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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOUND

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Discipleship1, 92:of tension or the focus of the effort is to be found in the disciple "standing at the midwayDiscipleship1, 124:values of the immediate moment as they are to be found in the foreground of daily living. I canDiscipleship1, 131:your place was filled by another. Now, work is found for you in a group which is to occupy itselfDiscipleship1, 132:glamors to which humanity is prone. These are found in those fields of illusory activity which menDiscipleship1, 133:where the lines of least resistance will be found and where you may look for rapid comprehensionDiscipleship1, 139:loneliness has not lessened for you and you have found it hard to struggle along. I have not muchDiscipleship1, 165:a sense of failure or lack of attainment is found. One thing I would like here to point out andDiscipleship1, 167:flames from every soul which has sought and found alignment. Fan those flames into a steady fire inDiscipleship1, 168:the rays upon which a physical vehicle may be found. This provides a definite opportunity to thoseDiscipleship1, 183:performance and the perfection of duty is to be found a sense of contributing to the assuagement ofDiscipleship1, 187:with the quality of spiritual aspiration to be found in the herd, in the mass, and not with or inDiscipleship1, 201:soul through you in your environment are not be found in any particular mental or astral reactionDiscipleship1, 205:to call to your attention that there is a lack found in your equipment of the modifications of theDiscipleship1, 208:note how this fits in with my comments on time found in my instruction to you last January. I mightDiscipleship1, 215:Ray of Love-Wisdom - the ray whereon I myself am found. Your first ray personality gives you powerDiscipleship1, 219:The psychological implications are to be found in the transference of the psychical energy youDiscipleship1, 225:under my definitely applied impression that you found your way into my group of disciples in whichDiscipleship1, 225:in which you now work, and at the same time you found your destined field of service. I am glad toDiscipleship1, 226:world at this time. Hence you can see why you found your way into my group of disciples and whyDiscipleship1, 232:sense. You came into incarnation to gain it and found your way into group activity. This proved toDiscipleship1, 238:gathered around a thought-form of myself to be found on the higher levels of the astral plane. ItDiscipleship1, 238:thought-form of the teachers are often to be found and are purely astral and not real. First, IDiscipleship1, 244:I tell you why, my brother? The reason is to be found in the difficult combination caused by yourDiscipleship1, 252:barriers to group integration which are now found. Having pointed this out to you, my brother, letDiscipleship1, 260:This I have not failed to recognize. You have found, have you not, that one at least of theDiscipleship1, 264:disciples. The seven energy centers are to be found about three inches behind their locations asDiscipleship1, 267:my last communication. Seek for the symbol to be found above the head of each of your co-disciples.Discipleship1, 268:of accomplishment. In these words are to be found for you the objective of this life's endeavor.Discipleship1, 273:and of the New Group of World Servers will be found. I would suggest that an elaboration of theseDiscipleship1, 276:mountain top, and in the clear air there to be found to see life true, your task and yourDiscipleship1, 279:organized instrument. Work with symbols will be found of real value to you if you persevere. IDiscipleship1, 284:words and definitions, for in them is to be found the secret of true creativeness. Meditate uponDiscipleship1, 287:the vision of color and harmony is ever to be found, and the ideal can be seen undergoing theDiscipleship1, 313:if such understanding lacks. "The key is found; and with the pressure of the hands in service ofDiscipleship1, 317:far as you can, the information anent this ray found in my books. It would be a profitable thing ifDiscipleship1, 326:to the center wherein the Masters are found. Now I call your attention to the necessity for thatDiscipleship1, 340:soul wisdom into the world of men. When you have found this center of light, which is, the mind,Discipleship1, 344:very much, can be done. There are also to be found three sixth ray lines of force. These produceDiscipleship1, 350:6 - a line of least resistance for soul force is found. Your physical body is upon the seventh ray.Discipleship1, 360:what does this discouragement arise? It is to be found in your realization that your innerDiscipleship1, 361:your best effort. The third cause of trouble is found in the fact that you are not making outerDiscipleship1, 366:Place of Peace. The peace of God is only [366] found in losing sight of self and seeing naught butDiscipleship1, 370:which is an unique occurrence and rarely to be found. It is here that the sense of separatenessDiscipleship1, 375:difficulties your Master knows, for he, too, has found the way hard, when he traveled it. InDiscipleship1, 377:the men of goodwill. As its faint outlines are found in the minds of the average intelligentDiscipleship1, 393:hands of those demanding presences who are to be found clamoring for your attention in their lives.Discipleship1, 415:by them? Another source of your trouble is to be found in your sixth ray astral body (the ray ofDiscipleship1, 422:I need to say to you at this time. Much that is found in the personal instructions of your groupDiscipleship1, 428:in which another brother is habitually to be found; yet, in spite of these changes andDiscipleship1, 438:Ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic; here is to be found the source of much of your ill-health. TheDiscipleship1, 439:leave his post until the "last weary pilgrim has found his way home." You see, therefore, do youDiscipleship1, 451:of the preponderance of pure motive to be found present in their consciousness. The right use ofDiscipleship1, 456:the will, to your splenic center. (Note: This is found a little to the left and [457] below theDiscipleship1, 459:that the battle ground in your case was to be found in all three bodies simultaneously. ThisDiscipleship1, 463:the heights of the soul and, having sought and found that pinnacle of peace and that altitude ofDiscipleship1, 463:in which all men, incarnate and discarnate are found. Find there that which your soul can and willDiscipleship1, 488:would be of real value to you and should be found. Seek this change and seize it when it comes. OneDiscipleship1, 497:that was the ray upon which your personality was found in your last incarnation. Hence yourDiscipleship1, 507:sun which shineth ever in the fog. That sun is found within my mind. Within that sun, I stand." Discipleship1, 510:of ascent. (A description of this garden will be found at the end of this disciple's instructions.Discipleship1, 511:and see where those conditions are to be found in daily life. When found, then glamor is anDiscipleship1, 511:conditions are to be found in daily life. When found, then glamor is an inevitable result. WhenDiscipleship1, 512:again, the weaknesses which are looked for are found and the real self is hidden from your eyes.Discipleship1, 519:return again to your garden which still can be found - serene and fair - within the world ofDiscipleship1, 566:few others in my group, your astral body is not found upon the usual rays. These are normallyDiscipleship1, 566:body and the focus of your personality power is found in your emotional nature. This is a residueDiscipleship1, 590:I have tried for days to spare some time but found I had none to spare. We who work on the otherDiscipleship1, 599:the Great Ones work. You are not alone. You have found your own company of souls. You are notDiscipleship1, 628:of isolation. For others, the problem is to be found in the powerful will-to-be at the center, bothDiscipleship1, 630:stand wide open and you are often not to be found within your tower but are busy elsewhere in theDiscipleship1, 642:makes for power in healing. [642] It will be found, when we come actively to work, that some of youDiscipleship1, 664:and where only pain, fear and suspense are to be found. You must learn to move forward steadilyDiscipleship1, 690:the three worlds of human endeavor and are to be found in every field and school of thought. I amDiscipleship1, 694:This is seldom realized. Many people can be found in a Master's group but the personnel of hisDiscipleship1, 694:relation. But in an Ashram only that is to be found within the sphere of influence of an AshramDiscipleship1, 713:into four parts and it is only when all four are found present together and simultaneously thatDiscipleship1, 719:and focused on the present, are everywhere to be found; and people who are definitely Aryan inDiscipleship1, 719:and occupied with the future, are likewise found. The three constitute one race of men and embodyDiscipleship1, 744:to the so-called "split personality" is to be found, or (to word it otherwise) where that state ofDiscipleship1, 747:in so far as the members of the Ashram who are found on its outer periphery relate themselves toDiscipleship1, 752:Now he is admitted to the secret place to be found at the very heart of the Ashram and becomes aDiscipleship1, 763:via the sacrifice petals (three of them) to be found in the ring of petals immediately around theDiscipleship1, 764:and systole system of evolution which is found in the universal life process. Discipleship1, 778:with the Hierarchy ever does), I would have found no collaboration from her. Discipleship2, 7:manifestation of the potency of life to be found in the seed group. The work to be done by us inDiscipleship2, 35:you managed to carry them out, you might have found your entire path in life more simple and easyDiscipleship2, 43:or for only partial service are easily found and appropriated; postponement of all-out help today,Discipleship2, 46:he has been merged hitherto, but has not yet found his group, into which he will eventually beDiscipleship2, 62:this area of disruption. It will in due time be found that the Japanese people, with their peculiarDiscipleship2, 64:Higher Evolution, which is now more easily to be found, owing to the rapid construction of theDiscipleship2, 86:reassure all groups. Young people should be found and trained - trained in the principles. ThereDiscipleship2, 91:either the Hierarchy or Humanity are still to be found in them, the affiliation with my AshramDiscipleship2, 101:she undertook, alone and without my help, to found and organize the Arcane School; it gave her muchDiscipleship2, 107:have the same basic soul ray, they are apt to be found on one or other of the six subsidiaryDiscipleship2, 110:of conviction. Failures, where they may be found, need not persist, for the group love can offsetDiscipleship2, 113:through the medium of the heart center which is found within the head center (the thousand-petalledDiscipleship2, 121:major 'importance: The relation of the energies, found below the diaphragm and corresponding to theDiscipleship2, 121:(motivated by desire), and the higher energies found above the diaphragm and motivated by the soul.Discipleship2, 124:of the wheel, like the hub of the wheel, can be found your Master (D.K.). Then slowly with love,Discipleship2, 131:A definite and planned process of alignment. I found, as you know, that the great need of the group
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