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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOUNDATIONAL

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Astrology, 93:of struggle towards expression starts and the foundational words of The Secret Doctrine, with whichAstrology, 456:root-race - Synthesis; the goal. The energy of foundational Synthesis. Completion. All centersAutobiography, 234:goodwill. In this way they can do basic and foundational work in preparing the world for a fullerAutobiography, 282:through the ages. Let us take each one of these foundational principles and see what they mean andAutobiography, 296:for acceptance because they exist as the foundational truths of all the world religions and haveBethlehem, 169:frequently un-Christ-like is sadly true, but the foundational concepts will bear with equanimityDestiny, 132:time for you would not comprehend. None of the foundational and ancient Rules of the Road will everDiscipleship1, 80:the meantime a hint will have to suffice. It is foundational in nature and will have to be acceptedDiscipleship1, 684:[684] They are regarded as incidental and foundational; they concern the handling of the personalDiscipleship2, 87:and as expounded in my books, constitute the foundational teaching of the Arcane School. This isDiscipleship2, 181:That first meditation was in the nature of a foundational exercise, related to the control and theDiscipleship2, 250:solar system. The concept must constitute the foundational idea in all reflection upon thisEducation, 37:will not receive the initial training and the foundational ideas which will enable him to become aEducation, 48:him certain basic and important facts of living, foundational truths, coordination and control. TheEducation, 60:to implement the Plan. The above statement is foundational in its importance; all other definitionsEducation, 104:has been brought up under the influence of three foundational ideas. The result of these ideasEducation, 137:will be brought about the manifestation of the foundational light aspect of the world and itsEducation, 148:the new education - to have some grasp of past foundational implications and basic tendencies andExternalisation, 289:of the undying human spirit to the three above foundational truths. This divine spirit in humanityExternalisation, 386:the men and women of goodwill; it is the foundational activity of the new world order, for thatExternalisation, 404:the United Nations fights. Two more great and foundational facts are also part of the human stateExternalisation, 404:relationship with each other. This is as much a foundational spiritual fact as is God Himself,Externalisation, 414:its mode of expression. I have cited earlier the foundational truths upon which the new worldExternalisation, 456:and the will-to-good. It will consequently be foundational, and will guarantee the new civilizationExternalisation, 482:be restored) and will implement (upon the few foundational cultures of the past) that new andExternalisation, 584:phase of it is ephemeral; it is at the same time foundational to the new world order which willExternalisation, 681:and with humanity, on the other. With this as a foundational and conditioning quality, the work canHealing, 11:of disease, we will take the position that the foundational and ultimate cosmic cause lies beyondHealing, 106:the third aspect of the Logos, the activity or foundational aspect. These three governing factorsHealing, 428:them with brevity. Will you regard them as foundational and factual. The time for the departure ofHercules, 207:discover new ways in which to express the same foundational truths, and so to present the ancientMagic, 412:and differences are more synthetic in their foundational aspects, than any of the others. One groupMagic, 606:spirit, and by an ability to deal with foundational essentials and to link up varying departmentsMagic, 614:miasmas arising out of the ground (symbol of the foundational nature of the animal kingdom). Yet atProblems, 156:Comparative Religion has demonstrated that the foundational truths in every faith are identical.Psychology1, 49:note of our particular solar system. One of the foundational septenate of rays embodies in itselfPsychology1, 221:cannot be discovered in minute form in this foundational kingdom, under the occult microscopicPsychology2, 11:work out his destiny. This is the deep foundational belief of humanity. The first developedPsychology2, 596:most important) and there they learn some of the foundational truths of esotericism; they begin toRays, 169:mind as it is developing in all forms. They do foundational work of great importance, but areRays, 262:Disciples and Initiates you have the two great foundational courses of the coming Schools of theRays, 749:of the greatest of spiritual events and is the foundational fact which makes the life of the soulReappearance, 150:within every form of life. These are the foundational truths upon which the world religion of the
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