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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOUND

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Magic, 251:and are [251] photographed upon the "vital airs" found in the brain cavity. When these vital airsMagic, 257:The Necessity for Purity Rule number nine is found on page 1017 in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, andMagic, 264:agony. Ideals are transcended only to be found to be stations on the road to higher; visions areMagic, 288:and a different method for those souls who are found responsive to its peculiar impulse. I giveMagic, 299:and growing in potency during the ages, are found the causes of all modern fear and the basis ofMagic, 299:trials and tests? How can words adequate be found to convey a cosmic struggle between Lives soMagic, 308:dwelling in the place where Light and Life are found. Thus illusion ends. It is his astralMagic, 309:mind, - not by its omnipotence. In this is to be found an occult hint. I shall not deal with theMagic, 311:the human being. Facts about this life will be found in the Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Its life isMagic, 313:of increased rapid vibration. Reference will be found in the Treatise on Cosmic Fire to an avatarMagic, 315:roots of public opinion, so-called, are to be found here, but it will be long before theMagic, 321:sources from which astral energy comes. We have found that each of us is immersed in a sea ofMagic, 321:of world avatars, through the mystical yearning found in every human being, through all movementsMagic, 331:of the Building Mystics, for when a man has found his soul and recognizes its relationship to itsMagic, 331:and women in every branch of human thought are found among this group including scientists andMagic, 356:the St. Pauls, of the Akbars of the race. It is found (and sometimes in its purest form) in theMagic, 375:most earnest disciples are at this time to be found. Little by little however he becomes "absorbed"Magic, 376:is registered in consciousness. Thus it will be found that both schools are right, and that theMagic, 378:and directed its activities from there, it was found necessary during the first subrace of theMagic, 379:of its branches at a much later period was to be found in the ancient Maya institutions, and theMagic, 379:imperfect. There was very little mentality to be found and men were practically altogether astral;Magic, 383:certain main distinctions will still be found to exist. The will of the soul, regarding that soulMagic, 389:discard. Basically again, these fiery lives, are found in all that burns, and in the warmth thatMagic, 395:upon the ray upon which the spiritual Entity is found. One point should be here noted and upon thisMagic, 398:who have measured up to the requirements, have found their way into the ranks of those who standMagic, 403:manifested by even initiates. [403] The Masters found the minds and brains of chelas curiouslyMagic, 407:and the present economic relief measures to be found in every country are its exotericMagic, 408:era. Groups of artists are likewise to be found, giving us the famous schools which are the gloryMagic, 411:of the third group (that of the financiers) are found primarily upon the seventh ray, that ofMagic, 416:and in parts of Asia and South Africa are to be found certain disciples, usually unrecognized byMagic, 433:as you may sense it. At the same time, there is found the open door of initiation. Both theseMagic, 433:opportunities (if I might so term them) are found simultaneously present, but the strength of theMagic, 433:human body via the spleen and also via a center found between the shoulder blades; this center isMagic, 433:rays of the sun, or to the tracery of pattern found in reflection upon a limpid pool. [434] Magic, 434:that astrology will make in time to come will be found the secret of the true coordination betweenMagic, 434:correct. But that astrology is not yet to be found. Too much is overlooked and too little known toMagic, 439:the mental impulses and conditions. It will be found that these three charts will take certainMagic, 439:Amazing symbolic charts and lineal forms will be found to emerge when this is done, and theMagic, 439:will grow out of this, for it will be found that each line will function in relation to anotherMagic, 440:its true exponent for [440] our age will duly be found. I but indicate the lines of the futureMagic, 462:steadily increasing insect peril, will be [462] found to be related to the inflow of unused andMagic, 462:and temporary parental responsibility is found, there is no criticism to be given. In the vegetableMagic, 465:governing the taking and relinquishing of form, found in much of our puerile literature, but e'enMagic, 466:find themselves subjectively affiliated, will be found those who have worked with them in theMagic, 472:to become as little children they will be found to be a safe guide into truth [473] and willMagic, 482:that I seek to deal. Much about thought will be found in A Treatise [483] on Cosmic Fire, but IMagic, 484:way into some group, analogous impulsive forms (found within the group aura) will coalesce with it,Magic, 495:of this thread soul to a "seat" in the brain, found in the region of the pineal gland. The otherMagic, 502:the apex of the heart another etheric web is found covering an orifice of exit. We have, therefore,Magic, 502:himself I will give a few hints which will be found to [503] convey a new meaning to much work nowMagic, 504:meditation work or in going to sleep. It will be found, for instance, that many people wake with anMagic, 506:body, though certain notes on the organ will be found effective. At the exact moment of death, if aMagic, 506:which future occult study will run. It will be found also that pressure on certain nerve centersMagic, 506:particular spot in the medulla oblongata will be found helpful and effective. A definite science ofMagic, 506:a particular key (to which the dying man will be found to respond) may later constitute also a partMagic, 507:In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, there will be found certain points of interest for us to consider,Magic, 513:analogy of this rapidity of activity is to be found in the intense rushing to and fro of theMagic, 515:period of silence succeeds upon the activity (found so difficult by the beginner) of making theMagic, 518:guarded? Because the efficacy of black magic is found right here. There is a point where both blackMagic, 522:and cyclically. Much anent this will be found in A Treatise on Cosmic [523] Fire and there is noMagic, 529:aspect, that which we call the soul, and, having found it, with the work then of acquaintingMagic, 529:selfishness and separateness. When the center is found by any human being and he becomes at-oneMagic, 529:the group of World Workers, and when a man has found his soul and the principle of unity isMagic, 531:and the changing of conditions are only found where what we call individuality is present, whereMagic, 537:nature of Service is comprehended, it will be found that it is an aspect of that divine energyMagic, 542:the present mode of visual focusing it will be found that the human eye is capable of including anMagic, 546:times. The material on which the writing is found is so old and so frail that all that the MastersMagic, 550:plane of merging and the etheric reflection is found in all forms according to the type of energyMagic, 550:the four kingdoms in nature all four types are found, but the fourth etheric is found in fullerMagic, 550:four types are found, but the fourth etheric is found in fuller degree in the mineral kingdom thanMagic, 550:human, whilst the highest of the four ethers is found in greater proportion in the human than inMagic, 550:kingdoms. This which I tell you is apt to be found confusing by the neophyte for the words energy,Magic, 552:These words are an attempt to express a symbol found in the same ancient book, or ratherMagic, 553:At the bottom of the page whereon this symbol is found are four geometrical forms. Some of theseMagic, 566:moment in all creative work is ever to be found at this stage. It is the stage wherein the vibrantMagic, 568:of generation and of elimination. Upana is found between the nose and the top of the head; it has aMagic, 568:instruments are the thousands of nadis or nerves found in the body, and it has a peculiar definiteMagic, 571:energies, and those same forces as they are found in the natural world and govern the manifestationMagic, 573:of energy and upon what ray is this force to be found? A close watch upon this aspect of work willMagic, 575:for the instruction of disciples these words are found: "The armed hand is an empty hand and thisMagic, 577:them with the planetary or cosmic currents to be found in his environment. This is doneMagic, 579:the quality the desire aspect is primarily to be found. It is profoundly true that according to aMagic, 584:at the center of his being except that which is found in the house of his Father. He is what he isMagic, 584:he is because he has tried all lesser ways and found them wanting, and has submitted to many guidesMagic, 588:of purifying the bodies in which the centers are found, which are primarily the astral, etheric andMagic, 591:(partial or complete) of any obstructions found along the spinal cord which could prevent the freeMagic, 592:circular "webs", lying between the five centers found on the rod of the spinal column, such asMagic, 592:such as follows: 0/0/0/0/0, and three are to be found in the head. These three bisect the head, andMagic, 592:the protective "webs", or disks of pranic energy found on either side of them. Thus, [593] throughMagic, 596:spine to the exit in the head. Such teachers are found by the pupil when he has carried forward hisMagic, 603:with the soul and the world in which it is found, and this must work out subjectively through love,Magic, 605:three threads the story of evolution is to be found. One thread guides the thoughts of man as heMagic, 605:us to grasp the basic concepts which are to be found in the mind of God Himself. Until the highestMagic, 610:stage is the dim and uncertain period which is found prior to dense and concrete manifestation. ItMagic, 615:is a soul and because the light of the soul is found within him and is gradually growing intoMagic, 616:There is an interesting and ancient proclamation found in the archives of the adepts which coversMagic, 620:therefore ponder on these words which will be found to become of increasing importance during theMagic, 631:considered but not unduly so, and when advice is found to be separative and tends to eliminateMagic, 634:family. Another cause of this reaction is to be found in the fact that mankind as a whole and forMagic, 637:to handle. The second point of danger is to be found in the astral illusion in which all humanity
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