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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOUND

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Healing, 239:related to the centers, and it will be found that the center in the area wherein the cancer existsHealing, 239:number of cells and atoms to itself; therein is found the source of the tumors, growths and cancersHealing, 251:of ancient known and unknown diseases are to be found in the layers of the soil and the subsoil;Healing, 252:diseases which remain strictly local and are not found elsewhere in the world. Cancer,Healing, 252:general in their effect. The clue to this can be found if students will remember that though theHealing, 253:thousand perfectly healthy [253] people to be found out of the billions now inhabiting the earth? IHealing, 255:of the difficulty is, curiously enough, to be found fostered by the newer schools of thought.Healing, 272:of medicine, a situation paralleling that to be found in the realm of religion. The old approachHealing, 273:and to the inner causes, as they are to be found in the centers and their related fields ofHealing, 274:of all disease are two in nature: They are to be found, first of all, in the stimulation or theHealing, 275:be relative freedom from disease. They are to be found, secondly, in the karmic effect of the threeHealing, 278:care of the physical mechanism, is today to be found a major world problem - the problem of theHealing, 281:in the belief that these tendencies are to be found in the germs of life and of substance, broughtHealing, 287:involved or the area where difficulty is to be found, and then is sent out to the body as aHealing, 295:a group of laws which, when followed, will be found essential to the curing of disease and theHealing, 296:than half of what I have to say is to be [296] found in this first part of our discussion. We haveHealing, 297:exists because the Great Realities (to be found in all the phenomenal world) are likewise inHealing, 298:held here until the "last weary pilgrim has found his way home." This is His heavy karma evenHealing, 301:for display of power. Within the fourth He found a field of battle and settled down to fight. HeHealing, 301:harmony, ease, rest and peaceful silence will be found. He weakened all the forms which used HisHealing, 302:primarily upon the fifth or mental plane will be found eventually the source of many psychologicalHealing, 314:such a disease as cancer, the vital core is not found until the malignant condition is establishedHealing, 315:of freedom from emotion is so seldom to be found that - at this stage of the world's history - itHealing, 321:force is not properly focused, and there will be found some form of congestion, or some form ofHealing, 321:and the emphasis of the life force may be found). It can also be based upon the activity of theHealing, 323:in the planet itself. These diseases are found in widely differing forms, in all the kingdoms inHealing, 325:dwelling upon the physical factors to be found in the personality equipment is not the way of theHealing, 330:in the very different type of emotional body as found in the Aryan or Atlantean. The whole questionHealing, 332:forty-nine minor centers. The major centers are found in the head and up the spinal column. TheHealing, 332:the spinal column. The minor centers are to be found scattered all over the body. The ethericHealing, 333:part of the triple nervous system. They are found in their millions, and produce the sensitiveHealing, 333:The controlling power station will be found to vary according to the point in evolution reached:Healing, 333:is localized temporarily. There will also be found a slight activity in the ajna center. AverageHealing, 337:You will find it interesting to read what can be found in The Secret Doctrine and other booksHealing, 337:the external organ of the mind, and it will be found by the investigator that the contents of theHealing, 337:to the aspects of the human mechanism found upon the mental plane." Bear in mind that the lifeHealing, 339:[339] A certain form of breakdown in the cells found in a particular area of the brain. Based onHealing, 339:on a state of massed melancholia, such as can be found in our sanitariums or asylums. The conditionHealing, 341:which it really is, will eventually be found to exist between the astral body, the etheric body andHealing, 349:and in death (particularly the latter) is to be found in a wrong attitude toward death, and to anHealing, 367:from the points of living knowledge there to be found, we may become aware of areas of light (as weHealing, 367:I know, for instance, that such areas are to be found (as regards the United States) in Baltimore,Healing, 368:shining this indicates to me that there is to be found a center where the newer knowledges anentHealing, 368:the newer knowledges anent man's body are to be found. I know that there are other areas of lightHealing, 383:range of allied physical ills will eventually be found traceable to one or other of these threeHealing, 383:to the organism in which they are to be found. I have here only given you a hint, and one that isHealing, 389:ill, it may not be possible. It will be found by all healing agencies that when working with thoseHealing, 393:Middle Ages and to the erroneous teaching to be found in the Old Testament anent Jehovah, theHealing, 395:thinking, with very little true telepathy to be found in it. The telepathy which is present todayHealing, 397:thinker, the uniqueness of man is to be found in his various stages of consciousness and in hisHealing, 399:an unconquerable hope of better conditions to be found elsewhere, and this need not necessarily beHealing, 408:to those vehicles of expression which are found below the formless levels of the cosmic physicalHealing, 423:the heights of the soul, and having sought and found that pinnacle of peace and that altitude ofHealing, 423:all men - incarnate and discarnate - are to be found. Find there that which your soul can and willHealing, 424:in the animal kingdom is the reaction to fear found. Could you but see the etheric world as ThoseHealing, 433:love-wisdom. This attractive principle is found in all forms, from the tiny form of the atom toHealing, 438:- Vol. V. In this Rule, two main ideas are to be found, both of them connected with the firstHealing, 441:of true Service is comprehended, it will be found that it is an aspect of that divine energy whichHealing, 443:mind - not by its omnipotence. In this is to be found an occult hint. - Page 309. The instinct ofHealing, 456:the apex of the heart another etheric web is found covering an orifice of exit. We have, therefore,Healing, 458:body, though certain notes on the organ will be found effective. At the exact moment of death, if aHealing, 458:which future occult study will run. It will be found also that pressure on certain nerve centersHealing, 458:particular spot in the medulla oblongata will be found helpful and effective. A definite science ofHealing, 458:a particular key (to which the dying man will be found to respond), may later constitute also aHealing, 459:dwelling in the place where Light and Life are found. Thus illusion ends. - Page 308. Letters onHealing, 461:spine are not within the physical body, but are found at certain distinctive points in theHealing, 464:mental life. There is no astral elemental to be found in the equipment of an initiate of highHealing, 465:mechanism. The minor centers are therefore to be found existing in two groups: Those responsive toHealing, 465:where the twenty-one minor centers are to be found. They can be located at the following points:Healing, 468:lines from the Manual of Death which is to be found in the hierarchical archives would proveHealing, 469:with the innate light of matter itself, to be found in every atom of substance. This focusing lightHealing, 469:atom of substance. This focusing light will be found to concentrate itself in seven areas of itsHealing, 479:general trends in which diseased conditions are found. Observation, experimentation, trial andHealing, 510:of the three aspects of mind which are to be found upon what we call the mental plane: [511] TheHealing, 521:process must be briefly considered. We have found that there are ten laws and six rules. The tenthHealing, 521:ten laws and six rules. The tenth law will be found too abstruse for much elucidation; it concernsHealing, 529:the particular type of energy which is to be found either in the soul or the personality ray of theHealing, 530:results of the recent world war will be found to be a tremendously increased capacity for nervousHealing, 531:and good. In both groups charlatans are to be found and also a small - a very small - minority ofHealing, 531:and lover of humanity in both groups will be found the future hope of medical science as it seeksHealing, 533:but other five are present. For each is to be found a central point of contact. The conflict ofHealing, 541:area within which the physical trouble is to be found. The relation of the centers above theHealing, 545:succeed. There is little if any contact to be found among healers today, and little directHealing, 546:and of identity with all is not to be found, except in advanced disciples and initiates; the massHealing, 548:and with the controlling fact of the centers found in every area of the body, either freelyHealing, 549:on to and through the hormones there to be found. But the keynote of all his work will be directedHealing, 559:center (the center where the life principle is found), but only a part of its vital energy willHealing, 559:out where this focus of consciousness is to be found; this brings us back to a point I made anentHealing, 570:point of friction (the outcome of resistance) is found first of all in the mental body, then isHealing, 571:and the friction is necessarily to be found throughout. It might be of interest to you to correlateHealing, 571:In between these two directing eyes is to be found the ajna center, which is like a third eye orHealing, 571:direction. In the perfected man, there is to be found, therefore, the following distributors orHealing, 575:with the area in which the disease is to be found, with its controlling etheric center and itsHealing, 582:but other five are present. For each is to be found a central point of contact. The conflict ofHealing, 588:but other five are present. For each is to be found a central point of contact. The two energiesHealing, 590:of illumination). These correspondences can be found most enlightening if due consideration isHealing, 592:and the forces concerned are those to be found in the major and the minor centers, involving theirHealing, 592:and the areas of the physical body which are found around these centers. [593] These in realityHealing, 594:an undesirable effect upon the physical organs found within the area involved. In the early stagesHealing, 614:is the doctrine of intermediaries which is to be found [615] in such rich abundance and is regarded
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