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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOUND

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Bethlehem, 68:is perhaps as full of symbolism as any to be found in the Bible. The long and trying journey endedBethlehem, 68:dark, and through difficulty, Christ is to be found, the Christ life can flower forth, and we canBethlehem, 69:time Christ came. There were still many to be found who worshipped the bull, which was the worshipBethlehem, 69:the story of Mary and her Child. Two asses are found mentioned in the Gospel story, one coming fromBethlehem, 74:is ever the accompaniment of birth. Suffering is found. within every birth chamber. The realizationBethlehem, 74:refuse, in order that I may win Christ, and be found in Him, not having a righteousness of my own,Bethlehem, 76:was the nearest duty, and to teach those whom He found in the Temple, astonishing them with HisBethlehem, 78:study, read and think. The reason can usually be found in the fact of their spiritual selfishness.Bethlehem, 89:apparently provides a conditioning of life to be found on no other planet. This may or may not beBethlehem, 90:to the fact of the two basic principles to be found in the world - those of good and of evil - thusBethlehem, 94:kingdoms - animal, vegetable and mineral - are found in man; and their synthesis, plus anotherBethlehem, 97:to the portal of initiation. There is also to be found in this episode an interesting analogy toBethlehem, 102:what He had to do - to serve, to suffer and to found the kingdom of God. The expansion ofBethlehem, 104:until today radiance is everywhere to be found. In this light, inherent and divine, latent and yetBethlehem, 111:of the solitary places. First He is to be found in the daily life of the family experience, whereBethlehem, 123:the same type of test. The clue to this is found in Christ's answer, where He takes His stand uponBethlehem, 126:in His emotional-desire nature, and we have found that neither the forces of the physical natureBethlehem, 135:the kingdom of God which it was His mission to found, and whose inner structure and skeletonBethlehem, 154:and eternal, and the friends of Christ are to be found in every race (Christian or otherwise), inBethlehem, 179:the Equator, similar legends are, or were, to be found." - Pagan and Christian Creeds, by EdwardBethlehem, 181:of the cross is traced far back, it will be found that it antedates Christianity by thousands ofBethlehem, 182:the four-armed cross. These four signs are to be found unequivocally in the Bible, and are regardedBethlehem, 183:antedating the Jewish revelation, and which found its exponents in Egypt and in the MithraicBethlehem, 193:of bulls or rams were widespread, and were to be found in the rites of Mithra. By this purificationBethlehem, 201:principle from which sin arises is to be found in 'the self-assertion of the individual against theBethlehem, 206:kingdom by right of achievement. But the way is found in service to our fellow men, and Christ'sBethlehem, 209:of God on earth, which it was His mission to found. Christ came that all mankind might haveBethlehem, 209:that had been lived on earth. The attempt to found the kingdom, [210] preordained for all time, andBethlehem, 211:usual orthodox interpretation is nowhere to be found. Just love and hate; the desire to live asBethlehem, 216:a realization of what Christ's mission was - to found a kingdom. "Remember me when Thou comest intoBethlehem, 219:Therein is His problem, and therein is [219] found the problem of every human being. Christ drawsBethlehem, 220:the divinity of which He had felt assured, was found to be related to feeling. That feeling He mustBethlehem, 222:beings until all the sons of God shall have found their way back to the Father's home. This thirstBethlehem, 225:have already touched: first of all, He came to found, or to materialize upon the earth, the kingdomBethlehem, 234:have been believed. Such stories have always found a hearing. And men would still have knownBethlehem, 235:of all time to reveal. Again and again we have found that the three episodes related in the GospelBethlehem, 237:his friends rejoice together, saying, "We have found him." Annie Besant points out in anBethlehem, 239:millions, and where such a belief is universally found, there must indubitably be a basis for it.Bethlehem, 257:fact that in "the fullness of time" He came to found the kingdom of God, to bring into being uponBethlehem, 263:came to show us divinity in expression and to found the new kingdom, then the breaking down todayBethlehem, 264:perfecting, in order that we may help to found [265] the kingdom and to develop those values whichBethlehem, 281:Christ came as a special Messenger. He came to found the kingdom of God on earth and to institute aBethlehem, 283:of men wherever the will to be so helped is found. And it is something that is organizing slowly inDestiny, 5:large numbers of first ray egos are also to be found acting as focal points for certain first rayDestiny, 14:undeveloped consciousness. These people are found in every [15] field of human affairs. They areDestiny, 15:this can be noted in the history of the Jews as found in the Old Testament. When the first ray wasDestiny, 24:schools of thought are everywhere to be found; distorted interpretations and travesties of realityDestiny, 31:conditioned by: The preponderance of egos to be found on any particular ray. There are a very largeDestiny, 35:every department of world thought today is to be found the religious element. Destiny, 36:directed by the powerful minds everywhere to be found and which are seeking to control worldDestiny, 37:margin of difference is very slight and is to be found solely in intention, in the underlyingDestiny, 37:expressions of the outgoing sixth ray is to be found in Christianity, the spirit and principles ofDestiny, 39:the lower aspects of the sixth ray are to be found all forms of dogmatic, authoritative religion asDestiny, 60:by the highest and the most spiritual to be found in the land. Hence also their unrealized esotericDestiny, 62:- the Fascist and the Communistic - has been found inevitably in Spain. The triumph of the FascistDestiny, 71:further conscious unfoldment, it will be [71] found that that embryonic factor which we call theDestiny, 74:opportunity through the focus of power now to be found in Paris. Ray 4. - Harmony through Conflict,Destiny, 90:consequently many, owing to the mixture of races found there. Of these influences there are elevenDestiny, 92:between the many diverse [92] nationalities found in the States and so fuse and blend them into anDestiny, 92:one of these inlets for spiritual force is found, there will also be present a city of spiritualDestiny, 94:that behind the outer form is ever to be found the intangible, the real and the holy. I would likeDestiny, 96:the continent of Africa one will some day be found, and later still (many millions of years later)Destiny, 97:the fact that the governments of many nations found asylum in Great Britain during the war. Also,Destiny, 97:Idealism. Hence the conflicts everywhere to be found between the varying ideologies, and the majorDestiny, 102:two rays (the second and the fourth) it will be found that those nations and countries whoseDestiny, 122:the appearance of the fundamentalist schools, found in every field of thought - religious,Destiny, 145:I would remind you that Aquarius is to be found in the upper half of the zodiacal circle and isDestiny, 145:circle and is exactly opposite to Leo which is found in the lower half. Leo is the sign ofDestiny, 146:of World Servers, whose representatives are found in every land and in every great city. This, IDestiny, 148:will come, that right human relations will be found everywhere and that goodwill will implementDestiny, 152:At the center of each of these pictures is to be found the Christ. Thus the expressed aims andDiscipleship1, XI:of the Hierarchy could do nothing but good. We found also that He was quite ready for hisDiscipleship1, XII:determined goal of all whose instructions are found in this book - a goal which they have not yetDiscipleship1, XIII:the major point of his life conflict is to be found. We are taught in the esoteric philosophy thatDiscipleship1, XIII:Rays, the souls of all forms of life are to be found as well as the forms themselves. These sevenDiscipleship1, XIII:of Will or Power. Many great world rulers are found on this ray, such as Julius Caesar. The secondDiscipleship1, XIII:Love-Wisdom. The Christ and the Buddha are to be found on this ray. It is the great teaching ray.Discipleship1, XIII:The mass of intelligent humanity are found on this ray. The fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.Discipleship1, XIV:and organizers of all kinds. Executives are found with these energies in their equipment. Discipleship1, XIV:may be. People of all kinds and professions are found on all the rays. The conflict in a disciple'sDiscipleship1, XIV:the rays. The conflict in a disciple's life is found to lie in the fact that the ray of his soulDiscipleship1, 6:this work an undue effort, but if continuance is found possible and success ensues, it tempers theDiscipleship1, 6:go forward in clamor. The point of peace must be found in the midst of riot. Wisdom must beDiscipleship1, 23:or in that of another person is often to be found, for the beauty of the human heart has manifestedDiscipleship1, 25:telepathic sensitivity of such groups as will be found working in the many Ashrams of the Masters?Discipleship1, 31:integrated and disciples responded to my call, found each other and began to work together, itDiscipleship1, 35:these most normal and right reactions are to be found much ignorance as to the true significance ofDiscipleship1, 35:If perfection existed, you would all be found working in a different relation to the Great WhiteDiscipleship1, 36:groups, working along these lines, there will be found - upon the physical plane - certain channelsDiscipleship1, 45:potency by permitting no individual leader to be found at the group center upon the outer plane.Discipleship1, 53:and widespread light and its channels are to be found all over the world, in every country and inDiscipleship1, 70:two things are essential and these are seldom found together: The energy of the soul - like theDiscipleship1, 72:these seed groups are not the only units to be found today in the world. There are, for instance,Discipleship1, 73:are less receptive to the ideas upon which they found their work. This comment warrants yourDiscipleship1, 73:through these groups exists on our side and is found, therefore, upon the inner planes. TheDiscipleship1, 75:each other. The strength of this situation is found in the fact that this condition of unconsciousDiscipleship1, 75:condition of unconscious friendship is to be found as the result of many lives of close Discipleship1, 78:time from the standpoint of useful service. I found that I was really serving myself and notDiscipleship1, 87:the higher correspondence to the heart center, found within the head center (the thousand petalledDiscipleship1, 88:whole history of true emotional control is to be found in the sentence just given. The process of
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