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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOUGHT

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Statement:responsibilities. I am one who has wrestled and fought his way into a greater measure of light thanAstrology, 160:of Obstruction (as they are sometimes called) fought and the battle was fought out and conditionedAstrology, 160:are sometimes called) fought and the battle was fought out and conditioned in the sign Scorpio.Astrology, 222:tested, but as the entire experience has to be fought out subjectively and lifted "up into the air"Astrology, 541:values and of all for which the human spirit has fought. The self-consciousness aspect of the humanAtom, 158:that the apparently stupendous facts which we fought and died for down the ages, and emphasized asAutobiographyworse. During the last two years of her life she fought against these pressures and conditions withAutobiography, 105:me and took care of me; she scolded me and she fought for me and, for some reason, she hated theAutobiography, 171:they had refused to be ousted, and if they had fought for the spiritual basis of the movement. ButBethlehem, 7:revelation have been totally ignored. We have fought over the historical Christ, and thus fighting,Bethlehem, 55:Great Server was emphasized by St. Mark. We have fought over the divinity of Christ. Had there beenBethlehem, 56:identity in events and occurrences. We have fought over the detail connected with the phenomenalBethlehem, 127:side of life could not attract Him, and He had fought through to a full recognition of HisBethlehem, 207:life, as in the Garden of Gethsemane, when He fought with Himself to do God's will. There wereBethlehem, 211:and eventually the death of the Cross. We have fought for the theological doctrine of the VirginBethlehem, 211:doctrine of the Virgin Birth. We have fought over the doctrines whereby men shall be saved. We haveBethlehem, 211:doctrines whereby men shall be saved. We have fought over the subject of baptism, and [212] overBethlehem, 212:baptism, and [212] over the at-one-ment. We have fought over the fact and the denial ofBethlehem, 220:soul incarnate in the flesh (for which He had fought and sacrificed), had to disappear, and He beDestiny, 108:initial stage and whilst the battle is being fought out in the realm of desire (for that is whereDiscipleship1, 452:your battle for vision and inclusiveness must be fought out in the mind and on realized mentalDiscipleship1, 487:But, my friend, you have cleaned house; you have fought a good fight; you have gone through theDiscipleship1, 507:and psychologically your fight must be fought out in your garden? Will you comprehend me when IDiscipleship1, 513:[513] and reasonable. This tendency you have fought for long, and a good measure of success isDiscipleship1, 640:your life (and often, my brother, a battle well fought and successful in its issue) which can makeDiscipleship2, 93:members who remain truly active. Two of you have fought through great tests and are today very muchDiscipleship2, 644:that he believes and for which he has stood and fought throughout his life experience. It is ever aEducation, 46:produced great migrations. Armies marched and fought in every part of the world; persecuted peoplesExternalisation, 64:several of the group members have successfully fought glamor in their lives. Group Three can beginExternalisation, 177:fighting democracies. The battle today is being fought out on the land, on the sea, and in the air.Externalisation, 310:whilst Rome burns." All their lives they have fought for an ideal and a dream, and they love thatExternalisation, 386:hand on to their children that for which we have fought and died, the best that we have inherited,Externalisation, 419:has testified to it. "The stars in their courses fought against Sisera"; "Who can withstand theExternalisation, 429:are coming to realize that this war must be fought to a successful finish because there is no peaceExternalisation, 433:This started in Atlantean times and must now be fought out to a finish. With the details of thisExternalisation, 433:to a finish. With the details of this struggle (fought on mental levels) you have no concern,Externalisation, 453:period of extreme carnage and blood; it will be fought largely with mental weapons and in the worldExternalisation, 475:and await the decision of the battle to be fought? Should it conform to the sentimental ideas ofExternalisation, 665:which is going on now, and it is vociferously fought by the selfish and ambitious elements.Glamour, 35:is the prayer of your friend and brother who has fought his way through to a greater measure ofGlamour, 87:second battle is the true kurukshetra and is fought out in the astral nature, between the pairs ofGlamour, 87:of this lower pair of opposites. Their battle is fought out through the medium of the denseGlamour, 88:masse this dense physical-etheric conflict was fought out in the World War, which was theGlamour, 91:the Physical Plane - The dense and the etheric. Fought out upon the Path of Purification. On theGlamour, 91:On the Astral Plane - The well-known dualities. Fought upon the Path of Discipleship. On the MentalGlamour, 91:On the Mental Plane - The Angel and the Dweller. Fought upon the Path of Initiation. I have, IGlamour, 97:human living. It is, however, this conflict - fought out to the point of synthesis and ofGlamour, 141:great battle of the pairs of opposites must be fought as they are the expression of ancient desire,Glamour, 203:the Presence and the last and major conflict is fought out. This dualistic consciousness culminatesHealing, 232:is again upon the warpath and is being [232] fought by the men of goodwill, under the direction ofHealing, 234:basic ideas that the world war (1914-1945) was fought. We call the unlawful possession of otherHealing, 294:life. (The etheric plane. A.A.B.) And there they fought, swinging into the conflict all that theyHealing, 301:III - Our Karmic Liabilities "The Great One fought and entered into combat. All that He metHealing, 399:relinquishing of the values for which men have fought and died down the ages and which are deemedHealing, 444:the presence of this fear, the [444] race has fought its way to its present point of longevity andHealing, 639:stages. The final phase of the conflict is fought out, or rather wrought out, when the Dweller onHealing, 666:the Forces of Light, the massed United Nations, fought the Forces of Evil upon the physical planeHercules, 79:and found no doe. Into the deep dark woods I fought my way, but found no doe; and over drearyHercules, 83:of the preparatory period and of the fiercely fought battles in the four signs of strenuousHercules, 113:son of man went Hippolyte, the warrior queen. He fought and struggled with her and listened not toHercules, 123:its message is "liberation," and liberty must be fought for and earned, it cannot be a gift. TheHercules, 143:them to the light of wisdom. As long as Hercules fought in the bog, amid the mud, slime, andInitiation, 24:these adepts and Masters, have wrestled and fought for victory and mastery upon the physical plane,Initiation, 35:World War two groups were to be found, those who fought for an ideal as they saw it, for theInitiation, 35:for the highest that they knew, and those who fought for material and selfish advantage. In theInitiation, 35:idealists or materialists many were swept in who fought blindly and ignorantly, being thusIntellect, 265:heart of the Temple of God, to which we may have fought and wrestled our way, we turn back and workMagic, 226:is pre-eminently the battleground, and on it is fought the warfare which eventuates in the finalMagic, 227:worlds. Yet the battle, par excellence, is fought out in the astral body, and only reaches its mostMagic, 230:developing power of choice, and the loyally fought battle of the astral [231] plane, theMagic, 232:of God Who is Himself. When this battle has been fought and won the disciple steps into the ranksMagic, 237:soul is violently renewed. This battle must be fought out on the astral plane and will decide threeMagic, 245:it as a sin or as a condition to be strenuously fought. Then is the time to appreciate that "theMagic, 381:followers, many of great power and knowledge, fought Them and thus we have one of the causes of theMagic, 620:governed human affairs and every man fought for his own land and every man forgot his brother andMagic, 626:through the presence of this fear, the race has fought its way to its present point of longevityProblems, 17:weaker than those much smaller nations which fought until forced to accept defeat? Can FranceProblems, 24:the idealists among the Allied Nations as being fought ostensibly for human freedom, yet all theProblems, 26:climax in the United States, but will also be fought out in Great Britain and France. RussiaProblems, 44:great migrations. Armies have marched and fought in every part of the world; persecuted peoplesProblems, 75:more leisure. This the employers have constantly fought; they organized themselves against theProblems, 76:class and peasantry lived. The abolitionists fought slavery - whether of Negroes or of whites, ofPsychology2, 37:He saw existence as two warring forces, and fought them both. Loaded with the panoply of war, hePsychology2, 37:not to fight, the thrill of finding those he fought were but brothers and himself, the anguish ofPsychology2, 128:But it will not be planned, nor will it be fought for, as an end in itself. It will be a naturalPsychology2, 224:become, in time, ideals - to be desired and fought for. In order to materialize these ideals, thePsychology2, 310:second battle is the true kurukshetra and is fought out in the astral nature, between the pairs ofPsychology2, 310:of the lower pairs of opposites. Their battle is fought out through the medium of the densePsychology2, 310:family en masse, this dense-etheric conflict was fought out in the world war, which was thePsychology2, 319:that the planetary kurukshetra is now being fought out and, therefore, that present affairs must bePsychology2, 319:of evolution. When the battle is successfully fought, and there is a realization in consciousnessPsychology2, 577:it was only by the merest margin. The battle was fought out on the astral plane, though it had itsPsychology2, 581:the great heresy of separateness eventually be fought out. It is not intended that the Aryan raceRays, 603:focused primarily upon the astral plane, though fought out historically upon the physical plane; itRays, 604:the three levels of human activity and was fought out upon the physical plane, although it wasRays, 635:based upon physical plane aggression, being fought with the most violent emotional disturbance andRays, 635:and only twenty per cent Jews. The Jew, however, fought only for himself, and largely ignored theRays, 746:is hastening. The battle of Democracy will be fought out in the United States. There the people atReappearance, 141:be the only and correct one. Theologians have fought (and with sincerity of intention) for forms ofReappearance, 153:has testified to it. "The stars in their courses fought against Sisera" (Judges V, 20.) "Who can
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