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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOUND

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Meditation, 5:seldom is the threefold Personality yet to be found lined up, if so I [6] may put it, with theMeditation, 10:the life lived entirely for the lower self and found it unsatisfying. Then he begins to turn hisMeditation, 15:Self The ray on which a man's causal body is found, the egoic ray, should determine the type ofMeditation, 33:balanced by the personality ray mediation, we found that the relationship of the causal body to theMeditation, 34:in the evolving human hierarchy. These are found on causal levels, though the numbers are slightlyMeditation, 37:to wrestle with. The refusal to incarnate is not found only on spiritual levels, but is found alsoMeditation, 37:is not found only on spiritual levels, but is found also on that of the Higher Self. CertainMeditation, 40:points of merging in a cycle, cross-currents are found, and all the system seems to be in a chaoticMeditation, 57:color, the line of least resistance is at last found, and the indwelling life is liberated andMeditation, 59:(which was stabilized in System 1), much can be found out about the use of the Word on the physicalMeditation, 64:levels. When a man has mastered the key, and has found his own subtone then he will sound theMeditation, 72:are more completely understood, - it will be found that it provides a magnetic link between theMeditation, 85:The four-armed cross of the third Logos is found at the base of the spine and the cross of theMeditation, 96:in inhibition? The following suggestions may be found useful and helpful: The student havingMeditation, 110:and certain troubles obviated that are now found in a more or less degree in every occult group. ItMeditation, 116:the physical plane: The following groups will be found: His family group to which he is usuallyMeditation, 119:3. On the mental plane: The groups to be found there may be enumerated as follows: The groups ofMeditation, 128:coupled to regulated rhythmic movement, will be found a meeting place for the two alliedMeditation, 135:not of involution. The elemental forces to be found on these two planes are manipulated by twoMeditation, 135:plane, the gnomes and the elemental essence as found in evil form, some of the brownies, and theMeditation, 142:nebulous theory of God immanent there are to be found numerous stages, at each of which occurs anMeditation, 158:ray when be has transcended the personality and found the egoic note. Then he manipulates matter ofMeditation, 161:all these troubles forms of meditation may be found which - if followed in time - will eventuallyMeditation, 174:involution, on the downward arc. They are to be found on all planes, and the etheric elementalMeditation, 174:in graded and serried ranks. Devas are to be found of the same rank as the Planetary Logoi, and theMeditation, 174:the Masters of the Occult Hierarchy. They can be found on all the lesser grades down to the littleMeditation, 178:The mantrams calling elementals are more easily found and used than those calling the devas.Meditation, 182:in the remnants of active cosmic Evil that had found their way into manifestation, - a remnant ofMeditation, 182:With this growing consciousness will be found a seeking after methods of communication. When theMeditation, 183:departments connected with fire that may be found within our solar system. I especially emphasizeMeditation, 184:They originated fundamentally from cosmic fire found on the cosmic mental levels. In the MicrocosmMeditation, 184:The correspondence in the Microcosm to Fohat is found in the pranic currents that, through theMeditation, 188:far outnumber all the other elementals, and are found on every plane from the highest to theMeditation, 188:the lowest. The elementals of water or earth are found only in certain localities or spheres in theMeditation, 188:Under these two groups of mantric forms will be found many lesser groups which work specificallyMeditation, 192:in the dark mysterious caves of cosmic evil as found within our solar system. Equally so, it isMeditation, 192:In the study of the Sacred Word and its use we found that it had a triple effect, destructive,Meditation, 193:an unselfish adherence to the good of all can be found, will this power be permitted to return toMeditation, 197:low type of modern dance. In the modern dance is found the corruptest manifestation of rhythmicMeditation, 198:from the levels on which the Buddha may be found. He acts as a focal point for that power, and -Meditation, 199:and so act with great force upon the evolutions found thereon. [200] Healing groups will work asMeditation, 201:Civilization - their own specific groups will be found, subject to certain mantrams and words, andMeditation, 208:vibration of this love system, so will it be found upon the mental plane. More may not be said, butMeditation, 209:new, for I give not aught which may not be found in that foundation book of H. P. B.'s. But in aMeditation, 212:some interesting geometrical patterns will be found as the circles cut across the planes, and someMeditation, 216:intelligence, or to that activity aspect that found its great expression in the first solar system.Meditation, 216:ray of that time was the green ray, and it found one of its closest alliances in the ray of orange,Meditation, 220:intuition, apprehends these three mysteries has found the key to the greater cycle and holds theMeditation, 220:the microcosm that the same relationship will be found, and will open the portal to the "Kingdom ofMeditation, 221:worked upon by the seventh. A synthesis too is found in the fact that through the medium of violetMeditation, 224:have you now tabulate (even though it can be found in The Secret Doctrine), in order to form theMeditation, 225:glibly repeated but little realized. What is found above and what will consequently be developingMeditation, 225:consequently be developing below? Above will be found Will, Love and Activity, or Power, Wisdom andMeditation, 225:aspects of divine manifestation. Below will be found these three in process of appearing: TheMeditation, 227:of the atmic. The secret of it all is to be found in the application of the occult laws ofMeditation, 227:and the lower. The correspondence will always be found perfect. Therefore through meditation willMeditation, 231:and a receptiveness to the higher teaching, found their way out of the Hall of Learning into theMeditation, 235:ray of the Monad. The correspondence will be found perfect. These forces, or virtues, or influencesMeditation, 242:and neutral to all attack. It will be found that the comprehension [243] of the law of vibration,Meditation, 246:the Master. Besides this, in each group will be found some person who can accurately transcribe allMeditation, 246:of any knowledge and powers that may be found amongst those who seek to serve their race and theMeditation, 247:has been but little studied as yet. It will be found that certain colors will definitely affectMeditation, 247:action on the etheric, and this again will be found hid in the law of vibration and of color.Meditation, 257:of the Father's home and the glory there to be found. But the human mind is so constituted that theMeditation, 257:within, till the center of consciousness is found that vibrates in tune with those dimly realizedMeditation, 260:A Master of the Wisdom is One Who has found not only the chord of the Ego, but the full chord ofMeditation, 261:line of least resistance, the direct path, is found through the practice of meditation. A Master ofMeditation, 263:and through clairvoyant faculty but must be found by the Initiate Himself, by the use of atma andMeditation, 266:there? The seven Heavenly Men are there to be found, each of Whom is composed (from the standpointMeditation, 269:Lord of the Ray in Whose Body his Monad may be found. Therefore the work of the probationer is toMeditation, 272:to the group. He has been tried and not been found wanting. His life of service in the world isMeditation, 274:by the ray on which they both may be found, and by the need of the hour. The Master's work (as muchMeditation, 283:of each evolution and form of divine life as found on those planes and subplanes, with one aim inMeditation, 302:of the Teaching Ray upon the earth, is found what might be termed the central office for theMeditation, 302:training work of the Hierarchy. There will be found the Chohan Who is directly responsible for theMeditation, 306:certain rate of vibration will it be possible to found and institute these schools. Only as theMeditation, 306:of expression, and similar forms. It will be found later on, when the Occult Schools are founded,Meditation, 307:divisions of the one occult foundation, will be found in the following countries: Egypt. This willMeditation, 307:at one of the magnetized spots there to be found. This school will be very definitely a schoolMeditation, 308:mysteries. A preparatory occult school will be found, too, in Sweden, for those of the northern andMeditation, 308:the preparatory work and earlier grades are found will be first in order of time, and are inMeditation, 311:to the need of finding a situation whereon to found a preparatory or an advanced school. GenerallyMeditation, 312:of surrounding circumstances. The center must be found to a considerable degree before he can passMeditation, 318:At the head of the school will always be found an Initiate of the first or second degree, the aimMeditation, 318:on the second, fourth and sixth rays will be found in it. At least one fifth ray teacher will beMeditation, 318:in it. At least one fifth ray teacher will be found in every school of occultism. If a first rayMeditation, 322:front of the Master's pictures, on which will be found the incensor and a vase for floral tributes.Meditation, 323:the triangle having tables whereon will be found various symbols and a few of the fundamental booksMeditation, 324:the wall of the great circular passage will be found the signs of the zodiac, the four entrancesMeditation, 352:subplane of the fifth plane, the mental, are found the causal bodies of the individual men andPatanjalithrough reflection upon its meaning, the Way is found. 29. From this comes the realization of thePatanjali, 8:a man becomes a living Flame, The Path can be found and man himself become that Path. The followingPatanjali, 8:that Path. The following triplicities may be found of value to the student, especially if hePatanjali, 18:his vision!" At the close of this sentence is found a curious symbol, which conveys to thePatanjali, 19:phraseology, the Christ principle) to be found at the heart of every atom, whether it is the atomPatanjali, 19:ring-pass-not all our kingdoms of nature are found, or the solar atom, God in manifestation throughPatanjali, 20:with all the intermediate stages to be found between these extremes. The aspirant has to guardPatanjali, 25:the external organ of the mind, and it will be found by the investigator that the contents of thePatanjali, 25:to the aspects of the human mechanism found upon the mental plane. This latter sentence should bePatanjali, 29:Gita the following illuminating words are found: "For the possessors of wisdom, united in
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