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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOUND

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Psychology2, 341:of aspirants and disciples, and the trends to be found emerging in the new esoteric psychology.Psychology2, 349:relation of the part to the whole. It will be found that the purely selfish, material personalityPsychology2, 352:their own occasions. This type of man will be found expressing these qualities in all walks of lifePsychology2, 353:Commentary (in which these techniques are to be found) in the following terms: "The one who travelsPsychology2, 354:for a different type of activity, and it will be found that in these cases he will have a third orPsychology2, 379:as mental power and personality force. It is found at a certain stage in every human being and inPsychology2, 386:to this great expansion of consciousness will be found upon the third ray, which is - like thePsychology2, 388:the astral vehicle, energizing all astral matter found in the equipment of the phenomenal man. "ThePsychology2, 402:nothing toward which to look, and no help to be found in retrospection. I am, therefore, widelyPsychology2, 403:The same cleavage and even warfare is to be found within the confines of this science as are foundPsychology2, 403:found within the confines of this science as are found in the individual man or in the religiousPsychology2, 403:man or in the religious field. There is to be found a lack of synthesis, a failure to correlatePsychology2, 412:in the etheric body. These centers of energy are found in close proximity to, or in relation to,Psychology2, 416:man becomes aware. Behind all of this is to be found a still more fundamental cleavage - thatPsychology2, 417:in human nature. There is no cleavage to be found today between the vital body and the physicalPsychology2, 426:exists in connection with all the cleavages found in man, but three of these cleavages are of majorPsychology2, 427:Parallels to these states of consciousness are found in the adolescent. They are found also in thePsychology2, 427:are found in the adolescent. They are found also in the man who is integrating into his life work,Psychology2, 428:of all the problem cases which are found in our clinics at this time. Thus we shall, throughPsychology2, 429:and the use of directed purpose, for it is found frequently even in children. The development ofPsychology2, 430:the [430] above ideas. By their use, it will be found that the problem case itself can be broughtPsychology2, 430:analysis would here be useful. It will later be found that psychoanalysis will come into its realPsychology2, 431:of Rebirth must be accepted and it will then be found to be, in itself, a major releasing agent inPsychology2, 431:types of mind; its interpretative value will be found illuminating as the patient grasps the factPsychology2, 432:which are the transmitting counterparts of those found in the etheric body. The integrations whichPsychology2, 434:or motivating agency of every ganglion or plexus found in the human body. Certain of these centers,Psychology2, 435:of force which are counterparts of those to be found in the etheric body, but for the majority ofPsychology2, 436:in certain inherent or basic relations: [436] Found within the man himself, in one or other ofPsychology2, 436:and in other modes of divine manifestation. Found between a man and his environment. The effect ofPsychology2, 437:cause of the cleavage in this case is usually found somewhere within the astral body itself. FoundPsychology2, 437:found somewhere within the astral body itself. Found between a man and his life task, or the lifePsychology2, 437:and the astral nature, governing impulse. Found between a man and his over-shadowing (and slowlyPsychology2, 441:out that just as the instinctual nature is today found largely in the realm of the subconscious, soPsychology2, 442:intelligently approached and handled, it will be found that the growth of a truer perspective willPsychology2, 442:in the field of achieved integration is to be found in the case of those who have integrated thePsychology2, 446:With disciples much of the difficulty will be found to lie in this area of expression. In whatPsychology2, 454:Eastern civilization it is frequently to be found. These particular problems can, for the sake ofPsychology2, 455:from which it is emerging, it will be found increasingly necessary to educate the race in ThePsychology2, 456:to ideas and of personality devotions are found in every organization, every church, religion, inPsychology2, 458:is not present. In these cases, there is to be found a situation wherein: The true owner of thePsychology2, 458:Certain cases of possession or obsession will be found, wherein the life thread is attached to thePsychology2, 461:aggrandizement of the man. This condition is found in varying degrees, according to the point inPsychology2, 462:third and sixth ray people. These people will be found ranging in consciousness all the way fromPsychology2, 462:theologian and dogmatic doctrinaire, found in practically all schools of thought, to the fanaticPsychology2, 466:of Psychology Exhilaration is also sometimes found as a result of the contact with a new world, andPsychology2, 470:But the same type of difficulty will be found among all those who (through discovery of the mentalPsychology2, 472:the mind and the brain. The Problem of Glamor is found when the mental illusion is intensified byPsychology2, 477:psychologists and psychiatrists; many are to be found today in our sanitariums and asylums, placedPsychology2, 483:with above. Whereas in the one case there is found a blind acceptance of an undesirable lot becausePsychology2, 484:roles. Much of the psychological difficulties found in esoteric groups can be traced to thisPsychology2, 486:from the ordinary occult and esoteric schools found in the world today, there are groups of peoplePsychology2, 499:- the Lemurian, which is the lowest found upon our planet at this time; the Atlantean, which is thePsychology2, 499:this time; the Atlantean, which is the commonest found today, and the Aryan, which is developingPsychology2, 499:night or period of sleep, but it is usually found present only in the first two hours of sleep andPsychology2, 501:is on this plane that the [501] man is usually found when the thread of consciousness is separatedPsychology2, 501:by the similar wishes of the multitude, will be found to meet his desire and - on returning to hisPsychology2, 501:of the patient. One difficulty can, however, be found. These thought forms (to which the man hasPsychology2, 501:which the man has responded and in which he has found an imaginative satisfaction) embody thePsychology2, 513:characteristics which arc frequently to be found in the spiritually polarized person and thePsychology2, 514:and other parts of the human body, will be found eventually to have their origin inPsychology2, 514:the difficulty lies in the centers which are found near to the particular organ in the body whichPsychology2, 514:to the transference of the various forces (found in the body) to the head. There are two majorPsychology2, 514:is the transferring center for all the forces found below the diaphragm to the centers above thePsychology2, 515:is the transferring center for all the forces found above the diaphragm into the two head centers.Psychology2, 515:nervous complaints and pathological conditions found in the advanced people of the world, plus thePsychology2, 516:ray energy. Much of it, therefore, is to be found in the political field and in the realm of thePsychology2, 517:there will be fusion and not cleavage to be found in the world. Thus the kingdom of God and thePsychology2, 519:of the seven centers of force, which are to be found in the human body, in the etheric counterpartPsychology2, 519:the underdevelopment, of the centers of energy found in the human mechanism and closely connectedPsychology2, 521:is known about the specific energy points to be found in the human frame. All that I can do here isPsychology2, 521:body where these glands and centers are to be found. I would also beg you to realize five facts:Psychology2, 526:will be subordinated to and controlled by those found above. They are subject then to thePsychology2, 529:factor in those subplanes. They are, therefore, found close to the center which can control themPsychology2, 531:examples of a sex psychology are to be found, blended with a true and pronounced mysticalPsychology2, 533:of the pineal gland. The thread of life is to be found anchored in the heart. The turning of thePsychology2, 533:in the heart. The turning of the forces (found below the diaphragm) into the solar plexus and fromPsychology2, 541:hospital) is connected with the life which is found in the heart. This remains true even when thePsychology2, 545:trouble and various pathological conditions found among the saints of the earth, and among thosePsychology2, 545:disorders. The widespread disease and ill-health found everywhere at this time is caused by a massPsychology2, 546:tract, upon the liver and upon the other organs found below the diaphragm. The mystic, as is wellPsychology2, 546:follows thought and where a distressed area is found, there the mind seems to throw all itsPsychology2, 548:is raised to the solar plexus, there will be found many ailments involving, as noted before, thePsychology2, 548:When the energy of the lesser centers which are found below the diaphragm (but not up the [549]Psychology2, 549:the gall bladder and the kidneys will often be found. Occultly speaking, any process of elevationPsychology2, 550:for much of the discomfort and disease found in those areas in the human body which are governedPsychology2, 555:towards greater inclusiveness which is always found in every individual being. This secondaryPsychology2, 555:of synthesis. The fact of the inherent ability (found in all forms of life [556] in all kingdoms)Psychology2, 568:analogous to or a replica of that to be found upon the physical plane then there is to be seen thePsychology2, 568:of the thought forms or thought form to be found in the aura of the person in the audience orPsychology2, 570:hence the production of the usual performance found in the seance room or with the averagePsychology2, 570:for they concern happenings and phenomena found upon the higher levels of the astral plane. HePsychology2, 570:vital thought forms of the Christ there to be found and in the wonder of that revelation, his lovePsychology2, 574:perception of the initiate there is to be found every possible type of sentient consciousness.Psychology2, 575:be no people with a Lemurian consciousness to be found any where and the "pull" or the activity ofPsychology2, 580:contradistinction to the majority of the races found in Asia. Speaking generally, we can todayPsychology2, 591:vital body and courses through the many "nadis" found therein. These "nadis" exist in theirPsychology2, 592:lines of force cross 21 times, a major center is found. Of these there are seven. Where they crossPsychology2, 593:psychic, mental and spiritual - is to be found in any part of the body. This will mean not onlyPsychology2, 593:reveals this accurately, particularly those found below the diaphragm. The center at the base ofPsychology2, 593:The center at the base of the spine, where is found the seat of the will-to-live (governing the
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