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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOUND

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Autobiography, 66:at that time, though I did do that trip later. I found a wire awaiting me, telling me to get off atAutobiography, 69:alone, without any word to my fellow-worker. I found a young American and his assistant, anotherAutobiography, 74:coming to the coffee-shop for a minute. There I found all these men cleaning the walls and paintingAutobiography, 75:I had worked with in Ireland and India and found I had worked with forty. Many of them had theirAutobiography, 75:know the mind of the soldier very well and never found them talking as portrayed by RudyardAutobiography, 78:called, "Why the Bee Stung Mother" (and I never found out why) and the other was called, "PlainAutobiography, 79:I felt I was needed. When I arrived at Meerut, I found that one of the managers had had aAutobiography, 79:had hit his head on a beam and gone insane. I found his young wife and child in a great state ofAutobiography, 88:emphatically "No" and I was so sick and ill I found it impossible to think clearly. How I do detestAutobiography, 88:shrouded in flowering bougainvillaea but found nothing there but mosquitoes. I returned to my roomAutobiography, 100:too. But for the next few years of my life I found nothing amusing and my problem is how to coverAutobiography, 104:supported both of us and paid all expenses. I found when it came down to the details of marriedAutobiography, 106:may claim that we understand each other. I have found Negroes as cultural and as fastidious and asAutobiography, 106:coming when they must and will have it. I have found that the attitude of the cultured and educatedAutobiography, 106:him to lunch at my club and when he arrived I found he was a Negro and a very black Negro at that.Autobiography, 108:I heard a knock on my door and on opening it I found a woman who lived in the flat below me. SheAutobiography, 114:The church warden's wife came in one day and found my face badly bruised. I was so ill and tiredAutobiography, 114:and his wife lived and saw more of them. I found more people in the parish who talked my language,Autobiography, 115:a very good time. When I got back, however, I found Walter Evans had been sent to San Francisco andAutobiography, 118:groceries arrived at the rectory that morning I found an envelope with ten dollars "incidentalAutobiography, 119:and not against them. We Gentiles have not yet found out what to do in order to liberate the JewsAutobiography, 120:cruel and only because the literature is found in the Bible does it pass the post-officeAutobiography, 121:from the nation in which they dwell. I have not found it so in Great Britain or in Holland. TheAutobiography, 121:Jews themselves. Personally, I have never yet found a Jew who would admit that there might beAutobiography, 122:to make a little money by selling their eggs. I found out very quickly that unless you could keepAutobiography, 123:significant or broader interpretations and thus found a more progressive theology. Who dare sayAutobiography, 126:I consulted a theologian in the seminary and found that his [127] answer was that this BiblicalAutobiography, 129:ribs, in an uncouth way, and said, "Say, I've found out who you are. My wife's sister comes from RAutobiography, 130:here call you 'the diamond lost in the mud'." I found that full compensation for all that had beenAutobiography, 134:went because I wanted to meet these two women. I found the lecture very dull and the lecturer veryAutobiography, 134:registered a resolve at that time that if I ever found myself lecturing I would endeavor to beAutobiography, 139:of all, that there is a great and divine Plan. I found that this universe of ours is not aAutobiography, 139:pattern which will be all to the glory of God. I found that race after race of human beings hadAutobiography, 139:prior to the coming of Christ or afterwards. I found that the Head of this Hierarchy of spiritualAutobiography, 139:back to me in a nearer and more intimate way. I found that He was "the Master of all the MastersAutobiography, 139:and the Teacher alike of angels and of men." I found that the Masters of the Wisdom were His pupilsAutobiography, 140:of Christ and the planetary Hierarchy. I found that the esoteric presentation of truth in no wayAutobiography, 140:the discovery that there was a law of rebirth I found many of my problems, personal and individual,Autobiography, 143:studied the three girls in this connection and I found it most illuminating. I found that my karmaAutobiography, 143:connection and I found it most illuminating. I found that my karma with my youngest daughter,Autobiography, 144:the Theosophical Society, at Krotona, were to be found. I decided to make the move and towards theAutobiography, 144:move and towards the end of 1917 we went down. I found a small house, close to the T.S.Autobiography, 147:being looked up to by other people. I have never found it anything but a detriment to be put upon aAutobiography, 151:fear? Well! I can only tell what I myself have found successful. I never attempt to combat fear. IAutobiography, 153:like here to make two suggestions which I have found helpful. There is a law of sacrifice governingAutobiography, 154:they were not a particularly healthy lot, and I found, also, that the more rigid and sectarian theAutobiography, 158:never even heard of it. Just as I thought I had found a center of spiritual light andAutobiography, 159:was not confined just to oral battles but which found its expression in magazine articles. I shallAutobiography, 165:bungalow. He went to find out what it was and found a lama, seated on a donkey, just entering theAutobiography, 167:with a clairaudient technique, but I very soon found, as our minds got attuned, that this wasAutobiography, 179:next morning when I went out on to the porch I found there the needed cash and, within a day or twoAutobiography, 181:with the education of the children and - which I found the most difficult - with the growingAutobiography, 184:a lot during this short cycle of years and have found it most valuable when it became a situationAutobiography, 187:when [187] they first arrived in England and found out how the English girls looked upon theAutobiography, 187:upon the English boys was almost funny. They found the English girls over-estimating the EnglishAutobiography, 189:give strength to what we were trying to do. We found, however, that he planned to take over, ifAutobiography, 191:old pupil of H.P.B. and his writings are to be found in the earlier magazines and I am very proudAutobiography, 192:the gullible or the unintelligent. They can be found by the selfless server of the race and theAutobiography, 193:and the legal end of it in which I would have found myself embroiled. His clear legal mind, hisAutobiography, 203:'teens and extraordinarily good looking and we found it quite impossible to put them into a publicAutobiography, 207:these lines, for she respected my judgment and found it often coincided with hers. I acted as aAutobiography, 209:more from curiosity than from anything else and found a packed room filled with all the elite ofAutobiography, 211:and passed on and when I got up to my office I found the lost photograph lying on my desk. ThereAutobiography, 212:sense of assurance and a recognition that I had found the work about which K.H. had spoken to me inAutobiography, 213:concerns the living, spiritual, vital principle found in every form. It establishes a unity both inAutobiography, 220:to Antwerp, Belgium, and I will admit that I found life on board with three girls full of life andAutobiography, 222:took photographs, bought picture postcards and found out that foreign people were very likeAutobiography, 222:Maggiore on the shores of which Olga's villa is found, is one of the most beautiful and it is oneAutobiography, 223:in Central Europe and evidences of this could be found on the country roads. The little villagesAutobiography, 223:who lived on the shore of the lake. As soon as I found the kind of place it was, and that in spiteAutobiography, 228:had a great reverence for H.P. Blavatsky and I found my contact with them most interesting. Autobiography, 232:when he descended from the mount of the Lord and found them falling down before [233] the goldenAutobiography, 246:with the Hierarchy ever does), I would have found no collaboration from her. Letters on OccultAutobiography, 259:of a synthetic grasp of all that could be found which has previously been written on the subject.Autobiography, 261:also with the charts. Certain of the definitions found in the book were procured in this way.Autobiography, 262:have demanded entrance to the Mysteries and have found admittance, after fulfiling theAutobiography, 262:and occult orders which are everywhere to be found. These organizations are composed of groups ofAutobiography, 271:may build a helpful organization but he does not found an esoteric school. A disciple becomes theAutobiography, 283:will open their doors to you, for you will be found to have covered the necessary preliminary work,Autobiography, 290:cities in the world where students are to be found. It has no desire to be a competitiveAutobiography, 290:delude many people. False Masters are to be found in many countries, deceiving the people andAutobiography, 291:the accuracy of the prophecies of Christ to be found in St. Matthew XXIV. People are very easilyAutobiography, 299:seems natural that he should have looked for and found the necessary collaborator among that groupAutobiography, 299:should be formed and the personnel for them found and trained. This arduous undertaking in manyAutobiography, 301:to the tidbits of Hatha and Laya Yoga that had found their way into the Western world, and are soAutobiography, 303:for the future work. This, at the time, I found hard to believe, for I was too deeply aware of theBethlehem, 12:to deal. If this more intensive meaning can be found, and if the drama of the Gospels can become inBethlehem, 13:world religion may be based. This may perhaps be found in a clearer interpretation andBethlehem, 15:he can learn that the way of release is to be found in detachment, dispassion and discrimination.Bethlehem, 17:can be seen portrayed for us in His words to be found in St. John XVII, which it would be of valueBethlehem, 20:millions of cells which, we are told, are to be found inactive and dormant in the human brain mayBethlehem, 25:to men. The initiates of the world are to be found in every nation, in every church, and in everyBethlehem, 25:in every group where men of good will are to be found working, and where world service is rendered.Bethlehem, 26:initiation and to the Center where Christ may be found is the way of the soul, the lonely way ofBethlehem, 26:expressing itself in wisdom. This expression is found in its fullness in the life of Christ. HeBethlehem, that i:transfiguration of the nature can deliverance be found, can unity [28] with God be achieved. OnlyBethlehem, 41:soul itself that those who can help are to be found, and until we have, as individuals, penetratedBethlehem, 44:not be disappointed. The way into the kingdom is found by questioning and answering, by seeking andBethlehem, 63:constellation Virgo is called Spica; it is to be found in the "ear of corn" (sign of fertility)Bethlehem, 64:with the constellation Virgo, and to be found in the same section of the Heavens, are three other
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