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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOUND

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Patanjali, 30:of a clearer understanding the following may be found to be of use: Heaven, that state ofPatanjali, 35:knowledge comes bliss. In these three are to be found correspondences to the three aspects, spirit,Patanjali, 36:a perception of what may lie back of the words found in a later sutra as translated by CharlesPatanjali, 41:or Master. He knows the plan as it is to be found on the highest levels and is in touch with thePatanjali, 44:he set his foot upon the way of devotion and found the Christ, the Buddhi within. In this life hePatanjali, 45:goats, and aspirants of this type are frequently found in incarnation under the sign Capricorn, ThePatanjali, 45:a fish, and many born under the sign Pisces are found in this category, The gentle or slow groupPatanjali, 45:the sign Cancer. In these three groups are to be found various subdivisions and it is interestingPatanjali, 46:The following correspondences may be found illuminating and should be studied with care. AspectPatanjali, 47:in the heart of every child of God; He is to be found in the cave of the heart; He is to be reachedPatanjali, 48:and through [48] struggle and experience has found the true self. Here is depicted the nature ofPatanjali, 51:following synonyms of the Ishvara aspect may be found of value. The Macrocosm Ishvara, the secondPatanjali, 53:initiators into the mysteries. The one Master is found within; it is the soul, the inner ruler, thePatanjali, 53:(speaking in terms of the human kingdom) to be found except Masters who are likewise disciples. AllPatanjali, 56:is indeed the Word, the AUM, and of this Master (found at the heart of all beings) it is true thatPatanjali, 58:through reflection upon its meaning, the Way is found. This is a very general paraphrase butPatanjali, 59:the man in incarnation, and between these two is found the thread, along which the Pranava (orPatanjali, 61:and continuous effort. The same thought is to be found in the Old Testament, in the case of JoshuaPatanjali, 64:precedes action, insufficient momentum will be found coupled with failure to appreciate thePatanjali, 64:the mental body and to the heavy rate of rhythm found in most people. That is the reason why RajaPatanjali, 66:or scientific. Only thus can the reality be found and the truth be seen. "When thy Soul shall passPatanjali, 71:cause of the aggressive intensity of endeavor found in all walks of life. To this the educationalPatanjali, 72:occultism who aspires to liberation is not to be found in breathing exercises, however, nor in anyPatanjali, 72:with the seven centers in the body. It will be found in an intense inner concentration uponPatanjali, 77:between all forms wherein the life of God is found. He becomes a brother as well as an adept andPatanjali, 79:the key to the understanding of this sutra is found in the word detachment. The aspirant (as hePatanjali, 80:the third ray aspect upon our planet), will be found illuminating. Students would find it valuablePatanjali, 80:These seven points in the head (and all are found within a comparatively small area) are thePatanjali, 82:have their correspondences in the etheric matter found in the region of the head and that it isPatanjali, 89:the man God can reign. Within Brahma both are found; yet all is one. The atom is as God, God as thePatanjali, 91:divine manifestations the whole range of form is found. The occult student has to realize thatPatanjali, 95:separated into their component parts and are found to be - as all else in nature - triple. OncePatanjali, 98:perception or clarified sense. In the commentary found in Woods' translation the following wordsPatanjali, 98:upon by the more advanced students, will be found to be of profound occult significance: "...thePatanjali, 99:on the emotional plane. Behind all these is found that balanced state, called Pradhana, which isPatanjali, 99:distinguishing mark. Behind these three again is found the Absolute Principle but these three arePatanjali, 103:with in Woods' translation of the sutras will be found helpful: "When freed from obscuration byPatanjali, 107:except God; that His life is one and is to be found pulsating in the microscopic atom and in thePatanjali, 107:merge himself with the life of God as it is found in the ultimate primordial atom, or expand hisPatanjali, 122:body, with the force centers or chakras [122] found in that body and with the distribution of forcePatanjali, 125:planes of our solar system, wherein forms are found whether created by God, man or deva. One objectPatanjali, 126:similarly rendered unfertile. These seeds are found in three groups, each producing a large crop ofPatanjali, 129:and personal desires of any kind are evident, is found in the great basic condition which is thePatanjali, 132:as experienced by man in incarnation is to be found on all planes. It is a limitation of SpiritPatanjali, 145:symbolic presentation holds true. The roots are found on the mental plane. The flowering forth intoPatanjali, 155:division we have an analogy to the septenates found throughout our manifested universe. First wePatanjali, 159:form of existence in which our little forms are found. This is the sum total of the thinkingPatanjali, 164:power. But around him and through him is to be found that greater whole of which he is a part, andPatanjali, 167:and sectarian diversities everywhere to be found, and in this fifth root race and particularly inPatanjali, 172:of the Lodge of Masters, the following words are found: "It suffices not to know the way nor toPatanjali, 180:the "light in the head," or the effulgence found in the brain in the neighborhood of the pinealPatanjali, 189:has been developed and proved and when it is found that no problem, no darkness and no [190] timePatanjali, 190:of discipleship. These characteristics must be found in all three bodies. leading to the constantPatanjali, 190:arrive at his goal. Spiritual reading will be found to concern the development of the sense ofPatanjali, 190:devoted service to Ishvara or the divine Self as found in the hearts of all men and back of allPatanjali, 192:the soul, the Christ aspect. [192] 3. When it is found that the thoughts habitually cultivated arePatanjali, 192:new thought concept, definitely formulated and found to be contrary to the old thought current,Patanjali, 192:in the physical plane life. This will be found to generate energy. This means consequently that thePatanjali, 194:qualities and objective capacity are to be found. This similarity is the basis of perception. ThePatanjali, 195:[195] Epistle of St. John where the words are found "We shall be like Him for we shall see Him asPatanjali, 195:If enmity and hatred are therefore to be found by the perceiver, it is because in him the seeds ofPatanjali, 197:can have whatever he desires. In this is to be found the clue to the great law of supply andPatanjali, 197:unclaimed. In some translations the words are found "all jewels are his." It must be rememberedPatanjali, 199:anemic men, women and children everywhere to be found. There is little conservation of energy, andPatanjali, 206:heart and throat centers), each of which is found in the etheric body and is allied with one orPatanjali, 208:on Raja Yoga has some sentences which will be found of value here in conveying the correct concept:Patanjali, 210:veil of a thought. This when applied, will be found to refer equally to a human form, which isPatanjali, 219:unison with the etheric body. Students have found out that this is much facilitated by steady evenPatanjali, 223:of their apparatus, the system of centers, to be found in the etheric body. Through certainPatanjali, 266:of God" the jewel of the first aspect will be found hidden. It will make its presence known throughPatanjali, 274:to note that a clue to the truth of this can be found in the manifestations of lower psychism suchPatanjali, 274:as to the prevalence of Indian guides is also found here, for they are the shells and powerfulPatanjali, 274:now, but many Atlantean shells are still to be found preserved through the use of certain forms ofPatanjali, 276:all the aggregations of forms which are to be found in its environment. The trained seer has learntPatanjali, 282:the modern western correspondences are to be found in the terms: Energy spirit life Force soulPatanjali, 282:is that it is that which "substands" or is found back of the objective body; and provides the truePatanjali, 282:occult teaching and of all phenomena is to be found in the words: "Matter is the vehicle for thePatanjali, 286:been expressed for us in the ancient writings found in the Masters' archives as follows: "When thePatanjali, 291:of an occult or mystical nature reference is found frequently to what is called the "Light." ThePatanjali, 291:space only permits us to consider those to be found in the various translations of the Yoga SutrasPatanjali, 292:that within the physical vehicle there is to be found a point of luminosity which (when contacted)Patanjali, 292:These find their analogies in the three temples found in the Christian Bible: The transitoryPatanjali, 297:conveying the orthodox oriental terminology as found in the best commentaries, and the other thePatanjali, 301:the light emanating from that sun, having found the portal of the path, one enters intoPatanjali, 309:and change the energy. The centers are to be found up the spine, but it aids the studentPatanjali, 311:throat which lies just below the throat center (found in the well or pit of the throat) he canPatanjali, 314:who will "give" them light. They can only be found by the one who has lit his own light, trimmedPatanjali, 321:and a mental unit) and the divine spirit to be found in each of us. We identify ourselves with thePatanjali, 322:the counterparts of the five senses as they are found in the subtler realms, and through theirPatanjali, 330:of generation and of elimination. Upana is found between the nose and the top of the head; it has aPatanjali, 330:instruments are the thousands of nadis or nerves found in the body, and it has a peculiar definitePatanjali, 330:there, then the nervous force or energy found in the top of the head becomes active and through itsPatanjali, 331:the old books in the Archives of the Lodge, are found these words: "Let the seeker after truthPatanjali, 331:When the aspirant can walk in the light, having found the light (the Shekinah) within himself inPatanjali, 332:to those energies and their corresponding organs found below the diaphragm. The Holy Place is thePatanjali, 339:one [339] substance, and in the human body are found the correspondences to the variousPatanjali, 341:a more specific state to be understood as that found on the third or highest of the three abstractPatanjali, 342:spheres in which man and superhuman man are found. These five planes have each an outstandingPatanjali, 347:and it is that driving irresistible force found in every adept which bring about the fruition ofPatanjali, 362:three worlds is a reflection of that which is found in the heavenly realms and much may be gained
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