astrology, 372:the will-to-power in the individual and fosters personality integration [373] of the wrong kind andAstrology, 436:and intuitive mind which interprets experience, fosters the growth of the intuition and relates theAstrology, 470:individual love, and individual intelligence; it fosters the "ahamkara" or egoistic principle; itDiscipleship1, 59:(in group work) preserves the group integrity, fosters the group rhythm and permits no secondaryDiscipleship1, 370:separateness and thus tends to isolate you. It fosters your fear of attachment. Thus you are oftDiscipleship1, 704:persistent, inner level of consciousness; it fosters also a recognition of the need to overcomeExternalisation, 206:nourishes the spirit of understanding and fosters the manifestation of the principle ofExternalisation, 273:taken place, the light of the soul ignites or fosters the light in the head and the man reaches theExternalisation, 624:and who - even if they give - do so because it fosters prestige or indicates financial success. ItFire, 436:is the warmth that causes all growth, and that fosters not only the manifestations of the vegetableHealing, 14:of the form life upon the thought of man fosters the fear of death. This has been rightly so, forHealing, 180:It must be remembered that this separation fosters a powerful impulse towards fusion, and this urgeInitiation, 44:which he pours forth stimulates their desire, fosters the spark of struggling life and spurs on theProblems, 88:worst aspect, sets one nation against another, fosters a sense of national superiority and leadsProblems, 89:intention. This type of nationalism rightly fosters its individual civilization but as a nationalRays, 71:and one state of consciousness from another. It fosters in the aspirant a sense of duality. It is aRays, 87:judgment as to form, and which cherishes and fosters the life and its resultant spiritual values.Rays, 170:are under the control of the Master M., Who fosters the will aspect within the developed forms andReappearance, 172:who - even if they do give - do so because it fosters prestige and indicates financial success.
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