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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOUND

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Statement:the mind (the plane whereon the Masters can be found) then they will have served their purpose. IfAstrology, 5:upon the whole field of space and all that is found within that field. When this fact is graspedAstrology, 5:indeed, and only a handful of them are to be found practicing at this time. The modern investigatorAstrology, 11:solar systems and planets which are found therein. Throughout this cosmic golden web there is aAstrology, 11:the activities and qualities of every form found within the cosmic periphery. The second point IAstrology, 11:within the human etheric body there are to be found seven major force centers which are in theAstrology, 12:divinity of man - a divinity which is to be found in the infinite grasp of man's consciousness whenAstrology, 16:the completely wise astrologer are ever to be found as yet. Second: By consciously assuming theAstrology, 18:the innate man. Fundamentally, the forces here found are indicative of the line of leastAstrology, 19:and shows where the prison of the soul is to be found. The next statement which I would like toAstrology, 19:general planetary condition and psychology to be found in the human family at any given time. AnAstrology, 27:life, I am hoping that some astrologers may be found who will be sensitive to that which is new. IAstrology, 28:certain great constellations which are to be found active in relation to our solar system andAstrology, 28:planetary life. Those coming from the planets found within the periphery of the Sun's sphere ofAstrology, 31:Great interlocking triangles of force can be found existing between the seven planets and these twoAstrology, 32:(which will some day be possible) it will be found that the line of these forces and of ourAstrology, 32:interpolated a chart or a tabulation which maybe found suggestive of some of these interlockingAstrology, 33:being on the verge of liberation, is to be found on the intellectual level of consciousness andAstrology, 33:which have achieved liberation are now to be found focused upon the cosmic astral plane; henceAstrology, 36:this as in The Secret Doctrine reference will be found to the Hierarchies under different numbers.Astrology, 38:Each of the seven Hierarchies of Beings, found within the Twelve, Who are the Builders or theAstrology, 48:The two lowest groups are the lives which are found functioning as the involutionary matterAstrology, 48:body between the higher four and those which are found on the lower three subplanes. There is aAstrology, 48:is a vital and significant correspondence to be found between the seven head centers and the sevenAstrology, 50:that the seventh Hierarchy is the life or energy found at the heart of every atom, its positiveAstrology, 60:half of the zodiacal wheel to the six which are found in the lower half; we shall consider theAstrology, 61:he becomes the triumphant disciple, having found himself in Leo. Then comes the Crisis ofAstrology, 63:in exactly the same position today when it is "found" in that sign. Also it should be rememberedAstrology, 71:organization" of the totality of energies found in the initiate's equipment. When thisAstrology, 76:center and from the head center to the center found in the medulla oblongata) is beginning toAstrology, 82:crucified thereon the form of a man in whom is found the seed of all illusion. But, from the CrossAstrology, 87:succession of triangles that are to be found and the way in which they must be linked by theAstrology, 87:one of the secrets of initiation, and herein are found some of the dangers entailed in a too quickAstrology, 96:that each of these three signs of death is to be found in a different cross: Aries - The cardinalAstrology, 109:and pointed out some of the truths which can be found in connection with: The keynote of the signs.Astrology, 109:sign; the clue to which sign it may be is found in the orthodox planetary ruler where theAstrology, 111:in the constellation Taurus, the Bull, being found in the Pleiades. At the same time it appears,Astrology, 116:or form nature, and between them is to be found the "thread or sutratma," the silver cord whichAstrology, 117:People born in this sign are frequently to be found serving the race and ministering to its needsAstrology, 117:and emerges in the sign Cancer, which is found in the Cardinal Cross, he metaphorically mounts theAstrology, 126:In connection with a lesser duality found in every human being, that of head and heart, of mind andAstrology, 130:a wide and interesting field of research to be found in the relation of The planet Venus - ruler ofAstrology, 136:the room behind the window there is little to be found. Esoterically, the developed Aquarian putsAstrology, 138:in this case. There is, therefore, to be found the double influence of Uranus, expressing theAstrology, 150:Pisces, to Taurus. Each of these three is found on [151] one of the Crosses and thus in themselvesAstrology, 154:the constellation Leo two great mysteries are found: The mystery of the Sphinx, connected with theAstrology, 159:influenced the planet and the kingdoms of nature found upon it. There was no response to theAstrology, 162:coming from Gemini. You have here three signs found in the Fixed Cross and one in the Mutable CrossAstrology, 163:are responsible for world affairs as they are found today: Cancer - Capricorn: The Cardinal Cross.Astrology, 167:Jewish people as a karmic clearing house can be found here. Ponder on those words "a karmicAstrology, 175:as the ram and the lamb are prominently to be found in our modern presentations. This earlier signAstrology, 179:technically called), the following ideas may be found useful; I am simple hinting at them and amAstrology, 183:only make suggestions, but it will, I think, be found that this is the case. A proper investigationAstrology, 192:of the mind, having been developed, tested and found true in the sign Scorpio, begins to wane inAstrology, 194:of relationships: Aries to one of the two stars, found in the constellation, the Great Bear, whichAstrology, 194:the two Pointers. Leo to Polaris, the Pole Star, found in the Little Bear. Scorpio to Sirius, theAstrology, 196:It is related to Polaris, the Pole Star (found in the Little Bear) and it is also peculiarlyAstrology, 200:manner. The key to this relation is to be found in the word desire, leading, through theAstrology, 202:and more important of the triplicities to be found in the heavens as far as we have astronomicallyAstrology, 216:which astrology must eventually recognize can be found in the relation of the orthodox, theAstrology, 222:the ray upon which the soul of the disciple is found; hence the necessity to ascertain the ray ofAstrology, 226:Upon the ordinary wheel, whereon the soul is found, blind and apparently helpless, the Word goesAstrology, 232:wait will appear. The history of desire is to be found in the four signs of Taurus, Libra, ScorpioAstrology, 236:the important problem. The solution will not be found through religious pronouncements, based uponAstrology, 238:despair between the two opposing armies will be found most illuminating in connection with Libra.Astrology, 241:major triplicities. Each of these signs is to be found in one or other of the three Crosses:Astrology, 247:the rays of which they are the medium) all to be found upon the first major line of force, the lineAstrology, 252:Atlantean times; the same thought is also to be found in the traditionally accounts of the ancientAstrology, 255:which is a proven fact in this system are to be found, and this truth is preserved for us in theAstrology, 256:the place in the heavens where Libra is to be found. This is all part of the great illusion whichAstrology, 259:an understanding of this triplicity will also be found illuminating. The three earth signs areAstrology, 260:to light. It is the "blinded stage" which is found in Masonic rituals and which ever precedes theAstrology, 269:of the significances of this statement is to be found in the unfoldment of intelligence and love inAstrology, 271:determined." Behind this statement are to be found three meanings: one for average intelligent man,Astrology, 271:also that the true significance of the words found in The Bhagavad Gita appears when Krishna (theAstrology, 294:is the significance of the fact that it will be found that before the Door of Initiation lies theAstrology, 305:symbol. These stars, triangles and squares are found in all horoscopes - human, planetary, systemicAstrology, 324:the sign Cancer. It is here that there will be found certain basic indications as to the nature andAstrology, 326:today in process of externalization. It will be found that rebirth is, in truth, a magical andAstrology, 329:of Life Itself. This is the dim point of light found at the center of the cycle of manifestation,Astrology, 330:(recognized duality and gained experience) are found to be missing. Their influences are notAstrology, 334:are considered. These relationships, it will be found, create quite definite geometrical forms justAstrology, 348:Cross. There is ever the eternal triangle to be found behind the fourfold phenomenal appearance.Astrology, 351:of these three constellations which will be found of dominating importance. In Cancer, you have theAstrology, 353:planet the idea of duality is again to be found, enhancing and enhanced by the influence of Gemini.Astrology, 362:intermediary or a relating planet, because it is found ruling both Gemini and Sagittarius and isAstrology, 369:brother. In Sagittarius the same condition is found. No planet is exalted and no planet falls.Astrology, 370:decans - conditioning also the rulers - is to be found to be based upon this multiple action of theAstrology, 372:expression of the hidden mystery which is to be found at the heart of all forms. It is goingAstrology, 374:and of darkness may be driven back (wherever found) before the sweeping onslaught of the Forces ofAstrology, 378:and hence the critical situation now to be found. The question is: Will the Bull of desire or theAstrology, 387:for "that which is of the earth can also be found in the sky." Hierarchically also the ruler isAstrology, 387:becoming slowly aware of the distinction to be found between the opposites and is grasping vaguelyAstrology, 418:studied somewhat the various triangles to be found in the etheric body of man through theAstrology, 421:to the twelve signs of the zodiac, to be found on page 423. Certain major streams of conditioningAstrology, 424:- live and move and have their being is to be found the inevitability of ultimate achievement, theAstrology, 424:of this relation of Life to Form is to be found also the undeviating way of an expanding,Astrology, 426:activity of five planes. In this 7 + 5 is to be found the clue to the mystery of the seven and theAstrology, 427:tabulation will demonstrate that there will be found a structure therein of many triangles ofAstrology, 434:a threefold nature: Sensitivity to that which is found within oneself. This, when the consciousness
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