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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOUND

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Rays, 745:great distinctions; these distinctions are found in techniques and methods far more than in theRays, 747:law) is ever present, and always there is to be found a tendency towards God and divine expression.Rays, 756:The spiritual statement by Shri Krishna, to be found in the Lord's Song, the Bhagavad Gita, was anRays, 756:a notable and most ancient invocation is to be found in the Gayatri where the people invoke the SunRays, 759:itself and "until the last weary pilgrim has found his way home." But the Invocation is not vagueRays, 764:one who seeks to know, the first gate must be found. That entered, in periodic cycles he will findRays, 766:- Appendix An Occult Message The key is found; and with the pressure of the hands in service of theReappearance, 6:of Messiahs, of Christs and of Avatars can be found running like a golden thread through all theReappearance, 6:to some central source of emanation, they are found in rich abundance everywhere. Even the humanReappearance, 6:on earth. Everywhere this transmission is to be found; "I am come that they may have life" says theReappearance, 6:human. Always the appropriate mechanism is found through which divinity can reach and communicateReappearance, 28:Member of the Spiritual Hierarchy, for He was found by His parents teaching the priests, theReappearance, 30:to come to a great decision - a decision which found expression in two most important statements.Reappearance, 45:of human thinking. The symbolic prophecies found in all the world Scriptures anent this imminentReappearance, 59:sees a vision. There are also people who must be found in the market place of daily life; these areReappearance, 65:of Christ or the Christ-consciousness is to be found or is in process of finding expression; it isReappearance, 67:timing and to impressions from sources to be found on higher levels than those upon which HeReappearance, 71:in evolution. The clue to understanding is to be found in the words, "blotting out all form." WhenReappearance, 74:emotional disturbance and mental unbalance found in the world today will be (under this Law)Reappearance, 79:presentation of the entire Gospel story. It is found also in The Old Testament. What was the sin ofReappearance, 85:nourishing the cells of the body. This life is found within each atom of substance as the centralReappearance, 92:to distribute them, because they are to be found working in all the fields of activity mentionedReappearance, 95:The men and women of goodwill are also to be found everywhere, ready to be guided into constructiveReappearance, 104:dominated and instinct led; thought was not found among the masses of men as it is today. In thisReappearance, 107:and competition, and the reason why [107] man found himself living in the realm of death - theReappearance, 116:because in the recognition of this law will be found the solution of all the problems of humanity,Reappearance, 125:and easy of [125] attainment. Possessed, they found that it proved an agency of death. Yet all theReappearance, 125:before He came, this state of affairs would be found and that everywhere the false and the spuriousReappearance, 131:the Christ; which guides the mystical yearning found in each human being, and works through allReappearance, 131:all kinds and through the instinctual motherhood found everywhere. But it is essentially a groupReappearance, 138:that new interpretations of old truths must be found, but fail to realize that a new outlook uponReappearance, 144:come to destroy all that humanity has hitherto found "necessary to salvation," and all that has metReappearance, 148:here the spiritual Guides of the race are to be found and here the spiritual Executives of God'sReappearance, 148:Center where the Masters of the Wisdom are to be found, as the Great White Lodge. From it comeReappearance, 169:Christ Himself down to the lowest aspirant to be found on the periphery of that "center where theReappearance, 170:of the rest of the world. The solution is to be found in the reappearance of the Christ. This isReappearance, 172:capitalistic systems and monopolies which are found as towering structures in most lands. WhetherReappearance, 175:this sense of financial responsibility is to be found nowhere. The time has now come when moneyReappearance, 176:to the problem? There are men and women to be found in every land, every government, every churchReappearance, 176:will be more correctly used? The answer must be found. There are two groups who can do much: thoseReappearance, 187:midst of death and destruction, there is to be found a living faith (and there is such a faithSoul, 22:terms are in good repute, but," he says, "I have found I can get along without them both inSoul, 26:to psychoanalysis, Christ would no doubt have found Himself neatly tabulated and classified, asSoul, 31:and vividly. A partial bibliography will be found at the close of this book. [32] These books, andSoul, 34:system of ductless glands, which two systems are found functioning in close coordination in theSoul, 46:wisdom, this was to be expected. This gland is found astride the neck, above the wind-pipe, closeSoul, 57:affect it from without, then substance would be found denser than any known material. Inherent inSoul, 85:always been rife as to where the soul was to be found, and where, within the human form, it mightSoul, 87:the brain as the place where the soul could be found. Ludovico Vives "regarded the soul as theSoul, 98:of life - Vital Force, if you please. It is found in all forms of life, from the amoeba to man -Soul, 98:of animal life. Prana is all pervading. It is found in all things having life, and as the occultSoul, 102:an imitation of the other. The same formula is found twelve times in Kath. 4. 3-6. 1, in a proseSoul, 103:references to the fact that Atman, the self, is found in the heart, from whence it expresses itselfSoul, 105:the chief centers of consciousness are to be found in the Chakras of the cerebro-spinal system andSoul, 105:the human being. As evolution proceeds it may be found and demonstrated that the positive center orSoul, 109:the designation of this center as Brahma-pura is found to be fully justified. But Brahma,Soul, 117:large clusters of nervous structure are to be found in the region of the heart, stomach, and lungs,Soul, 119:the material form and the animal psychic life, found both [120] in man and in the animal. ThoseSoul, 120:locality. The seven centers of force are to be found in the same region where the glands areSoul, 132:At the close of years of strenuous exercise he found that which he sought, and was united with thatSoul, 132:the one-pointedness of their search they, too, found reality and came into a wide consciousness ofSoul, 136:out over the forms and contacts the energies found in the fifth or spiritual kingdom in nature.Soul, 147:pp. 191, 192, First it should be possible to found a laboratory where the claims of the student ofTelepathywho are very diverse in their nature, who are found upon differing rays, who are of differentTelepathyattract attention, there is also to be found an equal diversity in the life experience of the soulsTelepathy, 3:mentality. Within the human family are also found those who respond to that inner group of ThinkersTelepathy, 4:thought-forms. An illustration of this is to be found in the history of the League of Nations.Telepathy, 5:first law is: The power to communicate is to be found in the very nature of substance itself. ItTelepathy, 5:and the significance of telepathy is to be found in the word omnipresence. The second law is: TheTelepathy, 6:of others, similarly receptive. It will be found therefore that this process of communication,Telepathy, 13:individual development is concerned. When it is found between individuals, telepathic communicationTelepathy, 16:feeling body. Also, close to the solar plexus is found that center near the spleen which is theTelepathy, 17:the solar plexus. The reason for this can be found in the fact that in Atlantean days the humanTelepathy, 18:the higher correspondence to the heart center, found within the head center (the thousand petalledTelepathy, 29:this barrier. Much of the trouble will be found to be based on the emitted thought-forms, or in theTelepathy, 48:level of an educational objective, it will be found to be closely linked to the emerging teachingTelepathy, 49:as it took form in an intuition and eventually found its place upon the mental plane. You will seeTelepathy, 60:and the registration of all [60] phenomena to be found throughout the cosmic physical plane. ThisTelepathy, 63:into being the varying mechanisms of contact found in the different kingdoms of nature, hasTelepathy, 79:concern. But impressions and reactions are to be found in both these kingdoms, and upon suchTelepathy, 84:telepathic intercourse. Such intercourse is found between man and man and groups and groups. TheTelepathy, 87:be made, those receptive to impression would be found to fall into two groups: [88] ThoseTelepathy, 88:mentioned type of communication, there will be found mixed certain messages or impressions from theTelepathy, 100:sensitivity and desire. Aspirants are to be found at all these three stages of sensitivity. ThereTelepathy, 107:from glamor and the psychic expressions to be found upon the astral plane. Here again you can graspTelepathy, 112:involves the three aspects of the mind, found therein: the concrete mind, the Son of Mind, and theTelepathy, 113:and a definite impression upon Beings and Lives found on levels higher than those in the threeTelepathy, 115:aura which envelops all human beings is to be found at present in four [116] areas of substance;Telepathy, 116:entities or from the animated astral forms to be found in the glamors created by humanity. ForgetTelepathy, 118:The next key-thought which is of importance is found in the words: 3. "The Plan is the dynamicTelepathy, 119:area of the planetary consciousness. This is found midway between the highest plane whereon theTelepathy, 119:whereon the Council Chamber of the Great Lord is found and the three planes which form the activeTelepathy, 137:Logos. There is, therefore, nowhere to be found any basis for separation or any possible point ofTelepathy, 143:related to seven focal points or centers to be found within the etheric body. These centers areTelepathy, 145:body, the network of the etheric body is to be found permeating every single part. It is peculiarlyTelepathy, 146:network of nadis. Five of the centers are to be found in the etheric counterpart of the spinalTelepathy, 151:each of which is definitely specialized and found on one or other of the etheric levels. That theseTelepathy, 152:totality and the many focal points of contact found in the etheric body are responsible for theTelepathy, 155:the cosmic physical plane) and all that is to be found within and upon them. The cosmic sutratma orTelepathy, 155:the instrumentality of the informing Lives to be found in Shamballa (which, I must remind you, is
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